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Free iPad Apps for Math & Science
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Free iPad Apps for Math & Science


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This presentation highlights free iPad apps for Middle School Math and Science.

This presentation highlights free iPad apps for Middle School Math and Science.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. Free iPad Apps for Math & Science Karen Vitek Computer Teacher Spackenkill Schools Poughkeepsie, NY April 2, 2014
  • 2. iPad Apps for Math 4 Virtual Manipulatives1 2 3 5 MyScript Calculator MathTerms Proportion Solver 5 Dice: Order of Operations 6
  • 3. Virtual Manipulatives SettingsTypes • Features • Shapes, color, snap to grid, numbers on pieces • You can save your work. This app provides manipulatives to use on the iPad. • Fractions • Decimals • Percents
  • 4. MyScript Calculator NotesOperations • Features • Write and calculate without keyboard input • Portrait or landscape • Redo and undo functions This app allows students to use their own handwriting to calculate. • Basic +, -, *, / • Powers, roots, exponents • %, |5| • Brackets • Constants, i.e., pi
  • 5. MathTerms MoreContent • Features • Alphabetical indexes • No Internet connection required for use This app is from the University of Texas at Austin • Over 1,000 entries that includes Middle School Math, Algebra and more • Colorful, annotated illustrations
  • 6. Proportion Solver How it worksTypes • Features • Enter one ratio and then a value for either the numerator or denominator for the other ratio This app solves proportions - two equations with two ratios. • width/height, Fahrenheit/Celsius, weight/height, mph/meters, U.S. dollars/Euros, pixels/inches, and more
  • 7. 5 Dice: Order of Operations GameOperations • Features • Multiplayer • Use up to 5 devices and play against classmates • Built in space for students to solve problems This app provides a game to practice order of operations. • Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division • Exponents and brackets
  • 8. More Math Apps to Explore • Ooops • Sketchpad Explorer • Middle School Math • HMH Fuse: Geometry CCSS Edition • Math Snacks HD • BuzzMath • Calculus Doodlus • Algebra Champ • BrainPOP • Slope Slider
  • 9. iPad Apps for Science 4 CK-12 studyNow!1 2 3 5 Science Glossary goREACT Solve the Outbreak EOL
  • 10. CK-12 studyNow! ContentUsesTopics • Features • Research content for homework assignments • Learn new concepts • Prepare for quizzes and tests • Text, video, interactive objects, images, mind maps, quizzes, and flashcards This app was developed by the CK-12 Foundation. They provide open-source content and tools for math and science. • Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and more
  • 11. Science Glossary Type of ContentContent • Features • Terms are listed alphabetically and key words are linked • Links to content on the website This app was created by Visionlearning, Inc. • Glossary of scientific terms and short biographies that support their site: • Most appropriate for 8th grade students
  • 12. goREACT MoreContent • Features • Gives hints on reactions to try • Featured reactions menu to go through themed sets • Links to more resources Created by the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago • Almost 300 virtual chemical reactions • Images and videos illustrate molecules • Touch elements in Periodic Table to learn more
  • 13. Solve the Outbreak ContentHow it works • Features • Learn about diseases and outbreaks • Learn how the CDC saves lives • You can also post your score and challenge friends This app was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. • Get clues, analyze data, solve the scenario to save lives. • Students are disease detectives
  • 14. iNaturalist SharingContent • Features • This app can connect to add your data to the Encyclopedia of Life. • Great for sharing observations on field trips • Read guide at This app was created to record observations that can be shared with others. • Record your observations of the natural world • Maps and photos • Create lists
  • 15. More Science Apps to Explore • Particle Zoo • Science360 • Molecules • Virtual Bacterial ID Lab • Language Central: Physical Science • Xperica HD • NOVA Elements • WeatherBug • 3D Cell Simulation & Stain Tool • Building Serial Circuits Lite
  • 16. Thank You!