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What a cheap promo item can teach you about online lead generation
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What a cheap promo item can teach you about online lead generation


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Published in: Business
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  • 1. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comOnline Lead GenerationWhat marketing men know for years about the most cost effective,value for money, promotional product ........ that you need to findout and apply to online lead generationSunday, 21 April 13
  • 2. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comQuestion? (the answer is in the picture)What’s the most cost effective, value for money, promo item that getsyour company logo viewed the most?Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 3. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comSee if you can figure out the answer?Here are some clues to help you.Cost per logo “impression” =A x BUNIT COST_________A = number of people reachedB = number of viewsSunday, 21 April 13
  • 4. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comClue one: Sky BannerHas great reach but poor views as it lasts a short timeSunday, 21 April 13
  • 5. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comClue two: Motorway BillboardFantastic reach and huge number of viewsif it is up for a long periodSunday, 21 April 13
  • 6. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comClue three: TV AdvertisingHas greatest reach and views .....but also the most expensive.Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 7. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comTraditional advertising too expensiveHow can you get your company logo seen by thegreatest number for the least money?Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 8. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comSome final facts to help with the answerAustralian Promotional Products Association (APPA)surveyed travelers at airports.76% recall brand name71% got promo item in last 12 months34% had product on them!56% kept product for over a year76% said product was useful to keepSunday, 21 April 13
  • 9. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comThe humble pen. Surprise?Remember, it’s about “Reach” and “View”The answerSunday, 21 April 13
  • 10. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comA high quality pen is valued and used oftenSo the pen (i.e. your logo) can get a great numberof views or impressions.Everyoneuses a penSunday, 21 April 13
  • 11. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comLet’s say 1000 pens cost $4.00 eachThe pen is used 5 times a dayIt’s kept for a year, so per pen views$4000 gives 1,100,00 views5 times x 5 days x 44 weeksCost per view$0.0036Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 12. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comBranded promotional products workThey’re a proven, cost effective way of marketing your company toa large audience that takes little work.Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 13. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comWhat does branded promotional itemshave to do with online lead generation?Spoil yourprospectsSunday, 21 April 13
  • 14. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comConversation StarterGiving a gift promotes a feeling ofwanting to return the kind gestureIt’s known as The Law of Reciprocity52%* receiving a promo item endup doing business with that company* L.J. Market ResearchSunday, 21 April 13
  • 15. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comReach: a high quality promo item...... grabs attention and can reach people who otherwise would notcome to your stand176% increase in tradeshow traffic to astand that handed out promotional items.“ Exhibit Surveys Inc.Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 16. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comClass is permanentConventional advertising is short-livedUseful products are kept resulting inlong term exposureClassy, quality promo items neverstop collecting impressions becausethey are used constantlySunday, 21 April 13
  • 17. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comRepetition, Repetition, RepetitionRepeated exposure = brand recognitionA quality promo item is more likelyto be seen time and time again39%* of promo item receivers in thelast 6 months remember the company* Schreiber & AssociatesSunday, 21 April 13
  • 18. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comReach audience other methods can’tT-Shirts: are a living, breathing walkingbillboardA quality golf polo shirt can reachan audience far beyondWhich would you wear more often? Acheap branded golf polo or a HugoBoss branded one?Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 19. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comFree stuff are sharedA quality promo item gets talkedabout. Recipients share the story ofhow they got the item.So your company gets talked about62%* recipients give away theirpromo item. This increases reachand views.* Advertising Speciality InstituteSunday, 21 April 13
  • 20. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comGoing beyond target boundaryPromotional items are mobile andagnostic.As such, they are not limited byboundaries, be they geographic,demographic, religion, race, nationalityor gender.So it can reach a customeroutside of your ‘target’ boundary.Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 21. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comNow, let’s apply what we know about promo items toonline marketingSunday, 21 April 13
  • 22. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comConversation StarterWhat can you give away onlinethat will allow you to start aconversation with your visitor.Remember ...52%* receiving a promotional itemend up doing business with that company* L.J. Market ResearchSunday, 21 April 13
  • 23. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comTo reach prospects better, fasterYour online giveaway must GRAB ATTENTION, HAVEAPPEAL and be of HIGH QUALITY.176% increase in tradeshow traffic to astand that handed out promotional items.“ Exhibit Surveys Inc.Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 24. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comClass is permanent, form is temporaryYour online giveaway must be top-class.A top-class giveaway will be kept for usetime and again.A top-class giveaway is more likely to bepassed on. It can go viral and boostyour website’s search ranking.Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 25. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comRepeated exposure = brand recognitionDon’t stop at one online giveaway.Figure out how to give away morewithout devaluing the eventual sale.Remember this statistic ....39%* of receivers of a promotionalitem in the last 6 months remember thecompany* Schreiber & AssociatesSunday, 21 April 13
  • 26. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comRemember the T-shirt from earlier?Would your perfect customer be proudto wear your polo shirt? In other words,would they be proud to rave about youronline giveaway?A quality online giveaway canreach an audience far beyondWhat are you doing to get your prospectto “wear” your giveaway!Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 27. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comWho’s talking about you? (think social share)A quality online giveaway getstalked about. It is more likely to besocial shared (Twitter, Linkedin,Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube etc).Remember this62%* recipients give away thepromotional item and don’t throw itaway. So, more reach & views.* Advertising Speciality InstituteSunday, 21 April 13
  • 28. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comWithout bordersTop-class online giveawayscross States, counties, andinternational borders.It can reach a customeroutside of target boundary.Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 29. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comHow long to produce a top-class giveaway?You are the expert in your subject.So, a day? Okay ... 2 days max.Cost perlogo orImpression A x BUNIT COST_________Let’s look at themaths againi.e. ROI=Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 30. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comIf your website gets 100 subscribers per monthYour subscriber views yourgiveaway once a weekYour subscriber tells another 5people about your giveawaySo, the number of views from one subscriber= (1+5) subscriber x 44 weeks = 264 viewsSunday, 21 April 13
  • 31. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.com100 subscribers per month = 316,800 views per yearCost (in time) = 2 days x 8 hrs x 60 mins = 960 minsCost per view = 0.00303 mins per viewISN’T THIS A VERY EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT USE OFYOUR TIME IN TERMS OF PROMOTIONAL MARKETING!If your website gets 100 subscribers per monthSunday, 21 April 13
  • 32. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comCost (time) per impression is very highTends to be the same faces. Few referrals (pass-on impressions).Each meeting takes up 3 hours.IncomparisonNetworkingSunday, 21 April 13
  • 33. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comLeaflets ok if promoting an offerTime and money to deliver 10,000 leaflets? Do people keepleaflets or do they Google?Main problemwith leaflets?They tend not to be usefulbecause they are usuallyout and out sales leafletsSunday, 21 April 13
  • 34. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comA great giveaway still needs a ‘push’A great giveaway doesn’t go viral without some initial ‘push’, aka‘outbound’ marketing.Paper May Be Thin, ButeBook is inSunday, 21 April 13
  • 35. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comOutbound Marketing is email or social-share.Do you testyour messagesfor APPEAL?Wouldn’t it be great if you could test your emails for appeal andattention-grabbing before you send them?Sunday, 21 April 13
  • 36. © 2013 www.un-unsubscribe.comWell, you can for FREECheck for attention-grabbingheadline and message appealCheck for engaging messagebody that leads to actionwww.un-unsubscribe.comSign up for a FREE TrialUse it for Linkedin, Twitter, FB,Blogs and YouTubeFine tune your messages(works for landing pages too)Sunday, 21 April 13