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Adel Al Terkait - Knowledge Management at KPC

Adel Al Terkait - Knowledge Management at KPC






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    Adel Al Terkait - Knowledge Management at KPC Adel Al Terkait - Knowledge Management at KPC Presentation Transcript

    • Knowledge Management @ KPC
    • July 2005
    • LostKnowledge
    • Knowledgeis Power!
    • Variable Performance
    • Organizational Silos
    • Islands of Excellence
    • Strong Hierarchy
    • Internal Competition
    • Not Invented Here
    • 2030 Strategy "Ambition without Knowledge is Like a Boat on Dry Land." Mark Lee
    • BPT K Planning CoPs K Retention Storytelling LL SystemPrevious/Current Work – Future Work Last Update: 11 Mar 2010
    • The Strategy-Knowledge Link: What a Strategy-Knowledge Link What a Competitor Competitor Will Know Will Do What an Strategy-Knowledge Link What an Organization Organization Must Know Must Do Strategy-Knowledge Link What an What an Individual Individual Must Know Must DoKnowledge Strategic Gap Gap What an What an Individual Individual Knows Can Do Knowledge-Strategy Link What an What an Organization Organization Knows Can Do Knowledge-Strategy Link What a What a Competitor Competitor Knows Can Do Knowledge-Strategy Link Source: Dr. Dan Kirsch
    • K Matchmaking
    • Best Practice Transfer (BPT)
    • K Sharing is not Enough!
    • What is a Best Practice: “Repeatable activity that routinely results in superior performance.” Source: Kent Greenes
    • Continuous Improvement: Good Idea Current Good Practice Scope for the Program Best Practice Standard
    • What to Transfer: Category Process Process Process Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Process 1 Process 2 Process 3Activity or Activity or Activity or Expected LevelPractice 1 Practice 2 Practice 3 for Transfer
    • Best Practice Model:Work Current Company Company Company Best of BestSteps Method A B C Process 112 2 334 45 Source: Dr. Robert Camp
    • What to Gain by Sharing? Breakthrough Performance by Leveraging Prize 2 Collective Know-How Best Performance Before Sharing Prize 1 Known Knowledge GapCompany: A B C D Source: Kent Greenes
    • Communities of Practice (CoPs)
    • Volunteers
    • What is a Community of Practice (CoP)?• A core team of peer-recognised strong performers who have an ability to influence change, can share knowledge with and learn from others, be committed to achieving improvements for the Group as a whole, and can build strong relationships.• A wider network of people working on the same topic, facing the same challenges, who can learn from each other and from the stored knowledge of the community. core extended Source: Dr. Nick Milton
    • Community vs. Committee:Community Committee• Many people • Few people• Mostly workers • Mostly managers• Community leader helps the • Committee head has decision- community to reach agreement making authority• Exchange ideas without meeting • Exchange ideas when they meet• Meet online all the time • Meet infrequently• Support committees by making • Make decisions based on recommendations community output Source: Dr. Nick Milton
    • Types of CoPs Knowledge- Best Practice Innovation Helping Stewarding Community Community Community Community Business Drivers • Technical • Lower cost • Technical market • Lower cost excellence through leadership through reuse • Professional standardization • Track shifting • Preserve development • Consistency of market trends technical • Thought product excellence leadership • Reduce risks • Social • Improve responsibility outcomes • Employee relations Key Activities and • Enlist leading • Collecting, • Share insights • Connecting Processes experts vetting, and warning signs members • Manage Content publishing • Decipher trends • Knowing who’s • Identify • Enforcing who emerging trends Knowledge • Tacit to explicit • Low on tacit • Explicit to tacit • Tacit – high and tacit to tacit • Explicit to (sense-making) socialization explicit Source: APQC
    • Community Activities for Adding Value• Solving problems for each other• Mentoring and coaching each other• Learning before (Peer Assist)• Learning during (After Action Review)• Learning after (Retrospect)• Benchmarking performance with each other• Exchanging resources• Collaborating on purchasing (buying things that any one member could not justify)• Collaborating on contracts (using the purchasing power of the community)• Cooperating on trials and pilots• Publishing joint-papers (and presenting at conferences)• Importing Knowledge• Sharing and transferring best practices• Sharing results of studies• Exchanging equipment (re-use old equipment, share spares)• Warning of risks• Building and maintaining documented best practices• Developing checklists and templates• Identifying knowledge retention issues• Identifying training gaps and collaborating on training provision• Creating Knowledge (Innovation) – new products, services or opportunities Last Update: 6 Jan 2011
    • Value Added: Money saved Work simplified “Learning before” (Estimated value KD) Saved time Work avoided Faster implementation (Estimated value days) Rework avoided Resources shared Improved productivity Better decisions Resources reused Improved satisfaction Travel avoided Worksteps removed Behaviour change Improved safety Reduced business risk Morale improved Reduced emissions Reduced health risks Energy saved Better quality Customer satisfaction Enhanced reputation
    • Benefits of having a CoP (WIIFM): Source: Dr. Etienne Wenger
    • Existing Communities • Automation • Energy Efficiency • Environment • Health • Inspection & Corrosion • Performance Management • Project Management • Safety • Talent Management • TurnaroundNew Communities launched in 2010 Last Update: 19 April 2010
    • Best Practice Program Phase 3BP Champion CEO Community Structure BP Steering CommunityBP Sponsor MD DMD Committee Sponsor Delivery Direction Delivery & Support Support BP PMO Community Leader relationship Core Team Facilitator Deputy Leader Extended Community
    • Storytelling
    • Outcomes
    • Better Practice Transfers during Phase 1: Best Practice Adopters Sources Benefits TransferredElimination of Freight Forwarding Impacted decision to eliminate a KD 3MM foreign KNPC KOC Contracts by Foreign Suppliers supplier contract.Peer Assist Knowledge Transfer BP, SAIC, Accelerated transfer of Best Practices and lessons KOC Process Shell, SA learned before a project begins. Incoming Material Inspection Increased quality of materials received from KNPC KOC Policy suppliers. KGOC +Use of e-Procurement Reverse Under - Reduction in days to close RFQ from 30 to 4 Auction Tools (TEJARI) for review by PIC - Reduction from 12 signatures to 2 Purchase Quotations Under KPC, KNPC, - Reduction of 18 employee touches to 3 5,000KD KPI KGOC & PIC + All pending actions and tasks assigned and Work Handover Guidelines for Adaptation in understood, completed as scheduled, which led to KNPC Scheduled Leave progress by consistency in operations – a “Simple format with KPC & KPI superb results.”
    • Case Study (Qualification): Contractor Qualified Staff Unqualified Staff
    • Case Study (Qualification): Contractor Qualified Staff Unqualified Staff
    • Case Study (Qualification): Community Contractor Qualified Staff Unqualified Staff
    • Better Practice Transfers during Phase 2:Community Topic Source Adopter Case Video Benefit studyProject Mgt Risk Log KNPC KOTC Yes Yes EfficiencyPerf Mgt Management KOC KPC, KPI, Yes Yes Money Action Tracking KGOC, +Efficiency System KOC +TimeEnvironment Sharing Light Bulb KOC KPC Yes Yes Hazard Recycling Resources +MoneySafety Job Safety Analysis KOC KOTC Yes Yes Hazard reduction +TimeRecruitment Contracts KPC KOC Yes Yes Time +ComplianceI&C Qualification KOC KNPC Yes Yes Quality
    • Better Practice Transfers during Phase 3:Community PracticeAutomation •Automating SPATSEnergy Efficiency •Sensor-controlled office lighting •GEM steam trapsEnvironment •Faucets •Worm FarmsHealth •Smoking campaign material •Ergonomics study 24I&C •Transformer Rectifiers •Ammonium Bisulphite •Contractor pre-qualification •Corrosion coupon retrieval procedurePerf. Management •Automated Balanced Scorecard •Six SigmaProject Management •Value Creation Template •KNPC project management templatesSafety •Driver speed monitor •Visitor induction video •UD Induction •HSE training centre •PPE •Electronic work permits •HSE liveTalent Management •Top 5 TalentsTurnaround •KNPC Turnaround manual
    • Knowledgeis Power!
    • There is more!
    • Think Together
    • A New Venue to
    • Breakthroughs
    • Need Help?
    • For more info: Adel M. Saleh Al-Terkait Head of Best Practice PMO Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) P.O. Box 26565 13126 - Safat KUWAIT Direct: (+965) 2499 3588 Assist: (+965) 2499 3583 Fax: (+965) 2499 3581 Mobile: (+965) 6600 0428 Email: aterkait@kpc.com.kw Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/aterkait