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  • 1. Kwantify
    Collective Business-Support Solution
  • 2. Kwantify provides a Solution
    How many times
    have you
    faced a
    similar situation
    Do not know
    how to tackle
  • 3. What's in a name
    The K-Factor of quantitative & qualitative approach of management
    Knowledge Management & Productivity tool
    Knowledge percolates to a Shared Information System
    Productivity tool leads to Enhanced Career growth & better work culture
    Additional Tools improve Intra office communication
    Administrative functions decreases effort consumption in routine works
    Document Management systems help reduce physical file storing and also time / effort /resources
  • 4. What is Kwantify
    A centralized management tool that can take care of the Organizational needs and make a databank of any information flowing within it.
    A corporate portal where the employees can get information and share knowledge.
    A solution that can get information from various sources and share it within the organization as per user-requirement.
  • 5. Competitive Landscape
    Collaborative Tools
    Kwantify comes into picture where others fall short
    Business Intelligence reports
    Access specific information dissemination
    Value for Money
  • 6. Positioning Kwantify
    Positioning the Product
    Kwantify is a Business Intelligence Portal for organizations where decision support systems are based on knowledge from various faculties.
    Consumer promise
    Kwantify puts together various applications required for office and business needs in one platform and generate user-specific MIS for quick and collaborative decisions.
  • 7. Advantage Kwantify
    Office Applications Vs. Kwantify
    Process Data, Can’t Distribute
    Process & Distribute Data
    Data at Many Places
    Data at One Place
    Open & Close Many Times
    Open & Close Once
    E-mail Applications Vs. Kwantify
    Wait For Reply
    On the Spot Reply
    Chain of Forwards
    One Click, All See
  • 8. Versatile Capabilities
    One Portal, Many Features,
    One point Access to Data,
    Many Applications = Confusion + Stress?
    DMS organizes your files for
    faster retrieval later!!
    Documents, files disorganized??
    Still haven’t found any information??
    Gets you the document or
    any information you are
    looking for!!
    Customized Project Work
    flow, Helps to bring the
    Processes together!!
    Project Approval data pending??
    Chat, Discussion rooms, Polls
    integrated, GNPOC portal
    makes world a smaller place
    Using different PCs to talk to peers??
  • 9. Why only Kwantify
    It is customized as per clients needs…
    Single Window Solution: With single login information from different applications can be accessed.
    User friendly… no IT savvy administrators required…
    Scalable: Can be started with few basic modules and later on serious applications can be added on…
    Can be accessed from anywhere…anytime…with tight security enabled
    Data at one Place: Processed and Distribute data
  • 10. For the Administrator
    Kwantify’s modules are supported by a robust Administrative console, called the Frame work/engine, which imparts it flexibility to the manage the entire system by
    Creating users as and when
    Creating new and improved business logics
    User defined rights to logics and applications
    Controlled information sharing
    Customized Reports Generation
  • 11. For the User
    There are nearly 75 Applications in Kwantify….
    Each applications are called as primary links
    These applications are grouped into Modules or Global Links
    Each application has some access rights.
    Each applications can have one or more administrators for managing it.
    They have the right to customize/ configure as per company’s need.
    This makes the administrator’s life easier as people work in their own domain areas… resulting in owning the system with interest.
  • 12. Scalability
    New Links/modules can be added without changing the engine.
    Data from other applications can be retrieved and shown on the portal with little customization.
    No need to create master database when any new applications is to be created, thus reducing time and money investment.
  • 13. Customizable
    Feel just at home.
    See what you want to see.
    Keep where you can find soon.
    Know what you need to know.
    Browse what you find knowledgeable.
    Customize your page the way you want to see…
  • 14. Kwantify is not to replace any existing application running in an organization. This is a supplementing tool to the existing IT resources.