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Production management.. ppt Production management.. ppt Presentation Transcript

  • LEAN PRODUCTION AND JIT (Just - in - time)
  • WHAT IS LEAN PRODUCTION? Lean production has its roots in Toyota Automobile Co. of Japan, where waste was to be avoided at all cost the excluding part included : (1) The waste in time. (2) The waste of investment (3) The waste of having ideal workers. The core idea is to maximise CUSTOMER VALUE while minimising waste.
  • ABOUT LEAN PRODUCTION. The ultimate goal is to provide perfect value to the customer through perfect value creation process that has ZERO waste. Lean production has its key element that is -JIT (Just –In-Time)
  • JIT (JUST-IN-TIME) “JIT is an approach that seeks to eliminate all sources of waste in production activities by providing the right part at the right place at the right time.” It is known by different names: - The Toyota system. - Zero Inventory. - Kan –Ban system.
  • HISTORY AND DEVELOPMENTOF JIT SYSTEM JIT system was developed at the Toyota motor company in Japan.It was popularised in the mid 1970’s. Many leading corporations in the US have implemented JIT and it has achieved widespread use around the world.
  • CONCEPTS OF JIT. There are three fundamental concepts of JIT are: (1)Elimination of waste and variability. (2)“Pull” versus “Push” system and (3) Manufacturing cycle time (or “throughput” time)
  • CHARACTERISTICS/FEATURES OF JIT. Pull method of material flow. Constantly high quality. Small lot sizes. Uniform workstation loads. Standardised components and work methods. Close supplier ties. Flexible workforce. Line flow strategy. Automated production and Preventive maintenance.
  • BENEFITS OF JIT.o Inventory levels are drastically reduced.o Product quality is improved elimination of unpleasant suppliers .o Reduction in customer related problems.o Improvements in communication .o Improvements in employees morale.
  • COMPANY VISITED- BISLERI M.R RAMESH CHAUHAN is the vintage boss of the 250 crore PARLE BISLERI LIMITED. There are three stages of production cycle. It also involves production process.
  • APPLICATION OF LEANPRODUCTION – BISLERICOMPANY Reduction of stocks and supplies which were kept on the factory floor. JIT –used in production process.Production line workers use a“KAN –BAN” signalling system.
  • FUTURE PLANS Bisleri have been the market leaders in India. Their raw material comes from reliance industries limited who are their main suppliers of the raw material i.e. PET.