Winter 2012 EditionTA M PA B AY N E W S L E T T E RCorporate Headquarters8200 NW 33rd Street, Ste 300Miami, FL 33122800.51...
Dear Board Member  In this edition of our quarterly newsletter we decided   Wetherington, Hamilton & Harrison, PA,  to foc...
Here We GROW Again!                                         Upcoming Educational EventsKW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING...
Committees — —By Judi Allen, PCAM                                                                       Are they necessary...
No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed              -Issues to Consider when Utilizing Volunteer Labor— By Mara Alyson, EsquireIn the...
Workers’ Compensation Insurancefor Community Associations        W hy do we need this?                                    ...
Emergency Preparedness and Planning Committees— By Rochelle PradoEmergencies happen and when they do they present         ...
Emergency Preparedness and Planning Committees—Continued from page 7know whether it is the Mayor’s office, the Police     ...
services provided by ServiceMaster Clean and franchise          needs. Do you know how many children, seniors, disabledres...
MEETING NOTICE REQUIREMENTS   MEETING TYPE           CONDO/CO-OP                           HOA                      48 hrs...
JOI N OU R MAI LI NG LIST                                                                                                 ...
A Professional and Independent                                                            Approach to Management2963 Gulf ...
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Tampa Newsletter Winter 2012


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This edition covers valuable information on the usage of volunteers in an association.

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Tampa Newsletter Winter 2012

  1. 1. Winter 2012 EditionTA M PA B AY N E W S L E T T E RCorporate Headquarters8200 NW 33rd Street, Ste 300Miami, FL 33122800.514.5770 PhoneSouthwest Florida Region3358 Woods Edge Cir, Ste 102 In This IssueBonita Springs, FL 34134239.495.3428 PhoneSarasota Region11523 Palm Bush Trail, #316Bradenton, FL 34202 • Words from Kelly Ann Vickers, LCAM – KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT &941.225.2747 Phone CONSULTING • Committees – Are They Necessary? by Judi Allen, PCAM, of KW PROPERTYTampa Bay Region2963 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Suite 265 MANAGEMENT & CONSULTINGClearwater, FL 33759 • No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed -Issues to Consider When Using Volunteer813.448.3982 Phone Labor by Mara Alyson, Esquire of Kirschbaum & Alyson Law GroupOrlando Region • Worker’s Compensation Insurance for Community Associations. Why Do We301 East Pine Street, Suite 150 Need This? by Bill Stitt, Vice President of the Community Association DivisionOrlando, FL 32801407.705.3236 Phone of Bouchard Insurance • Emergency Preparedness and Planning Committees by Rochelle Prado, ofTennessee Region1211 Bell Road ServiceMaster CleanAntioch, TN 37013615.337.8585 Phone
  2. 2. Dear Board Member In this edition of our quarterly newsletter we decided Wetherington, Hamilton & Harrison, PA, to focus on volunteers and committees as each can “Construction Lien Law” by Jonathan Damonte, PA, have a significant impact on the effective running of “Association Fees – Can They Be Lowered” by Robert an association. We hope that you will enjoy reading the articles regarding volunteers and committees White, CPA and Managing Partner for KW written from a professional management, legal, PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING, insurance and service provider perspective, and that “Everything You Wanted to Know About Serving on a the information will become a tool that you use Board of Directors in a Condominium Association But Were during your service to your community. Afraid to Ask” presented by Ellen Hirsch de Haan of KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING Becker & Poliakoff, PA and the extravaganza is an avid supporter of educational endeavors that educational event of the year “Condo 360°”. can assist a Board of Directors in making the best We look forward to seeing you this year at the decisions for their associations and neighbors, and educational seminars, and we encourage you to we continually work to bring to you exciting contact us at (813) 448-3982 or (941) 225-2747 to educational opportunities through our monthly seminars and quarterly newsletters as well as our learn more about KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT support of the Community Association Institute and & CONSULTING. the Hillsborough County Office of Neighborhood With warm wishes, Relations. Please be on the look out for an invitation to some of Kelly Ann Vickers, LCAM the great educational events we will be hosting this year including “What You Need to Know About Serving Business Development Manager & Education on a Board of Directors in a Homeowners Association” Coordinator being presented by Douglas Christy of
  3. 3. Here We GROW Again! Upcoming Educational EventsKW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING is 2012 Neighborhood Conferencepleased to announce that it has been selected as March 24, 2012 from 8 AM to 2:30 PMthe management company of choice by The Alagon Hillsborough Community College,on Bayshore and The Slade in Channelside. Dale Mabry Campus. Workshops to Include: • Resolving Conflict through Mediation • How to Attract and Keep Volunteers • Taking Back Your Neighborhood • Save Your Neighborhood (Gang Awareness) • Impacts of the 2012 Legislature on HOAs • Let’s Get Fiscal – Financial Management Strategies for Associations • Mock Board Meeting & Ask A Community The Slade (above) Manager The Alagon on Bayshore (left) Complimentary Educational Seminars: Serving on a Board of Directors in a Quality is not Expensive; Homeowners Association. it’s Priceless Presented by Douglas Christy of Wetherington, Hamilton & Harrison, PA March 28, 2012 from 6 PM to 8 PM The Board of Directors of the Villas of Clearwater Beach have Continued to diligently work to improve the aesthetics of the Association, and the remarkable Construction Lien Law transformations are evident. Presented by Jonathan Damonte, Esq. Congratulations to you all on your momentous efforts. April 19, 2012 from 6 PM to 8 PM. Condo 360° - From Facilities Maintenance to Financial Management by KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING. May 18, 2012 from 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM. For more information on the upcoming events Lobby view please contact Kelly Ann Vickers, LCAM Lobby view after renovations at (813) 448-3982 or prior to renovations -3-
  4. 4. Committees — —By Judi Allen, PCAM Are they necessary? At one point or another, the Board of Directors may Wikipedia defines committee as: “A type of small decide that a special project calls for the assistance of a deliberative assembly that is usually intended to remain group of community volunteers. These volunteers, subordinate to another, larger deliberative assembly- earnest and eager to contribute to the success of the which when organized so that action on committee project, soon find themselves being referred to as the requires a vote by all its entitled members. Committees “committee.” In community associations there are often serve several different functions”. The key word is typically three types of committees: Mandatory, subordinate, no committee should have the decision Standing and Ad-Hoc. making power. They are in place to provide specific In order to form the correct committee for the project information to allow the Board of Directors to make it is important to understand what differentiates the informed decisions. three committee types. All Mandatory and Standing In order to have a successful committee you will need committees, such as the Architectural Review to incorporate the following steps: Committee, will be outlined in the governing • Decide how many members are required. documents of your association. It is important to note • Ask for volunteers but make sure they have the that standing committees remain in force indefinitely time to devote to the project. (i.e. Budget or Finance). In contrast, Ad-hoc committees are assigned a specific project only and • Explain what authority the committee will have, cease to exist once the project has been completed. An provide a clearly defined purpose and a example for this committee would be researching the timeline for this project. details of redecorating the lobby. • Post notices for all committee meetings much Based on the information above it would be easy to like you would for a general board meeting. In come to the conclusion that committees are necessary addition to posting the meeting notice, because they are required by your association’s minutes should be taken and a written report governing documents, but there is another reason for provided to the members of the Board of your community to have committees. If they are Directors. formed and directed correctly they can provide an If guided properly and treated with appreciation, the invaluable amount of support to the board during the volunteers on a committee can be a valuable resource decision making process, and they give owners the to both the Board of Directors and to the community. opportunity to be involved in a project that is of interest Judi Allen, PCAM®, is a District Manager for KW PROPERTY to them. This is a very important aspect of committees MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING. To learn more about KW for those owners that cannot commit to being a full PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING please call us at (813) time board member as it tends to strengthen their 448-3982 or visit our website at feeling of inclusion in the community. This inclusion *PCAM®, an endeavor which takes five years to complete, is recognized often spurs even the absentee owners to get involved in nationally as the highest designation a Licensed Community Association the betterment of the community. Manager can obtain through the Community Association Institute. PCAM is an acronym for Professional Community Association Manager.*-4-
  5. 5. No Good Deed Goes Unnoticed -Issues to Consider when Utilizing Volunteer Labor— By Mara Alyson, EsquireIn these hard economic times, association boards are assessments. Although volunteer labor has a value to thecreatively looking for ways to save money and reduce the association, its value cannot and should not be used as a set-budget. Although tempting, boards should limit the use of off for current or delinquent assessment fees . If Boardsa volunteer labor pool as a source for routine common area credited every owner for volunteer work, the Associationproperty maintenance. Often owners are happy to assist would have a labor force greater than an army and awith small matters such as picking up litter, monitoring the delinquency list greater than the federal deficit.use of guest parking, or planting a bed of flowers at the Furthermore, not all labor can be accurately quantifiedentrance way. However, when volunteers offer to assist with with a dollar amount. Subjectively crediting values tolabor such as electrical work, roofing repairs, and pool volunteer work could open the door to selectivemaintenance, boards should consider leaving the “heavy enforcement or discrimination claims. Recall the ownerlifting” to the licensed, bonded, and insured professionals. that mopped the recreation room. This same owner wasVolunteer labor crews can save associations thousands per behind six months in paying her monthly assessments.year, but with the potential liability and lawsuits arising from When she received a letter from the association’s attorneyneighborly deeds, boards should take several precautionary demanding payment, the owner replied that her volunteermeasures when accepting help from the willing owner. hours had a greater cash value then her delinquencyThe most common issue that arises from the use of amount. Not only did she refuse to pay the delinquency,volunteer labor is liability. If an owner injures himself or she wanted a credit reflected on her ledger. Although heranother while volunteering on a maintenance project, the argument had no legal merit, it caused personal conflictassociation may find itself the defendant in a lawsuit. between the Board and the owner.Consider the kind owner who mops the floor of the It may seem that the risk outweighs the reward ofrecreation room. Although the room is sparkling clean, a volunteerism; however there are benefits to volunteer labor.puddle remains near the door. A neighbor walks into the Volunteerism fosters a community feel, and neighbors haveroom, slips on the floor, and breaks a hip. The neighbor a chance to get to know one another when working onwill likely sue the association and the association will look to group projects. Owners taking pride in the communityits insurance policy for coverage. strive to keep the community in top condition, and this mayThere are several types of insurance policies that may come result in higher property values and lower delinquencyinto play when discussing liability and insurance coverage. rates.Volunteers are typically not considered employees, If the board decides to utilize a volunteer labor pool, thetherefore injuries resulting from volunteer labor will board should consult with its insurance agent, attorney andunlikely be covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance. property manager. The property manager can identifyThe association’s General Liability Insurance Policy should areas that a volunteer could be used in-lieu of acover the negligence of the volunteer. However, whether professional, and the insurance agent will verify insurancean injury is caused by the negligence of the volunteer is an coverage and provide the requirements that must be met toissue that will likely result in litigation. Boards should obtain coverage in the event of an injury. The attorney canspeak with their insurance agent to verify and confirm that develop a written plan to ensure the volunteer activities arethere is coverage under the General Liability Insurance in conformity with State and Federal Employment Laws,Policy for injuries resulting from volunteer labor. Boards the governing documents and insurance underwritingshould also inquire whether there are supplemental conditions.policies of insurance to specifically cover volunteer labor. For further information, and a “Volunteer Check-List” please contact the Kirschbaum and Alyson Law Group at 561-337-1510 or info@KAPropertyLaw.comAside from insurance coverage issues, owners occasionally 1 7718.116(9)(a), F.S. A unit owner may not be excused from payment of the unit owners share ofargue that volunteer hours should be credited toward common expenses unless all other unit owners are likewise proportionately excluded from payment. -5-
  6. 6. Workers’ Compensation Insurancefor Community Associations W hy do we need this? —By Bill Stitt- CPCU, AAI,CIRMS According to Florida Statute is 440.10 - Liability for provide medical coverage and loss of wages for the injured Compensation, the community association might find that employee until full recovery. The association could be forced they could be financially liable to injuries of others, even to special assess all of the members to cover this extraordinary though they don’t have any direct employees. expense. This isn’t a very popular option especially when the cost of coverage is so low. There are three primary exposures for community associations for injuries to those performing work on behalf of the association. They are as follows: Volunteers • Direct Employees Some of our insurers will provide coverage for volunteer • Uninsured Subcontractors Employees workers. It must be noted that the volunteers should be • Volunteer Workers insured like Employees working with board approval. Secondly, they should only perform low hazard tasks that do not include getting on tall Let’s analyze why any of the above can be a problem for the ladders, using certain power tools, climbing on roofs, community. trimming trees, etc. Light building maintenance, office work and gardening are the types of duties that would be Direct Employees anticipated for volunteers. The more hazardous duties should The statute requires that an organization purchase coverage if always be contracted out. As stated before, Certificates of there are four or more employees (non-construction industry Insurance should be secured before work starts. guidelines). For three or less, the organization is still legally What is the relationship of the community association and its liable for compensation to injured employees. management company on coverage for workers? The We always recommend that the association purchase a community management company is the Agent for the worker’s compensation policy. That is the only way to properly association. It operates at the direction of the board of protect the members of the community against lawsuits for directors of the association. The community association takes injuries. full responsibility for the actions of its agent! The employees working under the management company’s Uninsured Subcontractors worker’s compensation policy fall under the co-employer We strongly recommend that no job of any size should be doctrine. The management company’s workers compensation handled by the organization without proof of insurance from policy is required to protect the employees if they are injured the subcontractor. This should include liability insurance on the job by agreement between the parties. AND worker’s compensation insurance. The management company’s worker’s compensation policy, The organization should secure a Certificate of Liability however, does not extend coverage to the association’s Insurance showing proof of the coverages and keep it on file. subcontractors (or any uninsured subcontractors). This is a recommended procedure being that if a Furthermore, it will not cover association volunteers. subcontractor’s policy should lapse there is no absolute This gap in coverage can only be handled by the association requirement for the insurer to notify certificate holders of the purchasing their own workers compensation policy. The cost lapse. is $590 per year as of 1-1-2012. This is the best way that the The applicable words in the Acord Form 25e are “will community association’s can protect its membership. endeavor to mail” notice. It’s not guaranteed that the notice Bill Stitt- CPCU AAI CIRMS will be sent. The newer forms don’t even have this language. Bill is Vice President of the Community Association Division of Bouchard Insurance with offices in Clearwater, Sarasota, Ft. Myers and Kissimmee. Bill can be reached at If the subcontractor has no worker’s compensation insurance (727) 373-2792 or Find Bouchard Insurance on to protect the employees, the duty falls to whoever hired the Facebook or follow them on Twitter- subcontractor- the association! The association would have to @BouchardInsur.-6-
  7. 7. Emergency Preparedness and Planning Committees— By Rochelle PradoEmergencies happen and when they do they present Regulating Authoritiespotentially enormous risks to dwellings, their attachedstructures, and can put residents at risk as well. Without a Have you considered communication with regulating authorities assuitable plan in place, unpredictable emergencies can a part of your emergency plan? Furthermore have you considered thequickly spiral out of control creating further confusion and communication barriers that may exist between you and authoritiesa higher cost to repair. Many of the losses inflicted on should you not have a blue print understanding of your associatedphysical structures can be avoided with proper dwellings?maintenance prevention and recovery plans in place that In the aftermath of a catastrophic event whether it is anhave guaranteed response efforts. With this being said, isolated fire, a regional flood or hurricane damage, there isthese plans are not a realistic approach if specific a strong likelihood that one or more governmentcommittees are not assigned within your association. These authorities may impact the recovery of your association.committee members must be trained to delegate Should a fire occur, you need to be “on the same page” asresponsibilities and carry out precautionary planning. the local fire department. They will want to know that youServiceMaster Clean, as leaders in the restoration and have an evacuation plan and that all staff members aredisaster response industry, knows firsthand what it takes to familiar with the escape routes and the rally point. Yourprevent, stabilize and quickly mitigate a large spectrum of facility should display the proper place cards to notifyemergencies. With over 30 years experience in restoration emergency responders of the potential risks and hazardsService Master is a supportive endorser of emergency waiting inside. Proactive discussionspreparedness committees, and we have had the with representatives of the fireopportunity to work firsthand with some great exceptional department can not only helpcommittees. you assemble your plan, but alsoBased on our experience, the first step is to create support, provide an avenue ofeducation and professional advice for the committee. communication to thoseWithout such support the resources necessary to authorities that will improveaccomplish all the overall tasks may never be allocated. cooperation while helping themWhen presenting the concept to the committee it will be understand your priorities.necessary to share the objectives of implementing theprogram, and the associated budget if necessary. In thatregard it is also wise to present the consequential financial Should an area wide event occur, it is highly likely that lawcost of not having a plan in effect. enforcement will be utilized to bring order and security to the affected region. Municipalities, counties, states and regions each may have a part in the recovery process. SincePlanning Committee this varies so drastically from region to region, it isand Their Responsibilities incumbent upon the committee chairperson or their delegate to investigate the policy in their respective district.This committee should oversee the development and Gaining access to your facility can be delayed drasticallyimplementation of the plan to include service provider without the proper identification or credentials. By takingrecommendations. For the plan to be successful, these steps in advance, your professional yet personalmembership on the committee must include input from all relationship with these agencies may expedite yourmembers to allow each to share the vision, and their recovery process.individual concerns from the plan’s infancy toimplementation to assure proper communication. If you are dealing with a city or municipality, you should —Continued on page 8 -7-
  8. 8. Emergency Preparedness and Planning Committees—Continued from page 7know whether it is the Mayor’s office, the Police put the claim location through an interview process toDepartment, the Fire Marshall or other emergency reach the point of that is the primary contact. If damage is ServiceMaster Clean designates losses as Class I, II, or III.widespread enough to default to county agencies, will it It is this assessment that determines who is dispatched tobe the Sheriff’s department or other civil defense the loss for inspection and or restoration services. Whileorganizations? As the area expands to the state level, the some flexibility is required the following indicators reflectDepartment of Public Service, the governor and even the how each Class would be addressed. Notification protocolNational Guard may play a part. is based on the type of emergency. The variation of classesIn severely affected regions it is probable that the federal can represent the different categories of losses: water, fire,government agencies will be in control such as the storm damage and hurricane level storm damage.Federal Emergency Management (FEMA). When lossesinvolve suspected foul-play such as arson or explosives, theFederal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and its special arm, Class I - Water Lossthe Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), will These types of losses can be categorized as a class I as theybe the controlling authority. can most likely be contained and controlled by the effortsThe lesson to be learned here is that when an emergency of a single service provider. Upon notification that yousituation arises (or is declared) many of the variables have sustained a water damage claim you should have aninvolved may be beyond your control. By taking the time internal checklist to determine how you are best determine who the likely participants will be at that The most important question to ask yourself whentime of crisis can drastically accelerate your access and implementing a plan for water damage is “Do we have athus the recovery process. site plan that specifies the location of all main water shut off valves?”.Business Impact Analysis Class II - Fire LossWorking in conjunction with the Property ManagementCompany, the business Impact Analysis (BIA) is A fire loss may require the efforts of multiple vendorsperformed to determine the “real dollar” value of the from a variety of disciplines. A preventative maintenanceassociation or section of the community that may be out plan should be implemented and monitored by theof commission. A function of the BIA is to establish a emergency prevention and preparedness committee. Didtimeframe for business resumption, which will establish you know that the number one cause of residential fires isthe time line needed to return the facility to pre-loss the lack of maintenance to a dryer vent? One of thecondition or the need to use a temporary location. A BIA responsibilities of the emergency prevention andmust consider the interdisciplinary factors of the various preparedness committee would be educating residentsdepartments and establish priorities based on their about proper dryer maintenance as to avoid over usage ofimpact to the business. power and potential fire threats. While damage can be light to moderate in Class II, there is the likelihood of damage that may leave the resourcesThe Plan of a single vendor exhausted. A visit to the damaged siteHave you taken planning time to assign various “building by a large-loss specialist, such as ServiceMaster Clean, whocaptains” or some form of hierarchy of contact to ensure the has the capability of handling large spectrum of lossesemergency is addressed timely and professionally? You may ask, and the tools to perform routine maintenance, should be“Why is it important to have assigned building captains?” included in the preparedness and prevention plan.It is important that all of the members of the associationfeel that they have a voice, and a sense of ownership Class III -Storm Damagewithin the committee when taking on disasterpreparedness. Roof damage, trees down, power lines down, andClassifying how different situations would be handled Hurricane Damage (total loss).could expedite the recovery process tremendously. Since In cases where complexity of the loss and volume ofthere is likely to be a common point of contact internal to damage are the greatest, there will be the need foryour association, it would make sense for that individual to specialty vendors. Class III losses will include not only the-8-
  9. 9. services provided by ServiceMaster Clean and franchise needs. Do you know how many children, seniors, disabledresources, but also the need for one or more specialty residents, and expecting mothers are in yourservices. These services include but are not limited to neighborhood? Emergencies are a time of anxiety andelectronics, document freeze drying, building fear for everyone, but more specifically those with specialengineering or other specializations. needs, or who may be elderly and living alone.Write it down Present Your PlanAfter the planning committee has performed the tasks Now that you have your committee and plan in place,associated with Risk Analysis and researched the various along with vendor recommendations, it is time to presentitems associated with their objectives, the chairperson it to your association. Your plan, in its entirety, shouldshould provide a standard format that details all include Class I, II and III preventative measures, yourprocedures included in the preparedness and recovery neighborhood registry, special needs neighbors, pro-plan. To ensure that the plan will be effective, the planner active post emergency procedures and the hierarchy inmust educate and train the entire association. A contacts for emergencies.spectacular plan contained in an impressive presentationwill have absolutely zero impact if it is not shared withpeople who need to know and react. Practice, Practice, Practice… After having constructed a plan, the most effective way to share the vision with others, as well as make adjustments,Know your neighbors is to exercise the plan. A scheduled practice run gives allWhen thinking in terms of emergency preparedness, parties the opportunity to see action steps that work, thosethere is a lot of work to be done to create a thorough plan that don’t, and those that require some tweaking. As afor the safety of your community but don’t get rule of thumb the plan should be reviewed on a bi-annualdiscouraged. There are some simple and immediate basis and revised annually. This annual revision isactivities a small committee can begin to implement right required to account for updates in information andnow to help prepare your neighbors while you create a strategies, changes in notification lists and teamwritten record and finalize your committees. membership, changes due to advances/obsolete inCreate registries that will include neighbors with special Integrated Systems technology, Changes in servicesskills, translators, and accredited mental health advisors. providers, production and equipment.Also include a list of emergency contacts and vendors on Rochelle Prado can be reached at (813) 514-9400 or at list who may assist with stabilization. Take advantage of To learn more about ServiceMaster Clean visit their website or call one of their branch offices:training opportunities offered by vendors, Red Cross, South Florida – John Smith (954) 651-3035FEMA and other first responders. Central Florida – Leslie Hanson (407) 273-8268Take into consideration neighbors who have special Southwest Florida – Portia Wright (239) 321-5077 -9-
  10. 10. MEETING NOTICE REQUIREMENTS MEETING TYPE CONDO/CO-OP HOA 48 hrs posted with an 48 hrs posted with an Board agenda (or pursuant to agenda (or pursuant to documents). documents). 14 days via US Mail with a copy of the proposed Budget budget, and posted (unless Pursuant to documents. the governing documents require a longer time period). 60 days first notice and 14 14 days mailed, delivered days for second notice. or electronically Annual Mailed, delivered or transmitted (unless electronically transmitted, Bylaws state otherwise). and posted. 14 days mailed and posted. 14 days mailed and Must include a statement that posted. Must include a assessments will be statement that Congratulations to Levy of Special considered, and the nature, assessments will be Assessment Brigadoon of Clearwater estimated cost, and considered, and the description of the purpose of nature of the Homeowner’s Association the assessment. assessments. for being Selected as a 14 days mailed and Adoption of Rules 14 days mailed and posted. Communities of Excellence posted. finalist in the category of Posted 48 hrs. in advance, Posted 48 hrs. in “Safety & Security.” Committee and open to unit owners. advance Noticed 48 hrs. in Noticed 48 hrs. in advance, advance (or pursuant to but not open to unit owners documents), but not open when the Attorney is present to unit owners when the KW PROPERTY Attorney and the meeting being held is Attorney is present and MANAGEMENT & to seek or render legal advice the meeting being held is CONSULTING is regarding posed or pending to seek or render legal litigation. advice regarding posed excited to or pending litigation. welcome aboard Glenn Collins Noticed 48 hrs. in Noticed 48 hrs. in advance, Property Manager, for the recently advance, but not required but not required to be open to added Lakeview of Largo South to be open to unit owners Personnel unit owners when the Condominium association. when the purpose is to purpose is to discuss discuss personnel personnel matters. matters.- 10 -
  11. 11. JOI N OU R MAI LI NG LIST —Continued on page 10Yes, I am interested in learning more about KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING.Please include me on your mailing list for the items selected below: J Electronic Email Newsletter containing news and information relevant to serving on a board of directors. J Electronic Invitations to upcoming complimentary educational seminars. J Electronic Copy of Quarterly Tampa Bay Newsletter J Hard Copy of the Quarterly Tampa Bay Newsletter J Information Packet on the services provided by KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTINGName:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Association Name: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________Position on the Board of Directors: ______________________________________________________________Number of Units: _____________Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________Please mail to: Kelly Ann Vickers KW PROPERTY MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING 2963 Gulf to Bay Blvd Ste 265 Clearwater FL 33759 or send your preferences via email to - 11 -
  12. 12. A Professional and Independent Approach to Management2963 Gulf to Bay Blvd, Suite 265 • Clearwater, FL 33759