Aluminum (Brittany Jones)


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Aluminum (Brittany Jones)

  1. 1. CHEM 120Element Project 11/12/11 Brittany Jones Aluminum
  2. 2. Aluminum HistoryMeaning – derived from the ancient name for alum(potassium aluminum sulphate), which was alumen(Latin, meaning bitter salt)silver-white metallic element, light inweight, ductile, malleable, and not readily corroded ortarnished: used in alloys and for lightweight products.Hans Christian Oersted a Danish physicist andchemist discovered this element inCopenhagen Denmark in 1825
  3. 3. Properties of AluminumAtomic Number: 13Atomic Weight: 26.9815Melting Point: 933.437 K (660.323 C)Boiling Point: 2740.15 K (2467 C)Density: 2.70 grams per cubic centimeterState at Room Temperature: Solid
  4. 4. Properties of Aluminum cont.Element Classification: MetalPeriod Number: 3Group Number: 13Group Name: noneColor: SilverMajor Isotopes: Al-26Al-27 and Al-28
  5. 5. Aluminum AvailabilityAluminum is not found free anywhere in naturein its purest form.Aluminum makes up about 8% of the earthscrust, making it the most abundant metal foundin the earths crust.Aluminum can be found in many minerals suchas feldspars, granite, cryolite, and bauxiteAn interesting fact is that aluminum can beproduced from clay, but like our lab, this is noteconomical at this time
  6. 6. Aluminum Availability cont.In 1886 two scientists, one in France and one inAmerica, discovered how to get aluminum froma process called electrolysis of cryolite (about)This is one way to get aluminum from othermaterials. However today most scientists don’tuse cryolite but they use a fake mixture ofsodium, aluminum and calcium fluoridesAluminum costs approximately one dollar, at it’shighest, a pound accordingto the local scrap yard.
  7. 7. Aluminum UsesCommon uses of Aluminum are aluminumfoil, aluminum soda cans and foodcans, bottle caps, car parts, electricalwiring, pie pans, cooking utensils, roofingand siding for barns and outdoorbuildings, it is used in many electronic andelectrical devices, waterpurification, paint, road signs, windowframes, doorknobs, railings, curtain rods, golfclubs, ladders, horse bits andbridles, fencing, and the list goes
  8. 8. Common Compounds of AluminumAluminum chloride- antiperspirant or deodorantsSodium aluminum fluoride- or better known ascryolite, mentioned earlier in this PowerPoint, which can be used to process aluminumbut it is very rareAluminum hydroxide is commonly used inantacids and it can also reduce phosphate levelsin patients with kidney problemsAluminum potassium sulfate is used in bakingpowder and some medicines
  9. 9. Fun FactsEvery minute of every day, an average of more than 123,000aluminum cans are recycled.Since 1972, an estimated 660-plus billion beverage cans have beenrecycled. This many cans could circle the world nearly 300 times.American consumers and industry throw away enough aluminum torebuild the entire U.S. commercial air fleet every three months.Aluminum made up 1.5 percent of the total municipal solid wastestream in the United States in 1994Rubies, emeralds and sapphires consist mainly of crystallinealuminum oxide.Manufacturers used Cold War technology to make Little Leaguebats from aluminum.All of these fun facts are from
  10. 10. Sources