The Louisiana Purchase


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The Louisiana Purchase

  1. 1. The Louisiana Purchase
  2. 2. Louisiana Purchase
  3. 3. Louisiana Purchase• Napoleon was selling the territory o Because during his conquest of Europe, Haiti was giving him problems o During the French Revolution, the slaves revolted. • Out of 600.000 people living in Haiti, 500,000 were slaves• The Haitian problem made Napoleon think if he couldn’t hold a small island how could he hold the huge territory of Louisiana.• So Napoleon decides to sell the Louisiana Territory to the United States
  4. 4. Louisiana Purchase• Napoleon was known to make decisions quickly but also change his mind just as quick• He offered the whole territory to the Americans o Which surprised the Americans• The American ministers in Paris (James Monroe and Robert Livingston) offered $15 million o Napoleon accepted• News was greeted with shock, delight, and dismay o Nothing in Constitution about how Congress could buy land from a foreign country• Many were opposed to the purchase o Eastern states opposed because they feared too many states would be made and the United States would no longer be an Atlantic-seacoast nation. o Feared that the original thirteen states would not run the Union anymore
  5. 5. Louisiana Purchase• Can someone raise their hand and answer the questions o Why do you think the purchase of the Louisiana Purchase was so important to the American government? o What were the nations reactions to the purchase of the territory?
  6. 6. Louisiana Purchase• The purchase was so important to the Americans because it would give them a better way of trading to different parts of the country and also to foreign countries.• It doubled the area of the United States• Made it possible to keep going west• It also connected the country together o The Mississippi River has many tributaries that branch off into other rivers that stretch from eastern United States to the western United States.
  7. 7. Lewis and Clark Expedition • When the Louisiana Purchase was cemented, the United States needed someone to survey what they had bought o Appropriated $2500 for the exploration • Hired Meriwhether Lewis and William Clark with 40 other men • Were to look for a water route to the Pacific Ocean, to study the Indian Tribes, the rocks, the plants, and animals of the region • Started westward from the mouth of the Missouri River in the spring of 1804 • Met Sacajawea who guided the expedition
  8. 8. Lewis and Clark• Meriwhether Lewis was • William Clark was a a Captain in the U.S. Captain in the U.S. First Infantry Fourth Infantry• Became friends in the Army
  9. 9. Lewis and Clark
  10. 10. Lewis and Clark• I will pair you up with a partner• After you are paired up I want you both to take a look at these two pictures.• Imagine your pair are Lewis and Clark and you have just been told that you will be the ones exploring the Louisiana territory o How do you feel about being picked to explore? o What would you need for the journey? o You are six months into the journey, what do you see, hear, feel? o Imagine you are in a canoe paddling down a winding, wild river. How are you paddling? How does the water feel? o Lastly, draw a picture, write a song or rap, or write a story of your travels.
  11. 11. Lewis and Clark