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Kwanzoo Smart Poll Step By Step Guide - Before You Start

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A Step By Step Guide for Smart Poll Campaigns - Before You Get Started - For Kwanzoo Customers

A Step By Step Guide for Smart Poll Campaigns - Before You Get Started - For Kwanzoo Customers

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  • 1. Drive More Leads with Engaging Polls + Targeted Offers
    Drive Customer Word of Mouthwith Incentives
    Smart Poll Marketing Apps
    for Websites, Facebook Pages,
    Email Newsletters, Partner
    Websites, and more.
    Questions? Contact us at support@kwanzoo.comReady to get started? Contact sales@kwanzoo.comTwitter: @kwanzoo
  • 2. Before You Start: What Are SmartPolls?
    Kwanzoo smartpolls help you as a marketer to:
    • engage users with a question that’s relevant to your business
    • 3. present a targeted offer that matches their response, and
    • 4. convert the user into a qualified lead, or
    • 5. drive the user to purchase a product or service.
  • Before You Start: What Skills Do I Need?
    Kwanzoo smartpolls are designed to be built by any marketer or business owner.
    You do NOT need to be a creative designer, or an IT whiz, or web developer, or know any HTML!
    Can you edit a Microsoft Word document? If yes, you will be able to build a really nice-looking Kwanzoo smart poll in just minutes!
  • 6. Before You Start: Where can I run Kwanzoo smart polls?

    Websites, Communities, Affiliates
    Rich Media & Display Ad Networks
    Email newsletters
    Facebook Pages
  • 7. Before You Start: How Do Smart Polls Work?
    Kwanzoo smart polls get users to self qualify themselves into different groups, so you can market to them based on their interests.
    For each poll response, you can create a custom “results screen” with different images, marketing message, call-to-action and links to drive them to a product or service purchase.
  • 8. Before You Start: Different Parts of a Smart Poll
    Question Screen
    Results Screen(s)
    Title or Headline
    Vote Results and %
    Marketing Message
    “Call to Action” Button
    Marketer Logo
    Social Sharing Icons
    Background Image
    Title or Headline
    Question Text
    Answer Choices
    Vote Button
    Marketer Logo
    Link to Results (Optional)
    Background Image
  • 9. Before You Start: What Makes A Good Smart Poll Concept?
    Example #1
    Your smart pollconcept must be fun and interesting, in order to engage your users.
    It’s not as hard as you think! Let your creative juices flow a little bit. Think outside the box!
    Example #1: Users are invited to share their opinion.
    Example #2: Users are further enticed with a special rebate offer (built directly into the Poll Title or Headline)
    Incentives are very powerful at driving user interaction!
    Later on, we will show you how you can build simple marketing flows where you encourage users to spread the word about your business and receive an incentive.
    Example #2
  • 10. Before You Start: Refine Your Content, Test Different Ideas
    You know your customers the best!
    Play with different poll titles, wording, even colors and background images.
    Once you’ve built your first poll, it’s easy to make copies.
    Easily test out several different versions to see which one performs best.
  • 11. Before You Start: Finalize your Poll’s marketing offers
    Your poll’s question screen and answer choices should be driven by what marketing offers you want to promote via your poll.
    A single poll can support multiple (up to FIVE) marketing offers!
    Or all poll responses can drive users to a single marketing offer!
    You can setupa separate results screen for each answer choice. Then customize the marketing message and offer for that user response.
    In this example, there is a separate screen with customized messaging for each possible choice.
  • 12. Before You Start: Your Poll’s Image Components
    Example #1
    Example #1: You have the option of uploading a custom background (300x250 pixels), a marketer logo, and a custom vote button.
    Example #2: Strapped for time? Or not into Photoshop? Use Kwanzoo’s gallery of ready-to-use background images. And use our recommended tools to grab your marketer logo. Use our default vote button, and easily match it to your logo colors.
    If you don’t have an image file (JPG, BMP, GIF, or PNG) of your logo available, you can grab it off of your website. Just right click + “Save Image As.”
    If that doesn’t work, use a handy tool called Jing Project. It allows you capture a portion of your screen – in this case, your logo. When you upload it to our site, it will be automatically resized to fit.
    Example #2
  • 13. Before You Start: Designing an Effective Background Image
    If you want to design your own background image, or have one designed for you, keep these tips in mind:
    Make sure to keep the dimensions at 300x250 pixels.
    Keep the background clean and uniform, so that the text will be easy to read when it is laid over the top.
    Don’t make it too busy, or distracting.
    For greater title font/color customization, you can choose to integrate the title and marketer logo directly into your background image, as in the example below.
    photo by divya_
  • 14. Before You Start: Hey, you are ready now!
    You’re ready to start building your smart poll!
  • 15. For more information, contact:
    Kwanzoo SupportEmail: support@kwanzoo.comTwitter: @kwanzoo
    Kwanzoo SalesEmail: sales@kwanzoo.comPhone: 408-216-7025