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Retargeting for Demand Marketers [PowerPoint]


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Retargeting is now a widely accepted marketing technique for direct-response and brand awareness campaigns. Did you know that retargeting can also be highly effective for demand marketers? Retargeting …

Retargeting is now a widely accepted marketing technique for direct-response and brand awareness campaigns. Did you know that retargeting can also be highly effective for demand marketers? Retargeting can target buyers in the consideration phase and can help your brand stay top-of-mind while shoppers evaluate your complex B2B products and services. Key goals for demand marketers include rapidly growing top-of-funnel leads, and accelerating your pipeline of engaged prospects.

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  • 1. Retargeting for Demand Marketers Presented by: Mani Iyer | CEO @ Kwanzoo Hafez Adel | Head of Marketing @ ReTargeter @iyermani @hafez_adel
  • 2. OBJECTIVES Webinar Objectives • Educate Demand Marketers on new opportunities to accelerate Demand Generation through Retargeting. • If you are new to Retargeting, this webinar will show you why Retargeting matters.
  • 3. AGENDA 1. What is Retargeting? 2. Retargeting and the Lead Management Process 3. Retargeting at the Top-of-the-Funnel 4. Retargeting in the Mid and Lower-Funnel 5. Securing a Retargeting Budget - Projecting Increased Lead Conversions, Sales and ROI 6. How to Plan and Run a Retargeting Campaign
  • 4. What is Retargeting? Focus your ads on people who have visited your site, but left without converting
  • 5. How Does Retargeting Work?
  • 6. Why Use Retargeting? Reach & Brand Awareness Brings Users Back Performance Show the right ads to the right people. Boost Top-of-funnel Leads. Over 95% of users leave websites without converting, and over 72% of users abandon their shopping carts. Repeated impressions  look bigger online
  • 7. Demand Marketers & Retargeting: What’s missing today? • Marketing Automation (MAP) offers: • Deep tracking on your own website and email • ZERO tracking of retargeted ad placements Key Issue: MAP and Retargeting technologies today are disconnected • This leads to: • Lost lead nurturing opportunities • Lack of end-to-end tracking of a lead across prospect interactions on your website, inside emails and in your retargeting campaigns
  • 8. Closed-Loop Reporting integrated with MAP/CRM Measure Impact  Increased lead conversions  Pipeline acceleration  Increased closed/won deals Top of Funnel: Retarget website visitors w/ in-banner lead forms and video lead forms Search Retargeting Mid Funnel: Increase retargeted ad engagement with rich media polls CRM Retargeting Dynamic, Persona-based & Account-based Ads Lower Funnel: Upsell/Cross-sell with CRM Retargeting Dynamic, Persona-based & Account-based Ads Suspect Inquiry Marketing Qualification Sales Qualification Customer Marketing Marketing Automation (MAP) / CRM Accelerate Your Lead Management Process using Retargeting + Rich Media Ads
  • 9. Top-of-Funnel: Search Retargeting Target ads to people based on the keywords they’re searching for
  • 10. Benefits of Search Retargeting 1. Increased Performance – Search queries signal high purchase intent – Show people display ads while they’re comparison shopping (in-market consumers) 2. High Precision Targeting – More precise than targeting based on geographic/demographic/contextual variables – Can tie specific ads to certain keywords for maximum relevance 3. Superior Reach – Only 4% of people’s time is spend within search engines – Enhanced brand awareness through display + retargeting 4. Capture Competition Traffic – Target your ads to competitive keywords 5. Complement Search Engine Marketing – Bridge the gap between search and display campaigns
  • 11. Top-of-Funnel: CRM Retargeting Target ads to people with only their email or mailing address
  • 12. Benefits of CRM Retargeting 1. Show Users Ads with Nothing More Than an Email or Mailing Address – You can retarget users without getting them to your website or opening an email. 2. Revitalize Your Mailing List – Reconnect with uses who have not – Can tie specific ads to certain keywords for maximum relevance 3. Reach Customers Across Channels – Take your marketing to a new platform: display – Enhanced brand awareness through retargeting to new users 4. Complement Existing email or Direct Mail Marketing – Market across email web and direct mail to create more opportunities for conversion.
  • 13. Top-of-Funnel: Capture Leads without Landing Pages with In-Banner Lead Form Ads
  • 14. In-Banner Lead Form Ad – User Experience – Step 2
  • 15. In-Banner Lead Form Ad – User Experience – Step 3
  • 16. Top-of-funnel: Boost Leads with In-banner Lead Form Ads A/B testing showed over 30% higher lead conversions BEFORE: Increase media efficiency of your retargeting campaigns
  • 17. Top-of-Funnel: Boost Leads with Video Lead Form Ads • Link in your marketing or training video from Youtube • Capture leads in the retargeted ad, store directly into your MAP or CRM 1. Video 2. Overlay banner 3. Lead form 4. Thank you screen
  • 18. Mid-Funnel: Email Retargeting Serve display ads to anybody who opens your emails. You send an email blast containing a cookie we provide you When recipients open your email, they will be tagged with your cookie Once tagged, your email recipients will see your ads throughout the web
  • 19. Benefits of Email Retargeting Cross-Channel Marketing: Complement your e-mail marketing campaigns with display ads to reinforce your messages and re-engage customers at multiple touchpoints Precision Targeting: Serve ads to specific individuals and groups to prevent wasted impressions and optimize your return on investment Brand Awareness: The combination of e-mails and retargeted display ads help keep your brand top of mind with your customers
  • 20. Mid- Funnel: Extend Nurture Programs Across Online Channels with MAP-Integrated Retargeted Ads • Capture data & insights from prospects • Personalize follow-on interactions Insights collected in MAP / CRM
  • 21. Lower Funnel: Dynamic Retargeting Show people ads for the specific products they’re interested in Install simple code on your website We create custom ads for all of the products in your catalog and leverage user data to match them to the right customers Your shoppers will see relevant ads for products they’re likely to buy all over the web Shoppers return to your site and complete their purchase
  • 22. Lower Funnel: Deliver highly relevant retargeted ads to individual personas and named accounts Rule 1 Rule 2 Rule 3 Prospect from named account of interest By contact data (job title, lead score, etc.) Default content with lead form
  • 23. Securing a Budget for Retargeting: An ROI Modeler Monthly Re-targeted Ad Impressions Monthly unique visitors to your website(s) in 1000s 18 Retargeted ad impressions per visitor per month 20 Available re-targeted ad impressions per month 360,000 Cost of re-targeted ad impressions (CPM) $3 Re-targeted Ad Serving Fees (Estimated) $1,080 Paid to Retargeting Provider Monthly Kwanzoo Technology Fees Kwanzoo Silver Plan or Higher $499 Technology Fees Per Month (Paid to Kwanzoo) Kwanzoo Impression Fees Re-targeted Kwanzoo In-banner Forms Cost Per 50,000 Impressions $50 Kwanzoo delivers conversion rates Number of Impressions Needed 400,000 30% or more higher than typical banner ads Impression Fees Per Month (Paid to Kwanzoo) $400 Monthly Re-targeting Budget $1,979.00 Estimated Cost Per Lead Estimated Impressions Per Lead Conversion Low (in 1000s) 6000 (via Kwanzoo In-Banner Lead Forms & High (in 1000s) 8000 Kwanzoo Video Lead Forms) Lead Captures - Low 45 Lead Captures - High 60 Estimated Cost Per Lead (Low) $33 Estimated Cost Per Lead (High) $44
  • 24. Build Your Retargeted Ad in 3 Easy Steps! 1. Select rich media unit 2. Customize 3. Run, Optimize • ONE creative for EACH retargeting segment
  • 25. Generate Ad Tag, Deploy for Retargeting
  • 26. Set Retargeting Burn Pixel for Conversions
  • 27. Integrate MAP / CRM with Retargeting – Key Benefits MAP/CRM integration with Retargeting can accelerate different stages of your Demand Funnel: Inquiry Marketing Qualification Sales Qualification Customer MarketingSuspect • Top of Funnel Accelerate lead capture with in-banner forms and video lead forms to make re-targeted ads highly effective. • Mid Funnel Accelerate nurture programs with rich media polls & MAP-enabled retargeted ads. Capture all prospect interactions in MAP. • Lower Funnel Personalize retargeted ad content & offers based on prior prospect interaction history in MAP.
  • 28. Questions? Kwanzoo Phone: 408-216-7025 Email: Twitter: @kwanzoo @iyermani Resources: retargeting/ ReTargeter Phone: 415-738-0573 Email: info@retargeter Twitter: @ReTargeter @hafez_adel Resources: