Video Marketing: From Brand to Demand

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Video Marketing: From Brand to Demand

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In this educational webinar, learn: ...

In this educational webinar, learn:
--Why video marketing is so popular for B2B Marketing
--Best practices for leveraging video to drive sales
--How to get your video found
--How to increase prospect engagement using video across all digital channels
--Track key video metrics inside your marketing automation (MAP) or CRM
--Best practices on how to maximize ROI using video

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  • 1. Presenters :Lasse Rouhiainen and Mani Iyer May / 20 / 2014 VIDEO MARKETING: FROM BRAND TO DEMAND Hashtag: #VideoAnalytics 1
  • 2. Housekeeping Unmute computer speakers Slides and recording distributed via email afterwards Submit questions via the Q&A panel through Go-to-Webinar Hashtag: #VideoAnalytics 2
  • 3. About the Presenter  Renowned speaker and trainer for corporates, business schools and universities on how to maximize exposure on YouTube, Facebook, and how to implement Social Media marketing strategies.  Has helped hundreds of small and medium sized companies and entrepreneurs in over 30 countries to promote their businesses online through Social Media and Video Marketing.  Has helped more than 200 people in over 10 countries become successful Video Marketing and Social Media managers.  Author of the bestselling books “101 Video Marketing Tips and Strategies for Small Businesses” and "Smart Social Media – Your Guide To Becoming A Highly Paid Social” Lasse Rouhiainen Author, Speaker and Trainer 3
  • 4. About the Presenter  CEO of Kwanzoo a cloud-based platform for demand marketers, that uniquely integrates outbound (display, retargeting) and inbound (Marketing Automation, CRM) channels using rich media, to boost top-of-funnel leads, improve nurture programs and accelerate the pipeline.  Kwanzoo integrates with Eloqua, Marketo, Silverpop, Google, and a range of real-time bidding (RTB) platforms and exchange networks.  Previously a marketing consultant to VC-backed start-ups, and founded a software business acquired by Oracle/PeopleSoft.  A serial entrepreneur, industry speaker on demand generation, online customer acquisition, personalization and interactive marketing, and startup advisor.  A distinguished speaker at leading industry conferences including Ad-Tech, Leadscon, Conversion Conference, DemandCon, TiEcon, OMS and other events. Mani Iyer CEO, Kwanzoo 4
  • 5. About Regalix  An award-winning Global Co - Innovation company that leverages technology and marketing to help companies grow.  Forefront of Innovation o Digital Marketing Services o Technology Enabled Services o Regalix Labs  Multi-disciplinary Leadership Team & Strong Advisory Board, 175+ Team  Fortune 500 and Venture Backed Customers (B2B and B2C)  Global Operations: HQ in Silicon Valley, 2 Offices  Industry Recognition 5
  • 6. Agenda Lasse Rouhiainen Author, Speaker and Trainer  Why Video Marketing is so popular and successful for B2B Marketing  Best practices for leveraging Video to drive sales  How to get your Video found Mani Iyer CEO, Kwanzoo  How to increase prospect engagement using Video across digital channels  Track key Video metrics inside your Marketing Automation (MAP) or CRM  Best practices on how to maximize your ROI using Video 6
  • 7. Presenters :Lasse Rouhiainen and Mani Iyer May / 20 / 2014 WHY VIDEO? 7
  • 8. Importance of YouTube Marketing Source: YouTube 8
  • 9. Video Marketing Statistics Source: Mary Meeker 9
  • 10. Video Marketing Statistics B2B  78% of B2B content marketers use videos.  84% of B2B marketers report an increasing demand for videos and other visually rich marketing material.  83% of B2B marketers use Video Marketing for branding or to increase awareness around their brand  94% of B2B marketers rate Video Marketing as the most effective sales and marketing tactic. Source: Regalix Research 10
  • 11. Presenters :Lasse Rouhiainen and Mani Iyer May / 20 / 2014 BEST PRACTICES 11
  • 12. Video Creation Ideas for B2B Market Awareness/Interest Consideration Close/After Sale • Invitation to Webinars/Live Events • Explainer Videos, Tips and “How-Tos” • Customer Testimonial Video (social proof and trust) • Case Study Videos • On-Demand recorded videos • Product Demos • Q&A Videos • ROI modeler walkthrough • New customer onboarding Videos • Personalized Video Email 1 2 3 12
  • 13. YouTube Channel Optimization - Citrix 13
  • 14. YouTube Channel Optimization - Citrix Citrix TV Customer experiences Find your target audience How to videos 14
  • 15. Recommended Equipment Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920, 1080p Widescreen Video Calling Plantronics Mirage Headset with Noise Cancelling Microphone Samson Meteor Mic USB Studio Microphone 15
  • 16. Presenters :Lasse Rouhiainen and Mani Iyer May / 20 / 2014 HOW TO GET YOUR VIDEO FOUND 16
  • 17. How to Rank Your Videos on YouTube 17
  • 18. How to Rank Your Videos on YouTube 18
  • 19. Google Hangouts Rank High on Google 19
  • 20. Presenters :Lasse Rouhiainen and Mani Iyer May / 20 / 2014 NEW WAYS TO EXTEND REACH 20
  • 21. Video - 785% Growth on Facebook Source: Adobe Digital Index Q1 2014 21
  • 22. New Premium Video Ads Facebook 22
  • 23. Video Ads Facebook – Audience Targeting 23
  • 24. Presenters :Lasse Rouhiainen and Mani Iyer May / 20 / 2014 VIDEO FOR DEMAND GENERATION 24
  • 25. Extend Reach, Increase Demand, Accelerate the Pipeline Using Video 25
  • 26. Use of Video Content & Assets across the Demand Funnel Full Integration and Reporting with your MAP/CRM Top of Funnel Mid Funnel Lower Funnel • Display Lead Gen with Video Lead • Form Ads • Mobile Lead Gen • Content Marketing with Video • Site Retargeting with Video Ads Capture More Leads Improve Nurture Engagement •Persona-based Video Ads •Account-based Video Ads • Other Personalization (Geo & Firmographic) 1 2 3 • Email Retargeting with Video Ads • CRM Retargeting with Video Ads Accelerate Your Pipeline 26
  • 27. Top of Funnel: Boost Leads with Video Lead Form Ads 1. Video 2. Overlay Banner 3. Lead Form 4. Thank You screen • Link in your marketing or training video from YouTube • Capture leads in the ad, store directly into Marketing Automation (MAP) or CRM 27
  • 28. (Optional) Front Screen with title and webinar pitch Collect registrations in Signup Screen Capture Registration Data directly into Citrix GoToWebinar, MAP or CRM Top-of-Funnel: Webinar sign-ups 28
  • 29. Site Retargeting with Video Ads Your Website Ad Network Organic Search Email Social PPC & Display Visitors get tracked for retargeting (cookie’d) Tracking works beyond your website across the web Retargeted Ads Example: •10,000 website visitors •30 impressions / visitor / month •Total of 300,000 retargeted impressions per 30 day period 29
  • 30. Video Ad – Link your Youtube video 30
  • 31. Video Ad – Detail Metrics and ROI • % engaged/viewable impressions • Partial form fills • Video play duration • % Video play / Total duration Basic statistics include: •Viewable impressions •Lead captures •%engagement/impressions 31
  • 32. Putting Together a Video-based Demand Generation Campaign 1. Define the goal - Brand awareness ? demand creation? both? 2. Target audience - Persona(s)? Buyer needs messaged via the ad? 3. Budget - Finalize number based on goals re: brand – reach, engaged, or demand – leads 4. Placement - Targeting, media buying. In-house, outsource? 5. Creative - Copy, design, messaging, content offers, brand guidelines 6. Execute & Review - Analytics, reporting, key metrics 7. Campaign Management – • Targeting - Update sites, audience segments, etc. based on what works • Bid Management – Set bid prices to meet volume goals (daily/weekly) • Creative updates - Changes in mid-flight based on engagement / lead capture metrics 32
  • 33. Securing Your Pilot Budget 1. Understand ultimate business objective = Sales, revenues • Be ready to discuss how display will contribute to final objective e.g. Display will generate 200 new leads / month. • Display will deliver 30 new marketing-qualified-leads (MQLs) per month via follow-on email nurture campaigns • 30 MQLs => 3 new closed-win deals/month with $50K Annual Contract Value (ACV) per deal 2. Ask for pilot budget, prove success, and seek larger budget • Define a pilot budget of say 100 leads/month, that is then further measured with a lead => MQL conversion goal that is validated in follow-on months • As soon as you see acceptable CPL / CPA and lead => MQL conversion rates, increase your media spend to scale your closed-win deals/month. 33
  • 34. Sample Pilot Campaign One-Time: Video Asset Creation = $100s per minute (to Agency) Video Hosting Fees = $ per campaign (to video hosting provider) Monthly: •Tech Fee = $999 per month (to Kwanzoo, rich media creative tech) Monthly Variable: •Impression Fees = $1000 for 1M impressions (to Kwanzoo) •Media Spend = $7000 (to Ad Networks, Exchanges, Publishers) •Campaign Management = % media spend (to Agency) Goals: •Generate 30% higher lead conversions versus typical banner ads •Demonstrate higher quality of leads via strong MQL conversion rates •Leverage real-time bidding (RTB) to spend on media more wisely, and open up new audiences to your products / services 34
  • 35. Get in Touch  If you have any questions about this webinar please feel free to get in touch with us at  For more information on Regalix visit:  For more information on Lasse Rouhiainen and Mani Iyer, please visit: and 35
  • 36.  Do join us for our next webinar titled, “Lead Nurturing Through Marketing Automation” on Wednesday, June 25, 2014, 1:00PM ET/10:00AM PT  Speakers  Visit our page to explore more on Video Marketing Eric Albertson Bestselling Author & President, Albertson Performance Group Inc. 36