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GO Overview


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  • Thank you and thank you to everyone for taking time out of their busy day to join us on today;s webinarI want to take the next 20 minutes or so to introduce you the the GoingOn Community platform and most importantly, to provide you with some examples of how our customers and prospects are building communities across their social campus
  • Over 2 years ago, we started working with top academic institutions such as UPenn and Kaplan University to help understand how the social web would change the face of global education. WE knew then what we know now that legacy academic portals and learning management systems are not sufficient to meet the demands of the Facebook generation. I new generation of social technologies and models offers opportunities to connect, collaborate and learn in entirely new ways.The result of our research and development is the industries first integrated Community Platform, designed specifically to meet the needs of the education market.The GoingOn platform is a highly configurable allowing non-technical users to configure individualized communities as part of an institution-wide community network
  • What is a community? A community brings together a varying array of constituents around a engaging, participatory online environment that combines aspects of social learning, academic collaboration web publishing and knowledge sharingThe concept of communities and a social community platforms should not be confused with the generic concept of ”social networking”. Social networking, or the ability to connect with other users in a community network, is only a small feature set in a much broader social learning and collaboration platform. And as we sill see, the real value is not connecting around social relationships but rather, around areas of expertise and knowledge network
  • Within every campus, we envision a network of connected communities where user identities and and academic content flow freely between them. As we will see in a few minutes, communities can be built at many points in the academic lifecycleIn general, we have found 3 core types of communities that fall with in the context of the broad communities that Steve discussed Course communities - a social learning environment most complicated Community of Practice and Inquiry that can be built at multiple points outside of the course including department and program level, across areas of student life and other key areas of the academic spectrum Collaborative workspaces which focus around specific group interaction including cohort based project or even office hours
  • Let me introduce the GO platform by first talking about how communities are created and the types of features or widgets that can be included in a community.So the green box represents a network of communities . BUILDThe GO Configurator makes it easy for non-technical users to add a personalized community to the network simply by configuring a set of pre-built widgetsAs you can see there is a broad range of widgets built into the platform as well as integration to popular third-party social tools and services. For example ,we include integrated video player and services from Kaltura and are working on deep integration with Google docs, as well as synchronous communication platforms.BUILDAs communities are added to the network, a user maintains a single identity across all communities. The user dashboard provides a personalized view a users content and activities across all their communities. The unique self-service configurability and what we call our “network of community” design is at the heart of the GO platform,
  • As mentioned, the Go platform provides a single platform for creating a near infinite network of different types of communities.I want to quickly point out some core capabilities of the GO platform Most importantly, I need to point out that the GO platform is built on 100% open source components. Single content management engine that allows open syndication and search of content across communities, eliminating information silos found in traditional deployments Our innovative semantic knowledge network – xxxxThe underlying community of network architecture that we have discussed that is built to integrate to back-end SMS and LMS systems and lastly, we are working on integration to common social networks such as Facebook as well as mobile connectivity and apps
  • This is a screenshot of part of the user dashboardWhat you see is cccc
  • How will you engage the facebook generation? What new solutions will you provide to improve the quality and efficiency of education? How will the social web change the computing landscape? How will you enhance online learning? Are your ready for the Social Campus?What is a community is…play off of education/dictionaryWeb Com-mu-ni-ty [web kuh-myoo-ni-tee] –noun, plural –ties: 1) an online destination for a group sharing common characteristics or interests 2) an integrated web framework for social media publishing, web 2.0 collaboration, and social networking 3) a web site having a write/read design that allows user to easily contribute and maintain site content with no programming 4) a platform for building stand-alone communities that share a common content management and social networking platform, 5) an optional extension to existing website or legacy Learning Management System to enable social learning
  • Transcript

    • 1. Corporate Overview<br />The Community Platform for Education<br />
    • 2. The Community Platform for Education<br />| © GoingOn 2009 |<br />2<br />A more engaging, participatory web environment<br />GoingOn provides a highly-configurable platform that integrates the best of today’s social web technologies, enabling schools to create an institution-wide network of thriving online communities<br />
    • 3. | © GoingOn 2009 |<br />3<br />Connect, Collaborate &amp; Learn <br />Unique constituents, configurations and features<br />VideoSharing<br />FileSharing<br />Chat<br />Polls<br />DiscussionGroups<br />Blogs<br />Q&amp;A<br />Twitter<br />RSS<br />EventCalendars<br />Recruits<br />Students<br />Alumni<br />Faculty<br />ExternalConstituencies<br />Administration<br />
    • 4. One Platform, Unlimited Communities<br />.B Building the institution-wide network of vibrant communities<br />Athletics<br />Groups<br /> Alumni<br /> Networks<br />Department&amp; <br />Program<br /> Student Union &amp; Clubs<br />Social Learning Course <br />CommunityPlatform<br />Research <br />Grants<br /> Student <br /> Recruitment &amp; Concierge<br />Student Workgroups<br />Tutoring &amp; Office Hour<br />| © GoingOn 2009 |<br />4<br />
    • 5. Powerful Self Service Configuration<br />Delivers low-risk incremental deployment and organic growth<br />
    • 6. Secure, Integrated, Open<br />| © GoingOn 2009 |<br />6<br />Discover the power of the knowledge network<br />Built on Open Source<br />Highly Configurable<br />Integrated Publishing &amp; Syndication<br />New Approach to Knowledge Management<br />Back office Integration Adapters<br />Mobile &amp; OpenID Interface<br />
    • 7. GoingOn User Dashboard &amp; Portfolio<br />| © GoingOn 2009 |<br />7<br />One Profile, One View, Unlimited Communities<br />
    • 8. | © GoingOn 2009 |<br />8<br />Building a Social Campus<br />Start Small, Grow Organically<br />New Online learning CommonsOver 40+ Global Course Communities &amp; CoPs<br />Turnkey deployment combines LMS essentials (Moodle) with engaging social learning environment<br />Example: 700 person Psychology, over 40 countries Over 15,000 hours of streaming HD video<br />Over 2000 user contributions including faculty &amp; community blogging, forums, online Q&amp;A, social bookmarking, Twittering, shared surveys, etc<br />Dramatic improvement in student engagement<br />Development of new revenue sources<br />“I learned more from the dialog with other students then I did from the course material”<br />
    • 9. | © GoingOn 2009 |<br />9<br />Building a Social Campus<br />Start Small, Grow Organically<br />Global Nursing Program Collaborative Rockefeller funded to improve Child Health<br />Support academic networking in an entirely new way bringing together scholars, practitioners, and students<br />Leverage user-generated publishing for aggregating content in ways never before possible<br />Provide vehicle for offering extended education classes, conference and other resources<br />Extends UPenn brand and program awareness across all constituents- recruits and alumni<br />Advance the global conversation<br />
    • 10. | © GoingOn 2009 |<br />10<br />Building the Social Campus<br />Start Small, Grow Organically<br />Multi-community Film School Collaborative<br />Program, Course and Workspace Communities<br />More effectively support peer review pedagogies<br />Cohort workspace with faculty facilitation<br />Program level community showcases program, connects extended constituents and serves as powerful alumni and recruiting network tool<br />Fast, low cost deployment with opportunity to expand to other programs and uses<br />
    • 11. | © GoingOn 2009 |<br />11<br />Building the Social Campus<br />Start Small, Grow Organically<br />Alumni &amp; Recruiting Network<br />Increase recruitments via Mentorship program connects alumni with recruits<br />Improve retentions via student networking, counseling &amp; resources<br />Professional &amp; job networking<br />Promote via user-contributed content from alumni, professors, student success<br />Market continued education and new programs to attract new students or non-degree students<br />
    • 12. Why GoingOn?<br />Most complete community platform for education with innovative community architecture and semantic knowledge network<br />Low Risk, Low Cost Deployment supports Organic Growth Model<br />Highly Configurable, Self-service Deployment<br />Built on Open source and Open Standards<br />Continually Growing Library of Widgets &amp; Network Services<br />| © GoingOn 2009 |<br />12<br />