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How-to: Boost Webinar Signups with Retargeting


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The typical webinar registration page converts only 2% of visitors. This educational webinar will discuss new ways to boost webinar signups by moving your webinar registration process directly into …

The typical webinar registration page converts only 2% of visitors. This educational webinar will discuss new ways to boost webinar signups by moving your webinar registration process directly into display ads served via retargeting. Learn how to:

--Capture more webinar leads at the top-of-the-funnel
--Present webinar registration forms directly inside display & re-targeted ads
--Store leads from ads into your marketing automation (MAP), CRM, or Citrix GoToWebinar
--Secure budget and measure ROI for your re-targeted webinar ads campaign

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. How-to: Boost Webinar Signups with Retargeting Presented by: Mani Iyer | CEO @ Kwanzoo @iyermani #demandgen
  • 2. OBJECTIVES Webinar Objectives • Educate Demand Marketers on new opportunities to accelerate Webinar Registrations through use of Short Registration Forms & Retargeting • If you are new to Retargeting, this webinar will share simple, quick ways to leverage your webinar offers to accelerate demand through Retargeting.
  • 3. AGENDA 1. Webinars and Demand Generation 2. Accelerating Your Lead Management Process with Webinars 3. Introducing Webinar Signup Ads 4. How to Plan, Run & Measure ROI for a Webinar Marketing & Promotion Campaign 5. Questions
  • 4. Webinars and Demand Generation 1. Critical component of the B2B Demand Generation Mix Primary channel for Top-of-Funnel Demand along with Paid Media, Social (Blogs) and Organic Search (SEO) 2. Webinar Promotions are still via email and website Email and direct invitations/promotions still account for the lion’s share of registrants and attendees (58-64%). Social media and search have remained fairly steady for the past 3 years at delivering around 15% of the audience. (Osterman Research, Quantum Leap Marketing, 2009)
  • 5. Accelerate Your Lead Management Process using Webinar Sign-up Ads Suspect Sales Qualification Marketing Qualification Inquiry Customer Marketing Marketing Automation (MAP) / CRM Top of Funnel: Boost net new webinar signups across website and display Increase conversions of website visitors with retargeted webinar ads Search retarget w/ webinar sign-up ads on 3rd party sites Mid Funnel: Site & CRM retarget known prospects with webinar sign-up ads Dynamic, persona-based & account-based webinar sign-up ads Closed-Loop Reporting integrated with MAP/CRM Lower Funnel: Dynamic, persona-based & account-based webinar sign-up ads Measure Impact  Increased lead conversions  Pipeline acceleration  Increased closed/won deals
  • 6. Introducing Webinar Sign-up Ads (Optional) Front Screen with title and webinar pitch collect registrations in Signup Screen Capture Registration Data directly into your MAP, CRM or Citrix GoToWebinar
  • 7. Increase Webinar Signups with Retargeted Ads Your Website Organic Search Email Social Ad Network PPC & Display Retargeted Ads Example: • • Visitors get tracked for retargeting (cookie’d) Tracking works beyond your website across the web 10,000 website visitors 30 impressions / visitor / month • Total of 300,000 retargeted impressions per 30 day period
  • 8. Build Your Webinar Signup Ad in 3 Easy Steps 1. Select smart lead form 2. Customize 3. Run, Optimize
  • 9. Webinar Sign-up Ad – Setup Reg Form • choose data fields to be collected (can be text, date or dropdown list) • Upload background image (strong webinar pitch message)
  • 10. Webinar Sign-up Ad for Citrix GoToWebinar • Choose ‘Citrix Online LeadConnect’ to store leads directly in Citrix. • After logging in, select the webinar from dropdown to link to ad.
  • 11. Webinar Sign-up Ads – work with MAP/CRM
  • 12. Webinar Sign-up Ad – Thank You Screen Optional Thank You Screen: links users to your website or landing page with a call-to-action button
  • 13. Generate Ad Tag & Deploy
  • 14. Webinar Sign-up Ads – Key Statistics Basic statistics include: • • • • Impressions – # times the video lead form ad is served Engagement – the First Click on the video lead form ad Lead Captures – complete form fills on Lead Form screen Clicks – the click on the call-to-action on the Thank You screen that is presented after the Lead Form screen
  • 15. Webinar Sign-up Ads – Detailed Statistics View detail stats including: • impressions • viewable impressions • partial form fills • lead captures • %engagement / impressions • %engagement / viewable impressions • video play duration for each engagement • %video play / total video duration
  • 16. Budget for Re-targeted Webinar Signup Ads: ROI Modeler Monthly Re-targeted Ad Impressions Monthly unique visitors to your website(s) in 1000s Retargeted ad impressions per visitor per month Available re-targeted ad impressions per month Cost of re-targeted ad impressions (CPM) Re-targeted Ad Serving Fees (Estimated) 18 20 360,000 $3 $1,080 Paid to Retargeting Provider Monthly Kwanzoo Technology Fees Kwanzoo Silver Plan or Higher Technology Fees Per Month (Paid to Kwanzoo) $499 Cost Per 50,000 Impressions Number of Impressions Needed Impression Fees Per Month (Paid to Kwanzoo) $50 400,000 $400 $1,979.00 Kwanzoo Impression Fees Re-targeted Kwanzoo Webinar Sign-up Ads Kwanzoo delivers conversion rates 30% or more higher than typical banner ads Monthly Re-targeting Budget Estimated Cost Per Lead Estimated Impressions Per Lead Conversion (via Kwanzoo Webinar Sign-up Ads) Low (in 1000s) High (in 1000s) Lead Captures - Low Lead Captures - High Estimated Cost Per Lead (Low) Estimated Cost Per Lead (High) 6000 8000 45 60 $33 $44
  • 17. Questions? Phone: Email: Twitter: 408-216-7025 @kwanzoo @iyermani Resources: