Corprative and rural marketing


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Corprative and rural marketing

  3. 3. AcknowledgmentWe have taken efforts in this project. However, it would not have been possiblewithout the kind support and help of PROF.Binita.B. We would like to extend oursincere thanks to her.We highly indebted to her, for her guidance and constant supervision as well as forproviding necessary information regarding the project & also for the support incompleting the project.We would like to express our gratitude towards our parents & member of for theirkind co-operation and encouragement which help in completion of this project.Our thanks and appreciations also go to my colleague in developing the project andpeople who have willingly helped us out with their abilities.
  4. 4. INTRODUCTION1. Company profile(SANZO):- Manufacturer:- Global motors also called. Production:- 2010- present. Assembly :- Navi Mumbai(Nerul). Class:- City and rural car. Body style:- 4-door. Layout:- RR layout Engine:- 2 cylinder SOHC diesel multipoint fuel injection all aluminium 624cc and battery for eco friendly car. Transmission :- 4 speed synchromesh with overdrive Wheelbase:- 2230 mm Length:- 3099mm Width:- 1495mm Kerb weight:- 600kg(1300 lb) 635kg(1400 lb) Designer:- Daniel Schutz2. About Global Motors:- The following case study is about SANZO car, a car by Global motors. SANZO is the most inexpensive car which is launched by global motors. Global motors is a newly established firm aiming to gain profits in automobile sector. It has only launched automobile line of passenger vehicles. Global motors has launched a segment of car because of the rising demand of vehicles in India, as india is 2nd biggest car buyer in the world. In order to attract rural consumers Global motors hve slogan for SANZO car which goes as “SANZO KA SATH AAM AADMI KE HATH” and
  5. 5. inorder to attract consumers attention of urban consumers there is another slogan which is “NEW SANZO VITO POWER”3. Reason To Launch An Inexpensive car:- Looking at the rapidly increasing demand of automobile i.e. car segments Global motors decided to launch a SANZO car. Global motors is mainly targeting the middle class consumers in urban as well as rural market.4. Types Of SANZO Car And Price:- SANZO Eco-friendly car - Rs. 2.80 lakh. SANZO diesel car - Rs. 2.50 lakh.5. About SANZO Car:- SANZO car comes with great looks and a superior feel, yet with the economy easiness of the SANZO(hatchback) SANZO with its varients targets the middle class consumers with car prices between rs. 2.50 lakh -2.80 lakh.6. Benefits TO Global Motors From Governement:- The stimulus packages from government led to the growth of the global motors. As the project of the Global motors is also to the benefit for the environment and looking at the report and case study loan of RS. Without interest rate which would help us to grow in automobile market easily.7. Company‟s Schemes:-
  6. 6. As Global motors is a newly launched company it is mainly targeting middle class consumers in Maharashtra. In order to afford the pockets of rural market consumers it has kept the pricing accordingly. Global motors is also giving schemes to the rural market consumers. They are a. Rural market consumers can buy car on installments that to at a low interest rate i.e. 11% interest rate. b. It is priced very low and is affordable to middle class consumers and also the living life style of consumers in rural market in increasing and develpoping. 8. Marketing Concept and Strategy:- It is fundamental idea of marketing that organizations survive and prosper through meeting the needs and wants of customers. This important perspective is commonly known as the marketing concept. SANZO is one such product which is been manufactured while keeping in mind the needs and wants of the target consumers. To understand the marketing concept of SANZO, we need to understand the strategy that the management at GLOBAL Motors has employed. GLOBAL Motors have conceptualized their strategy around the BOP theory given by CK Prahalad in the year. Lower Middle Class at the bottom of the pyramid (BOP)- represents a very attractive market opportunity. India being a developing economy has a large portion of population of low andmedium earning class of people. Due to increase in population and the developingnature of the economy more people are getting added to the BOP, who have desiresand wants to have cars. Even today in India, Lower-Medium earning class familiestravel on two wheeler and three wheeler, just because they cannot afford to buy acar. Consumer demand is a want for a specific product supported by an abilityand willingness to pay for it. GLOBAL Motors has fulfilled this desire of people,to have their own car by launching its product. 9. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT :- The Marketing Concept is about matching a companys capabilities withcustomer wants. This matching process takes place in what is called as the
  7. 7. MARKETING ENVIRONMENT. Marketing Environment consists of followingfactors they are:- (1)The Company. (2)Suppliers. (3)Marketing Intermediaries. (4)Competitors. (5)Customers. (6)Public.(1) THE COMPANY:- Entire project, SANZO CAR was an innovation byGLOBAL Motors and it continued till the car being delivered to the customer. Thecompany made its suppliers think innovatively for the production of parts whichthey got from them i.e. the suppliers were asked to perform the research on theproducts which reduces the companys R&D costs. The light weight bumpers, threebolted wheels are the strengths of the SANZO CAR which actually increases themileage of the car.(2) SUPPLIERS:- The suppliers are:- (a)Boron carbide:-Triveni Interchem Pvt. Ltd. ( Group Of Triveni Chemicals)Vapi. (b)Glass Fibre Discs (GFDS):- Industrial Glass Company Vashi, Thane. (c)Conductive Plastic Compounds:- Blend Colours Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad. (d)Steel Shots:- Elite Traders, New Delhi. (e)Marble Polishing Abrasive Cake:- Sharad Enterprises, Jodhpur. (f)Abrasive Rolls:- Poornarth Solutions, Delhi. (g)Abrassive Cut-Off Machine for Metallography for Quality Control Lab:- Narang Metallurgical, New Delhi. (h)Garnet Sand:- Prime Laboratories, Hyderabad. (i)Abrasive Filament Brushes:- Ganesh Brush Manufacturers, Pune. (j)Electroplated Diamond & CBN Pins:- Jain Precision Tools, Aurangabad. (k)Steel Scrubber:- Matrix Exports, Bengaluru. (l)Abrasive Epoxy System:- Roto Polymers And Chemicals, Chennai. (m)Boron Carbide Powder Paste:- Varun Udyog Diamond Tools, Navi Mumbai. (n)Jointless Asbestos Cloth(54" to 84"):- Shree Fire Pack Insulator PrivateLimited, Ahmedabad. (o)Shot And Grit-blasting Comparators:- Bombay Tools Center, Bombay. (p)Grinding Wheel:- Gauri Shankar Trading Corporation, Noida. (q)Segment:- Royal Arc Electrodes Limited, Mumbai. (r)Abrasive Belts:- MSK Products Private Limited, Hosur. (s)Folder Gluer Belts:- Sanket Belting, Surat.
  8. 8. (t)Coated Drusy:- Sizzling Silver, Jaipur.(3) MARKETING INTERMEDIARIES:- The Marketing Intermediaries support a lot in Marketing and sales ofSANZO. It has an extensive dealer network throughout the country and support,financially also by having tie ups with leading banks.(4) COMPETITORS:- SANZO has competitors like TATA NANO. Renault and CherryCorporation are trying to launch a car in the small segment. Maruti 800 can beconsidered as a close competitor.(5) CUSTOMERS:- The customers of SANZO can be people in all classes but it is especiallymade for lower middle class people. People who only dreamed about cars canreally buy this car as it priced inorder to afford people. The upper class family canalso be attracted as it has got an extraordinary style and attractive colorful looks.So people who have craze for cars will surely buy it.(6) PUBLIC:- As far as SANZO is concerned, it has a lot of response and support from thepublic. Lot of communities and blogs were created in which people themselvesjoined and were keen to know about the features of SANZO. 10. Production and manufacturing process:- a. Manufacturing strategy:- the assembly company is in navi mumbai nerul because it is easier to target the south maharashtra nd the transportation costs will be also less as well as urban city mumbai will also be easily accessible to the company so it will be able to target both rural and urban markets.
  9. 9. RURAL CONSUMER PROFILE The Rural Consumer Profile shows some distinctive characteristics, whichmake them different from urban customers. They differ from urban consumers inthe following ways:- Educational Profile:- Most of the rural consumers in South of Maharashtra ( Pune, Nashik,Ahmednagar, Solapur,etc) who used to be illiterate now the literacy rate isincreasing in such rural areas. The quality level of education in the pat 10 years hasshown an increasing growth. Visual displays and phonetics are more preffered forpromoting the products in rural areas. Consumers in rural market prefers messagesof the product should be thorough and descriptive. Demonstration and suggestionsleads to a greater impact on the rural consumer. Low Income Profile:- Average income of a rural consumer in South of Maharashtra is much lessthan the urban counterpart. Inspite of the fact that rural incomes have grownmanifolds in the last decade, a large part of rural consumers income is spent o thebasic necessities, thus leaving lesser amount of disposable income on otherproducts. Hence, a rural consumer is much more price sensitive than an urbanconsumer. Most of the demand is for low priced products. Keeping all this factorsin mind GLOBAL Motors has managed to keep the price of SANZO which isaffordable to middle class rural consumers who are price sensitive. Occupation:-
  10. 10. The principle occupation of rural consumers in Pune, Nashik, Ahmednagar,Solapur is agriculture. However, the basis of differentiation is size and ownershipof land. There are big farmers,small farmers and farm workers. Whereas bigfarmers have reasonable high incomes to spend on luxury items. A large proportionof rural customers also work in factories like sugar factory as well as tourism andhotels is also one of the important occupation in South of Maharashtra. Pune is alsofamous for an IT sector. As the overall standard of living of consumers isincreasing GLOBAL Motors is mainly targetting rural consumers on a small scaleinorder to gain profits as well as full fill the wishes of consumers of having cars. Opinion Leaders:- Opinion leader in rural areas can be defined as a person who is consideredto be knowledgeable and is consulted by others and his advice is normallyfollowed. The typical opinion leader in a rural market are primary health workers,doctors, teachers, politicians, panchayat members and other leading brandambassadors spreads the good word about the product technicalities. GLOBALMotors has hired retailers in villages in South Maharashtra so as to influence thepurchase decision of a rural consumer. Media Habits:- Television and radio are important mass media in a village. Rural consumersof today are more aware of the surroundings with the help of mass media. Radioprogrammes reach 15% of the Indian population and reach of Televisionprogrammes is now as high as 85%. As a result GLOBAL Motors is promoting itsCar more and more through Television ads and internet. Brand Conscious Consumer:- The rural consumers in South of Maharashtra are becoming more and moreaware of brands because of the increase in standard of living of people as well asdue to mass media. Many national and regional brands are today building a strongrural base without much advertising support with catchy slogans which attracts theconsumers. Keeping this fact in mind GLOBAL Motors is keeping focused onrural market as India is also the second largest consumer in the world. Value For Money:- Rural consumers are shoppers for products with high value for money.They do not but cheap products, but buy products and brands which promise todeliver higher value. In order to full fill the desires of Middle Class rural
  11. 11. consumers of owing a car GLOBAL Motors has launched SANZO Car which isinexpensive with schemes which suits the pockets of consumers. SALES FORCE MANAGEMENT:- The Sales Manager of GLOBAL Motors has led down schemes for ruralmarket so that there is increase in sales of SANZO Car. Rural consumers can now buy SANZO Car on installments which is one of thestrategy of sales manager so as to increase the sales. The edition of eco-friendly carhas also led to the increase in sales because of an affordable prices given byGLOBAL Motors. Sales manager is targetting mainly and especially rural markets because of theincreasing standard of living of people as well as keeping their wants in mind hehas planned various strategies like promoting brand through television, banners,mouth to mouth publicity which will indirectly help in increasing the sales which isthe prime motto of sales manager.
  12. 12. POSITIONINGPositioning is the act of finding a place in the minds of consumers andlocating the brand therein.companies have to plan positions that givetheir products the necessary advantage in the target market.1. Identify Differnces :- The first preference given by us will be consumers motive that is when he purchases a product.several approaches in positioning our product will be taken in order to enhance the product. a. PRODUCT DIFFERENTIATION :-product will be differentiated in terms of shape,size,colour,quality. Size:- capable od carrying 4-5 people. Color:- black,grey. Quality :- product quality will be of premium and efficient. b. Service differentiation:-services will be differentiated in the form of delivery,after sales services and maintenance. c. People :- people or personalities(films and celebrities )who are widely respected and admired by consumers especially in the rural areas as we can say the areas which weare targeting,bring a differentiation to the image of product and its services.
  13. 13. d. Image: image of a brand or a company may win the customer even though the product is very much similar to the competitor‟s one. Image is built by advertisements, symbols, signs. 2.Selecting The Right Differences :- the best alternatives will beselected since there are various parameters for product positioning. Some criticalfactors that will be considered whilen positioning a brand will be attractiveness,distinctive, pre-emptive, affordable, communicable.3.Communicating :- effective communication will clarify the target market,will state the value preposition and will identifies the supporting productdifferentiated.
  14. 14. TARGETINGSegmentation is the process of establishing and establishing alternative marketsegments.targeting involves evaluating various segments and selecting how manyand which ones to target. 1. EVALUATION OF SEGMENTS :- PROFITABILITY :- profitability is something that everyone wants with efficient production,manufacturing and marketing process. Attractiveness:- attractiveness is important in every product and a car can b made attractive accordingly. Company objectives:- Better efficiency, profitability, expansion of sales and marketing. Limitations:- society, government are some aspects that can criticise against a particular company. 1. COVERAGE OF SEGMENTS :-
  15. 15. RURAL MARKETING SEGMENTATION Market segmentation is the process of dividing or categorizing market into different groups based on one or more variables. The division or categorization is based on the premise that different people have different preferences. BASIS OF SEGMENTATION 1) Geographic segmentation 2) Demographic segmentation 3) Psychographic segmentation 4) Behavioural segmentation Every organisation have to approach market according to the basis,segmentation will be done. MARKET SEGMENTATIONThe areas we targeted are outskirts of Maharashtra including mainlyPune,Solapur,Ahmednagar,Nashik.
  16. 16. 1. GEOGRAPHIC :- As the area targeted is around Maharashtra the geographic area will not be different Zone:- west State :- Maharashtra Climate :- has a tropical wet and dry climate. Culture :- symbolises Marathi culture. 2. DEMOGRAPHIC :-AREA GENDER M FAMILY EDUCATION RELIGION F SIZEPUNE 4-5 81% HinduAHMEDNAGAR 53% 47% 4-5 72%SOLAPUR 51% 49% 4-5 77%NASHIK 54% 46% 4-5 74%3.PSYCHOGRAPHIC :- SOCIAL CLASS :- lower-middle , upper-middle and upper-lower. Lifestyle :- standard of living is quiet improvised,as these states and villages are developing. 4. BEHAVIOURAL :- PURCHASING OCCASION :- Buyers can be segmented on the basis of the occasions on which they buy. USER STATUS :- as the product will b introduced,it will a first time user by a customer.