Enjoy a series                                                                       of briefings                         ...
Main Event Day 1:                          21st February     10.00 REGISTRATION                                           ...
Main Event Day 2:                      22nd February     10.00 REGISTRATION                                         13.30 ...
Innovation Stage Speakers             Nagarajan Sridharan             CEO & Director-Marketing                            ...
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International Armoured Vehicles: Innovation Stage Exhibition Agenda


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View the full agenda for the Innovation Stage at International Armoured Vehicles 2012. The Innovation Stage runs from 10am-6pm on 21st and 22nd February 2012, at the FIVE in Farnborough, UK. The Innovation Stage is held in conjunction with the International Armoured Vehicles Conference. Visit the event website at www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com for full details.

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International Armoured Vehicles: Innovation Stage Exhibition Agenda

  1. 1. Enjoy a series of briefings from top OEMs, complimentary to all exhibition visitors Innovation Stage Programme: 21-22 February 2012 Runs in conjunction to the InternationalArmoured Vehicles Conference & Exhibition FIVE, Farnborough, UK Since I’ve left my booth, I’ve been stopped about 4 or 5 times on the way back to the stand, by people saying ‘Well that’s good we’d like to know a little bit more about that’ or ‘We didn’t realise you were doing that’, so with regards to raising the Oshkosh Defense profile and some of the work we’re doing particularly on the innovation side it’s been fantastic. – Barry Gee, UK Support Manager, Oshkosh Defense Manoeuvre Center of Excellencewww.internationalarmouredvehicles.com
  2. 2. Main Event Day 1: 21st February 10.00 REGISTRATION 13.30 Trends in Visualization for Armoured Vehicles • Transition from stove-pipe systems to integrated 11.00 Lead Sponsor Keynote Presentation networked architectures New Requirements and Capabilities in 6x6 • Utilizing networked visualization capabilities for and 4x4 Vehicle Fleets enhancing C4ISR • The evolution of Tawazun’s product range. • Key visualization technology and components for • Advances in vehicle mobility and adaptability. mission-critical operation • New requirements for sub-systems and vehicle Jeff Malacarne components: Technical Director - Systems integration criteria. Barco Defense & Aerospace - Maintenance, repair and lifecycle requirements. Hamad Al Neyadi Chief Strategic Officer 14.00 Protected Utility Vehicles – Supplying Fuel Tawazun & Water To Forward Areas • Adding capability to evolving Armoured Vehicle load-carrying variants. 11.30 New Advances In The Iveco Vehicle Range • Water and fuel systems – delivering the basics in • Programme update on key Iveco vehicles: new the battlespace. advances and developments. • A modular approach – fostering force interoperability; • Establishing current requirements and criteria for • Level 3 protected fuel and water payload variant vehicle components. capability. • Opportunities for integrating new innovations Peter Hughes within Iveco vehicles. Business Development Manager Andrew Simpson WEW GmbH UK Defence Advisor, Defence Vehicles Division Iveco 14.30 NETWORKING BREAK 12.00 Upcoming Advances in HVAC for Vehicle 15.00 Industry and Innovation – The Impact of Application Portfolio on Business Growth • Key programme updates: Mine Protected Vehicles; • Emerging Market Trends Wheeled Armoured Vehicles; BMP Armoured Tank • Approaches to Portfolio Management Ambulance. • Saab Innovation for the Future • Environmental control systems and auxiliary power Cobus van der Merwe unit support systems: Executive Manager, Land Systems • Key challenges facing HVAC in current operations Saab Group and product modernization required. • Developing new criteria for sub-components in line with varying operational conditions. 18.15 INNOVATION AWARDS CEREMONY Nagarajan Sridharan CEO Fedders Lloyd Bringing direct product feedback from our senior military, OEM, and R&D judging panels, the 2012 Innovation 12.30 NETWORKING BREAK Awards will showcase the leading products in the armoured vehicles market. The Awards Show is open to 13.00 C2 Capabilities at the Tactical Edge of the all conference attendees and exhibition Battlefield visitors and will be followed by the • Battle Management for low level commanders. RUAG evening drinks reception. • Considering the communication challenges. • Vehtronics – a natural part of vehicle mounted C2 RUAG EVENING DRINKS RECEPTION systems. Let’s celebrate the winners of the Innovation Awards by having a drink or Christian Nørkjær two, complimentary of our friends Battle Management Systems from RUAG. Product Manager Systematic Sponsored by:2 International Armoured Vehicles 2012 – www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com
  3. 3. Main Event Day 2: 22nd February 10.00 REGISTRATION 13.30 US Mounted Capabilities: Envisaging Post- Afghanistan Requirements • Current US Mounted Requirements capabilities. 10.30 Scout SV • Preparation for long-term force capabilities. • Envisaging the spectrum of requirements post- Colonel Peter Flach MBE Afghanistan. Military Liaison director for Advanced Programmes and Technology Ted Maciuba General Dynamics Deputy Director of Mounted Requirements US Army Maneuver Center 11.00 NETWORKING BREAK 14.00 NETWORKING BREAK 11.30 Innovation in Vehicle Electronics System Integration 14.30 Meeting Future Requirements for Special • Vehicle Electronics. Forces mobility and protection • Networked Battlegroups. • Recent upgrade history of the French Special Forces AV fleet. Valéry Rousset • Understanding the key requirements facing French Director, C4I capability development Special Forces. Thales Defence & Security C4I, Thales • Current Acmat vehicle range and integration. • Upcoming innovations and sub-system requirements in the Acmat range in line with 12.00 Announcing New Requirements for The specific requirements. Danish Vehicle Fleet Mobility Expert, French Special Forces • Lessons learned from the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan on vehicle survivability. Frédéric Martin • New requirements for the Danish vehicle fleet. Commerical Director, Europen Sales • Opportunities for investment and product Acmat integration. Major Claus Heesakker Johansen Director, Study & Development Division 15.00 Addressing The Modernization Danish Army Combat Centre Requirements For Suspension Systems • Assessing the effects of variable terrains upon suspension capabilities. 12.30 NETWORKING BREAK • Innovations required for suspension systems in line with new vehicle mobility and weight trends. • The key vision: advancements in suspension technologies in the next 5 years. 13.00 Future Developments and Requirements in the RUAG Range Mr. Johan Runesson • Upcoming innovations in the Land Systems range. Managing Director • Key requirements surrounding UGV products. Strömsholmen AB • Future challenges in protection of UGV’s in operational use. Ferdinand Zoller 15.30 End of Conference Senior Manager RUAG It’s an armoured vehicles family here, and this is something you cannot find if you’re just going to an exhibition. Here, for every single application of an armoured vehicle, you can find the specialist to talk to – Michael Klein, Director, Defence and Security, Hutchinson3 International Armoured Vehicles 2012 – www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com
  4. 4. Innovation Stage Speakers Nagarajan Sridharan CEO & Director-Marketing Jeff Malacarne Fedders Lloyd Technical Director Barco Defense & Aerospace Nagarajan Sridharan has gained vast experience of over 30 years in the Indian Appliances and Air Conditioning & Refrigeration As Technical Director, Jeff Malacarne focuses on defining the visual Industry holding several portfolios and over 6 years international computing product strategy for the Barco Defense organization. Since exposure in Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia in HVAC&R portfolios joining Barco in 1992, Jeff has led the development of graphics and video and Building Products. processing products for air traffic control, naval, airborne, and ground vehicle systems. During this time, his team developed intelligent display In his current capacity as CEO & Director Marketing for Fedders equipment with advanced visualization processing capabilities for the FCS Lloyd Corporation Limited, he has accumulated over 7 years of NLOS-C program. experience on Defence, Railways ,and Telecom segments. His work has led to direct and successful implementation of Prior to joining Barco, Jeff worked at Hughes Aircraft Co. developing environmental control and auxiliary power support capabilities computer graphics technology for mission critical systems and holds 8 in large numbers across Indian Army vehicle fleets. related patents. He received a BSEE from SUNY at Buffalo and an MS in Computer Engineering from the University of Southern California. In his presentation, Mr. Sridharan is sharing his experience as a part of Fedders Lloyd Corporation Ltd, INDIA , in respect of innovative work carried out to provide Environmental control Colonel Peter Flach MBE and Auxillary power support for the BMP 2/2k variants , Infantry Military Liaison director for Advanced Programmes Combat Vehicles , Ambulance, AERV, Missile Launching and Technology Vehicles, Tracked and Wheeled , Mobile Radar vehicles, MBT General Dynamics versions, and MPVs. Peter Flach was educated at Harrow and Sandhurst. He joined the Royal Hussars, an Armoured Regiment, in 1973. He served in Germany and Christian Nørkjær Northern Ireland until 1979, when he was posted to Catterick, as the Battle Management Systems Product Regimental Signals Officer. In his extensive career within the Army, he Manager served in roles including Regiment Operations Officer, OC RAC Sales Team Systematic of the Armoured Trials Development Unit, Commander of a Challenger 1 Squadron in Northern Ireland, SO2(W) of Army Operational Requirements, Christian Nørkjær holds a Master’s degree in English Business Chief Instructor in Armoured Vehicle Technology at Shrivenham, Deputy Language alongside his 30+ years’ experience as an officer in Project Manager MRAV and regional manager of US, Canada, France, the Royal Danish Army. Christian Nørkjær has served mainly as Germany, Benelux, UN and NATO for the Defence Export Support reconnaissance and mechanized infantry commander from Organisation (DESO). squad commander to acting battalion commander. During his service Christian Nørkjær has trained more than 5,000 soldiers Within this career he has conducted numerous trials of armoured vehicles for service in the Balkans, Iraq and Afghanistan and has served in the UK and overseas, including major trials of Challenger and Warrior in in combat unit in the Balkans and Iraq. Christian Nørkjær is still Abu Dhabi and Saudi Arabia, CVR(T) in Egypt and Jordan, and Vickers Mk3 active in the military reserve and holds the rank of major. in Thailand, as well as requirements setting for tank procurement and research programmes including the Challenger 2 programme, Future Tank, Christian Nørkjær joined Systematic in 2006 and as Product Special Armour, 140mm, Electromagnetic and Electrothermal Gun, and Manager for Battle Management Systems, he ensures the project managed the UK’s TRACER programme to procure a Systematic software solutions are suited to the rough and harsh reconnaissance vehicle. conditions at the frontline. In Jan 2005 he left the Army to join General Dynamics United Kingdom Limited as the Military Liaison Manager and stayed with GD until May 2009 Cobus van der Merwe when he gave up his job to look after his terminally ill wife. He worked for Executive Manager, Land Systems Cranfield University at the Defence Academy, as Director Business Saab Group Development in the Department of Engineering Systems and Management, from October 2009 until December 2010; and he then rejoined General Cobus van der Merwe has extensive experience of Armour User Dynamics United Kingdom Limited, where he is Military Liaison Director for systems and related technologies stemming from 26 years Advanced Programmes and Technology. military service that included acquisition and technology program management. Some of his appointments were Armour R&D Wing commander, PM for the ROOIKAT Wheeled Combat Mr. Johan Runesson Vehicle program, PM for SA Army Vehicle Simulators and Senior Managing Director Staff Officer Armour R&D for the South African Army. During Strömsholmen AB the last 5 years of his military career, he managed SA Army vehicle technology programs including active protection, electric Johan Runesson is Managing Director for Strömsholmen AB which is a part drive vehicles and signature management. of Barnes Group Inc. Strömsholmen develops, sells and produces gas- hydraulic suspension for heavy duty off-highway vehicles. The products are He is currently employed at Saab where he has a broad sold under the brand name KALLER. In addition to the internally developed background on Research and Development, product suspension products Strömsholmen recently bought the gas-hydraulic management, marketing and business development. His suspension product line from Curtis Wright. The “hydrops” developed by current position includes international business development for Curtis Wright is now an integral part of Strömsholmen product offering. Active protection solutions. He is regarded as an expert in the field of vehicle protection and is a frequent speaker at Mr. Runesson holds a M. Sc in Mechanical engineering from the University international events on survivability related subjects. In 2010 he of Linköping, Sweden. Began working at Strömsholmen in 1991 and was won the Saab Corporate Innovator of the Year Award. head of the R&D department from 1994 until 2006 when he took up the role of Managing Director for the company.4 International Armoured Vehicles 2012 – www.internationalarmouredvehicles.com