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Lean methodology sfd szeged 2011


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In this presentation I want to share with you the aha moment I got when I first read about customer development, lean startups and business model generation. I'll explain each of these concepts, how …

In this presentation I want to share with you the aha moment I got when I first read about customer development, lean startups and business model generation. I'll explain each of these concepts, how we started applying them at Pronovix and put them into a broader Drupal ecosystem context and why any project you run should be driven by validated customer demand.

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  • 1. Lean startups and/or successful open source projects applying the agile methodology to building kick-ass products SFD Szeged 2011
  • 2. What to expect
    • 1 statement & 2 uncomfortable questions
    • 3. Basic tools of a lean startup
    • 4. The Startup Genome Project
    • 5. A failsafe recipe for being epic
    • 6. Shameless plugs
    • 7. GOAL:
    • 8. a starting point to lean startup methodologies
    • 9. Explain their value with paleo-ecology
  • 10. Attending “applying the agile methodology to building kick-ass products” by @kvantomme #custdev #szszk2011
  • 11. Kristof Van Tomme Belgian Bio-engineer Pronovix Drupal architect Entrepreneur PM of the Drupal Association Hungarian connection Techno-optimist Biotech Drupal evangelist Husband and Father Strategist CEO PM Drupal Association DITA
  • 12. sss 1 statement, 2 uncomfortable questions
  • 13. sss The people that build Free Software are developers
  • 14. sss As an Open Source developer you are riding a Tsunami, decoupling value from development
  • 15. sss Why are we doing this?
  • 16. sss How are we going to keep doing this?
  • 17. sss What will you do when hourly rates go down to commodity levels with no license fees to compensate?
  • 18. sss Don't just burn the value! Figure out how to monetize and make your contribution sustainable
  • 19. sss Run your project as a business
  • 20. aaa sss What are your assumptions about your future business? Find out with the Business Model Canvas
  • 21. aaa sss Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers
  • 22. sss Even if you don't want to build a business...
  • 23. Lean startup Agile/Lean = Shorter feedback loops => Maximize learning
  • 24. aaa sss Customer development = Get out of the building!
  • 25. aaa sss The Entrepreneur's Guide to Customer Development: A cheat sheet to The Four Steps to the Epiphany
  • 26. aaa sss Got a product idea? How many minimum viable products (MVP) can you build TODAY?
  • 27. Drupal is great at MVP's
    • Registration form
    • 28. Webform
    • 29. Ultrafast prototype (Views+CCK)
    • 30. Service links (for virality)
    • 31. There's a module for that
  • 32. aaa sss Drupal Gardens is the ultimate Minimum Viable Product factory
  • 33. aaa sss Pivots allow a startup to move into a more interesting market while staying grounded in previous experience
  • 34. Aaa sss The startup Genome project assesses startups by measuring the thresholds and milestones that Internet startups move through
  • 35. Aaa sss What type of startup team are you? Technical – Business - mixed?
  • 36. What type of startup are you?
  • 40. sss What is your goal? Get rich; build an awesome product OR change the world ? ?
  • 41. sss What about the recipe for being epic?
  • 42. aaa
  • 43.  
  • 44. sss Value is a lot like energy, interesting stuff happens when you can build a potential and manage a controlled release
  • 45. aaa sss Open source Software like Mitochondria decouples value deployment from value generation.
  • 46. sss The most epic projects are sustainable projects
  • 47. Cambrian explosion source? sss The Cambrian explosion, resulted in a large range of body plans and life strategies in a short geological time
  • 48. Evolutionary triggers Open Source + Cloud computing + Mobile = Big value explosion
  • 49. sss Conclusion
  • 50. 4 must-do's after this presentation
    • Fill out a business model canvas
    • 51. Read the Startup Genome Project report
    • 52. Figure out what kind of project/company you are/want to be
    • 53. Start building Minimal Viable Products ... NOW!
  • 54. Shameless plugs
  • 55. [email_address]
  • 56. Szuksegesek-e a vedooltasok?
  • 57. Twitter @kvantomme LinkedIn [email_address]