Suraksha againts lpg


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A small presentation about Roboticwares innovative product - Suraksha which alerts the user through SMS on LPG leakage

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Suraksha againts lpg

  1. 1. Let us tell you a story . . .
  2. 2. In India…
  3. 3. . . .in the state of Rajasthan. . .
  4. 4. . . . in a small house . . .
  5. 5. . . . lives an old lady. . . …lives Ram.
  6. 6. Ram isfor herself. . . She cooks food a potter
  7. 7. While cooking, she often leaves gas stove ON
  8. 8. Her grandson doing Phd stays with her and is always worried for her
  9. 9. But it wasn’t always convenient to stay always with her grandmother. And he was worried because…
  10. 10. Because a small lpg leakage could lead to big accident. . .
  11. 11. . . . And she never seesher grandmother again
  12. 12. In a newspaper she read about Suraksha. . . . . . and leaves a query to Roboticwares
  13. 13. “I would like to order the SMS alert system for LPG gas . i amliving with my grandmother whooften forgets to switch the stove off. I am thankful that you havecreated this detector which canswitch off the stove in case of a leakage. I would like to order one as soon as possible.”
  14. 14. SurakshaSMS alert on LPG gas leakageDetects LPG gasAudio-visual alarmSMS alert to alarm remotelyInnovated by :- Gautam KumarRoboticwares Pvt. Ltd.
  15. 15. . . . With suraksha they enjoyLOT more freedom and security against LPG leakage
  16. 16. Roboticwares Pvt Ltd
  17. 17. About RoboticWares??!!
  18. 18. Shameless self promotionFounded by 3 young technocrats in 2009.A leading technology solutions provider,today.Top 75 Start ups of India: Year 2009-2010Development of innovative products forsocietyProducts: FAR EYE, SURAKSHA,UNIMATEClients: IOCL, GAIL, BSNL, MARUTISUZUKI
  19. 19. What do we do ??• Sensor based automation systems• FAR EYE - GPS tracking systems• SURAKSHA – SMS Alert on LPG leakage• Unimate – University automation system• Legal Compliance Management systemWe develop innovative products for society to improve their life
  20. 20. Gas leakage alarmandUNIMATE installed inmany engineeringcolleges.
  21. 21. Communication aids for physically challenged people
  22. 22. Bharat Petroleum says it
  23. 23. Devices and platforms enabling jobs for physically disabled Products promoted by National and International media.
  24. 24. Web Media promoting RoboticWares innovative products for society
  25. 25. RoboticWares on the List ofTop 75 Startups of India
  26. 26. About Gautam KumarMr. William has rightly said…..Adversity causes some men to break; others tobreak records.He is a Social innovator, Entrepreneur, Inventor.Currently co-founder and Chief Technical Officerat Roboticwares Pvt Ltd
  27. 27. Gautam Kumar - Social Innovator of the yearIn 2010, Technology Reviewannounced the India TR35list that recognizes theoutstanding innovatorsunder the age of 35 for theircontinuing work in India thathas the highest impactlocally and globally.Here they highlightinnovators in India whosework is changing our world. Since 1999, the editors of Technology Review have honored the young innovators whose inventions and research were found most exciting; today that collection is the TR35, a list of technologists and scientists, all under the age of 35.
  28. 28. Talk on Innovation and trends in GPSA first NationalConference onTracking andNavigation 2012 atNew Delhi on 2ndand 3rd February,2012 which focusedon the usage of GPSin India and alsorelevantdevelopments in GPSacross the world.Gautam Kumar was Inaugural session was addressed by Shri Tushar Chaudhary-invited to deliver a Honorable Minister of State, Shri AK Saroha- Director (Urbantalk on innovations Transport), Ministry of Surface Transport and Highways, Shriand trends in GPS. Pradeep Gupta- Secretary, CA & PDS, Jammu & Kashmir.
  29. 29. Entrepreneurs of tomorrow awardThe EIILM India LeadershipAwards are aimed atrecognising Achievers, SuperAchievers and FutureBusiness Leaders in India.Theceremony was organised bythe Bengal Chamber ofCommerce and Industry andthe Eastern Institute forIntegrated Learning inManagement. Gautam wasrecognised for hisinnovations like - Suraksha(SMS alert on LPG leakage)for our society and fewothers. Gautam Kumar, was recognised as Super Achiever at the India Leadership Summit in Kolkata.
  30. 30. Session on social innovationYoung Indian Entrepreneurs (YIE) in association with KIITTBI organized YIE - Meet Bhubaneswarwith an objective to create entrepreneurship awareness (on the basics of starting, growing andfunding a new venture) among the aspiring student entrepreneurs.
  31. 31. Speaker at Infosys Speaking TreeThe theme for this session was “Young Innovators Series”. He needs to address to the youngengineers of Infosys. He talked about his achievements and journey towards entrepreneurship.He shared his experiences on innovations and tried to enlighten them with some advices.
  32. 32. Certified trainerIn a recent agreement, Microchip has authorized Roboticwares trainer - Gautam Kumar toconduct training programmes on Microchip boards, controllers and other products. Microchip isa Global leader in Controller and Industrial automation.We now conducts Training Programmes by Microchip certified professionals, on the tools andtechnologies of MicroChip. We conduct short (20-hours) workshops and long (80-hours) trainingprogrammes on embedded systems andr obotics.Gautam Kumar - Official trainer of Roboticwares for RCSA certification in robotics
  33. 33. Innovative sessions on robotics and embedded systemsGautam is a young anddynamic with huge passionfor technical education andentrepreneurship.He himself has a wonderfulrecord in the field ofrobotics. He has wonawards in the field ofrobotics at national andinternational level during hisengineering career.And soon he took up hispassion as a job and startedspreading his knowledge andskills on robotics andtechnology Mission - By developing an active interest of youth in robotics and embedded systems, he aims to lay a strong foundation for the technical development of our country.
  34. 34. Appreciated well in media too
  35. 35. Session on robotics at VIT
  36. 36. Gautam’s profileCo-founder Roboticwares Pvt LtdAn innovator and entrepreneur having passion for technology and rich experience in the field ofembedded system and robotics, popularly and affectionately called “Robo Geek” by hisundergraduate friends.He has been a constant promoter of robotics and has been frequently sharing his knowledgeand expertise. He has addressed many Conference/ Workshop/ Symposiums on robotics atNational & International Level which includes all major colleges of repute.Technical Projects:-SMART HomeTeam member of Far Eye – India’s first desi GPS tracking systemHuman interface designeMeasure (Portable Distance Measurement Digital Device)Communication aid for disabled/socially challenged peopleSuraksha : SMS alert on LPG gas leakage (Filled up patent for Suraksha)