50 things part 2 in word notes


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50 things part 2 in word notes

  1. 1. PART 2 (Page 1 of 2) The five things that I am going to do today. INTERVIEW DEVELOPMENT SKILL PROGRAMSweat: Our bodies were made to move. We are not designed tosit in front of a computer or in a car all day long. Get up andmove, when your body pumps blood through you blood vessels,you tend to feel energetic, clear minded and more enthusiastic.Shower: Now my guess is that you are already doing that! Trycold water, which would definitely wake you up, then move to awarm water. Your blood vessels and capillaries will thank you andthat should really freshen you up.Be nice: I don’t know whether you have heard the effects ofkindness on the brain! The book by Wayne Dyer in which heshares a science of kindness in his book “Power of intention”. Hisstory goes something like this; Serotonin is a drug that makes youfeel good. It’s what the pharmaceuticals make , it’s also a drugthat god managed to pump into our brains, when you dosomething kind for someone, the other individual has serotoninreleased into the brain, it has the similar effect on you as well.Now if your act of kindness was watched, imagine the effect youcreated. So be nice.Be Grateful: Gratitude,now that is a powerful emotion. I dare youto be depressed, angry, stressed, whatever. While you arethinking of something for what u are grateful, take a moment tostep out of that emotion and think of three things that you aregrateful for. It maybe the fact that you are grateful that you arealive, grateful for that fact that I am here with you. Just giveyourself the gift of attitude.
  2. 2. DRINK PLENTY OF WATER: Your body needs a minimum of 8glasses every day. Your body needs water for everything rightfrom releasing toxins to maintaining skin health. If you are notdrinking enough water, your energy levels would drop and youwould end up with headaches, your brain and heart are sensitiveand even the slightest dehydration would affect you. If you don’tdrink enough water your blood volume would be affected andsince your body needs lot water you would end up lethargic andtired. So the tip is drink enough water the entire day.Exercises for this session1. Try to remember the last time you ran a Kilometer, what is yourrecollection of the incident. If you don’t, run a kilometer today andwrite your experience down in twenty lines.2. How good do you feel after a shower first thing in the morning?Write a brief summary on the “feel good feeling”3. Recollect 3 happenings in your life when you were nice withsomeone, or when someone was nice with you. Let your classknow about it.4. Practice a breathing exercise for 3 minutes. Discuss with yourclass whether you feel more confident and positive.5. How grateful are you for all the good things that happen in yourlife? Let your class know about one instance in your life when youwere very grateful.