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  • 1. Health Topics PathfinderDatabases Gale Power Search (hatters) SIRS Discoverer (in POWER Library) Encyclopedias: Grolier (kvalley/hatters)Note: If you’re using POWER Library from home, the above links will not work. From home, accessPOWER Library through your public library’s site using your library card barcode.Where to find print resources?Use Destiny to locate the books on our shelves. Be sure to look in the Non-Fiction and the Referencesections of the library. Search using broad terms first, then narrow your topic based on the number ofresults returned.Dewey Guide: For this project be sure to look in the following areas:362.29 – Drug/Substance Abuse (incl. Smoking and Alcohol) 615 – Drugs (Pharmacology)613 – Health 616 – Diseases613.7 – Exercise 796 – SportsDont forget OPAC’s Catalog resources, including Webpath Express!Use the Resource List in Destiny. Click the Catalog tab, select Resource Lists from the left menu, selectthe Public Lists tab, and then click the Health Topics list. The first tab, Library Materials, includes itemslocated within the KV Library. The second tab, Web Sites, provides access useful sites on the Web.Use Destiny’s search engine, Webpath Express to identify reliable, educational websites on your topic.Websites for Health TopicsRemember to begin your research using broad keyword searches. Use your background knowledge onyour topic to brainstorm keywords. Above the Influence Mind Over Matter BAM! Body and Mind Nourish Interactive Center for Disease Control and Nutrition for Kids and Teens Prevention Plastic Fork Diaries Drug Free America President’s Challenge Drugs of Abuse Information (NIDA) Shape Up America Health Information for Girls SmartMouth Healthy Refrigerator Teens Health Human Anatomy Online The AntiDrug Infection Detection Protection ToneTeen MedLine PlusCite Your Sources (MLA Style, Version 7) Help with Citations EasyBib OSLIS Citation Maker NoodleTools