Sii topic 5 food webquests
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Sii topic 5 food webquests






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Sii topic 5 food webquests Sii topic 5 food webquests Document Transcript

  • Español II-Tema 5 Nombre: Kayla Work Fecha: _____________ Bloque: _______Vamos de compras: Frutas onlineGo to: http://www.frutaonline.comClick: Presentación Flash ©JPorvin (2004) www.casadejoanna.comA. Make a grocery list of 10 fruits and/or vegetables. Record the Spanish word, the Englishequivalent and the price in Euros. (NOTE: The Spanish use commas the way that we use periods. For us,4.35 would be four dollars and 35 cents. For the Europeans – and many others – 4,35 would be the equivalent.) Price in Euros/ Item (Spanish) Item (English) 1 kilogram 1 las cebollas onions 0.79 €/kgs 2 la lechuga lettuce 0.99 €/kgs 3 los tomates cherry cherry tomatoes 2.00 €/kgs 4 los mangos mangos 4.99 €/kgs 5 el cilantro cilantro 1.50 €/kgs 6 las cebollas rojas red onions 1.99 €/kgs 7 la piña pinapple 1.69 €/kgs 8 las manzanas fuji fuji apples 1.99 €/kgs 9 las nectarinas nectarines 4.99 €/kgs 10 las uvas grapes 2.99 €/kgs Total Price in Spain (Euros) €23.92 Total Price in the US (Dollars) Go to: and convert your total. DONʼT FORGET to put a period instead of a comma! $34.06 1. What words did you recognize on the site? 2. What words can you guess?B. Look around the website. Make a list of the words that look like English and what youthink they español word list below. inglés make guesses at other words you see based on mean 1st Try and español inglésclues like pictures or where they are on the website. List those words in the second column. sandia watermelon fresones strawberries los plátanos bananas lechuga iceburg iceburg lettuce limones lemons limas limes pepinos cucumbers
  • Description in English Key words in Spanish Category Name (Focus on big ideas) (English guesses in parentheses)1234 Product (Spanish) Product (English) Price in Argentina Price in USA Product (Spanish) Product (English) Price in Argentina Price in USA