Bismuth (Corinne Basinger)


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Bismuth (Corinne Basinger)

  1. 1. (Element symbol) Created By: Corinne Basinger
  2. 2. The name Bismuth comes from the German word wissmuth, meaning white mass. Bismuth has been known to be around since ancient times and used. Therefore, it is unsure who discovered it first or where it was discovered. In 1753, Claude Geoffroy was the first to classify and show bismuth as a distinct element
  3. 3. Bismuth is a solid at room temperature, and is silvery white in color. Bismuth crystals can be made artificially and are not found naturally. ( Bismuth Rock) ( Bismuth Crystals)
  4. 4. Bismuth melts at 271.40 degrees Celsius. Bismuth boils at an extremely high temperature of 1564 degrees Celsius. Has a density of 9.807g/ cm^3 An interesting characteristic that bismuth possesses is that bismuth has a lower density as a solid than in liquid form. Bismuth is particularly good for making sharp castings for objects subject to damage , and the low melting point of bismuth allows for bismuth alloys to be used in safety equipment and extinguishing systems.
  5. 5. Bismuth has no major isotopes that have any commercial application. 209 Bi is the only naturally occurring form of Bismuth.
  6. 6. Bismuth can be found in mines all over the world, but the largest mines are found in China, Mexico, Peru, and Bolivia. Bismuth can be mined out in it’s natural whitish rock form.
  7. 7. Bismuth typically costs more than copper, lead and zinc. It sells for about $9.50/lb currently
  8. 8. There are typically no primary uses for the natural metallic Bismuth. It is mostly Bismuth alloys, and it is the properties that Bismuth contributes to several alloys that makes this element useful. A major use of Bismuth is in a pharmaceutical remedy known as Bismuth Subsalicylate (C7H5BiO4) , which is used in Pepto Bismol to help with stomach and intestinal discomforts . Bismuth Subnitrate is a compound found in Bismoline, which aids in the relief of skin irritations. ( Bismoline)( Pepto-Bismol)
  9. 9. Other Common Bismuth Compounds and Their Uses: Bismuth Oxide, Bi2O3 Commonly used as a catalyst in chemical industry for glazes, glass, and medicine. Bismuth Oxychloride, BiOCl Used in cosmetics such as, face powders. Bismuthinite, Bi2S3 natural ore of Bismuth. Bismanol, BiMn strong magnet (Bismanol) ( Bismuthinite ) ( Bismuth Oxide) ( Mineral Make-up)
  10. 10. *When Bismuth is heated over a flame it produces a blue flame color. • Bismuth has five valence electrons and is often Bi 3- ion. • Bismuth’s Quantum Numbers n = 6 l = 1 ml = 1 ms = + ½ Bismuth has a typically low specific heat of about 0.12 J/g* °C
  11. 11. Do you love Bismuth as much as Bismuth loves you? Well, if you would like to join the Bismuth appreciation club on facebook here is a link for you! There are a whopping 178 members willing to share their love for Bismuth with you! << 230453187>>
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