7 Tips to Promote your Ugly Carpet


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Tip to WIN Kingston Flooring's Ugly Carpet Contest.

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7 Tips to Promote your Ugly Carpet

  1. 1. 7 Tips to Promote your Ugly Carpet photo If your floor really is as ugly as you say it is, you might want to strategize some ways to help you promote your Ugly Carpet Contest photo entry. Here are 7 simple ways we are suggesting to get you started letting as many people as possible know about your entry – giving you the best possible chance of winning. After all, most votes wins!! The following 7 suggestions are explained in detail below:
  2. 2. 7 Tips to Promote your Entry The following 7 suggestions are explained in detail below: 1. Edit your Ugly Carpet Story 2. TAG yourself 3. Share on your wall 4. Send direct messages on Facebook 5. Send to your email list 6. Create your own video and send it to your friends 7. Get your closest friends onboard (Bonus tip) Make an announcement: “If I win I will...”
  3. 3. Tip 1: Edit your Ugly Carpet Story • Once you have your Photo posted you should probably put a couple minutes effort into your Ugly Carpet Story. Ideally you want your Ugly Carpet Story to help everyone in your community identify with who you are, giving them a glimpse into your life (e.g. “why does your winning make the most sense”, etc.). Your story should take them on a short journey to a place where they want you to win. • HOW DO I DO THIS?  To edit your story simply go to the photo you posted and click the link on the right called “Edit This Photo”.  Then you can edit your text and save it.  Remember to start with the line ‘I need new flooring”, and press enter.  Next describe your carpet, how it is affecting you and what new carpet will mean to you.  It is a good idea at the end of your story to give simple instructions on how to vote; something like: “to vote for me simply go to the Kingston page www.KingstonFloors.com/facebook, click ‘Like’ at the top of the page and then scroll down to my photo and click ‘Like’. Also, please comment on my photo to encourage others to vote.” Now that you have your story just the way you want it, it’s time to link yourself with your entry; see Tip 2.
  4. 4. Tip 2: TAG yourself TAG yourself in your photo as well as everyone who would benefit from you winning new carpet. For those less familiar with Facebook – this does not mean you get to play tag with yourself!! TAGGING is a Facebook feature allowing you to associate a photo with particular people (see directions below). It is a good idea to tag yourself, your spouse, children and anyone else that could possibly benefit from you winning new carpet. This will make it easy for everyone to associate you with your entry, and vote for you. HOW DO I DO THIS? Tagging your photo is very easy. • When you are at your photo entry, click the link on the right “Tag This Photo”. • Now click anywhere in the photo and a box will appear. • Start typing your name and the box will find your profile. • Click your name in the bottom of the box and click tag. • Repeat this for everyone that would benefit if you were to win the new carpet. Now that you have your photo and text ready you can start spreading the word; see Tip 3.
  5. 5. Tip 3: Share on Your Wall It is easy to share your Photo Entry on your “wall” so that everyone can see your entry and help you win this contest. HOW DO I DO THIS? • Simply go to your image and click the “share” link on the right. • Enter, then write a persuasive note encouraging your friends to vote for your photo. • Now click the ‘share’ button. When you have it posted to your wall it is time to send it out to specific people and get more engagement; see Tip 4.
  6. 6. Tip 4: Send direct messages on Facebook The first 3 suggestions we gave you are about sending General Messages to everyone on your Facebook list. This is a good first approach, but to get the people you know personally involved, you’ll probably want to contact them individually. We recommend sending out personal messages to each of your friends. HOW DO I DO THIS? • Prepare a short paragraph that will be cut-and-pasted into each message that tells your friends about the contest and asks them to help you by voting for you (make in exciting). • Click the same ‘share’ button. • In the bottom left click the link “Send as a Message instead”. • Now in the ‘To’ field start typing the name of a friend (this will auto-fill, when you start typing). • In the ‘Message’ area start by writing one or two lines to that person. (Show respect to each of your friends by personally connecting with them, before adding your prepared paragraph.) • Now paste the paragraph you wrote about the UGLY FLOORING contest. • Click ‘Send Message’, and Repeat this procedure for all of your friends. Now that you have contacted your Facebook friends, it’s time to look outside of Facebook to get everyone else involved; see Tip 5.
  7. 7. Tip 5: Send a message to your email contacts Chances are many of your acquaintances are not yet Facebook Friends. It’d be a shame for them to miss out on the fun, as well as you missing out on their votes. We recommend sending an email to all your email contacts letting them know about the contest and asking them to help you win. HOW DO I DO THIS? • After writing a quick “Hi, how’re you doing, explain a little about the contest and let your friend know how excited you are to win. (You could even use the same cut-and-paste paragraph you prepared for strategy #4 here.) • Once you’ve given them a few details, let them know what they need to do to vote for you; you could write something like “Please help me win by voting for my ugly carpet. All you need to do is go to www.kingstonfloors.com/facebook, click the ‘Like’ button at the top of the page and then scroll down to my carpet photo and click the ‘Like’ button beside it. Thanks for your help” Now that we have used the traditional channels to get your friends involved, it is time to have fun and be a bit more creative; see Tip 6.
  8. 8. Tip 6: Create your own video and send it to your friends Sometimes the easiest and funniest way for your friends to understand what you are trying to tell them is by video; and with today's technology it is easier than ever to take a quick video of yourself and post it for your friends to see. Even better is making the video funny, silly or dramatic - something that will make it stand out for them. Your friends will love it, and because you made them laugh there is a much better chance they will take the time to vote for you. (The most votes wins!!) HOW DO I DO THIS? • To post a video, go to your profile wall and directly under the box that says "What's on your mind?" click on the video link. • There you can (1) upload a video from your camera or video phone, or if you have webcam you can (2) record it right on to Facebook. • Once you have your video ready (but before you click "Post"), don't forget to add a friendly/funny/interesting/personal comment including instructions for how to vote and a link to your Ugly Carpet photo. Now that you've got your friends laughing might be a good time to get their help with spreading your message even further; see Tip 7.
  9. 9. Tip 7: Get your closest friends onboard Facebook is all about passing exciting ideas from friend, to friend, to friend, and it will be extremely helpful to your cause for you to invite your closest friends to be a part of your victory and to help you intently spread the word to their friends as well. HOW DO I DO THIS? • Select 3 to 7 of your closest friends who wouldn't mind being asked for their help. • It is generally a good idea to think of serious Facebook users, but anyone solidly in your corner could be an asset here. • Although you could email them with your request, it is likely more effective to call them up, or even better to meet for coffee to tell them your plans about winning this contest. The amount of impact a person or small group of motivated individuals can have by using the internet (e.g. with Facebook) is truly amazing. Obviously our suggestions are not the ONLY ways to make this work, but we hope we've gotten you started towards winning!! One thing certain is that being intentional and excited about getting others involved in your victory will definitely provide you with the greatest possible impact. Are you still eager for more ideas on how to WIN THIS CONTEST? See our BONUS TIP.
  10. 10. Bonus Tip - MAKE A COMMITMENT: "If I win I will..." Still want more? There are likely many who will get to the end of this list and still be looking for more ways of attracting votes. For these go-getters, we have included the following bonus tip. This technique is typically used by those most intent on winning; and it almost never fails to get an amazing response. HOW DO I DO THIS? • The idea is to think of something you can promise to do that will motivate your friends and acquaintances to vote for you - this will probably be something surprising, unusual, funny, or amazing (be creative!!). • Next: Inform your friends that WHEN YOU WIN you will carry out this feat or activity, and you will document that you have done it (e.g. take a video of yourself and post it on Facebook for everyone to see). • Some ideas: Your plan could include anything from shaving your head, giving your much loved X-BOX to charity, or hosting a barbeque for all your friends to celebrate the new carpet. You know your group of friends the best and it is important to come up with something that will get them interested.
  11. 11. Think outside the box When it comes to what other fabulous ideas you might have for guaranteeing your win, there are almost no limits (other than the obvious legal/moral ones - duh). We've heard many amazing, creative, and daring ideas (from printing out thousands of "Vote for Me" cards and handing them out at a fair, to having your plans included in a church bulletin). So go ahead, be daring… Think outside the box… Don't be afraid to try something different. In fact we'd be tickled to hear about your funniest and most creative ideas, and how they worked out for you!! Have fun!!