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  2. 2. REASONS FOR POVERTY High Cost of eatables & daily needs One of the main reason for poverty in India is rising cost of each and every needs for low caste people. Rich people are becoming more and more rich by taking money from people through frauds, corruption etc.. Main reason for this is that people are aware of laws but they still continue to do the same. They don't want to change their attitude. Other reason for poverty is rising cost of education. The work of educational institutions is to provide education to each and every child but now a days they just want to have their own profit.
  3. 3. So they increase the price of stationary and fees and prescribe us to go to a particular shop for things for which they have some kind of interest. __________________________________________________ People don’t fight for their own rights. Lower caste people are always afraid that if they will fight for their own rights so they’ll be troubled others will think bad about them and their reputation will go down. Now days so many TV programs like “Crime Petrol”, “Savdhan India” etc. make us aware of poverty. Many social servicing committees like “LCWC(Local Child Welfare Committee)” etc. wants to help them but when these committees explain them to come forward they refuse. Instead they say that every thing is all right and they don’t want their help so, these members also cannot do any thing.
  4. 4. Backwardness of people India is a developing country but still more than91% Indians are superstitious. They still belief in miracles, black magic, fraud Babas, souls, ghosts, rebirth according to the “pap and punya (good and bad deeds, sin)” of this one etc.. People go and “arpan” their money on God. Ex. People go and put milk on “Shiva lings” instead if that milk will go in stomach of someone who is hungry then God will be happy not when people put that milk on “Shiva lings” and that milk goes in drainage system! If someone say that go to that baba I was also having the same problem that you have. Immediately he’ll go there and spend money on baba. After some time also he don’t get relief so he visit doctor and doctor examine him from report of same it was clear that baba was a fraud. So we should be alert and not come under such frauds.
  5. 5. Rapidly Rising Population: The population during the last 45 years has increased at the rate of 2.2% per annum. On average 17 million people are added every year to its population which raises the demand for consumption goods considerably. Low Productivity in Agriculture: The level of productivity in agriculture is low due to subdivided and fragmented holdings, lack of capital, use of traditional methods of cultivation, illiteracy etc. This is the main cause of poverty in the country.
  6. 6. Unemployment: The continuously expanding army of unemployed is another cause of poverty. The job seeker is increasing in number at a higher rate than the expansion in employment opportunities. Social Factors: The social set up is still backward and is not conducive to faster development. Laws of inheritance, caste system, traditions and customs are putting hindrances in the way of faster development and have aggravate" the problem of poverty.
  7. 7.  Political Factors: The Britishers started lopsided development in India and reduced Indian economy to a colonial state. They exploited the natural resources to suit their interests and weaken the industrial base of Indian economy. In independent India, the development plans have been guided by political interests. Hence, the planning a failure to tackle the problems of poverty and unemployment. These were some main reasons for Poverty
  8. 8. STEPS SHOULD BE TAKEN BY GOVERNMENT(TO CONTROL POVERTY)  Poverty and unemployment are interred related. Therefore, adequate employment opportunities should be created in rural areas particularly in agricultural sector. In order to eliminate agricultural unemployment it is necessary to improve agriculture in the country. Good seeds, good tools, good manure must be arranged for it if the production is to be increased. The major cause of agricultural unemployment in India is the dependence of cultivation upon the rains. Thus, there should be a proper and good arrangement of irrigation through minor and major projects.
  9. 9. If conditions for marketing agricultural produce do not favor the cultivator, the increase in production will not alleviate the problem of agricultural unemployment. The organisation of the agricultural market will increase the income of the cultivator as well as improve the situation with regard to unemployment. The total impact of land reform on rural formation has been for less then had been hoped for. Effort should be made to remove the loop holes in land legislations in order to make land reform more meaningful and effective additional lands should be redistributed among landless laborers, the marginal sub marginal farmers, so that they will be able to earn more.
  10. 10. Effort should be made to provide the landless laborers with maximum of land by making barren land fertile. Animal husbandry and cattle breeding have great potential, not only in unemployment but also in overcoming malnutrition. The government should extent special encouragement for animal husbandry, poultry and fish farming. Necessary training for poultry and diary farming should be imparted. An improvement in agriculture, not supplemented by any other corrective measure cannot provide employment to the increasing population. Besides the farmer should also get some work during that period of the year when he is not engaged in cultivation.
  11. 11. Some of subsidiary industry, such cottage industry like furniture making, weaving, spinning, match, barked and ropes etc, can help to a considerable extent in removing unemployment. In spite of the promise of industrial decentralisation which never seems to arrive. There are some areas of small industries which could, in fact, he located in rural areas. A major element in creating employment in rural areas must mean a removal of some small industrial estates into purely rural areas. They will carry their power allocations with them and could then be an element in small scale industrialisation in rural areas. However, this by itself will not be adequate to foster rural industrialisation in a dynamic sense.
  12. 12. What is required is a new concept of modernization combining Indian Traditional rural artisan skills with power availability and with an appropriate technology. A substantial portion of value added can appear from units set up efficiently in areas where artisans can greatly increase their output by modernization of their technology. There is the need to strengthen all the poverty alleviation programmes, particularly IRDP. All the organization deficiencies in an execution of the programme such as the shortage of technical and expert staff, delays in release of funds and inadequacies in funds, lack of proper co ordination should be removed. It is essential to see that the target groups are not wrongly selected to ensure leakage of benefits to the non poor.
  13. 13. Other drawbacks in the programme implementation such as right and non-co-operative attitudes of the officials, corrupt practices in sanctioning of loans should also be taken into consideration. Efforts are to be made to remove the deficiencies in the implementation of TRYSEM programme such as poor infrastructural support to enable the trainees to follow the pursuits, lack of co-ordination among DIC, banks and Training Institute and lack of follow up to the trained. Govt instead of sticking to only few traditional crafts, new vocations conducive for income generating activities should be selected in order to make TRYSEM and DWCRA programmes more effective.
  14. 14. Adequate care is to be taken that while implementing JRY. The ingredient are not missed in it on the whole, for smooth implementation of various programs the entire administrative set up should be properly co ordinate. The personal disabilities of a person include illness, physical handicap, old age etc and for this the methods suggested are specialized health services, adequate wage provision to maintain health, other social security schemes and new vocational opportunities. These are some main steps to control Poverty
  15. 15. A PRESENTATION BY Kushagra Garg VIII ‘C’