Ovi And Social Location

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Presentation by Nokia at Web 2.0 Summit

Presentation by Nokia at Web 2.0 Summit

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  • 1. Ovi and Social Location - bringing people closer to who and what matter to them Michael Halbherr VP Social Location, Nokia 21.10.2009
  • 2. Creating a strong foundation What have we achieved in the last two years? Widest distribution Increased usage Built unique asset • Most widely distributed • Maps now essential • Best in class map data, Mobile Mapping service, • for over 170 countries client in the world with 10’s of mio clients in use, • Usage grown by 5x, • with car- and pedestrian • Widest portfolio of devices navigation in more than • 90% activation of with GPS Sensors – maps across entire device 70 countries. started with N95 and now portfolio. more than 25 GPS devices. © 2009 Nokia V1-Filename.ppt / YYYY-MM-DD / Initials
  • 3. “… GPS Could do to the Real World What Google did for the Virtual World … “ Newsweek Newsweek March 2009 Business Week March 2009
  • 4. Connecting People is changing. 1990s 2010s Communication endpoints changed from fixed locations Communication endpoints are changing from a single phone to mobile numbers system to a heterogenic, ill-connected set of internet communication networks
  • 5. • Massive growth in social networking • Now the fourth most popular online activity • Global phenomenon.
  • 6. • Mobile consumers demand the same functionality as desktop users
  • 7. Lifecasting with Ovi and Facebook With Ovi, you can lifecast what you are up to and where. Straight from the homescreen.
  • 8. Large global differences: No single leader Fragmented market space NAM Europe APAC LTA MEA Source: Comscore, Sept 2007-2008 Size = m unique consumers
  • 9. Nokia is changing Ovi by Nokia be close to who and what matters 9 © 2008 Nokia
  • 10. Open ecosystem powered by People & Places platform Ovi: where real world meets the web 1% 99 % Operators Interfaces Ovi Platform Elements Consumer Data, Identity Management, Infrastructure & Tools
  • 11. City explorer package Out-of-the- Out-of-the-box on 10s of million of Nokia Devices 1000+ Lonely Planet city guides Global Michelin travel guide Global events and movie guide from multiple partners Global weather service from Custom Weather Global pedestrian navigation from Nokia
  • 12. Facebook: Complete experience Lifecasting Distribution Social Messaging Homescreen
  • 13. Ovi and Operators today (Sept. 2009 status) In execution or contractual negotiations with more than 25 leading operators 11 of 12 top operators: Cooperation to jointly drive sell-out agreed or in execution Direct billing integrations in progress/completed in 14 cases 20 operators now offer Comes With Music Drives data usage and increased data plan adoption Comes With Music renewal – well aligned with operator business models Publicly announced partnership (AT&T) Multiple additional cases in progress. 27 operators with mobile billing Messaging service now available in >40 countries. Agreements with close to 20 operators. More than 50 deployments for b-2-b email (i.e. MfE)
  • 14. Consumers want it all. Key perceived benefits of Social Location services
  • 15. Enabling the largest ecosystem Ovi API Ovi apps Ovi SDK Nokia opens access to Nokia evolves web apps. Nokia previews new industry’s leading Powerful services and a web based tools for easy context platform. beautiful UI. app creation. Distributed in Ovi Store. 15 © 2009 Nokia
  • 16. Ovi API New! New! Updated Ovi Navigation Player API Ovi Maps Player API Ovi Maps Player API for mobile for web Nokia’s industry leading Nokia’s maps in your Nokia’s maps in mashed up drive and walk navigation, application, with vector with your web service, with simple to integrate to your graphics, 3D and more. a single line of code. app.
  • 17. Ovi apps Web Ovi services Gorgeous Ovi UI technologies integrated library Ovi apps are built using Embedding Ovi services into Ovi SDK provides the evolving standard web technologies – Ovi apps is simple – adding Ovi UI library, making creation HTML, CSS and JS – easy, fast navigation, location or maps is of beautiful apps effortless. and utilizing existing staff. just a single line of code.
  • 18. Ovi apps - New Class of Apps For you For users From development Bridging virtual and real to publishing world
  • 19. New class of development Ease of Uncompromised Low cost, wide development Quality distribution Develop with familiar & Integrate powerful Ovi Develop once and fast for standard web services with great UI. multiple platforms and wide technologies. distribution
  • 20. Changing the Economics of Development Ovi app Developer Stand-alone App Development Ovi Store Distribution Distribution Cost Distribution Cost Content Development Cost Content Development Cost Software Development Cost Publishing Cost Views Platform Investments Players
  • 21. Consistency in diversity Creation of beautiful apps is easy with great Ovi UI library
  • 22. In ALL Nokia Smartphones – touch & scroll
  • 23. UI Libraries – Ovi APIs – amazing Standard native like UX functionality Web Technologies HTML CSS JAVA SCRIPT
  • 24. Partnering with Nokia in a sustainable mass market business opportunity. Superior data Powerful Broadest Massive distribution asset developer tools device portfolio channel to consumers and network Nokia has an unparalleled Unified tools to build Reach a broad consumer Access to unparalleled data assets in Maps and better cross- platform cross- base with embedded distribution capabilities Places apps for mobile & web - service experiences straight leads to more eye-balls via eye-balls, Enabling local innovation out of the box – Reducing all channels (mobile & web) and differentiation. differentiation TTM and lowering cost of deployment 24 © 20
  • 25. Thank you.