Paving the Way to the Cloud: Cloud Services Brokerage for Highly Secure, Demanding IT Enterprisesv1


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Paving the Way to the Cloud: Cloud Services Brokerage for Highly Secure, Demanding IT Enterprisesv1

  1. 1. Paving theWay to the Cloud:Cloud Services Brokerage for HighlySecure, Demanding IT EnterprisesPresented to DatacenterDynamics ConvergedWashington DCKevin L. JacksonVice President and General Manager, NJVC Cloud ServicesMay 2, 2013
  2. 2. Federal Agencies Are Leading Drive towards CloudServices Brokerage … but Enterprises Are Right Behind What? Focus on mission or business, not technology U.S. agencies and business will use multipleclouds Why? Normalized comparison of cloud servicesprovider offerings Holistic view for managing and monitoring cloudservices providers Benefits? Avoidance of vendor lock in Realization of full economic and operationalvalue of cloud computing Eliminate hidden costs associated with cloud 2
  3. 3. 70% of IT Organizations Believe Cloud Lowers Costs1,but Leakage Eats Away at Promised Savings3$0$10$20$30$40$50$60$70$80$90AnnualCosts($k)Leakagereduces costsavings8% actual cost savings57% promisedsavingsSources of Cloud Leakage Other Key Challenges1. The cloud takes shape - Global cloud survey: the implementation challenge, KPMG, January 2013.• Technical complexity• “Phonebooks” of APIs• Uncertain availability and performance• Shortcut design and approval cyclesbecause cloud is “too” fast and easyincreases risk• Sourcing complexity• Apples to oranges sourcing choices• Constantly changing pricing/packaging• Different and complex bills• Financial complexity• Identifying pricing arbitrage• Financial “leaking faucets” from sprawl• Hard to view actual costs and predict futurecosts
  4. 4. CloudVARCloudbuilderCloudenablerCloudintegratorCloudinfrastructureproviderSaaSproviderCloudBrokerModified from Forrester: August 10, 2011 “CloudBroker — A New Business Model Paradigm”4Cloud EcosystemHosting ProviderPureISV softwarePureconsultingTransitioning to Cloud Requires an Entirely NewEcosystem
  5. 5. Adopting Cloud: Problems for Government andCommercial Enterprises5Public CloudsManaged ServicesPrivate CloudsITOADBCFortune 500EnterprisesAgency,Businessand ITUsersCFOCloudAdminCIOSecure Cloud Servicesand Ops IntegrationNo One Way to ManageFinancial Transactions forCloud B2B ContractsMultiple ProvidersControl andAlignmentAccess, Solution & Consumption
  6. 6. Cloud Services Brokerage Complements CloudManagement Platforms6Commerce Broker Catalog and Pricing EngineSourcing and Procurement EngineSolution Design and MatchingCloudServicesBrokerCIO and CFO Command and ControlExternal Service Provisioning EngineIT ArchitectsPublicIaasPaasPublic ProvidersVMWARECloud Foundry GreenPlumAWS, Terremark, SavvisvBlockVMWARECloud AutomationHybrid CloudManagementSelf-Service CatalogITSM ServiceRequest CatalogOpenStackEnterprise(Private Cloud)TypicalEnterprisePlatformWorkflow Mgmt.CIO/CFO Sourcing/Procurement Mgrs Systems Integrator
  7. 7. Cloud Services Brokerage Provides IT Supply ChainManagement7Infra PerfManagementApp PerfManagementBackupManagementSecurityMonitoringManaged UpdatesDisaster RecoveryManagedServicesCloudsConsulting/OperationsPublicIaaSPrivatePaaSSIPrivate CloudSecure, Enterprise CloudSavvisPublic CloudDR CloudAmazonPublic CloudTest/Dev CloudPrivateIaaSFor the Broker:• Enhance themerchandizingand orderingexperience• Improvecustomersatisfaction• Make it easier todo business withcloud andmanagedservicesprovidersITaaS ProductsFor Agencies/Biz:• Fast IT• Easy to use• Cost visibility• Choice• Flexibility• ControlCloudandITServicesProviderEcosystem
  8. 8. Cloud Services Brokerage Supports Entire Cloud ITLifecycle8• Compareapplications• Identify targetinfrastructure• Estimatereadiness andvalue of cloud• SelectcandidateapplicationScreen• Define capacity• Estimatemigration ROI• Build migrationbusiness case• ProjectmigrationroadmapPlan• Defineenvironments• Design archlayers• Simulateapplicationarchitecture• Estimatemonthly bill ofmaterialsConfigure• Approve bill ofmaterials• Approve Ts& Cs• Submitaggregatedorder• Instantiate anddeployresourcesSource• Monitorresource use• Monitorperiodic spend• Ensure providercompliance• Executerecalibrationwhen neededGovernRecalibrate and Optimize
  9. 9. Use Case: The State ofTexas9AncillaryServicesApplicationWorkload PortfolioStateAgenciesCloud ServicesBrokerCTO/ITArchitectsCloud design (apparch, service agg &capacity model)Sourcing &ProcurementManagersSpend Analysis &Order MgmtCloudEcosystemOperatorState of TexasCIOCommand &ControlIT Ops Mgrs& Sys AdminsDashboardsResource MgtCloud Onboarding, Managed ServicesMarket ManagementManagedServiceProvidersVAR/SystemIntegrator Four agencies currently operating in this model Saved 30 – 50% in infrastructure costs whencompared with internal data center costs Improved agility to onboard to cloud by more than5XGravitantcloudMatrix platformCommodityCloudAWSEnterpriseCloudSavvisTerremarkSecurityServicesGazaang SecurityCertificate VPNManagedServicesBackup monitoringwith 3rd providers
  10. 10. Use Case: NCOIC Geospatial Community CloudDemonstration10
  11. 11. Do Cloud Right11Shine the Light on ShadowITDesign My CloudInfrastructure SolutionEnterprise IT TransformationManage MyHybrid CloudGain control, cost consolidation and visibility to spend outside of the IT budget,as well as introducing alternative sourcingProvide application developers seeking to increase flexibility and lower costs withsolution design and matching for public cloudsStart a broad transformation of IT infrastructure that fully leverages the benefit ofcloud services to improve the ability of the business to outpace its competitionDetermine the “best-fit” cloud for your application using screening. Design andmatching capabilitiesExtend initial use of private and public clouds and provide a unified managementand sourcing platform for a true hybrid implementationFind My Cloud
  12. 12. Achieving Practical Path to Cloud:Seamlessly Leveraging Multiple Private and PublicClouds12 Easy to Use and Manage Solution Design and Matching Automated Sourcing and Billing PricingArbitrage and Optimization Closed-Loop Decision Support Risk Reduction
  13. 13. When adopting the cloud computing model, largeenterprises need to also consider cloud service brokerageCloud service brokerage is the first step toward IT supplychain managementCloud service brokerage is a proven model that delivers realvalueCloud services brokerage is practical and can reduce the riskof transitioning to the cloudSummary7
  14. 14. Questions and Answers8
  15. 15. ThankYouKevin L. JacksonVice President & General ManagerNJVC Cloud Services001.703.429.9073kevin.jackson@njvc.comwww.njvc.com9