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Revitalizing The Figueroa Corridor
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Revitalizing The Figueroa Corridor


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Vision Figueroa CorridorLinking Downtown Los Angeles with the University of Southern California by creating aunique environment on the Figueroa Corridor that encourages pedestrian movement,neighborhood cohesion, enhanced public transportation, and economic development. Expo Line Blue Line Proposed Street Improvement Kevin Kohan P. 1
  • 2. Ingredients Figueroa CorridorThe design and performance of the public right-of-way plays an important role in theprovision of a public realm that actively invites people and contributes positively totheir quality of life. To achieve the vision for Figueroa Street and related public spacesin the corridor the City must address three key criteria in its transformation. 1. A Fair Balance Up to 80% of the public right-of-way is today dominated by roadway for public vehicles. In the future the public right- of-way should be a fair allocation of space for walking, cycling, streetcars, and motor cyclers. 2. A Human Scale Only 40% of the length of Figueroa Street is defined by buildings that line the back of sidewalks. In the future the street must be better defined by coherent building edges defining much of its length. 3. Inviting Building Edges Many inactive blank facades of existing hubs along Figueroa Street hide the existing vibrancy of cultural and urban life from passers-by. These existing hubs of activity need to open to the street to make this life visible. The street must create recreational spaces in the public right-of-way to invite all people to enjoy this life. Kevin Kohan P. 2
  • 3. Ingredients Figueroa CorridorBetter Walking on Figueroa1 Reduce amount of drivewayscutting up the sidewalks at parking lotentrances and small service lanes. Bike Racks2 More mid-block crossings in allareas with evident pedestrian crossing Bus Sheltersmovement. Separated Bike3 Provide frequent places where the Pathold and the young can rest. Bike RacksBetter Cycling on Figueroa Existing curb1 Provide continuous cycle lanes thatstart and end in real destinations wherepeople want to go. Make them connect Separated Bikein the most direct way. Path2 Physically separate cycle paths from Bike Parkingsidewalks. It will remain an arterialcorridor with high traffic volumes in Buffer Strip: Rainsome areas. Garden3 Provide frequent dedicated bicycleparking where needed. Along key Buffer Strip:cycling routes make cycling the most Parking Laneconvenient way to get around.Better Public Transport Access1 Create new transportation hubs onFigueroa where focus is given to easyswitching of transportation systems.2 Provide inviting bus shelters and highquality open spaces for waiting and Mid-block Crossingdisplay real time information. & Curb Extensions with benches and3 Invest in high quality sidewalks planted areas.and pedestrian crossings along allstreets with walkable areas of keytransportation hubs. Kevin Kohan P. 3
  • 4. IngredientsFigueroa Corridor Existing Section 16’ 63’ 16’ Before: Figueroa Street at 18th Street Proposed Section 25’ 45’ 25’ After: with enhanced buffer strip, transit furniture, and parkways Kevin Kohan P. 4
  • 5. Strategy Figueroa Corridor 1 Rezone uses in order to create districts with unique identities as well as non-iconic places in between. Financial Core 11th StreetUniversity Park Entertainment USC Campus EdgeExposition Park Kevin Kohan P. 5
  • 6. Strategy Figueroa Corridor2 Establish land use policies that create public shared spacesAt the intersection of Figueroa and 11th Street there is the opportunity to create a new,iconic public space destination for Downtown Los Angeles. Drawing on the visiting crowdsfrequenting LA Live, the shared space program will create a space for movement ofpedestrians, cyclists and motorists as well as establish areas for recreational activities. Acomplimentary new street design suggests that outdoor spaces are not just transportationspace alone. Shared Space Reduction to a single lane of one-way traffic serving single blocks. Urban furniture defines movement space. Key downtown public space destination with recreational space in public right-of-way. Kevin Kohan P. 6
  • 7. Strategy Figueroa Corridor3 Infill underutilized areas with eco-corridors to provide densificationExposition Boulevard no longer functions as a roadway east of Hope Street West and muchof this route can be transformed into a green eco-corridor. A wonderful local micro-climatecould be created in this park-like environment featuring play areas and community gardens.Existing view along former Exposition Blvd Proposed green eco-corridor4 Promote community engagementCommunity input is essential to the success of these strategies. It is important to bringcommunity members and stakeholders together to help decide how their community shouldchange. This process results in informed and engaged residents that feel better connectedto their communities. While sometimes contentious, but more often productive, communityengagement is an essential ingredient of making the Figueroa Corridor successful.Community workshops engage all the Presentation stations are helpful to present ideasstakeholders and provide great feedback to the the designers and planners. Kevin Kohan P. 7