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Meeting Day 1:                                                                             Monday 5th July
Meeting Day 2:                                                                                      Tuesday 6th July
Meeting Day 3:                                                                                      Wednesday 7th July
has been appointed as Head of the Lean Academy for the Ministry of Justice. Rhian has recen...
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Lean Leaders Meeting Agenda


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The agenda to the \'Invitation-Only\' Lean Leaders Meeting, taking place 5-6th July, 2010 in London, UK

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Lean Leaders Meeting Agenda

  1. 1. REGISTRATION OPEN TO LEAN PROGRAMME LEADERS ONLY Presenting the first benchmarking forum exclusively for Lean leaders... Lean Leaders JOIN YOUR LEAN LEADERSHIP PEERS AT A UNIQUE LEAN STRATEGY BENCHMARKING GROUP TO: Meeting 5-7 JULY, 2010 | CCT VENUES, CANARY WHARF, LONDON • Compare differing approaches to Lean management within real businesses • Solidify how to accelerate Lean to drive your critical business strategies for cost No presentations. Just complete information sharing. cutting and growth • Discuss ways to embed and sustain Lean cultures and capabilities for the long-term +44(0)207 368 9300 | |
  2. 2. THE LEAN LEADERS MEETING EXPLAINED Expect to meet and share ideas in dedicated leader-to- No presentations. Just complete information sharing. leader environment centred around key operational The LEAN LEADERS MEETING is the premier forum that will go past the tools and techniques to discuss how you as a business leader can truly enable and embed Lean within division leaders and global your global business operations and culture, and drive the critical transformation you need during 2010 and into 2011. transformation programmes. Through a leader-to-leader debate driven format, you’ll be able to address your most critical Lean deployment challenges ensuring you leave with solutions tailored to your • COO development needs. The meeting agenda is constructed to help make sure your business is ready to excel in 2010 by becoming Leaner, fitter, faster and more cost effective. • CIO • VP/Director Operations Here’s how: • VP/Director Business Process 1. First of all you’ll find no standard presentations, No self publicity - only complete information sharing and genuine discussion between both multinational Excellence companies and public sector Lean organisations. • VP & Programme Directors Lean & 2. In some cases discussions are led by two or more leaders to reflect the different approaches to Lean implementation across real organisations today making it the perfect chance to compare and contrast theory in practice. Continuous Improvement 3. You can submit your key challenges and request for discussion to the group ahead of time through the portal – more information upon registration. • VP & Director Service Improvement 4. Attendance by application only ensures critical challenges will be addressed by the most senior Lean and Business Excellence leaders that have either an executive or regional Lean remit. • VP Strategy & Development 5. You’ll find No sales pitches – strictly business to business knowledge sharing. • Director Global Change Management 6. Plus it’s the only Lean meeting that focuses on the benchmarking of strategy, infrastructure and deployment throughout your organisation and not application of the tools and techniques. Register your interest by calling All this makes the Lean Leaders Meeting an unmissable chance to benchmark your Lean programmes against recognised world-class organisational transformation programmes +44(0)207 368 9300 or emailing and strengthen your development strategy for the year ahead., and one of the IQPC team will contact you directly to discuss your eligibility. Feedback from our global Process Excellence leadership network: Our Media Partners: “Extremely valuable – I love to continue to come each year” - Clara Edwards, VP Global Quality & Change Delivery, Bank of America “The conference was the best yet! My congratulations to your team for pushing the envelope and making the conference a "must attend" event.” - John B Douglas, Vice President, PMP | Hess Corporation +44(0)207 368 9300 | | 2
  3. 3. Meeting Day 1: Monday 5th July DRIVING PERFORMANCE AT LOWEST COST: ORGANISATIONAL PERFORMANCE, STRATEGY & DEVELOPMENT With quick business results at a premium, Lean is fast becoming the business approach of choice to drive out cost, sweat your assets and drive growth with low levels of capital investment, streamline end-to-end service delivery and ensure optimal organisational performance. However, taking Lean from a quick win tactical tool to a transformational business strategy and enterprise wide programme is more complex than it sounds and requires a whole new model for global process and operational change management to reap the desired results. With this in mind the Lean Leaders meeting will start by analysing and comparing world-class Lean and business transformation structures and how these can be modelled to fit within your own organisation. 8.00 Coffee & Registration 11.45 Coffee Break GOVERNMENT & PUBLIC SECTOR • Discussion around how Lean can be leveraged to help deliver 8.50 Opening remarks from IQPC Chair 12.15 Translating Strategy into Enterprise Wide on the efficiency review and government budgets for Megan James, Meeting Director, IQPC Implementation 2010/2011 • Defining the goal and how to get there? Creating a common • Creating a unified vision for public sector efficiency: Where 9.00 OPENING LEAN BRIEFING: Knowing Where you are roadmap to enterprise wide Lean implementation does Lean fit within the wider transformation picture? Heading: The Path to the Lean Ideal • Ensuring Lean delivers on the executive business strategy: • Comparison between local and central government Join Michael Ballé, the renowned author of best selling Lean Leveraging Lean to deliver long term organisation and culture approaches to Lean books, The Gold Mine & The Lean Manager, who will set the change whilst provisioning for the here and now Rhian Hamer, Director Lean, Ministry Of Justice (MOJ) pace and tone of the discussion for the Lean Leaders Meeting. • Creating value vs. capturing value SERVICE & TRANSACTION Michael will compare the ideal Lean approach as laid out in • Goal alignment: Prioritisation of programme and strategic • Balancing Lean and risk management Womack and Jones with the Lean approach adapted by Lean initiatives • Leveraging Lean to aid integration and rationalisation businesses across Europe today. As such he will go on to lay out • Translating Lean strategy into operational reality: Ensuring you • Applying Lean for increased customer satisfaction a clear development and discussion framework to run are getting the ‘right things done’ not just ‘things done right’ • Adapting Lean management models form the manufacturing throughout the 2 days for those serious about progressing Lean • Strategies for making sure Lean delivers big results rather floor to a service centred organisation further throughout their organisation. Key concepts covered than dabbling in small scale improvements Eddie Steinberg, Lean Deployment Office, Business Process include: Public sector: Jim Hern, Lean Director, Heart of England NHS Management & Group Architecture, ABSA • Defining the Lean ideal and management system and how Trust HEALTHCARE this compares to the pragmatic business model today Private sector: Vincent De Rooij, Lean Programme Director, • Putting Lean in the healthcare context: Increasing patient • The Lean take on strategy – how do they sit together? SCA Packaging safety and improving Service delivery with minimum resources • Laying the framework for the 2 day meeting: • Translating Lean management approaches into a healthcare • Lean & the customer 1.30 Lunch environment • Lean and people • How to embed Lean working across the entire health sector • Lean initiative to Lean culture 2.30 Driving Optimal Value to the Customer for What are the barriers? And how do you deliver a standardised • Framing the Lean organisation Competitive Performance quality of service? • Resourcing and developing the Lean organisation •How can Lean be best leveraged to help achieve optimum Jim Hern, Lean Director, Heart of England NHS Trust • Engaging the business quality of service at the customer interface? Mark Jennings, Director Healthcare Improvement, The Michael Balle, Co-Author, The Lean Manager & The • Challenges in providing true customer value across the Kings Fund Goldmine (published by LEI), Associate Researcher extended value stream and how to address them Lesley Wright, Director Diagnostics, NHS Improvement Telecom Paris & Co-founder The Institut Lean France • Outside-in thinking: Modelling your end-to-end business from the customer backwards MANUFACTURING 10.30 Lean Design and Fit • Frameworks and engagement strategies to ensure operational • Leveraging Lean to aid with current M&A and restructuring • How exactly does the Lean Management System, sit within leaders are connecting on the ground processes to business • Strategies and challenges with restructuring your existing Lean and Process Improvement programmes into the merged the wider business transformation framework? Stand alone or performance organisation part of a broader Process Improvement? • Integrating Voice of the Business, Voice of the Customer & • Bringing products to the market quicker: Reducing cycle times • What is your modus operandi? Get to know your peers Lean Voice of the Market to get to market ahead of the competition programmes through a live mapping exercise Tami Hargreaves, Head of Professional Services, Barclaycard • Advanced Lean manufacturing: What is the next wave of Lean • How do existing transformation and Process Excellence and how can this help with large scale cost cutting initiatives? initiatives need to change or be upgraded to incorporate Lean? 3.45 Coffee Break Abdel Hakeem Hammad, Former Global Director Business • Lean for cost cutting vs. Lean for growth – positioning Lean Excellence, Boston Scientific as a business driver 4.15 Building a Lean Future Steve Dreamer, Head of Global Engineering & Operational Niall Sheehan, Director Operational Excellence, Dell Your chance to share and solve your sector specific challenges as Excellence, Novartis Pharma AG Andreas Berger, VP Manufacturing & Operational well as make critical decisions around your future Lean strategy. Excellence, Nestle Pick your most relevant industry group from the following: 5.30 End of Day One Meeting +44(0)207 368 9300 | | 3
  4. 4. Meeting Day 2: Tuesday 6th July BUILDING LEAN ORGANISATIONAL CAPABILITY & SUSTAINING CHANGE You have your strategy and implementation framework, but how do you truly build resources throughout the business to own and drive the Lean programme? With this in mind Day 2 briefings will discuss current approaches to culture change and implementations, enabling you to benchmark your current deployment or plan your future resourcing and development strategies. 8.20 Coffee & Registration • Working with HR and strategic workforce development to drive 1.30 Lunch strategic Lean recruitment 8.30 Recap on Yesterday’s Discussions from IQPC Chair • Internal recruitment strategies: Successful strategies for bringing 2.30 Leveraging Lean to Accelerate & Support Business Re- Megan James, Meeting Director, IQPC leaders from the business to drive Lean change engineering & Transformation Dirk Shrader, VP Lean, Global Operations, Astrazeneca • Strategies for creating meaningful business change through 9.00 Evaluating Different Lean Implementation Models WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT combining Lean with end-to-end Business Process Management and • Centralised, decentralised and hybrid approaches to Lean • Creating uniform capabilities and centralised Lean learning: Ensuring re-engineering deployments: Trends and experiences from different organisational training and accreditation is standardised globally • Models for linking Lean and business process management for an structures and cultures • Building a complete portfolio of training and workforce enterprise wide framework • Creating strategic awareness, accountability and alignment across a development: Upskilling, learning interventions and job shadowing • How can Lean and process re-engineering be leveraged together to global programme: Process and governance infrastructures for local, • Reward, recognition and career development: Driving individual drive accelerated value realisation during restructuring, mergers and regional and global operations accountability for Lean by matching with career progression and transitions over the next 12 months? • Defining executive sponsorship and Lean leaders roles: How do the employee performance Brent Harder, MD COO Division, Credit Suisse two fit together? What are the common reporting lines for Lean? Kristina Beckendorf, Director PEX Academy, Maersk Steve Hebrank, Head OE | CoE Program Execution, EMEA, Credit • Seniority of Lean and business transformation leaders: At what tier Suisse should leadership and management sit within the management 11.30 Coffee & Networking structure for greatest ROI? 3.45 Going from Business Initiative to Business Culture Centralised: Niall Sheehan, Director Operational Excellence, Dell 12.15 Strategies for Organisation Wide Employee Engagement Discussion around how to sustain Lean and results after the initial Grass routes: Eddie Steinberg, Lean Deployment Office, Business Discussion around creative ways to creating Lean engagement across implementation and amidst business change: Process Management & Group Architecture, ABSA the whole organisation – from bottom to top: • How to make sure this is not just ‘the next improvement fad’: Making Central - Regional model: Ewan Vanryneveld, MBB - Lean • Internal and external PR campaigns for Lean: Create a brand for change and best practices stick Programme, AXA Sunlife successful communication of Lean and process management • Driving pro-active behaviours: Assessing the emotional, social and • Leveraging social networking and intranets to increase sharing of political implications that hinder or help organisational change. What 10.15 Investing in People: Approaches to Lean Recruitment and information, provide critical feedback and benchmark initiatives is your organisational culture? Strategic Workforce Development • Employee awards programmes: Increasing recognition and rewards • Knowledge management: Ensuring sustainable knowledge sharing for successful results and capture across the organisation – what is the best way to capture RECRUITMENT Peter Watkins, Global Lean Enterprise & Business Excellence this knowledge share in the web 2.0 century? • What are the top skills you should look for in Lean leaders to get the Director, GKN Adam Nowarski, Group Vice President, Head of Operations best results? Which attributes drive the greatest results? Clare Stephens, Director Operational Excellence Programme, Management Group, ABB • Standardising job roles and the key competencies required by the business for Lean leaders RSA Steve Lague, Operational Excellence – Lean Deployment, RSA 5.00 End of Meeting “Always valuable to attend – I always learn something” Adrian Dunn, Process Improvement Lead, BP “Strong panel that complemented each other – very valuable” Emmanuel De Croix, Global Lean Six Sigma Leader, BNP Paribas +44(0)207 368 9300 | | 4
  5. 5. Meeting Day 3: Wednesday 7th July 9.00 – 1.00 9.00 – 1.00 OR EXTENDED WORKING GROUP A: EXTENDED WORKING GROUP B: Winning the Triple Crown: Capability Building & Maturity Modelling for Lean & Operational Excellence Repositioning Lean programmes with Outside-in Thinking Based on your information gathering over the last two • Connection from top level strategy to operational Lean programmes have always been about taking out days, this half day group will provide the chance to take improvements costs and driving efficiency – but what impact does this Discussions and key learnings will cover: your new knowledge and build a personalised capability • People and skills development: Recruitment, training have on your performance and customer experience? Is • Successful Customer Outcomes: How to Turbo maturity framework that fits your organisation’s unique and career development structures your Lean programme positioned to drive not only charge your business through Lean and Process structure and strategy. • Programme and project management efficient processes but the right processes, for the Excellence programme strategies that are aligned • Culture and organisational acceptance of Continuous customer in an increasingly competitive market? with successful outcomes Through this working group senior leaders will take away: Improvement? • What is your ‘Moments of Truth’?: How can you • A formal framework to systematically monitor where • Retention of knowledge and documentation of Stemming from the customer focused discussion group make every customer interaction a profitable one? you are against the global benchmark processes on Monday, this working group will delve deeper into • Don’t get bogged down by business rules: Rules • A long-term tracking tool that will help you monitor • Automation and standardisation of processes how paying attention to your key processes and the should guide and help not prescribe performance and mark how you progress against these • Awareness of the customer (VOB, BOC, VOM?) experiences can not only significantly reduce costs but • Using Lean programmes to counteract customer strategic areas over the year ahead • Contribution to growth & innovation improve revenues and enhance service. breakpoints: Leveraging your pre-existing Lean strategy to reduce complexity and win the triple The Maturity model will cover critical components to Lean Working Group Leader: Peter Evans, Director Objectives for the focus group will look at how to evolve crown strategy areas such as: Quality, Virgin Media your Lean programme to a more customer centric, • Infrastructure, roles and responsibilities outside-in approach; ready and able to reposition your Working Group Leader: Steve Towers, CEO & business under the ‘new normal’. Founder, BP Group YOUR FACILITATORS Michael Balle, Author, The Gold Mine & The Lean Manager level and along the supply chain back in 2007. Nestlé Continuous Excellence will also be rolled out to Michael is associate researcher at Telecom ParisTech, and holds a doctorate from the Sorbonne in other functional areas in order to get company-wide coverage. From the start, the program has received Social Sciences and Knowledge Sciences. For the past fifteen years, he has focused on lean significant support from top management. transformation (how companies use lean techniques to develop a lean culture) as part of his research on knowledge-based performance and organizational learning. He has written several books and articles Jim Hern, Lean Director, Heart of England NHS Trust about the links between knowledge and management (Managing With Systems Thinking, The Effective Heart of England NHS Trust have been developing their Lean programme and internal Organization, Les Modèles Mentaux), and more recently, co-authored two business novels published by capabilities for about 2 _ years. Covering 3 hospitals, each with their own Lean academy the Lean the Lean Enterprise Institute, one about lean turnaround, The Gold Mine and one about lean programme supports the development and organic growth of the strategy across each remit. transformation, The Lean Manager. He is a leading expert on lean transformation initiatives, and an engaging and colourful public speaker, experienced in running interactive workshops with large Vincent De Rooij, Lean Programme Director, SCA Packaging audiences. Michael is co-founder of the Project Lean Enterprise and the Institut Lean France. Since 2007 SCA has a well defined transformation agenda that includes 5 closely linked transformation themes including lean implementations. To do so the programme focuses on 3 dimensions; the Andreas Berger, VP Manufacturing & Operational Excellence, Nestle operating system, the management infra-structure and mindset & behaviours. The program is actively supported Nestlé Continuous Excellence is a global program based on lean thinking that introduces from the highest level and the programme content and roll-out is centrally organized. The program has realized one approach to drive performance improvement in Nestlé Operations. It is executed through various significant sustainable results in all regions and is now recognized as a powerful change vehicle. initiatives including Total Performance Management, Six Sigma, Lean Supply Chain, Lean Office and Lean Design. The program focuses on sustainable improvements in the area of consumer delight, Rhian Hamer, Director Lean, MOJ competitiveness and compliance. Moreover, it complements Nestlé’s existing culture and values. Proven Rhian joined the public sector 4 years ago, where as part of HMPS she enjoyed the challenges results have been achieved in the markets that started the roll out of the improvement initiatives at factory of implementing Lean and Six Sigma in a transactional environment for Shared Services. Recently, Rhian +44(0)207 368 9300 | | 5
  6. 6. YOUR FACILITATORS... continued has been appointed as Head of the Lean Academy for the Ministry of Justice. Rhian has recently pillars of BPM and Lean Six Sigma. As the overall programme lead for Operational Excellence Clare sets completed an MBA with Cardiff Business School specialising in Lean, with particular emphasis upon the strategy for development in line with the wider business change programme and Steve leads the sustainable change within the public sector. global Lean deployment including the initiation of key communities of best practice. Mark Jennings, Director Healthcare Improvement, The Kings Fund Niall Sheehan, Director Operational Excellence (MBB PMP), Dell At the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement, based at the University of Warwick, Business Excellence is a comprehensive business improvement approach that integrates strategy Mark held the post of Priority Programme Director and was responsible for leading work focused on helping development and disciplined governance with our powerful improvement techniques of Lean and BPI the NHS improve the quality, productivity and efficiency of care. His role included publishing the NHS Better (Business Process Improvement). It places a priority on business results through a relentless focus on Customer Care, Better Value Indicators and leading the Institute’s High Volume Care Programme. In June 2009 Mark value and continuous improvement. Rather than emphasizing tactical projects, the ultimate aim of Business joined The King’s Fund to lead its Health Care Improvement Directorate. Excellence is to transform the way we do business so that we can meet Dell’s strategic business goals. The King’s Fund works with organisations that are involved in the commissioning, monitoring or supply of health care to identify practical implications and ensure that ideas and insights lead to improvements in Brent Harder, MD COO Division, Credit Suisse health care. The three foci of The King’s Fund’s activity are Policy, Leadership and Health Care Steve Hebrank, Head OE | CoE Program Execution, EMEA, Credit Suisse Improvement. The Health Care Improvement Directorate provides frontline staff with the tools to make Credit Suisse fosters a culture of cost management and operational excellence. Through driving efficiency real changes in health care services. improvements with the strong involvement of senior management the organisation pursues plans to further develop CoE (Centres of Excellence). Since inception of the CoE programme four years ago, the Eddie Steinberg, Lean Deployment Office, Business Process Management & Group programme team have deployed more than 7,000 roles, or 13% of our workforce. Supported by the Architecture, ABSA continued focus on the Operational Excellence programme the culture of continuous improvement and Absa Group's Lean Deployment Programme began in March 2007. The programme deployment model client focus has become a key part of implementing strategic initiatives. entailed running several waves, each consisting of a number of value stream improvements across all sectors of the bank. A team of external lean/six sigma consultants led and coached many of the value Kristina Beckendorf, Director PEX Academy, A.P.Moller-Maersk A/S stream improvements, while partnering with internal change practitioners to transfer the skills of being a Maersk Line has been on a Process Excellence (PEX) journey for 3_ years now, pursuing the Lean Value Stream Manager. A central programme governance function was established to be the locus of change towards a continuous improvement culture as well as global step-change, strategic sustainable lean deployment, with responsibility for, inter alia, the formal training of Lean Coaches and improvement projects. A critical enabler for this journey has been the development and deployment of an Lean Value Stream Managers. infrastructure (Belts) as well as Process Excellence mindset and capabilities across the global organisation. The capability development programs include Green Belt (< 1,000 trained) , Black Belt (< 120 trained), Ewan Vanryneveld, MBB - Lean programme, AXA Sunlife Process Leaders (< 300 trained), Champions and other classroom style courses as well as a comprehensive The AXA programme for Operational Excellence manages principles, training and standards from e-learning suite (completed by < 20,000 colleagues). PEX learning has also been incorporated into the the centre, devolving regional responsibilities and local application to the country and business talent and leadership development programs and is gradually becoming the "way to work". specific verticals. The model manages clear AXA governance of process and application but with cultural fit, application and methodology with the regions Adam Nowarski, Group Vice President, Head of Operations Management Group, ABB Working in ABB on quality and operational excellence for 12 years, Adam is currently in Peter Watkins, Global Lean Enterprise & Business Excellence Director, GKN charge of the Operations Development Group world-wide. Sitting underneath the strategic Group Peter is responsible for developing, directing and implementing the Lean Enterprise and Function Quality and Operational Excellence the team is made up of 45 experts/facilitators of OPEX Business Excellence (EFQM) approach for GKN Plc (Aerospace, Automotive, Land Systems & Powdered throughout the ABB business (Lean, Six Sigma & Theory of Constraints). The group is also instrumental in Metals) in over 130 facilities 30 countries with over 38000 employees. In the role he has introduced “Flow accelerating the new ABB quality and operational excellence approach called ABB OPEX 4Q - a cross of Value “ thinking into the organisation to break through traditional management thinking, works with a group approach to quality with the ambitious mission of converting 50% of Group employees (60,000 team of Global Continuous Improvement Leaders to support divisional CEO’s and Lean Directors develop people) within just a 3 year remit. their Lean capability and strategic direction and operates as key member of Lean Enterprise Sub Committee (chaired by GKN CEO) to develop strategic direction on structure , knowledge and process support . Peter is Steve Towers, Founder & CEO, BP Group responsible for deployment of following Lean Enterprise approaches: People Excellence, Business Process Steve Towers is the founder of the Business Process Management Group Excellence - (Lean Office Processes), Production Excellence, Extended Value Stream – Supply Chain. ( a global business network exchanging ideas and best practice in Business Performance Management, Transformation and Process Improvement. He works with many of the Clare Stephens, Director Operational Excellence Programme, RSA leading fortune 500 companies as a mentor, coach and sometimes consultant specializing in the Steve Lague, Operational Excellence manager – Lean deployment, RSA implementation of performance improvement, process change and transformation. Steve previously The RSA Operational Excellence programme serves 20,000 employees in over 30 countries. Running since worked for Citibank where he led restructuring and business process transformation programmes both in 2008 and focuses on embedding overall Operational Excellence throughout the business including key the US and Europe. +44(0)207 368 9300 | | 6
  7. 7. Registration Information Book and Pay before Book and Pay before Standard PAYMENT TERMS: Payment is due in full upon completion and return Business Pricing 26th March 2010 7th May 2010 Price VENUE of the registration form. Due to limited conference space we advise early registration and payment by credit card to avoid disappointment. 2 day meeting pass + half day (save £700) (save £500) CCT Venues - Canary Wharf Your registration will not be confirmed until payment is received. working group £1298 + VAT £1498 + VAT £1998 + VAT Isis Building - Thames Quay, 193 Marsh Wall Admission to the conference will be refused if payment has not been London E14 9SG, UK 2 day meeting pass (save £600) (save £400) received. Payment of invoices by means other than credit card, or £899 + VAT £1099 + VAT £1499 + VAT purchase order (UK Plc and Government bodies only) will be subject to a £45 (plus VAT) processing fee. Public Sector Pricing CANCELLATION AND SUBSTITUTION POLICY: Provided the fee has been paid in full, substitutions at no extra charge can be made up to 7 business days before the start of the conference. Cancellations must be received in writing or by fax to +44 (0)20 7368 9301, more than 7 days before the conference 2 day meeting pass + half day (save £300) (save £200) is to be held in order to obtain a full credit for any future conference. Cancellations received 7 days or less (including the seventh day) prior to the conference working group £798 + VAT £898 + VAT £1098+ VAT will not be credited. In the event that IQPC cancels an event payments received at the cancellation date will be credited towards attendance at a future conference, or in the event of postponement by IQPC, a rescheduled date. Credit notes remain valid for twelve months. 2 day meeting pass (save £200) (save £100) £599 + VAT £699 + VAT £799 + VAT IQPC reserves the right to postpone or cancel an event, to change the location of an event or to alter the advertised speakers for an event. IQPC is not responsible for any loss or damage as a result of substitution, alteration, postponement, or cancellation of an event due to causes beyond its control including without limitation, acts of God, natural disasters, sabotage, accident, trade or industrial disputes, terrorism, or hostilities. There will be no attendee passes available for solution providers of any kind. For alternative information on sponsorship opportunities please email SPEAKER CHANGES: Occasionally it is necessary for reasons beyond our control to alter the content and timing of the programme or the identity of the speakers Please note your application for registration will be considered upon submission and additional profiling requested. Based on DATA PROTECTION: Personal data is gathered in accordance with the Data the senior nature of this event attendees will be accepted from the following remits. • Global/regional programme leaders Protection Act 1998.Your details may be passed to other companies who wish to communicate with you offers related to your business activities. If you • Decision makers and budget holders for Lean development do not wish to receive these offers, please tick the box ❑ • VP – C-level business responsibility with an interest in Lean development Registration Card 3 EASY WAYS TO REGISTER: Sponsorship Opportunities Please register me for IQPC’s... Email: The Lean Leaders Meeting will be attended by senior and global Lean leaders and decision-makers from across both private and public sector organisations, bringing together Lean Leaders MEETING Call: +44(0)207 368 9300 the most qualified buyers and solutions providers in one location. With tailored networking ❑ 2 day meeting pass + half day working group Web: and a discussion based programme, sponsors can achieve the face-to-face contact that overcrowded trade shows cannot deliver. ❑ 2 day meeting pass Sponsorship is available in line with leadership needs in the following categories: Name _______________________________________ Job Title _________________________________________ • Recruitment Organization_________________________________ Approving Manager_______________________________ • Training • Consulting Address______________________________________________________________________________________ • Lean & Process Management software City_________________________________________ State_______________________Zip___________________ Due to the small discussion based nature of the event sponsorship will be limited. To enquire about opportunities for your business to get involved get in touch today – email Phone_______________________________________ E-mail____________________________________________ or call out sponsorship team on +44(0)207 368 9500. ❑ Please keep me informed via email about this and other related events. ❑ Check enclosed for $_________ (Payable to IQPC) ❑ Charge my ❑ Amex ❑ Visa ❑Mastercard ❑ Diners Club Card #___________________________________Exp. Date___/___CVM code ______ 18579.001/D/KV ❑ I cannot attend, but please keep me informed of all future events. +44(0)207 368 9300 | | 7
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