La Brea Village


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La Brea Village

  1. 1. La Brea VillageDowntown Inglewood, CaliforniaUSC Sol Price School of Public Policy 531L-Urban Design Lab Kevin Kohan Fall 2012
  2. 2. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Analysis: D3 Block Site Analysis Relationship to Streets Land Use: Commercial / Industrial The D3 block is framed by E Florence Ave in the north, E Regent St in the south, N La Brea Ave in the west, and N ST CE Property Description: Inglewood Townsite Market St in the east. REN E FLO MARKET ST Property Type: Vacant Land E Florence Ave and N La Brea are both busy arterial streets that consists of six lanes. These arterial streets Size of Entire Site: 70,882.8 sq ft disconnect the D3 block to the proposed transit stop. D3 BLOCK Parcel Description: Alley divides the parcel N Market St and E Regent St are less busy feeder streets LA BREA that consist of four lanes. Background Information Parking E REGENT ST On September 18, 2007, the Inglewood Redevelopment Street parking is available on all sides of the site except Agency entered into the DDA with a developer for a for E Florence Ave. Diagonal parking is available on N proposed 49, 800 square-foot center. The commercial Market St and street parking is available on E Regent shopping center consisted of a mixture of retail shops St. and restaurants and 165 on-site parking spaces. The total project costs for the development of the site were There is a parking lot in the south-east corner of the site estimated to be about $19,000,000. that contains forty-five parking spaces. This is a over- flow parking lot for N Market St. ST NCE History O RE Trees FL There was a time when downtown Inglewood pulsed E MARKET ST with life. Market Street was a hub of activity with movie Thirteen palm trees frame the site and provide plenty of theaters, restaurants, shops, and popular anchor stores shade for pedestrians. The trees are healthy and nicely such as JCPenny and S.H. Kress & Co. manicured. LA BREA D3 BLOCK But in the late 1970’s department stores began moving Pedestrian Walkway to malls in neighboring cities, leaving smaller businesses struggling. Today empty lots, boarded up storefronts and Well maintained sidewalks border the site and provide abandoned buildings line Market Street. ample space for pedestrians with its wide public right of way. E REGENT ST Kevin Kohan
  3. 3. Florence/ La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Base Map Downtown Inglewood suffers from a substantial number of commercial vacancies along Market Street and the area overall is perceived as unsafe. The City has not been able to rebrand N the community as a desirable place to live, work, and play. LA Attention must be paid to make Downtown Inglewood a desirable BR EA destination for young people, including students in the area. BL W There is a significant student population in the Downtown area VD BE Transit Stop AC HA (N) with no reasonable or interesting destinations for social and E AV VE educational interaction after school. E C EN N HILLCREST BLVD R The station has physical limitations because of its grade O FL separation and proximity to established businesses. In addition, E the vehicle traffic on Florence and La Brea deters pedestrian Food Mart uses. (E) Walgreens E AV (E) Y N LOCUST ST IV W Institutional W FLORENC E AV E Parking S LA BREA BLVD D3 Block (E) CVS Fire station (E) (E) LA Superior Court Residential (E) E REGENT ST W REGENT ST Commercial Regency N MARKET BLVD Towers Civic Use (E) College (E) Theater Light Industrial (E) George Crozier Middle School (E) City Hall W QUEEN ST (E) Public Library Housing Services (E) (E) North W MANCHESTER BLVD Bank of America Inglewood Inglewood (E) High School Adult School (E) (E) 250 FT Kevin Kohan
  4. 4. Florence/ La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Schematic Design The proposed site of the Florence/La Brea station enjoys a strategic and catalytic location for transit-oriented development in the Market Street Commercial Corridor, which is within walking N E distance to the Inglewood Civic Center. This schematic design LA AV E BR proposes to activate pedestrian linkages with the Market Street C EN EA Commercial Corridor and Inglewood Civic Center by creating R W O BL FL BE interconnected walkways, alley ways, and plazas throughout the VD Transit Stop AC E H (N) AV Downtown area. E Existing business and tenants will activate pedestrian linkages to the station site and greening of the streetscape will make the area more visually appealing. The addition of pedestrian N HILLCREST BLVD crossings and bridges will make the community safer and more Food Mart pedestrian friendly. (E) Walgreens Institutional E AV (E) N LOCUST ST Y IV Parking W Residential W FLORENC CVS E AV E D3 Block (E) (E) Commercial Fire station LA Superior Court (E) Civic Use (E) W REGENT ST E REGENT ST Light Industrial Regency S LA BREA BLVD N MARKET BLVD Towers (E) Cross Walk College Theater George Crozier (E) (E) Pedestrian Bridge Middle School (E) City Hall Trees (E) W QUEEN ST Alleyways/Plazas Public Library Housing (E) (E) North W MANCHESTER BLVD Inglewood B of A Inglewood Adult School (E) High School (E) (E) 250 FT Kevin Kohan
  5. 5. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Precedent: Glendale Chess ParkThe Chess Park officially opened on July 17, 2004. The park Five light towers made of synthetic canvas and recycled plastic The park is located in a previously under used passageway whichis approximately 4,500 square feet in size. The park is located and wood adorn the park. Each tower represents a different runs between two retail shops in the Brand Boulevard businessbetween two retail stores on Brand Boulevard providing both a chess piece and the 16 concrete chess tables with black-and- district, connecting a city parking structure to the bustling streetrecreation area and a passageway for patrons. white inlaid boards provide seating for retail workers and patrons front shops, restaurants, and theaters on Brand Boulevard, to enjoy their lunches and coffee breaks. Glendale’s main thoroughfare. Kevin Kohan
  6. 6. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Precedents: Alley ways Rock climbing Alley Green Alley Reclaiming Alleys • Orlando, Florida • Cosmo Alley, Los Angeles • EaCa Alley, Los Angeles • Urban explorers can scale city alley walls. • Transform neglected alley ways to green spaces. • Providing a safe and environmentally friendly pedestrian • Unique opportunity to incorporate recreation in urban landscape • Sustainable pedestrian havens. thoroughfare. • Give space back to the public for recreational use. • Unique signage and lighting allow pedestrians to enjoy outdoor dinning and patio space. Kevin Kohan
  7. 7. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Precedent: City Place Live-Work LoftsCity Place Live-Work lofts in Santa Ana, California is a 84 live-work City Place is an innovative urban enclave in the heart of Santa This is a useful precedent because of the similarities of sites for theunit construction. The lofts at City Place recaptures that urban Ana. City Place is built for a new kind of lifestyle: pedestrian- development as well as the similarities of goals. The opportunitylandscape with its array of edgy, industrial, artistic live/work lofts. friendly, relaxed, vital and stimulating. The live-work lofts are to attract a live-work community that will someday be very transitAt street level, you’ll find retail and creative design businesses designed into the current design of the surrounding community, focused with the ideal of lessening traffic on La Brea and Florenceof all kinds. Above, soaring lofts of glass, exposed beams and even using the facade of one of the original buildings on the site. Boulevard will be great for the city of Inglewood.unique materials turn the streetscape into a work of art all its own. Kevin Kohan
  8. 8. Florence/ La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Circulation Plan • Activate pedestrian linkages with interconnected walkways, W BE alleys, and plazas that connects the new TOD to the AC H AV surrounding communities and civic uses. E • Improve bicycle access with designated bike lanes. N LA BR • Allow La Brea and Florence Ave to be primary access routes EA with high speed traffic, while providing alternative secondary BL VD access routes to the site. Local Streets Secondary Access Route N HILLCREST BLVD N MARKET BLVD E FLORENC N LOCUST ST E AVE Primary Access Route Pedestrian Walkways Bicycle Path E REGENT ST Railroad W QUEEN ST North W MANCHESTER BLVD 250 FT Kevin Kohan
  9. 9. Florence/ La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA La Brea Village La Brea Village is a transit oriented development that embodies a well designed system of interconnected walkways, alleys, and plazas that connects the new TOD to the surrounding communities and civic uses. As transit riders arrive from the transit stop they are welcomed to W Transit Stop/ Retail Plaza a large open plaza that is surrounded by convenient commercial BE N AC (N) uses. As riders exit the slightly higher elevated transit station, LA H Park & AV Ride (N) they are able to view the Downtown and Civic Core that awaits BR E Retail them. The system of interconnected alleys connects the EA Food (N) BL Market Retail extended commercial hub at the north of the site to the mixed- VD (E) (E) Retail Retail use core, down to the adaptive reuse district in the south. (N) (N) Parking (N) (Extended Retial Core) La Brea Village engages the community with its unique interconnected walkways, provides an attractive frontage along N HILLCREST BLVD Walgreens (E) La Brea Blvd and Florence Ave, increases open space, and Retail provides a mixture of uses which will spur future development in (N) Retail the vicinity. (N) Live/Work Retail Lofts (N) (N) E FLORENC E AVE Institutional Retail MFR/Office MFR/Retial (N) (N) (N) Fire station Parking (E) Court Live/Work Superior Court Court Plaza Civic Civic Parking MFR/Office MFR/Retail Lofts (E) (E) (E) (E) ( N) (N) (N) (N) (E) Single Family Residential E REGENT ST (Mixed-Use Core) Retail Retail MFR Juvenile Retail Retail Parking Court Civic (N) (E) ( N) Regency (E) (E) (E) Commercial S LA BREA BLVD (E) Retail (E) Towers (E) (E) MFR N MARKET BLVD Civic Civic (E) Recreational (E) MFR N LOCUST ST (E) Theater (E) Retail (E) (E) Mixed Use George Crozier (Civic Core) College (E) Retail MFR/Retail (N) MFR (E) Middle School Retail Parking (E) (E) City Hall (E) ( N) MFR (E) Light Industrial (E) Civic Parking (E) ( E) W QUEEN ST Retail Parking Retail Retail Parking Multi-Family Residential Civic Civic (E) ( N) (E) (E) ( N) (E) (E) MFR (E) Civic (E) Retail Retail MFR (E) Underground Railroad Retail Retail (E) (E) Public Civic Civic (E) (E) Library (E) Retail (E) Civic (E) (E) Housing Services (E) Retail (E) Trees (E) North W MANCHESTER BLVD (Adaptive Reuse Core) Section cuts Parking Retail Parking Inglewood Retail Bank of (N) (E) (N) Adult School Retail (E) America (E) (E) (E) Retail (N) Retail Inglewood Retail (E) High School (E) (E) 250 FT Kevin Kohan
  10. 10. Florence/La Brea Station TOD Downtown Inglewood, CA Site Sections 10’ 10’ 10’ 10’ 10’ 10’ 10’ 10’ 20’ 15’ 20’ 40’ 35’ Mixed-Use Core • View from N Market Street of mixed-use core along with pedestrian friendly retail promenade. • Mixed-use core includes high ceiling retail on the first floor and three floors of housing above. • Promenade includes many beautiful trees, lighting, and creative seating arrangements. 10’ 10’ 30’ 10’ 15’ 50’ 70’ 140’ Adaptive Reuse Core • View from N Market Street of adaptive reuse core and alleyways. • Adaptive reuse core and its alleys is a year round garden showcase for plants, lighting, sculptures, and outdoor. furnishings. Alley ways increase pedestrian traffic and opportunity to increase business and revenue. Kevin Kohan