Government cloud deployment lessons learned final (4 4 2013)


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Government cloud deployment lessons learned final (4 4 2013)

  1. 1. Government Cloud Deployment: Lessons Learned Presented to Bahrain International eGovernment Forum 2013 Kevin L. Jackson Vice President and General Manager, NJVC Cloud Services April 10, 2013
  2. 2. Cloud Computing Not a new technology, but a new approach in the provisioning and consumption of information technology (IT) Time  Reduce time to deliver/execute mission  Increased responsiveness/flexibility/availability Cost  Optimizing cost to deliver/execute mission  Optimizing cost of ownership (lifecycle cost)  Increased efficiencies in capital/operational expenditures Quality  Environmental improvements  Experiential improvements 1
  3. 3. U.S. Federal Agency Challenge  What?  Focus on mission, not technology  U.S. departments/agencies will use multiple clouds  Why?  Normalized comparison of cloud services provider offerings  Holistic view for managing and monitoring cloud services providers  Benefits?  Avoidance of vendor lock in  Realization of both economic and operational value of cloud computing 2
  4. 4. U.S. State of Texas Cloud Computing Project • 20-30 Percent IT Infrastructure Cost Savings • Increased Agility from Months to Days • Improved Asset Utilization • Multiple Choice of IaaS, PaaS and DevOps • Choice of Managed Services • Transparency and Control 3
  5. 5. U.S. Federal Government Recovery Act andTransparency Board Established in February 2009 Created recovery operations center, which used advanced analytics to detect early warning signs of trouble linked to recipients of recovery funds Two-month planning period to develop and design IT platform Two-week implementation period to create its own cloud hub, where the agency could act as its own cloud broker (Amazon, Microsoft 365 government community cloud, private cloud hosted in GGI IaaS) Minimal impact on agency customers After successful accomplishment of mission, Board was extended until September 2015 to monitor the $60.2 billion aid plan for victims of Hurricane Sandy 4
  6. 6. Why Cloud Services Brokerage Without a CSB With a CSB 5
  7. 7. IT Infrastructure Strategic Fit Analysis CIO/CFO Sourcing/Procurement IT Architects Managers Systems Integrator CIO and CFO Command and ControlCloud Solution Design and SimulationServices Sourcing and Procurement EngineBroker Commerce Broker Catalog and Pricing Engine Self-Service Catalog ITSM Service Workflow Mgmt. Request CatalogTypical Hybrid Cloud Cloud Automation External Service Provisioning EngineEnterprise ManagementPlatform VMWARE Open Stack Cloud Foundry GreenPlum VMWARE vblock Public Iaas AWS, TerreMark, Paas Savvis Enterprise Public Providers 6
  8. 8. Summary Cloud computing changes both the economics and operations of the IT model Governments should consider cloud services brokerage to avoid vendor lock in when transitioning to the cloud U.S. national and regional governments have successfully used the cloud services brokerage model Cloud services brokerage is a natural strategic extension for large and complex IT platforms 7
  9. 9. Questions and Answers 8
  10. 10. Thank YouKevin L. JacksonVice President & General ManagerNJVC Cloud 9