Kinaxis / Altimeter Webinar: What S&OP Capabilities Matter Most?


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What S&OP Capabilities Matter Most?
An Overview of User Requirements and Technology Offerings

Based on recent research, Lora outlines key user requirements for S&OP technologies. Lora answers the question of what’s needed in S&OP offerings today.

As S&OP grows in significance, companies are redefining S&OP and the supporting technological requirements. While the field evolves, everyone has a slightly different take of what the future state of S&OP maturity will look like. Learn the points of differentiation companies like Kinaxis are putting forward.

Lora Cecere, partner, Altimeter Group

Trevor Miles, director, industry and applications marketing, Kinaxis

Recorded Webcast available for viewing on-demand - link included at end of slide decks.

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Kinaxis / Altimeter Webinar: What S&OP Capabilities Matter Most?

  1. 1. 1 S&OP: Letter Perfect. Practice Imperfect Lora Cecere, Partner June 2010
  2. 2. 2 A Time of Change Dates Duration 12/07-? ? 3/01-11/01 8 months 9/90-3/91 8 months 7/81-10/82 16 months Source: National Bureau of Economic Research © 2010 Altimeter Group
  3. 3. 3 Leaders sensed Market Changes 5X Faster Sensed Leaders Market Corrected Supply Chain Changes (6%) 11/2008 by 1/2009 Followers Sensed Market Corrected Supply Chain Changes by (47%) 3/2009 by 5/2009 Laggards Sensed Market Corrected Supply Chain Changes by (47%) 4/2009 by 8/2009 © 2010 Altimeter Group
  4. 4. 4 Who did it the Best? Companies with:  A focus on true north  An outside-in focus on market drivers  Strong horizontal processes like S&OP  Balance in organizational alignment  Clarity on supply chain strategy © 2010 Altimeter Group
  5. 5. 5 If 2009 was all about demand, 2010 is all about supply © 2010 Altimeter Group
  6. 6. 6 The Need for Balance S: Go-to- OP: Demand Market Strategies & Orchestration Goal © 2010 Altimeter Group
  7. 7. 7 Getting to Letter Perfect…. Common Practice Optimal Practice S Ask sales Focus on sensing market drivers & Direct integration to supply Design of the value chain to optimize trade-offs, minimize risk, balance cycles, and orchestrate demand OP Manufacturing plan Trade-offs between make, source and deliver © 2010 Altimeter Group
  8. 8. 8 S&OP Matters S&OP Redesign © 2010 Altimeter Group
  9. 9. 9 It DOES need Technology • Gap has grown between best of breed and ERP expansionists • The myth of tight integration set us back • Excel has a new home • Select the technology with the & in mind. • The data model matters. • What if capabilities need careful thought. © 2010 Altimeter Group
  10. 10. 10 Summary In tough economic times, horizontal excellence is paramount. S&OP: Letter perfect. Practice imperfect. Focus on the AND with the End in Mind. © 2010 Altimeter Group
  11. 11. 11 About Us Altimeter Group is a research insights group providing companies with a pragmatic approach to understanding disruptive technologies. We have four areas of focus: Leadership and Management, Customer Strategy, Enterprise Strategy, and Innovation and Design. Visit us at or contact © 2010 Altimeter Group
  12. 12. 12 Thank you Lora Cecere Blog: www. Twitter: lcecere Linkedin: cecere/0/196/573 © 2010 Altimeter Group
  13. 13. Sales & Operations Planning
  14. 14.  Identify — Insights — Risks — Opportunities  Across — Demand — Supply — Products — Finance
  15. 15. Finance Consensus Learning from the past Finance Finance Scenarios Financial Performance  Understand which assumptions worked, Engineering/R&D New Product Consensus which didn’t, and why New Product Scenarios New Product Gates Assessing the future Supply Consensus Mfg/Operations  Sensing market drivers Supply Scenarios Supply Performance  Evaluate risks & opportunities Sales & Marketing Demand Consensus Demand Scenarios Arriving at a consensus Demand Performance  Trade-offs between Make, Operational Planning & Execution Source, & Deliver Continuous demand, supply, and market input
  16. 16. Finance Consensus Orchestration Finance Finance Scenarios Financial Performance  Focus on the “and” Operational Demand/Supply Balancing  Ensure feasibility of S&OP Engineering/R&D New Product Consensus Finance/Operations Balancing Executive S&OP Approval Publish Consensus S&OP Plan Monitor Performance Continuously New Product Scenarios New Product Gates Meeting company Supply Consensus objectives Operations Supply Scenarios  Set operational goals & Supply Performance objectives Sales & Marketing Demand Consensus Staying on top of things Demand Scenarios Demand Performance  Detect shift in market Operational Planning & Execution Future Risk drivers Continuous demand, supply, and market input  Identify future risk early
  17. 17. Technology-Enabled S&OP  Plan quickly, collaboratively  Monitor plan continuously  Assess future risk/opportunities  Respond quickly when necessary  Seamless Financial & Operational alignment Efficiency enabled Effectiveness Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved. Confidential
  18. 18. Questions?
  19. 19. To view recorded webcast presentation, visit: Copyright © 2010. All rights reserved. Confidential