Creation of the State of Israel
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Creation of the State of Israel



Activity 222 e-learning resource

Activity 222 e-learning resource



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Creation of the State of Israel Creation of the State of Israel Presentation Transcript

  • Creation of the State of Israel For your worksheet, click here 1
  • 14 May 1948 - Declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel Listen to the declarationClick to readthe article 2
  • Do you know what these words mean? Word MeaningPogromDiasporaHomelandAnti-SemitismHolocaustPromised LandZionism 3
  • The Movement of the Jewish PeopleMovement is one of the five themes of geography and investigates why ideas, good and people migrate. Lee (1966) pp. 49-50 states, ‘The factors which enter into the decision to migrate and the process of migration may be summarized under four headings, as follows: 1 factors associated with the area of origin, 2 factors associated with the area of destination, 3 intervening obstacles, and 4 personal obstacles.’Lee, E S. (1966). A Theory of Migration. Demography. 3 (1), 47-57. 4
  • pp49-50 -Lee, E S. (1966). A Theory of Migration. Demography. 3 (1), 47-57. 5
  • The Movement of the Jewish People• Go back to slide 3 and decide if the word is a push or pull factor. • 3 . 6
  • The Diaspora of the Jews• The forced scattering of Jews from their homeland. • . Arch of Titus, Rome 7
  • Movements of the Jewish Diaspora To view the original, click here! , ! 8
  • Anti-SemitismDiscrimination, mistreatment or ,hatred against Jewish people Translation: Jewish spirits undermine German identity. : 9
  • Pogroms• During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Jews throughout Europe faced organised massacres especially in Eastern Europe and Russia • , 10
  • Holocaust•The worst example of anti-Semitism.•Carried out by the Nazis in1930-1940s•Nazi philosophy requirederadication of sub-humans –based on theirreligion, face, culture orsexuality. . 1930-1940 - , . 11
  • Holocaust• Synagogues were burnt• Jewish homes, businesses, schools and cemeteries were destroyed or burnt.• Jews were attacked and killed. • , , . . 12
  • HolocaustJews were taken and placed in Concentration Camps From personal records 13
  • HolocaustIn the camps, Jews were used for slave labour,medical experiments or death.Womens Slave Labour atRavensbruck Concentration Camp 14
  • Zionism • International movement for a Translation – the promised land - Jewish community be created in Palestine. • Later supported the modern State of Israel’s creation. . .A poster for a Zionist film screened in the 1930s toJews in Hungary and Romania. 1930 . 15
  • Why Zionism?1. The Jewish Bible says the God promised the land of Israel to the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.2. Jews could be safe forever.3. Zion means promised land in Hebrew. Translation – if you want it, it is not a story Theodor Herzl – founder of Zionism 16
  • ?1. " , , 2. . 3. . - 17
  • Push or Pull?Which factors were push and which were pull for the Jewish people? Which is the most and least important for you? Push factors Pull factors 1. Anti-Semitism 1. Promised Land 2. Pogroms 2. Zionism 3. Holocaust Click for the answers 18
  • Creation of the State ofIsrael 19
  • Israel now 20
  • WorkbookNow record your thoughts. How would you feel if youhad nowhere to feel safe, where would you go? Whatwould you do? Click on the icon to record yourcomments. . , ? ? . 21