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  • As a preface to this discussion, I’d like to share some info on the Symantec & VMware relationship. Symantec & VMware have an extremely close engineering relationship, that has been ongoing for the past 7+ years. This relationship involves joint development and testing of our joint solutions, across many of the Symantec & VMware product lines, including NetBackup, SF, VCS, and our Enterprise Security Manager & Anti-Virus solutions.At Symantec we see a lot of interest in the customer base around deploying VMware in production, and having an enterprise-class data protection solution has been one of the main inhibitors slowing deployment of VMware to date. In this spirit VMware & Symantec came together to solve that problem, and today we’ll be discussing several solutions for backing-up production VMware environments.
  • [Short narration]Symantec delivers a wide portfolio of solutions to help IT administrators optimize their virtual infrastructure….Data protection and de-duplication across virtualization platformsStorage management specialization for virtual environmentsHigh availability & disaster recovery integrated with Citrix XenImproved user experience for endpoint users at lower costExpanded software virtualization even Novel forms of security through virtualization[Long narration]Server virtualization introduces new requirements that affect key service level processes such as backup, disaster recovery, and storage management. Symantec infrastructure software is optimized to address these new requirements, and enables you to move the most mission-critical workloads from test and development to production with confidence. Symantec supports all of the most popular virtualization platforms available today, so you can manage heterogeneous physical and virtual server and storage infrastructure with the same industry-leading software tools. At the endpoint, Symantec solutions enable you to transform the way applications are managed and delivered, reduce costs, and make cloud computing a reality for your organization. A comprehensive virtualization strategy should include:Data ProtectionAdvanced backup tools that optimize performance and reduce data volumes Integrated system, application, and file-level recovery Visibility into online and offline virtual machines Storage ManagementAdvanced block level management to any given application (physical or virtual) Consistent management across physical and virtual environments Visibility into what storage resources are being utilized by applications in a virtual server environment High Availability and Disaster RecoveryGranular application level monitoring across physical and virtual environments Centralized management for a global view into application availability Ability to test disaster recovery plans without impacting business availability Endpoint VirtualizationCommon management platform for physical and virtual environments Use of virtualization and streaming to eliminate applications conflict Rules-based management for flexible provisioning and detailed usage monitoring
  • D -
  • With the introduction of two new virtual agents for VMware and Hyper-V, customers now have an easy to manage, single point of control for their virtual server environment. Backup Exec integrates with VMware Virtual Center, allowing a great degree of control over the management of data protection in virtual environments and provides automatic detection and views of the entire virtual infrastructure. If you have a single ESX host environment or Hyper-V environment, no matter how many guests or how much memory you have on this machine, we have a single price and you can protect unlimited guest machines with the hardware and resources you have been given – this has changed the landscape for the virtual business. We leverage VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB) technology and Microsoft VSS technology to reduce the time and challenge it takes administrators to configure a backup job- now a single backup job of the host environment can be easily configured and run through Backup Exec and provides granular recovery of files and folders or entire guest machines in seconds, previously this set-up process required hours of scripting and an expertise in virtual instructors. As you can see, granular recovery is just a click away….Additional background for speaker:Virtual Server Backup and Recovery Challenges prior to BE 12.5:Administrators and companies who have not had the experience of recovering a Guest virtual machines using basic backup and recovery tools will face several limitations recovering their data with these older backup tools designed only for physical systems including;Having to install a backup agent inside of each Guest virtual machine or on the ESX server directly – now solved with BE 12.5 Recovery of a single file typically requires a long restore of the entire Guest virtual machine – now solved with BE 12.5Separate backups for system level vs. individual file level recovery – now solved with BE 12.5Taking Guest virtual machines off-line during backup in order to protect them completely – now solved with BE12.5Ensuring applications running inside of the Guest virtual machines can be recovered- now solved with BE 12.5 Having to use separate backup products for physical vs. virtual machines – now solved with BE 12.5
  • ….from a single backup, administrators can go into guest OS and recover individual guest machines, so businesses can quickly recovery from a small-scale IT disaster in seconds or….
  • Vmware

    1. 1. Виртуализация – это выгодно…<br />…Управление: Простое развертывание новых ВМ<br />…Динамичность: свободное перемещение ВМ между серверами<br />…Гибкость: более свободный выбор аппаратного уровня<br />…Аварийное Восстановление: быстрое восстановление на другое железо<br />Виртуализация несет в себе много выгод для ЦОД<br />…Эффективность: Экономия средств благодаря консолидации <br />
    2. 2. …но появляются новые сложности <br />Но появляются новые сложности и требования к защите данных в VMWareсредах<br />Увеличение кол-ва машин требует больше времени для настройки РК<br />Увеличиваются требования к объемам хранения<br />VCB прокси и передвижение виртуальных машин добавляет сложность к РК и ВД<br />Требуется новый подход к РК чтобы не загружать ESX сервер<br />
    3. 3. 3<br />+<br />8+ леттехнологического сотрудничества<br />Еще до слияний/поглощений Symantec/Veritas иEMC/VMWare<br />Совместные решения с NetBackup, CommandCentral Storage, VCS, Brightmailи Symantec EndPoint Protection<br />3<br />Сотрудничество Symantec и VMware<br />
    4. 4. Symantec’s Virtualization Solutions<br />Решения Symantec для Виртуальных сред позволяют внедрить лучшие наработки для дополнительной эффективности и экономии<br />4<br />
    5. 5. VMwareIncrementals<br />Deduplication <br />Client-Based Backup<br />VMware VCB <br />Off-Host Backup<br />Полная Поддержка<br />VMwareGranular Recovery<br />Replication<br />Auto-Discovery & Flexible Recovery<br />Deduplication<br />Полная поддержка VMWare<br />5<br />
    6. 6. Основные типы/роли ВМ:<br />CommodityServer VMs<br />File/PrintVMs<br />Departmental <br />Application VMs<br />Mission-CriticalVMs<br /><ul><li>Standard image
    7. 7. Less-important data
    8. 8. Best-efforts recovery is sufficient
    9. 9. Standard image
    10. 10. Large data sets
    11. 11. Granular recovery important
    12. 12. Unique Server Image
    13. 13. Outside datacenter
    14. 14. Local storage
    15. 15. Unique Server Image
    16. 16. Large data sets
    17. 17. SAN/NAS attached
    18. 18. App integration</li></ul>Remote OfficeVMs<br />Что нужно иметь ввиду:<br /><ul><li>Бэкап: в ВМ или Off-host
    19. 19. СХД: DAS / SAN / NAS
    20. 20. Защита: только данных или ВМ+данных
    21. 21. Местоположение: статические или мобильные ВМ
    22. 22. Восстановление: ВМ, файлов, приложений
    23. 23. Аварийное Восстановление: локальное/удаленное
    24. 24. Дублирование РК: репликация/выгрузка лент
    25. 25. Geo dispersion
    26. 26. Some critical apps
    27. 27. Granular restores</li></ul>Не все виртуальные машины одинаковы<br />
    28. 28. Departmental <br />Application VMs<br />File/PrintVMs<br />Mission-CriticalVMs<br />CommodityServer VMs<br />Remote OfficeVMs<br />RemoteOffices<br />StandardClient<br />Backup<br />DedupeClient<br />Backup<br />Core VMware Cluster<br />DedupeClient Backupw Replication<br />Backup Infrastructure<br />VCBBackup<br />Backup Image<br />Replication<br />Backup ProxyMedia Servers<br />PureDisk<br />Vault /DR Site<br />VMware Granular Recovery<br />Datacenter<br />7<br />Защита Виртуальной ИТ-инфраструктуры с помощью NetBackupfor VMWare<br />
    29. 29. NetBackup for VMWare:Схема Работы Подробно<br />8<br />Отдельные файлы<br />Время РК по расписаниюВМ<br />1<br />Образ ВМ<br />VMDK<br />NetBackupдает команду сделать снапшот<br />2<br />NetBackupMediaServer<br />NetBackupMediaServer<br />VMware ESX<br />VMware ESX<br />NetBackupEnterprise Client<br />NetBackupEnterprise Client<br />СнапшотVMDK файла монтируется на Прокси<br />3<br />PureDisk<br />Plug-in<br />VMwareProxyDriver<br />PureDisk<br />Plug-in<br />VMwareProxyDriver<br />VMware ESX<br />VMware ESX<br />Производится РК на любое доступное NetBackupустройство<br />4<br />Можно восстановить как целиком ВМ при аварии<br />5<br />7<br />Снапшот уничтожается<br />VMDK<br />VMDK<br />NetBackupкаталогизирует каждый отдельный файл внутри ВМ<br />VMDK<br />VMDK<br />6<br />8<br />Так и отдельные файлы<br />Диск<br />VMDK<br />VMDK<br />VMDK<br />VMDK<br />VMDK<br />PureDisk<br />Лента<br />Основное Общее <br />Хранилище<br />Хранение РК<br />8<br />
    30. 30. 9<br />Интеграция с VMWare Consolidated Backup/VMWare Converter<br />
    31. 31. Backup Exec 12.5: NEW Comprehensive Data Protection for VMware Systems<br />10<br />10<br />
    32. 32. Backup Exec 12.5: NEW Comprehensive Data Protection for VMware Systems<br />11<br />11<br />
    33. 33. Backup Exec 12.5: NEW Comprehensive Data Protection for VMware Systems<br />12<br />12<br />
    34. 34. Сравнение “VCB” с “vStorage API for DP”<br />13<br />
    35. 35. vSphere: vStorage API<br />Отслеживание изменившихся блоков<br />На уровне ВМ<br />Отслеживание измененных блоков с момента последнего бэкапа<br />Намного более эффективная технология<br />Восстановление на уровне vmdkа не отдельных файлов<br />Symantec позволяет восстановить и vmdkи отдельные файлы<br />Восстановление по FC SAN<br />Более быстрое восстановление<br />Разгрузка LAN<br />Возможность одновременного восстановления (DR)<br />
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