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the flat class room project

the flat class room project



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It Slideshow It Slideshow Presentation Transcript

  • By: Ali Al Kuwari
    General Investigation
  • The flat classroom project is a project which aims in making communication and interaction easier by using web 2.0 tools. The Flat classroom project aims to bring awareness to the ideas that because of technology you can communicate with somebody half the way across the world from you, that there are no boundaries in what you can do with the help of technology.
    What is The flat classroom project?
  • A flatclassroom is a class room where it is easy to communicate and share with others around the world.
    Where you can teach two classes in one time for example
    What is a flat class room?
  • the things/ events that make it easier for us to communicate with each other and make it easier for us to do things that might have been complicated to do in the past.
    What are flatteners?
  • Flattener # 1
  • This event ended the cold war and it made it possible for people in other side of the wall were abe to join in in places in europe which were reloatively the richer people. The opening of a boundary and it made it easier for people to go from one side to another.
    #1: Collapse of the Berlin Wall:
  • netscape is a web browser which was revolutionary for it's time and with new feaatures and since it was very good it made it easier for people to use the world wide web and that broadend the audience of world wide web users.
    #2: Netscape:
  • it is the ability for machines to communicate with other machines using technological improvements and software such as skype and email.
    #3: Workflow software:
  • projects everybody can contribute to and can change. what is published
    #4: Open Source:
  • In friedman's book he argues haow outsourcing has made it easier to handle problems with distribution and quality control of products with less prices and more profit. With the use of fiber optic cables and sattelites it has become easier to communicate witht hose outsourced factories/ groups.
    #5: Outsourcing:
  • this is the relocation of a company's manufacturing branches or other processes to other regions and countries to cut costs.
    #6: Offshoring:
  • is the opening of chains country or world wide to further a company's consumer base and to open other countries to new ideas and for companies to make money from that.
    #7: Supply-chaining:
  • Where companies perform services for other companies in exchange for money or services.
    #8: Insourcing:
  • where it has become so easy for people to find out information due to search engines and the availability of all the information online.
    #9: In-forming:
  • personal digital devices which combine so many services into one device like mobile phones which make it easier to do things in just a few clicks. you can have all youre whole life in a very small object such as mobile phones.
    #10: "The Steroids":