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Kwanzoo Eloqua B2B Engagement Marketing Trends Webinar Presentation

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Speakers: Steve Woods, CTO, Eloqua and Mani Iyer, CEO, Kwanzoo …

Speakers: Steve Woods, CTO, Eloqua and Mani Iyer, CEO, Kwanzoo

As users open fewer emails, unsubscribe more and click on fewer ads, marketers are seeking new engagement-driven approaches to accelerate their lead nurturing, identify sales-ready leads faster, to rapidly grow revenues.

We will discuss today’s leading-edge engagement approaches across marketing channels (email, web, social, display, re-targeting and mobile). We will look at opportunities to combine multichannel engagement marketing tools with customer and account intelligence in Marketing Automation and CRM systems to drive significant marketing ROI.

Why engagement matters, and how does it translate to bottom line benefits for the business

New approaches to converting prospects to leads, up selling / cross selling to current customers, and turning customers into advocates across channels.

Best practices for capturing profile data over multiple customer interactions, triggered by nurturing emails, Facebook campaigns, community, website and display campaigns.

New dynamic, data-driven approaches to using Marketing Automation / CRM intelligence, delivering increased relevance in message, content offer or marketing asset to increase conversion.

Marketing Directors, CMO's
Demand Generation & Marketing Operations Professionals
Email Marketing, Event Marketing & Social Media Managers
Marketing Consultants & Creative Professionals

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  • 1. PresentTrends in B2BEngagement Marketing Tweeting? Use #b2bmarketing
  • 2. Speaker Introductions Steve Woods CTO, Eloqua @stevewoods Mani Iyer CEO, Kwanzoo @iyermani Tweeting? Use #b2bmarketing
  • 3. The B2B Buyer: Circa 1999 1999 • Salesperson • Face to face • Offline • Conversational
  • 4. The B2B Buyer of Today • Web 2012 • • Search Email • Social • Content 2012
  • 5. Understanding our Buyers: Digital Body Language Bob the Buyer Vendor comparison Website: visualization Inquiry: Quick Poll: Whitepaper tools systems in download place Deep Dive: Product Search “Champion” Pages “vendor behaviorcomparison” (content forwarding) Social: Resolving objections
  • 6. Can we holistically manage many buyers this way? vs.
  • 7. Revenue Performance Management• Manage Buyers throughout the funnel – Understand where they are in their buying process – Deliver the right message based on their buying process – Analyze your revenue funnel holistically
  • 8. 1. Understand the Buyer – Today – Landing Pages & Email Banner AdText Ads and Banner Ads Drive Prospects to Landing PagesLanding Pages Content, Marketing Offer/Asset Tied to a (Long) Form Understand Buyer BehaviorOffers and Assets Typically One Offer or Asset Landing Page
  • 9. 1: Understand the Buyer – A New Way Paid • Gather real-time insights Placement • Increased conversion through small conversion forms Facebook Page 2. Offers personalized to user response 4. Asset to User1. Smart Poll unit engages user 3. Leads collected within unit. No landing page
  • 10. 1: Understand the Buyer: More Ways to Engage & Convert Polls Mini Surveys Other Engagement Approaches: Videos Slides Social Promotions Opt-In (Lead Forms) Testimonials
  • 11. 1: Understand the Buyer• Gain buyer insight across all channels• Increase interactions with In-Unit engagement
  • 12. 1: Understand the Buyer• Integration: There’s a Cloud Connector app for that +
  • 13. 2: Deliver the Right Message: The New Way• Deliver over all channels: Facilitate social sharing 2. User clicks on 3. Share the promotional social share offer socially to receive discount1. Smart Share unit on OMS home page 4. Promo code shown after sharing with linkSocial Sharing increased to register from < 1% to 33%Over 10X Campaign ROI
  • 14. 2: Deliver the Right Message with Relationship Targeting + Manage interactive marketing unitsManage Target Accounts & campaignsAccounts moved between Dynamically serve relevant unit(s) buying stages based on based on visitor’s Target lead scoring rules Account and Buying StageTrigger rules for creative New units available instantly serving in Kwanzoo to marketers inside EloquaEasy Kwanzoo unit placement IP address -> Target Account, in Landing Pages & Emails Industry Mapping
  • 15. 3: Analyze Revenue Funnel Value Return Reach Velocity Conversion
  • 16. B2B Engagement Marketing Trends - SummaryYour prospects are everywhere, and it’sharder than ever to gain their attentionInteractive marketing units provide newways to understand the buyer, gain andintegrate buyer insight, and engage &convert prospects everywhereRelationship targeting across RPM andengagement marketing systems helpdeliver the right message at every stage inthe buying cycle for maximum ROI
  • 17. For more information, contact:Steve: steve dot woods at eloqua dot com @stevewoods on TwitterMani: mani at kwanzoo dot com @iyermani on TwitterTwitter: @eloqua and @kwanzooSlideshare: www.slideshare.com/kwanzooBlog: blog.eloqua.com www.kwanzoo.com/blog Tweeting? Use #b2bmarketing