Khalfan Al Muhairi - High Performance Top Coat Borcoat HE3450


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Khalfan Al Muhairi - High Performance Top Coat Borcoat HE3450

  1. 1. High Performance Top Coat Borcoat HE3450-H 2nd Kuwait Pipe Tech Conference & Exhibition 2011 Kuwait – 5th of October 2011 Khalfan Al Muhairi – Application Marketing Manager, Borouge1Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  2. 2. Source:BP, IEA 2006, 2008 Gtoe = Gigatons of oil equivalent2Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  3. 3. Outline Borouge Overview Corrosion in Oil&Gas Sector Overview 3 layers Polyolefin Steel Pipe Coating Systems High Performance Top Coat Borcoat HE3450-H Conclusion Remarks3Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  4. 4. Borouge…. A successful joint venture combining resources, feedstock and technology leadership4Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  5. 5. Strength in Europe & High growth in the Middle East and Asia European Customer Service Centre Sales and agents – Middle East/Asia Pacific Sales - Americas Innovation Centre Production Borealis Head office Joint venture centre Our high quality pipe grades supplied to many countries,5Annual Sales Conference 2006 from South Africa to Australia & New Zealand
  6. 6. Major expansions to triple capacity • Borouge 2 expansion increased Borouge’s capacity to 2 Million MTA in 2010 New PP capacity will be 800 KTA PE capacity will double from current 600 KTA to 1.2 Million MTA. Innovation Center • Borouge 3 Toward another success Borouge Polyolefins production capacity will be 4.5 million tonnes6 per year in total by the end of 2013Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge Pte Ltd
  7. 7. Continuing to successfully pursue our ‘Value Creation through Innovation’ path7Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge Pte Ltd
  8. 8. Innovative Polyolefin Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry Potable Water Gas Pipes Steel Coating Inner Lining Gravity Pipes8Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge Pte Ltd
  9. 9. Co-operation with Borealis • Borouge and Borealis are driven by innovation, striving to create value added solutions for industry • Joint manufacture and supply of Borcoat™ PE and PP coating system globally • Shared technical co-operations and Assistance • Use of Borealis competencies and laboratory equipments, including pilot- line • Global marketing presence9 • Joint participation in Industry eventsBorouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge Pte Ltd
  10. 10. Corrosion of steel pipelines is a major and growing problem for the oil and gas industry10Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  11. 11. Cost of Corrosion The annual cost of corrosion worldwide in 2010 is estimated at USD $ 2.2 Trillion (NACE-International, Houston, Texas, USA) Estimated Total Cost of Corrosion in GCC States US $ 57.96 Billion Source: CORROSION IN THE GULF COOPERATION COUNCIL11 (GCC) STATES: STATISTICS AND FIGURES – A. Al Hashem,Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge Corrosion UAE 2011
  12. 12. Onshore and Offshore PE and PP External Coatings 3LPE Systems  Dominating systems for Gas and Oil pipelines  Onshore O&G - main market, growing in Water transport  Healthy growth, due to many new Onshore projects  HDPE 3LPE fulfils vast majority of projects’ technical requirements 3LPP Systems  Niche market, still project based (10% of 3LPE volumes)  Offshore - main market, Oil exploration  High Growth is in specific regions / projects  Opportunity of developing Multi-Layers PP system for elevated Temperature and specific requirements12Annual Sales Conference 2006
  13. 13. Design Criteria for three layer PO Systems Minimize risk of outer layer damage through : Mechanical impact strength Indentation Resistance Resistance against UV degradation Resistance against Thermal degradation Resistance against Chemical attack Low built in “extrusion stresses” Avoid delamination between outer layer & epoxy Maximize coating production speed13Annual Sales Conference 2006
  14. 14. BorcoatTM Coating systems for Steel Pipes Global presence for over 30 years. Documented track record of over 55,000 kms of pipeline. Almost Approved by all international and major country standards Continuous innovation and launching of higher performing products. Sharing of knowledge and experience across value14 chain.Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  15. 15. Advanced 3LPE System MDPE 3 Layers System: Bimodal Grafted HDPE adhesive 1. Fusion Bonded Epoxy (FBE) Epoxy 2. Grafted Polymer Adhesive 3. Top coat Borcoat HE345015Annual Sales Conference 2006
  16. 16. 3LPP System – Technical overview16Annual Sales Conference 2006
  17. 17. Dolphin Gas Project  Investment of USD 3.5 Billion including the development cost of Gas reserves in Qatar  Transporting 3.2 Billion cubic feet per day of Natural Gas from Qatar to UAE  Total length of offshore coated pipeline was 340 km  36” and 48” pipes had been used for offshore part.  20 km of offshore pipeline had been coated with PP system including a layer of PU and HDPE jacketing on the top  320 km of offshore pipeline had been coated with 3LPE17© 2009 Borouge Pte Ltd
  18. 18. Global split in demand for 3LPE coating properties 18 Demands met by existing Borcoat PE products: - 50°C to +85°C Demand for new Borcoat PE products18 - 30°C to +90°CBorouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  19. 19. Innovations in 3LPE coating systems Operating Temp Higher temperature Borcoat HE3450-H 90 Borcoat HE3450 HD - System 80 MD - System 70 LD - System Mechanical 60 Requirements Average High Very high for PE Topcoat19Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  20. 20. Unmet needs in Pipe coating  Pipelines installed, stored and stacked in hot climates. Surface temperature may reach 85-90 deg during the day.  More construction activities in remote and difficult terrain. More damage possibility to coating due to rock impingement.  More onshore projects with higher operating temperatures.  Sieving of soil achieves only coarse backfill  Limited access to open trench from one side means pulling the pipe via rollers into final position  HDD with unpredictable conditions20Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  21. 21. Needs translated to material properties Higher storage and operating High Vicat and melting temperature temperature of PE and higher stabilization Intensive sunlight radiation Pre compounded Top coat with good CB dispersion Higher risk for damages Higher density of PE = higher High Water Table indentation hardness, Higher moisture barrier Scratches and pulling of pipe on higher scratch resistance= rollers higher notch resistance and resistance to crack growth Chemicals in the ground and Good ESCR (environmental water, Aggressive Soil stress crack resistance) Our innovation was aimed at increasing mechanical21 strength while not losing other propertiesBorouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  22. 22. The Borstar® bimodal process can tailor properties for the application Benefits Higher mechanical Performance, improved processing whilst maintaining ESCR and toughness.© 2008 Borealis AG 22 02 October 2011 Presentation title Borstar®
  23. 23. New Borcoat steel pipe coating solution Borcoat HE3450-H top coat compatible with grafted adhesive Borcoat ME0420 or ME0433 for best in class performance. Higher mechanical & Thermal properties combined with higher output HE3450-H ME0420/ME0433 Epoxy Steel23Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  24. 24. Borcoat HE3450-H resists Slow Crack Growth by reinforcing the amorphous regions in polymer matrix24Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  25. 25. Borcoat Density 0.962 HE3450-H 0.930 123.5˚C Vicat 110˚C Borcoat HE3450-H >5000 h ESCR >1000 h Draft ISO 21809-3 (class B) 60 Shore D 55 1050MPa *Tensile modulus 770MPa *not part of ISO 21809-3 requirements25Annual Sales Conference 2006
  26. 26. Pilot Line Trials with HE3450-H Krauss-Maffei 45/30D; screen pack 40/60/40 Screw speed 25, 50, 100, 150 rpm Monitoring processing: Output Pressure at screw end, pressure in the die Melt temperature in the extruder end outside the die Torque Monitoring coating: Neck-in winding: variation and pulsation Melt strength: max winding26 Peel strength testingBorouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  27. 27. Benchmarking of HE3450-H with HE3450 Moderate screw speed27Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  28. 28. Benchmarking of HE3450-H with HE3450 Higher screw speed Screw speed 100 rpm Screw speed 150 rpm28Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  29. 29. Externally verified properties Tests acc to ISO21809-1, DIN 30670,S, NFA 49-71029Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  30. 30. Commercial Project with Borcoat HE3450-H First trial of Borcoat HE3450-H at Jindal Saw Ltd, India. 3LPE coating was carried out on 6 inchX 6.4 mm ERW steel pipes for Indraprastha Gas Ltd, Citygas distribution Project in Delhi. Combination used : Top coat - HE3450-H Adhesive - ME0420 (220 mic) Epoxy - 226N-11G (150 mic). Overall thickness 2.7 mm.30 Phosphoric acid wash and Chromating was done.Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  31. 31. Commercial Project with Borcoat HE3450-H – Jindal Saw Darod – Jafrabad pipeline project of GSPC Extruder – Cincinnati 120 mm screw dia, 1800 kgs/hr max Output Line speed - 5 meters / minute. Top coat extruder speed = 42 rpm. Melt pressure with HE3450 = 98 bar. Melt pressure with HE3450-H = 82 bars (reduction by 16%) Melt temperature reduced from 217 to 213 deg C31Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  32. 32. Commercial Project with Borcoat HE3450-H – Jindal Saw, India Test results on Coating32Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  33. 33. Benefits for Oil & Gas Pipeline Owners  Higher indentation hardness of the material will greatly reduce the damage to the coating during handling, transportation and installation, which will extend the protection lifetime of the system.  Higher Softening temperature of new material enables the coating to handle higher surface temperatures of up to 90OC without softening. This property is particularly important for pipelines operating in the higher ambient temperatures in the in the Middle East and Asia.  Higher moisture barrier/ Chemical Resistance – Test results show that water vapor permeability for new grade is 50% less over current grades. Hence it is more suitable for high water table areas in GCC.33Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  34. 34. Some experience figures for pipe damages Up to 4% of pipes damaged 1-2% of pipes damaged between coating yard at coating yard and harbour or destination (120 out of 3000 pipes) 3300€ for completely Cost for one stripped and recoated repair of 10cm² coating 18”pipe “300-500€” 2 persons + material34Borouge reference line 2006© 2006 Borouge
  35. 35. Thank you for your attention Conclusion Remarks  Borouge – Value Creation through Innovation  Cost of Corrosion is increasing – Preventive vs. Corrective Strategy  All coatings will suffer and fail early if incorrectly applied or poorly specified.  3LPE coatings are the dominant coating system worldwide and increased market share in recent years.  Over 30 years experience has shown the durability and effectiveness of 3LPE Coating System.  HDPE and particularly Bimodal HDPE offers significant benefits  Borcoat HE3450-H completes our product mix for hot climates  Borcoat HE3450-H ensures improved mechanical protection at elevated temperatures for transport, storage, installation and operation35© 2009 Borouge Pte Ltd
  36. 36. For more information please contact: Khalfan Al Muhairi Application Marketing Manager, Pipe BU, Borouge khalfan.almuhairi@borouge.com36© 2009 Borouge Pte Ltd