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B2B Viral Marketing and Word-of-Mouth Strategies

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Since 90% of users trust peer recommendations, and only 14% trust advertisements, you are really missing out by not effectively tapping into the social capital represented by your customers and …

Since 90% of users trust peer recommendations, and only 14% trust advertisements, you are really missing out by not effectively tapping into the social capital represented by your customers and advocates. Come learn how you can deploy a range of tactics to drive your viral engagement and word-of-mouth strategies. We will cover specific B2B Event marketing case studies and strategies for DemandCon, ConversionCon and TiEcon that delivered thousands in incremental sales. We will also cover lessons learned on what works and what does not for viral and word-of-mouth campaigns.

Key takeaways:
-Why engagement matters, and how it translates to bottom line benefits
- How to drive viral engagement & word-of-mouth across email & social media
- The Power of Content – content and copy done right, to get users to act
- The Power of Motivators – how motivators differ between B2B and B2C

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  • Growing event registrations and conference sales on a limited budgetEngage users with polls, discountsProvide viral sharing


  • 1. B2B Viral Marketing & Word-of-Mouth
    Case Studies, Lessons Learned
    Email: mani@kwanzoo.comTwitter: @iyermaniSlideshare: www.slideshare.com/kwanzoo
  • 2. Agenda
  • 3. Kwanzoo - Multichannel Engagement Marketing
    Kwanzoo improves ROI from existing campaigns by increasing:
    • engagement and click throughs (CTR)
    • 4. conversions of targeted leads
    • 5. word-of-mouth mentions and sales
    • 6. insights on audience intent & preferences
    Social Communities
    (Facebook, LinkedIn, Other)
    Paid MediaAdvertising
    Engagement Marketing Units
  • 7. We Serve Marketers Across Industries
    Kwanzoo increases engagement and conversions for demand generation, enhance lead nurturing, word-of-mouth, and event marketing campaigns.
    Conferences & Events
  • 8. Embedded marketing units - polls, surveys, shares, opt-ins
    Smart Poll (Web)
    Smart Survey
    Smart Share
    Smart Opt-In
    Smart Poll (in-Email)
  • 9. B2B Case Study - 10X Overall ROI, 3X ROI for Net New Attendee Sales
    Smart Shares and Surveys leverage social sharing and incentives to drive conference sales
    Share the promotional offer socially to receive discount
    Landing page
    Smart Shares, Polls and Surveys in email Custom size units inside email
    Promo code shown after sharing with link to register
    • Social sharing by 33% of survey takers
    • 10. Promo code used by 56% who received code
    • 11. Email reach doubled via social sharing
  • TiEcon – The World’s Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs
  • The TiEcon Marketing Challenge
    • 1-Day Conference Pass$195/$345
    • 15. 2-Day Conference Pass$495/$645
    • 16. Annual Membership$100
    • 17. Target Conversion Value$350
  • Kwanzoo Tell-A-Friend Unit / Survey + Tell-A-Friend Unit
    1. Email
    1. Email
    Landing page
    Landing page
  • 18. Keys To Success: B2B Viral Marketing / WoM Campaigns
  • 19. TiEcon 2011: Viral / WoM Units Used, and Pricing Strategy
    * Target Conversion Value $350
  • 20. TiEcon Campaign Timeline and Results
  • 21. Measure and make changes with each campaign…
  • 22. Success Tip: Get “Baked In” Early!
    Drive registrations with Tell-a-Friend
    • Use social sharing to virally grow registrations
    Easy tweet
    Smart Share in email and on website
    Promo code delivered
  • 23. More Tips: Viral Marketing / WoM Campaigns
  • 24. Summary
  • 25. Thank You!
    Email: mani@kwanzoo.comTwitter: @iyermaniSlideshare: www.slideshare.com/kwanzoo