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Craig Lee Driving Cloud Progress Final

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Dr. Craig A. Lee, President, Open Grid Forum - Driving Coordination and Progress in Cloud Standards

Dr. Craig A. Lee, President, Open Grid Forum - Driving Coordination and Progress in Cloud Standards

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  • 1. Driving Coordination and Progress in Cloud Standards cloud-standards.org Dr. Craig A. Lee President, Open Grid Forum NCOIC Plenary Meeting, September 21, 2009
  • 2. Why Standardize?  Need for commonality and best practices across a significant user community – Interoperability & Portability – Reduce engineering costs  Technical Requirements – Feasible & appropriate to codify in the technical design  Marketplace Drivers – User community must have critical mass – Standardization must be seen as “growing the market” for everybody!  Genuine standardization with wide-scale adoption will only occur when all of these conditions are met 2
  • 3. How Do We Make This Happen?  Drive Coordination – Stakeholders – Vendors – Standards Organizations  Drive Progress – Identify key requirements/goals – Plan key projects – Provision with time, money & people
  • 4. cloud-standards.org  An informal group of Standards Development Organizations (SDOs) collaborating to coordinate and communicate standards for cloud computing and storage – Wiki: cloud-standards.org – Mailing List: groups.google.com/group/CloudStandards  Different SDOs bring different but complementary technologies & capabilities – Storage, execution models, deployment models, service level agreements, security, authentication, privacy  All interested, committed persons and organizations with relevant technical skills can participate  A Little History – Enterprise Cloud Conference, Open Group, Feb. 3, San Diego – SATCCI, OMG, March 23, Arlington/Crystal City – Cloud Standards Summit, OMG, July 13, Arlington/Ballston
  • 5. Leading Organizations Open Cloud Consortium Courtesy Richard Soley, OMG
  • 6. Federal Cloud Symposium National Defense University, July 15
  • 7. Standardization Areas Briefed at Federal Cloud Symposium  Security (e.g. authentication, authorization)  Interfaces to IaaS (e.g., compute, storage)  PaaS & deployment formats for Cloud applications – Resource descriptions (required, available) – Service & SLA models  Management Frameworks – Governance and Policy Enforcement – Regulatory agreements (e.g. data location and security) – SLA formats (e.g. performance, availability)  Portable component descriptions (e.g. VM’s)  Data exchange formats (to and from Clouds)  Cloud Taxonomies and Reference Models Courtesy Richard Soley, OMG
  • 8. A Positioning of Cloud Standards Courtesy of Enrico Ronco, Telecom Italia
  • 9. OGF OCCI Open Cloud Computing Interface  Commitments for three implementations – OpenNebula, SLA@SOI, anonymous
  • 10. DMTF OVF Open Virtualization Format  A multi-vendor format enabling interoperability VM 1 VM 2 VM 3 myApp.ovf License ... Properties import
  • 11. SNIA CDMI Cloud Data Mgmt Interface Cloud Data Management Interface for Cloud Storage CDMI early draft available
  • 12. Example of Coordination • Joint whitepaper published this month by OGF and SNIA • Covers how OCCI and CDMI are being designed to work together • Available on both OGF and SNIA web sites
  • 13. Driving Progress  Build Critical Mass of Key Stakeholders – Continual polling and coordination across the community  Must Forge Agreement on: – Clear Goals – Clear Schedule (“time-box” the process) – Clear Responsibilities – Properly Provisioning the Effort 13
  • 14. A General Process Model Task A Concept Development Task B RFQ/CFP* Development Stakeholders Help Manage Task C Selection & Kick-off SDOs Help Facilitate Task D Develop & Test Task E Clear Schedule, Deliverables Deploy & and Project Responsibilities Persist 14 14
  • 15. Return on Investment  What are the “carrots” to get concrete stakeholder engagement? – Get early influence in specification development, early skills building, visibility, and opportunity for early market deployment of standards, but just as important… – Return on Investment (ROI)  Investment – Time, Money & People – Both Monetary and In-Kind (labor & materials)  Timely Connection to Concrete Results – Stakeholders benefit from collaboration – Get more than they put in 15
  • 16. A Proposal  cloud-standards.org to organize a set of open cloud demonstrations  Engage stakeholders on demo scenarios  US Cloud Storefront  UK G-Cloud  Japanese Kasumigaseki Cloud  Identify testbed resources  Identify target demo venues  Build schedule appropriately  Provision money & people appropriately  Caveat: Every element here is critical
  • 17. Summary  cloud-standards.org formed to coordinate SDOs  Ongoing work on open cloud standards for – APIs, formats, data, security, and more …  Process described that could be used to drive: – Best common practices & standards – Interoperability testing & compliance testing – … anything that requires collaboration among stakeholders to drive progress  Major stakeholder engagement is critical to drive further progress 17 17
  • 18. Contact Us – Join Us  Join: – cloud-standards.org – CloudStandards@GoogleGroups.com  Contact: – Winston Bumpus (wbumpus at vmware.com) – Mark Carlson (mark.carlson at sun.com) – Craig Lee (lee at aero.org) – Bob Marcus (robert.marcus at gmail.com) – Nils Puhlmann (npuhlmann at cloudsecurityalliance.org) – Richard Soley (soley at omg.org)