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Dawn blog 20140604

  1. 1. … as we are becoming more and more conscious of living in harmony with nature … Toxin and Chemical free. Our message to you this week
  2. 2. Wednesday …. turned out to be another day of opportunity to get stuff done, with Antony lending a strong arm to shift plants and start the New Moon in earnest to make things look really nice for the summer.
  3. 3. Cookie the Golden Retriever wasn’t too sure what action to take when confronted with our local farm animals, he decided to go for impersonating a sheep as his best chance of getting out of hard labour.
  4. 4. By the end of the day the rain had made the grass even greener though.
  5. 5. Thursday ….and a visit to the hospital showed signs of improvement for Vera as we found someone else had snook into her bed unawares.
  6. 6. Family Tree We wanted to make a statement by having our family trees firmly rooted in the garden but later that evening they made more of an impression on us when we found a first apple had started to proudly show itself off.
  7. 7. Family tree …..
  8. 8. Friday …left us scratching our heads as we realised that we are still a way off moving into the new office as we can’t even get to it at the moment and without electric we couldn’t do much in there if we could.
  9. 9. … a couple of cheeky bigheads popped up from somewhere to adorn the kitchen followed by a strange ring of elephant heads that moved in too.!
  10. 10. Saturday … involved a trip to Manchester and an interesting day of people watching and discussion on many of the varied world problems.
  11. 11. It culminated in a celebration for a further signing to join the Interfaith Ministry and so we will become a couple of Rocking Reverends in 2016. It’s said that sun shines on the righteous, we’ll look forward to some more of it then, but it was certainly bright everywhere this weekend.
  12. 12. Sunday … started with yoga on the lawn, we all felt uplifted by the experience and the girls were in fine form as usual. ! The Circle of Luve .. in our garden .. wow what a setting, wow what wonderful people, what an amazing day.
  13. 13. April Dawn, Christopher Wesley Evans and Michelle Dawn enjoying the summer sunshine on our inspirational Sunday morning yoga class.
  14. 14. Warrior Women April Dawn and Michelle Dawn (Dawns Daughters).
  15. 15. The cuddly yoga boys … Chris, Lionel and Colin.
  16. 16. We managed to get some more time to play in the garden and nearly got some big jobs done too as dark fell and put an end to our activities.
  17. 17. Dawn was so so happy this weekend as we had her first born daughter Michelle staying with us .. up from Devon where she is making her home. Wow was Dawn heartbroken when Michelle left on Sunday .. she felt as if a part of her was missing.! ! Dawn always refers to the .. Kilbran Poem on Children when ever she feels this feeling .. the line which hold the most meaning is this one
  18. 18. You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth
  19. 19. by Kahlil Gibran Our Children Your  children  are  not  your  children.   They  are  the  sons  and  daughters  of  Life's  longing  for  itself.   They  come  through  you  but  not  from  you,   And  though  they  are  with  you,  yet  they  belong  not  to  you.
  20. 20. by Kahlil Gibran Our Children You  may  give  them  your  love  but  not  your  thoughts.   For  they  have  their  own  thoughts.   You  may  house  their  bodies  but  not  their  souls,   For  their  souls  dwell  in  the  house  of  tomorrow,
 which  you  cannot  visit,  not  even  in  your  dreams.   You  may  strive  to  be  like  them,  but  seek  not  to  make  them   like  you.   For  life  goes  not  backward  nor  tarries  with  yesterday.
  21. 21. by Kahlil Gibran Our Children You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are sent forth. The  archer  sees  the  mark  upon  the  path  of  the  infinite,
 and  He  bends  you  with  His  might  that  His  arrows  may  go   swiB  and  far.   Let  your  bending  in  the  archer's  hand  be  for  gladness;   For  even  as  He  loves  the  arrow  that  flies,
 so  He  loves  also  the  bow  that  is  stable.
  22. 22. Monday … had us renewed with energy when we got the phone call from the hospital that Vera could come out so the day was filled with organising the house, shopping and preparing for a homely welcome.
  23. 23. Dawn is sensitive and emotional this week .. she wants to do the best for her mum.! ! Vera has very swollen tum and legs .. Fluid retention so Dawn has consulted her Natural Remedies book for natural diuretics.
  24. 24. Natural Diuretics are; celery, parsley, watermelon, are the best and also asparagus, carrots, artichokes, and alfalfa sprouts… ! ! So you can imagine what Dawn is feeding her mum .. yep, lots of healthy juices. Dawn is very grateful to her daughter April and partner Chris for all their guidance on diet for Vera (or Bee). ! ! Recommending we follow the Max Gerson Therapy! ! http://gerson.org/gerpress/the-gerson-therapy! ! We started Vera on this one month before her operation and believe this really helped in her ability to survive the operation and heal so well.! ! So just got to deal with the water retention now .. so thank you to Bill
  25. 25. Tuesday … was like Christmas as we started opening the crates we’d had delivered from Thailand last year. We remember buying all the items but we’d forgotten just how interesting and lovely they are; now we have to find the right place for each one for the best advantage and view.
  26. 26. Tuesday we had visitations from Auntie Susan and Auntie Dorothy .. Vera’s sisters.. which made her so so happy. Whilst they were here with Vera, Dawn sneaked off to the Ableworld www.ableworld.co.uk shop to buy pillows and mobility aids to make Vera more comfy and independent.
  27. 27. So the message for this first week of June from us Lionel and Dawn - the Luvers - is … GOT FOR IT Make your dreams a reality…..! We will also end with this weeks inspirational quote from Eleanor Roosevelt. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
  28. 28. This blog is conceived and written and produced with love on 4th June.! ! The eve of Dawns Birthday … woo woo… ! So join Lionel and Dawn and be Dreamcatchers or if you want to be different …. Dream Hatchers.