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Macworld 2010-12
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Macworld 2010-12


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  • 2. THE NEW EDGE UNDERSTANDS 10,000 VOICE COMMANDS. ENOUGH SAID. It doesn’t just give directions, it takes orders. A whole lot of them. The 305-horsepower EDGE SPORT with MYFORD TOUCH. A voice and touch-activated communications ™* system that puts your music, information and entertainment at your fingertips – while your eyes never leave the road. It’s an automotive first. All wrapped up in one thrilling ride. It’s quite possibly the world’s smartest crossover. 2011 EDGE SPORT Simply open your phone’s browser and download the free app at or text “MYFORDTOUCH” to 4FORD. Then follow the directions to snap this tag and see MyFord Touch come to life. ** *Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control. Only use mobile phones/MyFord Touch/other devices, even with voice commands, when it is safe to do so. Some features may be locked out while the vehicle is in gear. Certain commands abbreviated. See owner’s guide for complete commands. **Standard text messaging and data rates apply.
  • 3. Incorporating MacUser CONteNts December 2010 COveR stORy 34 The Macworld Gear Guide Each Mac user on your holiday list is unique, but don’t let that stop you from choosing the perfect gadget to complement your friend’s or relative’s Mac, iPhone, iPod, or iPad. We’ve assembled the best gear to share with you. FeAtURe 66 Review: Office for Mac 011 RevIeW The latest version of Office for Mac has arrived, and we’ve reviewed the entire suite. 34 Should you upgrade? OPINION The Macworld Gear Guide 11 From the Editor’s Desk This month’s Gear Guide is our wish book of the best tech gadgets, from the practical to the fanciful (iPhone-controlled helicopter, anyone?). MAC UseR 16 The Birth of Mac OS X We take a look back at the debut of Apple’s operating system a decade ago. 18 The Effect of Mac OS X 20 Study: The Media Is Fascinated with Apple 22 Mac Gems Monitor battery life; access OS X’s hidden screensaving options; and easily track, manage, and pay your bills. iOs CeNtRAl 66 26 Preview: iOS 4. What you can expect from the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system. Review: Office 28 The iPad’s School Day: Apple’s Tablet Hits for Mac  the Classroom 28 What’s New at the App Store 30 App Guide Each month, we review the App Store offerings that have caught our eye. On the Cover Photography by Peter Belanger 4 Macworld December 2010
  • 4. IT’S TIME TO LOOK AT THE WORLD FROM A UNIQUE PERSPECTIVE. Introducing the new Canon EOS 60D. Featuring our first ever 270-degree 3.0-inch LCD screen that allows you to express yourself from any angle, whether it’s an extreme high angle , low angle, or even self-portrait. And with an 18 Megapixel CMOS sensor, 5.3 fps shooting and multiple aspect ratios, you’ll capture stunning photography from every direction . Then see beyond the still in 1080p Full HD video. I n s p i r e d. B y C a n o n.Image Simulated. ©2010 Canon U.S.A., Inc. Canon and EOS are registered trademarks of Canon Inc. in the United States. IMAGEANYWARE is a trademark of Canon. All rights reserved.
  • 5. Contents December 2010 WORKING MAC32 Five Awesome Automator Tips Use Apple’s easy automation tool to extract text from PDFs, schedule workflows, and more. 36 Keep Cookies Under Control 34 MacSpeech Scribe 1.1 PLUS: Reviews 33, Business Center 82 PlAylIst 3286 The Apple TV Reborn RevIeW The all-new Apple TV is smaller and less expensive than the one it replaces. Plus, it adds Netflix support. Check out our review. 84 Tame Your Playlists PLUS: Reviews 83 DIGItAl PHOtO 86100 Photoshop Elements 8 Gets Organized RevIeW Adobe brings Elements Organizer to the Mac and adds a Content-Aware Fill feature. 101 Fix Your Vacation Photo Faux Pas 102 Preview’s Photo-Editing Powers 106 Three Apps for Adding Effects PLUS: Reviews 104 CReAte 192103 Mac Debut for Adobe Premier Elements 8 RevIeW Amateur video editors take note: Adobe offers up a video editing alternative. MACWeeK 108 Back on the Mac: AutoCAD for Mac, iOS For weekly Mac news from, sign up for the 110 Free Plug-ins Freshen Photoshop MacWeek newsletter at newsletters. PLUS: Reviews 112 At MACWORlD.COM HelP DesK Our latest podcasts, slideshows, and videos:116 Mac OS X Hints Podcast: Reviewing the Apple TV Get the old iTunes back, shorten URLs with a ( service, hide an app’s Dock icon, and more. Podcast: iPhones and iPads in Business 114 Mac 811 and Education ( Batch-convert photos with Automator, make Podcast: App Guidelines and Ping Google’s preferences stick, and more. ( Video: Apple’s iPhone 6 Goes on Sale in China (macworld BACK PAGe .com/4498).192 Spotlight Video: RIM’s Supposed Tablet Computer (macworld .com/4460). It’s totally not the Macworld Gear Guide.4 Macworld December 2010
  • 7. From the eDitor’s Desk By Jason Snell Wish Book Useful or useless? Depends on who’s asking. L ike pretty much anything in life, What’s great about the iPad is its technology products can’t be versatility: As we’ve said in these pages viewed in simple black-and-white many times, it’s good for games, e-mail, terms. It’s tempting to sort those the Web, Twitter, and yes, reading. products into two piles: one for useful While I’m skeptical of tools intended tools and the other for useless gewgaws. for only one purpose, I like the Kindle But I don’t think it works that way. because it’s a unitasker. You can’t really use it for the Web or Twitter or e-mail: A Guide to Gear It’s for reading and that’s it. A Kindle Every December, we devote our cover may not offer most of the iPad’s fea- story to the coolest new Mac-friendly tures, but it’s also $360 cheaper, nearly gadgets and gear we can find. (This a third as heavy, and, in well-lit envi- year’s Gear Guide starts on page 34.) You ronments, better for reading plain text don’t have to be a genius to figure out on a page. why: We’re entering the holiday season, Which one is best? I can’t answer that, when people spend lots of money on all reading and writing because I don’t know you. My wife loves sorts of tech-related products. about tech products her iPad but doesn’t use a Kindle. (She Generally, the Gear Guide gets good checks out books from the library.) But reader feedback. But we do get some isn’t always practical. I’ve recommended the Kindle to friends complaints that we’re writing about And that’s ok. who wanted a small, light device for useless, overpriced junk. To the com- reading books. plainers, I say this: The $300 Parrot I’d be lucky if even a couple of the The situation is similar with the AR.Drone remote-control helicopter things I helpfully circled in the Wish iPhone. I know people who won’t buy an (page 46) is not junk. And overpriced? Book made it under our Christmas tree. iPhone until it’s available from Verizon, That depends on how valuable you think But that wasn’t the point. Sometimes because AT&T’s service is so bad for a camera-equipped helicopter that you products aren’t there just to be bought. them. But that logic doesn’t work for me: control with an iPhone really is. They’re there to be dreamed about. At my house I can’t get a signal from In all seriousness, while a product like I remember reading MacUser when I Verizon or T-Mobile; AT&T and Sprint the AR.Drone might seem absurd—and was in college. I’d memorize all the are my only options. let’s be honest, unless you’re waging war specs for Apple’s latest PowerBooks, With any luck, Apple will end that against your next-door neighbor’s fleet of dreaming about the high-end models. debate by extending the iPhone to other remote-controlled Wi-Fi tanks, it isn’t But I knew I’d never be able to afford U.S. carriers in 2011. In the meantime, particularly practical—I’ve had many that snazzy laptop with an active-matrix the value of the iPhone—as with any geeky people ask me about it recently, display and 16 levels of grayscale. (I other tech product—will vary based on more than any other product. suspect many of our readers do the same who you are and what you need. Certainly, only a few of the people who today when reading about a 12-core Mac Macworld can tell you about the are excited about the AR.Drone will Pro or an i7-based iMac.) products—both serious and fanciful— actually buy and fly one. But reading that are out there. But the final buying (and writing) about tech products isn’t Practical Uses decision is yours. You’re the only one always practical. And that’s OK. Different people dream about different who knows whether a remote-controlledphotograph By pEtEr BElangEr products. Which is why I don’t have a helicopter, or an iPad or a Kindle, What Do You Want? good answer when someone asks me a deserves to be circled in your own When I was a kid, I used to spend the question like, “Kindle or iPad?” There is personal wish book. fall poring over the annual Sears holiday no answer that’s right for everyone. catalog—aka the Wish Book. (If you I own a Kindle and an iPad, and I like Jason Snell is the editorial director of don’t remember it, just imagine every both. They’re different products that share Macworld. E-mail him at jason_snell@ single product that a kid could ever want, some overlapping functionality. Both are or follow him on Twitter lavishly photographed.) going to sell well this holiday season. at December 2010 Macworld 11
  • 8. STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, AND CIRCULATION VP, EDITORIAL DIRECTOR Jason Snell EXECUTIVE EDITORS Philip Michaels, Dan Miller MANAGING EDITOR Sue Voelkel1. Publication Title: Macworld First-Class Mail): 0; C. Total Paid and/or ART DIRECTOR Rob Schultz2. Publication Number: 0741-8647 Requested Circulation: 225,719; D. Non- SENIOR WEB PRODUCER Curt Poff SENIOR EDITORS Christopher Breen, Jackie Dove,3. Filing Date: September 29, 2010 Requested Distribution (By Mail and Outside Dan Frakes, Roman Loyola, Scholle Sawyer McFarland, Jonathan Seff4. Issue Frequency: Monthly the Mail): 1. Outside County Non-Requested ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR Sally Zahner5. Number of Issues Published Annually: 12 Copies Stated on PS Form 3541: 5,040; 2. In SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITORS Heather Kelly, Dan Moren6. Annual Subscription Price: $34.97 County Non-Requested Copies Stated on PS ASSOCIATE EDITORS David Chartier, Chris Holt STAFF EDITOR Serenity Caldwell7. Known Office of Publication: Mac Form 3541: 0; 3. Non-Requested Copies DESIGNER Kate VandenBerghePublishing, LLC, 501 Second Street, 6th Distributed Through the USPS by other EDITORIAL INTERNS Sam Felsing, Stephanie Kent, McKinley NobleFloor, San Francisco, CA 94107 Classes of Mail (eg First Class Mail): 0; 4. SENIOR CONTRIBUTORS Adam C. Engst, Rob Griffiths,Contact Person: Shawne Pecar, 305-704- Non-Requested Copies Distributed Outside John Gruber, Jim Heid, Andy Ihnatko, Joe Kissell, Ted Landau, Rick LePage, Ben Long, Kirk McElhearn,0244 the Mail: 2,083; E: Total Non-Requested John Moltz, John Siracusa, Derrick Story8. Complete Mailing Address of the Distribution: 7,123; F. Total Distribution: DIRECTOR, MACWORLD LAB James GalbraithHeadquarters of General Business Offices of 232,842; G. Copies Not Distributed: 59,005; LAB MANAGER Tony K. Leung BENCHMARK DEVELOPMENT MANAGER James Motchthe Publisher: Mac Publishing, LLC, 501 H. Total: 291,847; I. Percent Paid and/or DEVELOPMENT ANALYSTS Thomas Luong, William WangSecond Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA Requested Circulation: 96.94%. EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Alex Wawro94107 15. EXTENT AND NATURE OF CIRCULATION: LAB INTERN Armando Rodriguez9. The Full Names and Addresses of the No. Copies of Single Issues Published CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER Peter Belanger HOW TO CONTACT MACWORLD SUBSCRIPTION SERVICESPublisher, Editor, and Managing Editor: Nearest to Filing Date October 2010: Access your subscription account online—24 hours a day, 7 daysMike Kisseberth, President & CEO, 501 A. Total Number of Copies (Net Press Run): a week—at or http:// You can use online subscription servicesSecond Street, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 279,863; B. Legitimate Paid and/or to view your account status, change your address, pay your bill, renew your subscription, report a missing or damaged issue, get94107; Requested Distribution (By Mail and Outside the answers to frequently asked questions, and much more.Executive Editor: Jason Snell, VP, Editorial Mail): 1. Outside County Paid/Requested Mail To start subscribing, visit . U.S. MAIL Macworld Subscriptions DepartmentDirector, 501 Second Street, 6th Floor, San Subscriptions Stated on PS Form 3541: P.O. Box 37781, Boone, IA 50037-0781 (If you are writing about an existing account,Francisco, CA 94107; 171,027; 2. In County Paid/Requested Mail please include your name and address as they appear on your mailing label.)Managing Editor: Sue Voelkel, 501 Second Subscriptions Stated on PS Form 3541: 0; 3. E-MAIL subhelp@macworld.comStreet, 6th Floor, San Francisco, CA 94107 Sales through Dealers and Carriers, Street (Send your full name and the address at which you subscribe; do not send attachments.)10. Owner: IDG, Patrick McGovern, 5 Speen Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other Paid or FAX 515/432-6994St., Framingham, MA 01701 Requested Distribution Outside USPS: PHONE 800/288-6848 from the United States and Canada; 515/243-3273 from all other locations11. There are no known bondholders, 43,208; 4. Requested Copies Distributed by The one-year (12-issue) subscription rate is $34.97; the two- year rate, $59.97; and the three-year rate, $79.97. Foreign ordersmortgagees, or other security holders holding Other Mail Classes Through the USPS (eg must be prepaid in U.S. funds; add $10 per year for postage to Canada or $25 per year for air freight to all other countries.1 percent or more of total amount of bonds, First-Class Mail): 0; C. Total Paid and/or Checks must be made payable in U.S. currency to Macworld. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks to receive your first issue or formortgages, or other securities. Requested Circulation: 214,235; D. Non- changes to be made to an existing subscription. Requested Distribution (By Mail and Outside SUBSCRIBERS: If the Post Office alerts us that your magazine is12. Tax Status: Has not changed during undeliverable, we have no further obligation unless we receive a the Mail): 1. Outside County Non-Requested corrected address within one year.preceding 12 months MACWORLD EDITORIAL13. Publication Title: Macworld Copies Stated on PS Form 3541: 3,410; 2. In The editors of Macworld welcome your tips, compliments, or14. Issue Date for Circulation Data Below: County Non-Requested Copies Stated on PS complaints. Some stories and reviews from past issues can be located at We are unfortunately unable toOctober 2010 Form 3541: 0; 3. Non-Requested Copies look up stories from past issues; recommend products; or diagnose your Mac problems by phone, e-mail, or fax. You can15. EXTENT AND NATURE OF CIRCULATION: Distributed Through the USPS by other contact Apple toll-free, at 800/538-9696, or visit the company’s Website, at For editorial and advertising contactAverage No. Copies Each Issue during Classes of Mail (eg First Class Mail): 0; 4. information, please turn the page. December 2010, Volume 27, Issue 12Preceding 12 Months 11/09– 10/10: Non-Requested Copies Distributed Outside Macworld is a publication of Mac Publishing, L.L.C., and International Data Group, Inc. Macworld is an independentA. Total Number of Copies (Net Press Run): the Mail: 0; E: Total Non-Requested journal not affiliated with Apple, Inc. Copyright © 2010, Mac Distribution: 3,410; F. Total Distribution: Publishing, L.L.C. All rights reserved. Macworld, the Macworld291,847; B. Legitimate Paid and/or logo, Macworld Lab, the mouse-ratings logo, MacCentralRequested Distribution (By Mail and Outside 217,645; G. Copies Not Distributed: 62,218; H. .com, PriceGrabber, and Mac Developer Journal are registered trademarks of International Data Group, Inc., and used underMail): 1. Outside County Paid/Requested Mail Total: 279,863; I. Percent Paid and/or license by Mac Publishing, L.L.C. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. PrintedSubscriptions Stated on PS Form 3541: Requested Circulation: 98.43%. in the United States of America.183,070; 2. In County Paid/Requested Mail 16. This Statement of Ownership will beSubscriptions Stated on PS Form 3541: 0; 3. printed in the December 2010 issue of thisSales through Dealers and Carriers, Street publication.Vendors, Counter Sales, and Other Paid or 17. I certify that the statements made by meRequested Distribution Outside USPS: above are correct and complete: Mike INTERNATIONAL DATA GROUP CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD  Patrick J. McGovern42,648; 4. Requested Copies Distributed by Kisseberth, President & CEO; September IDG COMMUNICATIONS, INC. CEO Other Mail Classes Through the USPS (eg 29, 2010. Bob Carrigan12 Macworld December 2010
  • 9. i am the next best thing to concert tickets.iHome’s iP3 premium speaker system for iPhone and iPod needs to be heard to be believed. It featuresBongiovi Acoustics’ Digital Power Station technology coupled with 50 watts of power and best-in-classspeakers for truly incredible audio. All inside a sleek package that looks as sexy as it iHome is a registered trademark of SDI Technologies, Inc. iPhone and iPod are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Bongiovi Acoustics, Digital Power Station, and the DPS symbol are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bongiovi Acoustics, LLC.
  • 10. The Easy Way to Clean Up Hard Drive Clutter PrEsidEnt and cEo  contEnt dirEctor, PcWorld |  sEnior ManagEr, Mike Kisseberth MacWorld contEnt Works  audiEncE dEVEloPMEnt  Ted Greenwald DW Malouf sEnior ExEcutiVE adMinistrator  dirEctor, Production  nEWslEttEr sErVicEs ManagEr  Caroline Ward Nancy Jonathans Michael E. England sEnior VP, salEs and MarkEting   PrEPrEss ManagEr  rEsEarch ManagEr  Stacey Levy (217/859- 077) Tamara Gargus Miguel Beteta Rodrigo dirEctor of salEs  Production sPEcialist  rEsEarch analyst  Gabe Rogol (217/852-5 5 ) Jerry Wandel Kyle Flick East E$coMMErcE ManagEr  cto  Alisha Billingsley account dirEctors  Aaron Jones Kathy Rebello (749/904-4224)  social MEdia coordinator  sEnior dirEctor, Amy Singer (041/3 2-0 15) Toni Panayotov it & WEb oPErations   account ExEcutiVE  Sean Greathouse sEnior usEr intErfacE dEsignEr  Paul Moretti (217/02 - 757) it ManagEr   Jonathan Andersen salEs associatE  Walter Clegg usEr intErfacE dEsignEr  Shari Redan (045/988-0488)  systEMs analyst   Sky Collins southWEst Eileen Quan intEractiVE dEsignEr  it tEchnician   Eliza Wee account dirEctor  Cindy Hamilton (828/220-2447) Dan Dudziak sEnior VidEo ProducEr  sEnior systEM/nEtWorks Chris Manners sEnior account ExEcutiVE  Duane Hampson (217/859- 1 ) adMinistrator  Procirc subscriPtionUse Tidy Up! to find and remove salEs associatE  Wil Shultz ManagEMEnt  sEnior WEb oPErations Shawne Burke Pecar,extraneous files that slow your Chrissy Schneider (217/859- 038) northWEst adMinistrator  Andrew Trice Megan Guard computer down. account dirEctors  dirEctor, softWarE Procirc rEtail solutions  Scott Hill, Mark Peterson Elaine Ebner (217/035-2759) dEVEloPMEnt   David White (217/02 - 332)  Jim Hutson VP, huMan rEsourcEs  Kate Coldwell account ExEcutiVE  softWarE Carol Johnstone (217/859- 84) dEVEloPMEnt ManagEr   huMan rEsourcEsWith Tidy Up! you can search for duplicate salEs associatE  Kieran Fitzpatrick rEPrEsEntatiVE  Ellen Cobb files and packages in numerous ways: Nelson Hong (415/978-3266) sEnior softWarE dEVEloPErs  Alexis Barrera, Bill Cappel, Justin sEnior VP, cfo/coo  Owner Application Extension MarkEting ManagEr  Counts, Christian McKeegan, Vicki Peilen Jim Hopkins Content Time Modified Wei Ming Xu dirEctor, financE  Type Time Created dirEctor, ad oPErations  Diane Ryczek ExEcutiVE VP/gEnEral Kevin Barden Creator Name ManagEr, onlinE  dirEctor, financial ad Label Visibility ad oPErations sPEcialist  Stephan Scherzer oPErations  Keri Campbell Diane Hacker Date Age VP, businEss dEVEloPMEnt  ad oPErations coordinator  Ulla McGee dirEctor, adVErtising account Lauren Martinelli sErVicEs  You can also search by the tag, duration and sEnior dirEctor, audiEncE dEVEloPMEnt and analytics  Kevin Greene bit installments of MP3 and AAC sound files sEnior dirEctor, PrograM dEVEloPMEnt  Alexa Wriggins dirEctor, accounting  and EXIF metadata, search the contents of the Brian Buizer Michelle Reyes dirEctor, PrograM iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes databases and Mail ProJEct ManagEr, salEs  ManagEMEnt  staff accountant  mailboxes, and synchronize deletions with Leilani Lopez David Lake Scott Lum-Duenas iPhoto, Mail and iTunes. salEs associatEs  Product ManagEr, MobilE  accounting assistant  Nelson Hong, Shari Redan, Jacky Lee Jose Rodas Chrissy SchneiderDownload Tidy Up! now and try HOW TO CONTACT MACWORLD STAFF Our offices are located at 741 Second Street, 3th Floor, San REPRINTS AND PERMISSIONS You must have permission before reproducing any material from it for FREE Francisco, CA 82145; phone, 217/02 -4747; fax, 217/02 - 727. Macworld staff can be reached by e-mail at firstname_lastname@ Macworld. Send e-mail to; please include a phone LETTERS TO THE EDITOR MAILINg LISTS We periodically make lists of our customers available to mailers Send comments about any aspect of Macworld to letters@ of goods and services that may interest you. If you do not wish Due to the high volume of mail we receive, we to receive such mailings, please write to us at Macworld, P.O. can’t respond to each letter. We reserve the right to edit all Box 5591, Boone, IA 744 5-4591, or e-mail us at subhelp@ submissions. Letters published in Macworld or on Please include a copy of your mailing label or your become the property of Mac Publishing. full name and address. BACk ISSUES OF MACWORLD MACWORLD CONFERENCE & ExPO Starting with the March 044 Macworld, back issues can be As the flagship sponsor of Macworld Conference & Expo, downloaded in digital format, from (63.88; Mac Macworld encourages all subscribers to attend this excitingAvailable at: OS X 14.1 or later required). Print-format back issues (subject annual industry event. For information, please visit www to availability) cost 69 per issue for U.S. delivery, and 610 for international delivery; prepayment in U.S. currency to Macworld is required. Send a check or money order to Macworld Back Issues, P.O. Box 5591, Boone, IA 744 5-4591; or phone 944/099- 3929 (U.S. and Canada) or 717/02 - 05 (all other locations).© 2010 Hyperbolic Software. All rights reserved.Hyperbolic Software and Tidy Up! are trademarks ofHyperbolic Software.All the other product names mentioned in this herein are thetrademarks of their respective companies. 12 Macworld December 0414
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  • 12. MacUSERNews and Analysis about Macs, OS X, and AppleThe Birth of Mac OS XA look back at the debut of Apple’s operating system a decade agoBy B eNj eDwa rDST he fortunes of the Mac platform changed drastically 10 years ago. On September 13, 2000, Applereleased its Mac OS X Public Beta, alimited-time trial run of the ultramod-ern, groundbreaking operating systemthat would replace the old Mac OS. Mac owners have been living with OS Xever since, so it’s easy to forget that thecompany endured some tough times. MacOS X wound up being one of the keydrivers in Apple’s comeback story. Microsoft’s Windows NT in 1993 andWindows 95 two years later put Apple’sclaim of OS superiority on shakyground. Apple found itself in anespecially vulnerable position as theonce-revolutionary Macintosh OS, firstreleased in 1984 but only incrementallyimproved thereafter, suddenly lookedantiquated. Apple found itself forced toconfront its own mortality. First Look In September 2000, Apple released a beta of Mac OS X on a CD. For about The company launched a long (and $30, the beta gave users a look at the future of the Mac.ultimately mismanaged) quest to replacethe classic Mac OS with a state-of-the-art match Next’s plans for innovative system for the Next Computer, whichsuccessor, a quest that spanned three hardware, Jobs and his team came was released in 1988.Apple CEOs and half a dozen or more across a new approach to Unix architec- The Next Computer was a startlinglyOS candidates from both within and ture. It was an experimental OS advanced machine for its time, but aoutside of Apple. kernel—christened “Mach”—being stratospheric price held it back. Jobs The process finally came to an end in developed by graduate students at eventually pulled the plug on the com-1996 when Gil Amelio, then-CEO of Carnegie Mellon University, including a pany’s computer line and focused entirelyApple, selected technology from a 24-year-old named Avie Tevanian, who on software, especially the NextStep called Next. started the Mach project as part of his NextStep evolved further in the early Ph.D. work in computer science. 1990s, gaining versions for multipleThe Next Connection Tevanian’s Mach kernel was unique non-68K processors like SPARC andApple cofounder Steve Jobs started Next for its time. It had a far more flexible Intel’s x86 line.Computer in 1985 after he was forced to and modern structure than previous In 1996, when Apple was looking forresign from Apple. Jobs assembled a team Unix-compatible kernels; it was this its replacement OS, Jobs pitchedof talented engineers and programmers to quality that attracted Jobs’s attention. NextStep to Apple executives. They likedcraft the ultimate research workstation. Tevanian soon found himself what they saw, and in December of 1996 While seeking the foundation of an working for Next and developing Apple announced it was purchasing Nextadvanced operating system that could NextStep, a new graphical operating with the goal of using NextStep as the16 Macworld December 2010
  • 13. foundation of a new Macintosh OS. March 1999. It retained the classic convincing. A big part of Apple’sSteve Jobs would also take an advisory Platinum interface of OS 8 (and the development approach was to empha-role at Apple. In a remarkable turn of Rhapsody prototypes), but it got its size a combination of the seamlessevents, the founder was back. DNA from NextStep. Classic environment (which would run all classic OS apps) and a new CarbonFrom NextStep to Rhapsody Enter OS X API that would allow easy porting ofJobs eventually became Apple’s interim By 1999 the public knew about the shift classic OS apps to OS X. Thanks toCEO. He filled important posts within from Rhapsody to OS X. What the those changes, developers started tothe company with his trusted and public didn’t know was that, since 1998, come around.accomplished Next brethren, includingAvie Tevanian, who became vice All operating systems grow obsolete, but evenpresident of software engineering. Apple engineers used NextStep 4.2 as ten years after its commercial debut, we’rethe starting point for the new Macintosh still living in the golden age of OS X.OS and began a three year process thatwould transform the Unix-based OS into Apple had been secretly developing a Moreover, developers saw the writinga consumer operating system. The vibrant and fluid new graphical on the wall. Jobs made it clear in Januaryproject was code-named Rhapsody. interface for Rhapsody named Aqua. It 2000 that Apple would be pursuing a It wasn’t long before Apple developed was during Aqua’s development that the single OS strategy. Within a year, hea prototype that functioned mostly like philosophical shift from Rhapsody to announced, Apple would ship OS X byNextStep but possessed graphical OS X took place. default on all new Macs. That date gotelements borrowed from the “Platinum” Jobs unveiled Aqua to a stunned pushed back a bit, but it ultimately cametheme of Mac OS 8. Apple put this new audience during his January 2000 to pass, and OS X was on its way to aversion into the hands of developers in Macworld Expo keynote speech. The widespread installed base.August 1997. delighted, newly permanent CEO spent a But the new OS met significant large portion of his speech demonstrat- The OS X Legacyresistance from Adobe. Apple had ing Aqua’s graphically striking new OS X is the heart and soul of Apple’soriginally wanted to channel all new features. Apple found itself, for the first software strategy, and OS X proved todevelopment for Rhapsody through a time in at least a decade, with an be an essential investment to ensureprogramming system it called Yellow operating system that people could not the continued viability of the MacBox, which was essentially an updated wait to get their hands on. platform.version of the OpenStep development In September 2000, Apple But how long will it last?environment from the NextStep days. obliged. According to Tevanian, who left Apple in Yellow Box would have allowed Tevanian, the company 2006, is surprised andapplications developed for Rhapsody to knew that it couldn’t delighted at how flexiblebe easily ported to other operating just keep the beta- OS X and his clever littlesystems and even between processor testing process under kernel turned out to be.architectures like PowerPC and x86. wraps. The company After all, he says, OS XUnfortunately, developers would have needed to get the OS runs on a wide range ofhad to abandon any investment they put out into as many hands hardware, from industrial-into building classic OS applications. as possible. Apple set the strength servers to desktops Adobe balked at this and refused to price of Mac OS X Public to iPhones and iPods. Appleport its software over to Rhapsody. This Beta at $29.95. The beta sold had a 20 to 30 year lifespan in mindlack of support from a key third-party through Apple’s online store; for OS X during its development, saysdeveloper, in addition to grumblings the company later offered a $30 Tevanian, but he suspects its fundamentalfrom other developers, ultimately discount on the first full release of OS X underpinnings may last even longer.caused Apple to pull the plug on its (version 10.0) when it shipped in 2001. Ultimately, all operating systems groworiginal Rhapsody plan in 1998. Reviews of the public beta were mixed obsolete, but for now, even ten years Rhapsody wasn’t truly dead, however. but optimistic. OS X represented a after its commercial debut, we’re stillIn its place came murmurs about “Mac promising future for Apple, but the living in the golden age of OS X.OS X” (X being the roman numeral for company still had a long way to go inten). Under the name Mac OS X Server producing a fully mature OS. Benj Edwards is a freelance writer who is1.0, Apple released the first and only As usual, it was the third-party also editor in chief of the Vintage Comput-commercial version of Rhapsody in developers who needed the most ing and Gaming blog. December 2010 Macworld 17
  • 14. MaC USerThe effect of Mac OS X OS X’s 10 MostA former Macworld editor recalls his first impressions of Mac OS XBy rOB Gri FFiThS Innovative FeaturesM Ten years ago, even early adopters of y life changed 10 years ago, Mac OS X probably couldn’t have con- when Apple released the Mac ceived of the OS features that we rely OS X Public Beta. At the time, on so heavily today. Here are the tenit seemed like this new OS was just the features that we consider to be thenext step (albeit a big one) in the most significant contributions to theevolution of the Mac. Mac experience. 378—Ma cw oo While icons and windows simplyexisted in OS 9, they seemed to jump offthe screen in OS X. Shadows helped 1 Time Machine: Backup program introduced with OS X 10. .distinguish between layers of windows,and the colorful Dock at the bottom of 2 Spotlight: Introduced as the desktop-search successor to Apple’s Sherlockthe screen contained easy-to-access icons in OS X 10. .both for currently running applicationsand for programs I placed there myself.On visuals alone, there was no doubt d Unix Underpinnings: Thanks to Unix, Mac OS X finally gained the stability that was longthat the Mac OS X Public Beta repre- Of course, there were less welcome lacking in the Mac OS. lsented a decisive break from the past. changes with the public beta. For one The Classic Environment and That’s not to say all was perfect. Aqua, thing, it was slow—the Finder, in Boot Camp: These technologiesas Apple called its new interface, was particular, was extremely slow. Simple made it easy to transition to the Mac. rbesieged by an attack of the striped tasks such as launching applications and Developer Tools: These toolsbackgrounds. Aqua also consumed a lot opening files could be unbearably slow; help developers take advantageof screen real estate, especially when in tests I ran at the time, program of new, compelling features. scompared to OS 9. Mac OS X’s windows launching was anywhere from two to five Exposé: This was the first signifi-were larger, its Dock took up more space, times faster in OS 9. Another problem cant attempt to improve windowand Finder windows had huge toolbar concerned peripherals: Most of them management since Windows . fareas filled with massive icons. And simply didn’t work in the public beta. Bonjour: This networkingdon’t even get me started on the heavily Even with the plethora of good changes technology was introduced astranslucent menus. Finally, some apps I’ve listed, however, the public beta Rendezvous in OS X 10.2 and(Address Book, I’m talking about you) probably wouldn’t have changed my life if renamed in OS X 10. .were just downright ugly. Still, overall, I remember thinking that it hadn’t been for one additional key fact: Mac OS X Public Beta was written on top 6 iChat: Included in OS X 10.2. Gave OS X a notable productiv- ity boost.I was using something that felt modern of a Unix core, and included a Terminaland forward-looking. To me, the important ways in which application to directly access that core. Even more importantly, in the begin- t Native PDF Support: This lets you view PDFs with the Preview application and easily create PDF filesOS X worked boiled down to one thing: ning, using Unix commands in Terminal with any program that supports thestability. The Mac OS X Public Beta was nearly a must for a whole range of Print command.included all the proper buzzword tasks, such as getting certain printers totechnologies of the day—true multitask-ing support, protected memory, and work, changing network settings without rebooting, making Terminal’s window 10 Smart Folders: Using the power of Spotlight, Smart Folders are essentially savedother goodies under the hood to help translucent, installing a text-based alter- searches.keep the machine running, even when native to the Internet Explorer browser,an application quit. Instead of rebooting and finding strings of text within text files.because a program crashed, as I had to Looking back now, if that public beta working at Many Tricks, one of mydo in OS 9, the Mac OS X Public Beta had been nothing more than OS 9 with favorite Mac software developers. Sowould simply display a message telling a pretty new face but the same basic thank you, Mac OS X Public Beta, forme that a program had crashed, but underpinnings, I wouldn’t have spurring a change in my life that Ithat I could continue working. What a launched, joined couldn’t have predicted but am verywonderful change. Macworld, and eventually ended up grateful to have experienced.16 Macworld December 2010
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  • 16. MaC USerStudy: The Media Is Fascinated with AppleBy jOaB jaC kSO NA study released in September 1626 by 1626. (Trade publications and news sites,the Pew Research Center states that such as those offered by IDG—Macworld’sApple gets more coverage in the parent company—were not examined.)mainstream media than any other Overall, 2$.2 percent of alltechnology company. technology stories on these outlets About 0 percent of the focused primarily on Apple. Aboutcoverage either lauded Apple as 22. percent focused on Google,innovative or superior, or praised .2 percent on Twitter, and .3the company’s fan base, while percent on Facebook. Trailing theonly about 2 percent of the pack was Microsoft, whichcoverage focused on the despite its launch of Windowsshortcomings of Apple products. and Office 1626 during this time The researchers studied period garnered only percent oftechnology-related stories across $1 the outlets, including newspapers, TV The disparity in coverage is striking,networks, radio programs, and news given that during approximately this sameWebsites. The samples were taken time period, Microsoft still generatedbetween June 2, 166 , and June 6, slightly more sales than Apple. Macs: Current Lineup SPeeD7 FiND PrODUCT SPeCS raTiNG PriCe DiSPLay Mark 0 a CODe B DESktop iMac Intel Core i8/8. GHz mmmm . inches Ms8o Intel Core i8/8. GHz mmmm . inches Ms88 Intel Core i8/8. GHz mmmm inches Ms8s Intel Core i / . GHz mmmm inches Ms8r quad-core Mac Mini Intel Core Duo/ mmmm not included M8—s . GHz Mac pro Intel Xeon/ . GHz (quad-core) mmmm not included 8 Msrd Intel Xeon/ . GHz (eight-core) mmmm 8 not included 8 Msrw Intel Xeon/ . GHz ( -core) none C not included none C MsM— poRtaBLE MacBook Intel Core Duo/ mmmm 8 inches Mo—l . GHz (white) MacBook air Intel Core Duo/ . GHz mmmh 8 inches swr8 Intel Core Duo/ . 8GHz mmmh 8 inches swrs MacBook pro Intel Core Duo/ . GHz mmmm 8 inches Mcrc Intel Core Duo/ . GHz mmmh 8 inches Mcro Intel Core i / . GHz mmmmh inches Mcr8 Intel Core i / . 8GHz mmmm inches Mcrs Intel Core i / . GHz mmmm inches Mcrr Intel Core i / . 8GHz mmmm inches Mo—d A Speedmark 0 is Macworld Lab’s standard test tool for benchmarking systems running Mac OS X 26.0 (Snow Leopard). For more information on Speedmark testing, go to$$6 . B In a browser’s address field, typing in a find code after takes you to a product’s review or overview. C System has not yet been tested or rated.16 Macworld December 1626
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  • 18. Mac UserMac GeMs Discover Great, Low-Cost Mac Products By Dan Frakes savescreenie 2.0.0 UtiLities Mac OS X includes some nice screenshot features, but it offers no official way to customize the format, location, or name of the resulting images. Savescreenie 2 provides accessWatts 1.1.1 to these hidden OS X options via an Laptops Laptop batteries no longer suffer from the “memory effect” and related easy-to-use graphical interface. Youlife-shortening afflictions. But that doesn’t mean modern notebook batteries are can choose from among 11 file-formatmaintenance free. If you want to keep your MacBook’s battery performing at its best, options (including PDF, PNG, JPG, TIFF,Apple recommends performing monthly calibrations ( and PSD), edit the location where OS XHT1490). Watts aims to make such maintenance easier, while incorporating saves screenshots, and change the basenoteworthy features of a few other portable Gems. name of screenshots (OS X adds the Watts’ systemwide battery menu provides more information than Apple’s own, date and time to this base).while taking up less room. The utility can also notify you, using Growl ( mmmm; free; cf/x;, when your laptop’s remaining charge dips below a percentage you choose, andwhenever your laptop switches between battery and AC power. Watts also tracksdetailed information about your battery’s capacity and life-cycle status. Go to Weblog But Watts’ calibration features are what make it unique. The program reminds you Read Mac Gems onlinewhen it’s time to calibrate and then walks you through the appropriate steps. Watts ( also remind you not to always run your laptop off AC power (which isn’t good for for longer reviews of thesethe battery), and it can help you properly charge the battery for long-term storage. and other products.mmmm; $7; Binary Tricks; DockView 1.37 UtiLities If you click and hold on a program’s Dock icon in Mac OS X 10.6, after a couple seconds you’ll see Exposé-like window previews. Dock- View offers a similar, but more convenient, feature: Simply move the cursor over a program’s Dock icon, and you instantly see previews of that application’s windows. You can click on a preview or—great for keyboard- shortcut lovers—press a keyboard shortcut (1-1, 1-2, and so on, each displayed on the respective preview) to bring that window to the front. mmmh; $8; Kapeli; Macworld December 2010
  • 20. Mac User Mac GemspowerMate .1inpUt Griffin Technology’s PowerMate—a chunky, aluminumcontroller knob that doubles as a button—used to be a popular Macaccessory, but after years without a software update, the devicebecame a stylish paperweight. The recently released PowerMate9.1 brings OS X 41. compatibility and a number of new features. You assign actions to various PowerMate triggers: rotateclockwise, rotate counterclockwise, press, long press, andpress-rotate combinations. (You can now use modifier keys withthese actions, allowing for many more distinct triggers.) For anytrigger, you choose one of a slew of possible actions, fromopening files and programs to simulating mouse and keyboardactions. You can even configure the same trigger to performdifferent actions in different programs, or create completelydifferent sets of actions that you can switch between. Don’t havea PowerMate? Griffin plans to start selling the hardware again.mmmm; free; Griffin Technology; 22chronicle .0 G e M U P DaT e BUsiness Chronicle aims to help you track, manage, and pay your bills. You enterinformation about your debts—the payee name, the dollar amount, and the due date— AppleJack UtiLities One of my all-timeand then select the way that you’ll be paying: online, by mail or phone, or usingautomatic withdrawal. Chronicle creates an event in iCal for each bill, so you’re notified favorite Mac Gems is The Apotek’sseveral days before each is due. AppleJack (mmmm; payment A bill list provides an overview of all your bills, how much you’ve paid out during the requested; ),current month, and, if you choose to add information about your monthly income, how a utility that lets you perform amuch cash you currently have on hand. The summary screen also displays the number of number of troubleshooting proce-bills and the estimated total dollar amount due within the next seven days. dures at startup—without You can view details about each debt, including how much you’ve paid toward it requiring that you have a Mac OSover the past 42 months, when the next payment is due, and whether or not you X or third-party CD or DVD. Oncehave automatic reminders enabled. You can also configure Chronicle to store your you install AppleJack, you simplydata on either the Dropbox file-storage service or MobileMe, making the data boot into single-user mode (byaccessible from any computer with Chronicle installed. holding down 1-S at startup) and I would like to see more features for tracking your total debt, including any interest type . Using the you may be text-based interface that appears paying, as well (you press the number correspon- as a way to ding to the action you want to track your total perform), you can check and repair debt-related your startup volume, repair expenditures, permissions, delete cache files, but Chronicle is validate preference files, clean up a wonderful way virtual-memory swap files, and to keep tabs on test your Mac’s RAM for problems. your regular AppleJack is especially useful for debt payments. laptops—it can be invaluable if 3— you’re on the road with a trouble- Jeff 3rJ— some MacBook. The recently mmmh; 2; released AppleJack 4. features LittleFin Software; long-awaited compatibility with Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 41. ). 220 Macworld December 2141
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  • 22. iOS CentralThe Latest on the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, and App StorePreview: iOS 4.2What you can expect from the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating systemBy DA N MOreNW e’ve barely had time to get used to iOS 4.1, released in September, and nowanother update to Apple’s mobileoperating system is upon us. iOS4.2—which could be available by thetime you read this—is arguably thebigger of the two iOS updates: Not onlydoes it bring the features of iOS 4 (andiOS 4.1) to the iPad, but it also finallyunifies Apple’s mobile software platformacross its mobile devices. Plus, it actuallybrings a couple of new, prominentfeatures along with it.AirPrintOne of the biggest features touted byApple CEO Steve Jobs during his iOS 4.2sneak peek is the operating system’s new-found ability to print wirelessly from the Folders Support for folders—added to the iPhone with iOS 4—has arrived for the iPad.iPad, through AirPrint. But, according to While they work the same way, iPad folders can hold 20 apps instead of the iPhone’s 12.Apple, AirPrint will work in only one oftwo ways at launch: with a compatible Tapping Print under any of these items Apple TV (for audio and video), althoughprinter from HP (and eventually, we pre- brings up a pop-up menu that asks you Apple is licensing the technology tosume, printers from other manufactur- to select a printer by searching your other vendors to allow them to sellers) or with printers shared via your Mac network, and presents a control for AirPlay-compatible products—speakers,or PC (which requires Mac OS X 10.6.5). selecting the number of copies. receivers, and the like. Whenever you’re listening to music iniOS 4.2 finally brings the features of iOS 4 to an AirPlay-enhanced app under iOS 4.2—for example, the built-in iPodthe iPad, and unifies Apple’s mobile software app—you’ll see an AirPlay button. Tapplatform across all of its mobile devices. this button, and any AirPlay-compatible devices on the same local network We weren’t able to put this feature to AirPlay appear in a pop-up menu. Tap a device,the test by the time this issue went to With AirPlay—a new and improved and your media streams directly to, but we can tell you that the print version of the AirTunes feature found inoption appears in Safari, under the Share the current desktop version of iTunes— Additional iOS 4.2 Featuresicon to the right of the Bookmarks you’ll be able to stream music or video AirPrint and AirPlay lead the parade ofbutton; in Mail, where it lives under the from an iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch to iOS 4.2 enhancements, but they’re notReply button; and in Photos, where you’ll any AirPlay-compatible device. Initially, the only features worth your attention.have to tap the Share button before you AirPlay will work with only AirPort Notes After three long years, ourget an option to select and print pictures. Express units (for audio) and the new national nightmare of Marker Felt is26 Macworld December 2010
  • 23. finally over. Settings now has a Notessection that allows you to switch yourfont to Chalkboard or, happily, Helvetica.It’ll even update all your existing notes touse your new font of choice. Orientation Lock Like the iPhonebefore it, the iPad now has a softwarescreen-orientation lock, which you canaccess by swiping to the right in themultitasking shelf. Unlike with Apple’ssmaller devices, you can lock the screenin either portrait or landscape orientation.But wait, what about the iPad’s hardwarescreen-orientation lock? The iOS updatehas repurposed it as a mute switch, justlike the one the iPhone sports. Brightness Apple also added a bright-ness slider to the left of the media play-back controls, a huge win for people wholike surfing their iPads in a dim room but airPrint Thanks to the printing capabilities in iOS .2, Safari, Mail, and Photos all nowhate navigating all the way into the bowels sport print options, usually under their Share buttons.of the Settings app to find the control. Safari iOS 4.2 brings a couple of pages icon in Safari’s toolbar will now search text on a page by entering yoursmall additions to Apple’s Web browser, show you the number of pages you query in Safari’s search box, and thenand they’re nice ones. For one thing, the currently have open. You can also now tapping the entry under the On This Page section at the bottom. iPads and iPhones: Current Lineup iOS and .0 Features iPad users who have updated their PrODuct SPecS rAtiNg Price A DiSPLAy PerFOrMANce FiND cODe B iPhones or iPod touches to iOS 4 will be iPad 0 GB Wi-Fi, mmmm; Wi-Fi, 3 77; 7.1-inch Up to 06 hours on Wi-Fi thrilled to see, at long last, most of iOS G, mmmm G, 3 27 color Wi-Fi; up to 7 G hours on G 4’s features make their way to the iPad. 2GB Wi-Fi, mmmm; Wi-Fi, 3477; 7.1-inch Up to 06 hours on 6 Wi-Fi In iOS 4.2, the iPad gains multitasking G, mmmm G, 3127 color Wi-Fi; up to 7 0 G support for the same seven types of hours on G background tasks that were introduced GB Wi-Fi, mmmm; Wi-Fi, 3 77; 7.1-inch Up to 06 hours on 2 Wi-Fi G, mmmm G, 3 27 color Wi-Fi; up to 7 in iOS 4 ( 47). You can 3 G hours on G double-click the Home button to bring iPhone GS GB mmmmh 377 .4-inch 7 hours of Wi-Fi 633 up a shelf that lets you quickly switch and ( GS) color Internet; 4 hours of G talk time between apps. (On the iPad, it holds six icons in portrait orientation and seven in 0 GB mmmm 3077 .4-inch 06 hours of Wi-Fi 63 ( ) color Internet; 1 hours landscape mode.) (Retina) of G talk time Compulsive organizers and those 2GB mmmm 3277 .4-inch 06 hours of Wi-Fi 63 deluged by apps will welcome the ( ) color Internet; 1 hours (Retina) of G talk time addition of folders with open arms. iPod touch GB mmmmh 3227 .4-inch 6 hours of music 330 Thanks to the iPad’s larger screen real color playback; 1 hours estate, folders can hold 20 apps instead of video playback of the 12 you can fit on the iPhone. The 2GB mmmmh 3277 .4-inch 6 hours of music 332 color playback; 1 hours iPad’s version of Mail gets the unified of video playback inbox, conversation threading, and GB mmmmh 3 77 .4-inch 6 hours of music 333 top-level inbox index introduced in iOS color playback; 1 hours of video playback 4. And iPad users now get their own A  All prices are Apple’s prices. B In a browser’s address field, typing in a find code after takes you version of Apple’s new Game Center to a product’s review or overview. app, specially designed for the tablet’s larger screen. December 2606 Macworld 21
  • 24. iOS ceNtrALthe iPad’s School Day: What’s New atApple’s tablet Hits the the App Storeclassroom Parallels OpensBy JOeL MAtHiS Windows for iOS Devicest eachers and students Parallels has made a name for itself in many classrooms with software that lets users access around the nation— Windows software on their Macs. Nowand even the world—had a the company is doing the same thingnew face greeting them when for iOS device owners, with Parallelsthe academic year kicked off Mobile ( 1 ). Thethis past fall. A number of free hybrid app acts as a remote clientuniversities and schools are on your iOS device. When you connectdistributing iPads to students via Wi-Fi or G to your Mac runningand faculty, as some educators Parallels Desktop , your Parallelsbet that the iPad will herald a screen appears on your iOS device,revolution in the classroom. and you can tap the screen to open We’ve got a full report menus, click on buttons, and access Class Move Student Sarah Rooney receives an iPad duringon the iPad’s fledgling role University of California, Irvine’s White Coat Ceremony. Windows programs.4 3 63036in education—includingcomments from people skeptical about most excited about the No Advance iMovie Adds Morethe tablet’s potential in the classroom— NOtice (NANO), an in-house assessment Featuresat 1 , but here are tool that lets him instantly quiz the entire The 1.1 update to the mobilesome examples of how educators are class, which he believes will draw reticent version of iMovie ( ; the device to work. students into classroom discussions. 0 ) does more than just add recruiting tool George Fox Univer- Shoulder Saver Cedars School of compatibility with the latest camera-sity in Oregon has given computers and Excellence, a K–12 school near Glasgow, equipped iPod touch models. iMovielaptops to all incoming freshmen since Scotland, gave out iPads to its 105 students now lets users split video clips and1991. This year, students had a choice: this fall. Though there’s no immediate scrub to preview clips in the VideoMacBook or iPad. Eventually, officials plan to use e-textbooks, homework will be Browser. The video-editing app nowsay, the iPad will be the only option. assigned and collected via e-mail—and features automatic looping for music catalyst for classroom Participation  completed in Apple’s Pages software. “This that’s not as long as a video clip; andAt Abilene Christian University, in Texas, is an issue, the amount of weight kids users can get editing tips from a newDr. Ian Shepherd has designed his fall carry in backpacks,” says Fraser Speirs, a page within iMovie.43 43 57 —4rEcon 261 class to incorporate a digital Mac developer who is supervising thetextbook from McGraw-Hill as well as project. “If it can all be crammed into an New Nike App JustPDFs of supplemental texts. He’s perhaps iPad, that’s a huge win right there.” Does it with gPS Nearly everything you need to know about Nike GPS (macworld Spotlight on iPhone .com/ 1 ) is right there in the name Cases: EcoShield of the iPhone fitness app. The 2 app PhotogrAPh Provided by PAul r. Kennedy features live GPS tracking that can Agent16’s rugged EcoShield isn’t track your route and upload it—along afraid to take a stand. The 0 iPhone with other data from your run—to case sports a built-in stand that A Challenge Me feature rotates out from its bottom, propping up your phone for easy video viewing or FaceTime chats. When the stand isn’t in use, helps ambitious runners push it covers your iPhone’s 0-pin connector, protecting it from debris and environmental themselves by encouraging them to damage; the case also protects your iPhone’s headphone jack with a sliding door. To increase their distance. Since the app top it off, each case incorporates at least one bottle’s worth of recycled plastic, giving taps into the iPhone’s GPS capabilities, Agent16’s case an eco-friendly feel ( 43 3 76ma4n— it doesn’t require the 0 Nike iPod Sport Kit accessory.43 43 57 —4r26 Macworld December 2010
  • 25. Create new realities
  • 26. iOS ceNtrALaPP GUIDe Software for your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPadiPHONE/iPADelements—Dropbox Powered text editor 1.1 PrODUCtIvIty This text editor for both the iPhone and the iPad may not be theperfect mobile writing app, but it has enough appealing features to satisfy mostusers. Its critical capability is true support for the Dropbox file-syncing service—so anything you create on your mobile device is also available on almost anycomputer you have. You won’t find fancy formatting options in Elements, but youwill wind up with plain, clean text that can be read and edited in just about anywriting application on the planet.44355317 5——31r 7mmmh; ; Second Gear; 0iPADOmniFocus for iPad 1.1 iPHONEPrODUCtIvIty The iPad version of this Osfoora for twitter 1. .1.1task manager complements the Mac and SOCIal netwOrkInG There are many ways toiPhone versions of OmniFocus while interact with the Twitter microblogging servicenicely leveraging the iPad’s large display. beyond just the basics, and this iPhone TwitterThe app changes its layout to suit the client gives you access to just about any feature.iPad’s position, using buttons in portrait From editing your profile to viewing nearbymode to summon sidebars that appear by tweets on a map, if Twitter offers access to adefault in landscape mode. If you run capability, Osfoora probably supports it. AlsoOmniFocus on more than one device, available in an iPad version (’ll like that the app supports four ) that suffers from some minor usabilitymethods for synchronizing your to-dos. issues, Osfoora is the ideal Twitter client forThis app requires some effort to learn, but anyone demanding a feature-rich app thatit’s worth it.45152o0m2 2. —3rr031 handles just about anything.4 35 60 12mmmh; 6; The Omni Group; mmmm; 2; Said M. Marouf; 80 APP geMS iPHONE/iPAD Music Controllers Chopper 1.2.1 GaMeS With the release of Moodagent mmmmh This this universal game for the music app, which selects songs based on your mood, gains iPhone and iPad, Majic improved playlist management Jungle Software takes the options ( 60). Chopper series to a new level. The sequel offers we also like: 2D environments, more- Flicktunes mmmm realistic physics, and 62 all-new levels, all while retaining the side-scrolling gameplay Chopper fans enjoy. The game really shines with its controls, which give you the option of using your device’s attic mmmh 6 accelerometer (along with on-screen firing buttons) or a virtual D-pad. And if you happen to own multiple iOS devices, you can play the game on your iPad while Find more great iPhone and iPad music apps at 1. controlling it remotely from your iPhone via Bluetooth.4557 rn 5175 mmmmh; 0; Majic Jungle Software; 8626 Macworld December 0616
  • 27. ios Central App Guide iPHONE/iPAD essential apps Diptic 1.1 Get Your Moto PhotograPhy Combining multiple images to tell a story is a technique that dates back to Running Experience the virtual thrills of ancient Greek times. Diptic plays off that motocross with none of the real-life concept (and the original Greek term: spills ( diptych) to give you an app that makes it easy to tell a story with pictures. Diptic lets you Dirt Moto racing mmmmh choose from multiple layouts and fills almost This ATV racing game the entire screen of your mobile device to takes pole position in our help create your image collage. Diptic has collection of racing apps. some limitations, but that doesn’t detract LightBike online mmmm from a well-designed app that gives you fun You don’t have to be in new ways to present photos.—beau colburn the cast of Tron to hop on board mmmm; $2; Peak Systems; a lightcycle. Moto chaser mmmm The app formerly knowniPAD as Wingnuts Moto Racer remainsterminology 1.2 a top-notch motorcycle racing reference If you’re looking game.for a dedicated dictionaryfor your iPad, the attractive-looking Terminology is theone to pick. (And its iPhone iPADcounterpart—Terminology times for iPadPh [ ProDuctivity Too many RSS readers6593]—isn’t too shabby, assume that you want to read every itemeither.) Sporting smart font on a Website. Times for iPad understandschoices, a pleasant minimal- that sometimes, you just want the mostist look, and an eye-friendly current news. So this iPad RSS readercolor palette, Terminology breaks your feeds into four distinctis exquisitely crafted. The app summons a list of words as you type, includes related categories, using a stylish newspaper-likewords, keeps a history of your searches, and serves up links to other search tools if you interface.—jeffery battersbyfind Terminology’s results wanting.—lex friedman mmmm; $8; Acrylic Software;mmmmh; $3; Agile Tortoise; More reviews See more iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch apps we’ve tested at iOS Central ( appliCation DesCription priCe rating FinD CoDe * honeyDo 2.0 shared to-do $2 mmmh 6596 High Five Labs manager Mirror’s edge 1.4.73 action game $5 mmmm 6597 Electronic Arts Plastic Bullet 1.1 toy camera app $2 mmmm 6598 Red Giant Software Whatsapp Messenger 2.5.11 texting service $1 mmmmh 6599 app guide Whats App Get more reviews, including you gotta See this 1.0.2 iPhone 4 image $2 mmmh 6600 reader reviews, as well as Boinx Software editor listings for every iPhone * In a browser’s address field, typing a find code after directs you to a product’s review or app at overview. For example, takes you to our review of HoneyDo.32 Macworld December 2010
  • 28. THE BEST TEN BUCKS YOU’LL EVER SPEND SwiTCH FROm PaRaLLELS DESKTOP FOR maC TO VmwaRE FUSiON 3 FOR ONLY $9.99 THiNGS YOU CaN BUY FOR TEN BUCKS. How do they compare to VMware Fusion 3? You be the judge. GiaNT BURRiTO LaVa LamP POTTED FERN VmwaRE FUSiON 3 Windows on Mac without rebooting Run Windows apps like Mac apps Bring your entire PC to your Mac Launch Windows apps from Mac Dock Native 64-bit engine Aero 3D support for Windows 7 Fast 3D application performance Use with Spaces, Exposé and Dock Exposé Copy, paste, drag and drop between Mac and PC Manage USB devices with “EasyConnect”These days, ten bucks doesn’t buy you much. Unless you happen to use Refuse to Choose. Fuse.Parallels, in which case ten bucks will buy you the best and most reliable wayto run Windows on a Mac, VMware Fusion 3. For less than the price of a movie Switch to VMware Fusion 3ticket and a bag o’ corn, you can run your most demanding Mac and Windows for only $9.99.applications side-by-side, without rebooting. Learn more at refuse2choose.comSo, don’t choose between affordable and awesome. Switch to VMware Fusion 3today for only $9.99. It’ll be the best ten bucks you’ll ever spend.
  • 29. M T GEAR GUIDE C ’ M - i OS- N o two Mac users are exactly alike. Some are old- school desktop aficionados who still pine for OS . Others are up-to-the-minute early adopt- ers who ditched their MacBooks as soon as the iPad was released. Some use their Macs as their home enter- tainment centers, others live in iPhoto, and still others are cre- ative types who use their laptops as brush, canvas, and gallery. Luckily for those of us who are assembling our holiday shop- ping lists, there’s a Mac- or iOS-compatible accessory, gadget, or gewgaw that’s just right for each one of the Mac users we know. As we do every year around this time, we’ve scoured the length and breadth of the Mac world and come back with the following ideas—from inexpensive little tchotchkes to iPod speakers. Somewhere in there, you should find something for everyone on your checklist. I M V Macworld December
  • 30. December 3424 Macworld 01
  • 31. FOR THE MAC USER SLAP YOUR MAC Tired of toting around a laptop or an iPad that looks just like everyone else’s? Stand out from the crowd by customizing your computer with Mac-specific vinyl decals. Crafty Website features many vendors who make decals that take advantage of the Apple logo, but we’re a big fan of MacSlaps’ designs in particular. These stickers put that logo into a Scrabble deck, into the hands of Snow White, onto the front of a VW bus, in the middle of Mr. Potato Head’s face, or in any number of other unlikely new locations. TO ; WWW.ETSY.COM/SHOP/MACSLAPSKICK THE BRICK Another cure for laptop clutter, Quirky’s Power-Curl MacBook Cord Wrapfocuses its attention specificallyon the power adapter andpower cord. You know howhard it can be to stow yourlaptop’s brick and cord underyour desk without producing anunsightly tangled pile? Or how STRESS RELIEVERtricky it can be to move your An ergonomic mouse can help you avoid Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI),laptop from one outlet to but finding the right one can be tricky. Most ergonomic mice try to solveanother without tripping over the problem by doing a better job of conforming to the shape of yourthe dangling wires? The Power- hand. The ErgoMotion Laser Mouse takes a different approach entirely:Curl solves both problems ele- It sits on a pivot base and can tilt and rock asgantly: It’s a lightweight rubber you use it. That means it can workwrap that fits snugly around in whatever position youyour power adapter, and it has a find most comfortable,wide outer groove in which you and your wrist andcan wrap the cord. The Wrap hand are nevercomes in different sizes for locked into stressful,Apple’s various adapters, and in unnatural positions.a handful of colors, from easy-to-find bright orange to office- ; SMARTFISH, WWW.GETSMARTFISH.COMready gray. ; QUIRKY, WWW.QUIRKY.COM  Macworld December
  • 32. For THE mac user extreme storage The ExtremKey All-Terrain Flash Drive from LaCie might not protect your favorite daredevil during smoke-jumping, cliff-diving, or motocrossing exploits. But with its ability to withstand temperatures from –120 degrees to 3 2 degrees Fahrenheit, water depths of up to 333 feet, and the trauma of being run over by a 10-ton truck, the ExtremKey can at least give you the comfort of knowing that your data willBIg Enough survive the Timbuk2’s Quickie is a great bag for light packers or most insane, students running back and forth between dorm, library, and er, extreme,classroom. It’s really small but still roomy enough to accommodate iPad (or an e-reader) plus a couple of other essentials (charger,cell phone, and so forth). The Quickie has a removable shoulder 0 4gb$ tostrap (available in several sizes) and a studded “love glove” lining to 2 0 6 gb$; lacie,protect your gadget. It’s a great alternative to bulky full-size bags www.lacie .comwhen you don’t have much to tote. 0; timbuk2, www.timbuk2.comSucK LeSS Juice The more gadgets we get, the more power we need to fuelthem. here are a couple of ways tokeep your electric bill down. Belkin’sConserve Socket has a built-in timerthat will cut off power to the plugged-indevice when the set time is up. The Conserve Insight(pictured) sits between your ac outlet and an electrical device andprovides live feedback about how much electricity the device is using, howmuch it’s costing you to operate, and how much carbon dioxide you’re producing in theprocess. not only will it tell you how much electricity your laser printer is consuming, it’ll also help youfind out which of your power bricks you should unplug when not in use. —conserve socket, 10; conserve insight, 30; belkin, www.belkin.com34 Macworld December 2010
  • 33. BookStand Cases & Screen Overlay Protective Case and Stand for iPad Specially Designed for iPhone 4 AirPouch BTKeyMini Lightweight Carrying Case for iPad 2-IN-1 Bluetooth Keyboard & Stand ViewStand 4-Way Aluminum Stand for iPad ShellStand Portable Viewing Stand & Case for iPad
  • 34. FOR THEMAC USER TAKE A NOTE CABLE FREE CONNECTOR If work or Your MacBook might be the essence of elegance— school unless it’s surrounded by an unsightly bunch of cables requires that you connecting it to your keyboard, monitor, and other periph- take notes, erals. Warpia’s Easy Dock Wireless USB Docking Station Livescribe’s Echo solves the clutter problem by acting as a wireless dock: You Smartpen can connect your display, speakers, keyboard, and mouse to the probably do a better Easy Dock, and then plug a simple USB adapter into your job of it than you can. Like some MacBook. The adapter wirelessly connects it to the Easy other “smart” pens, Dock and, from there, to your peripherals. With a range of the Echo acts as an feet, the Easy Dock makes it so your MacBook doesn’t audio recording even have to be anywhere near your desk. tool. It also comes ; WARPIA, WWW.WARPIA.COM with a surprisingly powerful built-in speaker, a head- phone jack, and enough memory to NOTHING SAYS I LOVE YOU LIKE … hold more than A printer might not be the most hours of audio. Used romantic gift, but in the in conjunction with Livescribe’s custom case of Epson’s Stylus software and special NX , it can be one of paper, it can export the more useful ones: You notes you take can print to it from any to printable image computer wirelessly, or you can files and match print without a computer at all, by inserting a photo card. It has built-in specific notes to image-editing tools and a . -inch LCD screen. With all that, it’s inexpen- moments in the audio recording. sive enough that you could still buy that certain someone something a bit more sentimental. GB TO GB ; ; EPSON, WWW.EPSON.COM LIVESCRIBE, WWW.LIVESCRIBE.COM Macworld December
  • 35. From user to listener MM-1  Transform your computer into a superb stereo sound system. The MM-1 is a true hi-fi speaker, shrunk to fit on your desktop. And it sounds amazing. But then you’d expect nothing less from the makers of the award-winning Zeppelin iPod® speaker, not to mention some of the most advanced studio speakers in the world. Listen and you’ll see.  Available at Apple stores and
  • 36. For THE mac user car Watch Worried about your favorite teen driver? You can keep a virtual eye on him or her with lemur Monitors’ SafeDriver: lapTop It plugs into your car’s on-board diagnostics port and records the lIfToff top speed, the distance driven, and sudden-braking events. If you Laptop computers are ergo- just want to know how much you’re spending on gas, lemur also nomic disasters: Set flat on a sells the EconoDriver, which standard hotel desk, their displays are monitors your fuel consumption too low. Matias’s iFold is a portable, in real time and also reports on lightweight laptop stand that holds your MacBook about seven inches in the cost per trip and your car’s the air; add a portable keyboard, and fuel economy. you’ve got a fully mobile workstation safeDriver; $2; lemur monitors, you can use without wrecking your eyes or wrists. econoDriver; 62; lemur monitors, ifolD; 2; matias, www.matias.caEasily diagnose and x problems on your Mac Order online or call now! . ©2010 Micromat, Inc. All rights reserved. TechTool is a registered trademark of Micromat, Inc.
  • 37. FOR iPHONE, ALARM iPOD & iPAD CLOCK PLUS At its heart, iHome’s iA OW NERS is an alarm clock with a dock for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. But it’s not just another iPod clock. Download the iHome Sleep app, and you can customize multiple alarms and nap settings, and even track your sleep stats. The iA can sync its clock with your Apple device; it has a programmable snooze time; it offers gradual wake and sleep options; and it has built-in Bluetooth for streaming music, controlling and syncing the iPhone app, and enabling the clock to act as a speakerphone. ; iHOME, WWW.iHOMEAUDIO.COM SHAKER WAKER Know a teenager who’d sleep through World War III? GiftTHE iPHONE her with this little number, and she’ll hit the floor at theCOPTER crack of dawn. iLuv’s iMM Vibe Plus is a nightstand radio, stereo system, and iPhone (or iPod) dock charger. It’s also You can already use your iPhone or iPod touch to remotely control all an alarm clock with a devilish assortment ofkinds of devices—your TV, your Mac, and wake-up tricks. You can select from amongso on. Now you can use it to control a seven buzzer sounds, including Cuckoo Clockhelicopter, too. Actually, the Parrot’s and Train Horn. You can also set the device toAR.Drone is a quadrocopter (meaning it turn on the radio or an iPhone in the morning.has four rotors), but whatever you call it, The best part: It has a bed-shaker attach-it really does fly and you really can control ment that, when slipped under ait with your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.Download the associated app, pair your pillow, is sure to openiOS device with the AR.Drone, and then the most firmly shutuse the on-screen controls to move the eyes.copter in any direction, rotate it, and ; iLUV, i LUV.COMadjust its altitude. Even cooler, two videocameras on the AR.Drone let you see theview ahead of or below the aircraft onyour iPhone’s screen. ; PARROT, ARDRONE.PARROT.COM  Macworld December
  • 38. THREESOMESeeking performance, capacity, and security?With LaCie’s d2 Quadra, 2big Quadra, and 4big Quadra storage solutions, we’vegot you covered. Whether you need the fastest speeds, hot-swappable disks, RAIDprotection, or even compatibility with Time Machine®, LaCie has the hard drives thatare perfectly suited for Mac® users. ©2010 LaCie. All rights reserved.d2 Quadra | 4big Quadra | 2big Quadra
  • 39. STYLuS PoInTS Although Apple scorns the idea of using a stylus with iOS devices, applying a pen-like gadget to your device’s screen can prove useful—for instance, for the times you’re writing or drawing on screen, or for people who have finger- nails so long they can’t finger-tap. Griffin Technology’s Stylus for iPad (which works with the iPhone and iPod touch, too) has a soft, capacitive tip that lets it interact with the touchscreen. The Stylus can’t do Multi-Touch gestures, but at least it’ll let scrawlers and sketchers work with a “pen.”—dan frakes $20; griffin tecHnology, w w w . s t o r e m a g s . c o msuPercHargerA surprising number of iPad users have an iPod or iPhone, too. Instead of chargingonly one of them at a time, you can do both at once—if you have XtremeMac’sInCharge Duo. The gadget’s front cradle is for an iPhone or iPod only, while therear cradle provides the 2.1-amp power source needed to charge an iPad (however,you can use the back cradle to charge an iPhone or iPod).—dan frakes$ 0; Xtrememac,
  • 40. TM The New FreeOneHand iPad Holder & Stand The Most Comfortable Way To Hold & Use Your iPad.FreeOneHandComfortable One-Handed GripErgonomic DesignGreat as an iPad Stand or Easel TM Made in USA December 2010 Macworld 49
  • 41. FOR iPHONE, WHICH WAY iPOD & iPAD IS UP? OW NERS There are a slew of stands for the iPad, but few of the good ones are truly portable. CAR Twelve South’s Compass is PHONE an exception. When folded for The iPhone can travel, it’s only inches long, less be a great car than an inch wide, and half an inch companion—if you thick, yet it quickly opens to form a can hear it and see its remarkably stable easel-style stand. If screen. Kensington’s you need to do some on-screen typing,SoundWave Sound Amplifying Car Mount a few simple adjustments let you turnensures you can do both, by putting youriPhone on the dashboard, where you can the Compass into a slightly angled,see the screen easily while driving, and by low-profile base. Made of heavy-amplifying the built-in speaker so you can gauge steel, the Compass will survivehear your GPS directions. the rigors of the road, too. ; KENSINGTON, WWW.US.KENSINGTON.COM ; TWELVE SOUTH, TWELVESOUTH.COM
  • 42. December 2010 Macworld 41
  • 43. FOR DON’T iPHONE, SWEAT IT iPOD & iPAD If you’ve tried to use OW NERS your iPhone or iPod at the gym or while exercis- ing outside, you know what a hassle headphone cords can be. Plantronics offers a solution in the form of the BackBeat headset. These exercise-friendly Bluetooth headphones, which are based on the company’s older BackBeat headphones, use a new design that betterMINI KEYS protects components from I love using Apple’s compact Wireless Keyboard with the iPad and iPhone. sweat and moisture; they’re But if you’re looking for something even smaller, Macally’s BTKeyMini also more comfortable.Bluetooth keyboard might fit the bill. At just . inches wide, . inches deep, and They’ll give you voice alerts, . inch thick, and weighing just . ounces, the BTKeyMini fits into even the an on-screen battery-levelsmallest iPad or laptop bag without adding much to your load. An included meter, and dual micro-hard-shell cover (which adds a bit of width, depth, and weight) doubles as a stand phones for clearer calls andfor your tablet. Of course, the ultraportability of the keyboard means that it hassmaller keys and a nonstandard key layout. But it still beats trying to use the to let you better hear theon-screen keyboard to type for long periods of time. world around you when ; MACALLY, WWW.MACALLY.COM you pause your music. And thanks to iOS . and . , which add support for Audio/Video Remote Control Profile (AVRCP), ON THE LEASH you can use the BackBeat Worried about losing your iPhone? If you ’s track-control pair it with Zomm’s Wireless Leash, the buttons to skip and scan Bluetooth device will sound an alarm back and forward. whenever it senses that the iPhone is more ; PLANTRONICS, WWW.PLANTRONICS.COM than feet away. The Leash also works as a remote speakerphone with your iPhone, and has a one-button personal security feature that sounds an alarm and calls an emergency phone number. Measuring about an inch and a half in diameter and weighing half an ounce, the Wireless Leash is easy to carry and can be attached to a keychain or bag loop. I can think of at least one Apple engineer who could have used one. ; ZOMM, ZOMM.COM  Macworld December
  • 44. work in comfort at home or office Simple. Elegant. Efficient The FIN All-In-One Handle/Stand The FIN tilts your MacBook Pro or MacBook at the perfect ergonomic angle for both typing and viewing. It also serves as a convenient handle that not only makes carrying easier, but much safer by providing an area for a our new XO2 Plus desk firm grip, thereby helping prevent drops that can severely damage or altogether destroy your Mac. adjustable electric computer furniture Pro desk ® Only $39.95 plus shipping & handlingbiomorph Order yours today at Use promo code GG2010 at checkout & receive 20% off your catalog 888 302 DESK Copyright © 2010 Fins-Up, LLC. All rights reserved. The FIN is a trademark of Fins-Up, LLC. Connect previous generation Mac models with mini-DVI or DVI to the new Apple LED Cinema Displays using Kanex C247m and C247d. $129 each + + Mini-DVI USB Audio DVI-D USB Audio 27” Apple LED Cinema Display 24” Apple LED Cinema Display Visit us at: North Hall Booth #5530 Booth #216 December 2010 Macworld 53
  • 45. The iPod MechAnic Want to keep an eye on what’s going on under the hood of your car? Have an iPhone or iPod Touch? Plug the Kiwi Wifi into your car’s on-board diagnostics port, connect yourJuice Box iOS device to the Kiwi via Wi-Fi, and then open PLX’s DashCommand app, iPhones need cases. And iPhone and you can diagnose engine trouble batteries sometimes run out just (and even reset that pesky Check Enginewhen you need them most. Mophie light), monitor gauges your dashboardcomes to the rescue with its Juice doesn’t have, and more.—Dan MillerPack Air for iPhone 4, a rechargeable kiwi wifi; $150; PLX DEvicEs, www.PLXkiwi.cOMexternal battery that (Mophie claims)doubles the time between charges. Thebattery is housed in a snap-on, two-tonecase that gives you full access to yourphone’s ports and buttons.—Dan MillerJuicE PAck Air; $80; MOPHiE, www.MOPHiE.cOM
  • 46. December  Macworld 
  • 47. in The Round OrigAudio’s Sphear is a set of speakers shaped like a ball, as thename implies. Split them apart andyou’ve got stereo sound coming out of twoupward-facing speakers. You can connect any device with astandard .5mm headphone jack (iPod, iPhone, Mac, and soon) and play music off three AAA batteries, or connect theSphear to your computer and power it via USB. 0; OrigAuDiO, www.OrigAuDiO.cOM TurN iT uP 3Or NOT I hate having to turn down the volume on my TV when a loud commercial plays or turn it up to hear whispery dialogue that’s being drowned out by music and sound effects. Gefen’s 1 0 GefenTV Auto Volume Stabi- lizer gets rid of this annoyance by using Dolby technology to stabilize and level the volume of whatever you’re watching. 1 0; gEfEN, www.gEfEN.cOM
  • 48. OLD SCHOOLDISK SPINNING I have a huge collection of vinyl LPs and singles. But once my kidsarrived, those records and thehardware that I used to play themon had to be stored out of reach.The kids are older now, buthauling out that old hi-fi seems likea hassle. There are plenty of new,portable turntables that’d let meplay those old records, but Crosley’sRevolution CR A is particularlytempting. It can run on AA batteries, has ahandle for easy portability, and plays bothand   / rpm records. It also has a built-in speaker, aheadphone jack, passive audio out, and an integrated FM wireless transmitter for easylistening (and I’m not talking about England Dan and John Ford Coley). ; CROSLEY, WWW.CROSLEYRADIO.COM
  • 49. FEATURES Feature Name FOR MEDIA YOU CAN STAND IT If, as a kid, you were fond of constructing handy house- MAVENS hold items out of fuzzy or formable pipe cleaners, it’s quite possible that you, as an adult, will take to Ziotek’s Flexicord iPod -pin Charge and Sync Cable. Like those pipe cleaners of old, the -foot Flexicord can be twisted and bent into nearly any shape you like. But unlike pipe cleaners, this cable not only can sync and charge your iPod, iPhone, or iPad via its USB and dock connectors, but also steadfastly maintain its shape, even under pressure. It’s so steadfast, in fact, that you can fashion a stand for your iPhone or iPod touch—making it a handy companion for your next flight. ; ZIOTEK, WWW.CYBERGUYS.COM NOT ANOTHER SPEAKER Devised by French designer Philippe Starck, the Parrot Zikmu is a lot of form with aSUNNY healthy dose of function. There’s an iPodSOUNDS dock for a direct digital connection to your Apple device; built-in . b/g wireless A novel approach to portable sound, the Soulra, from Eton, is and Bluetooth for streaming from youran iPod and iPhone docking speaker computer, iPhone, or other device; and anthat’s powered by the sun. Flip open the RCA input for analog audio. The Zikmufront cover and it becomes a solar panel; provides watts of total power and aEton says that the internal battery needs three-channel Class D digital amp. Theabout ten hours of direct sunlight to fully elegant speaker set is available in pearlrecharge. (In a pinch you can use the grey, sorbet lime, arctic white, or classicincluded AC adapter to charge the bat- black, and comes with a matching RFtery as well.) The Soulra itself—whichEton says is splash-proof—has a rubber- remote—but you can control playbackized case and an aluminum body, so it from your Mac or iPhone’s browsershould be sturdy enough for your next just as well.tailgate party. ; PARROT, ZIKMU.PARROT.COM ; ETON, WWW.ETONCORP.COM LITTLE BIG SCREEN At first, Vuzix’s Wrap looks like a pair of sleek sunglasses. Jack them into your iPod touch or iPhone, however, and they become personal video screens that replicate the experience of viewing a -inch display. The Wrap supports both D and D video at a resolu- tion of by . (How you get D video on your iOS device is your problem.) ; VUZIX, WWW.VUZIX.COM  Macworld December
  • 50. cameraderieMeet Solo, the Thinking Camera™ .Solo and your smartphone are going to be good friends, becauseSolo sends video alerts when it sees events that are important to you.A wireless monitoring camera that understands what it sees? How smart.No wonder it gets along so well with your phone.See Video Monitoring Done Right� at©2010 Cernium Corporation. All rights reserved.Content may vary in actual alert.
  • 51. SuperSeriouSpoint-anD-Shoot On the outside, Panasonic’s Lumix DMC-LX5 is a sturdy, compact camera with nice retro styling. Inside, though,there’s a 10-megapixel CCD sensor and a number of advanced features you usually only get in a largeDSLR. It has full controls (including manual, aperture priority, and shutter priority), extensive white-balance controls, and a Raw shooting mode. Its centerpiece, though, is a stunning, ultra-wide-angle24mm Leica lens that opens up to an aperture of f/2.0. It’s a great camera for DLSR owners whowant a second camera or for beginners looking to get more control over their shots.—heather kelly$500; Panasonic,
  • 52. With MyClipNever drop youriPad again.• Clips attach in either portrait or landscape mode.• Comfortable hand strap.• Soft rubber clips.order MyClip December 2010 Macworld 61
  • 53. sPeciaL eFFecTs The Lensbaby Scout with Fisheye Lens combines the beloved Lensbaby LIghtS, CameRa 10mm fish-eye optic—you can capture sweeping 162-degree Cameras—as well as GPS devices, e-readers, smartphones, and every pocketable Apple views and focus as close as a half product—need to be recharged all the time. Unfortunately, the only thing harder than inch in front of the lens—with a leaving your favorite gadgets at home is finding ways to keep them fully powered up while traveling. Thankfully, Solio has a line of durable, portable chargers that let you straight-shooting, manual focus plug into the power of the sun. One of the coolest: the Solio Mono, which is small lens. You can also swap out the enough to toss into your camera bag but can hold enough juice for a Canon PowerShot fish-eye for other Lensbaby optics to grab 1 photos (or for three hours of talk time on an iPhone). The Mono can be to experiment with different fully charged by the sun in 1 hours, or via a USB connection or an optional wall effects without dropping piles of charger. Depending on the types of devices you plan to pair with your Mono, you’ll cash. 5 —h5 e a ttr need to also get the appropriate adapter; photographers can get the mini-USB 0 2; Lensbaby, connector and connect the charger to a camera’s mini-USB port. 5 —h5 e a ttr 62; soLio, www.soLio.comOhio: Cincinnati, Columbus / Kentucky: Lexington, Louisville / Indiana: Bloomington, IndianapolisÉlanTechnologiesRepairs Consulting ServicesMail-In Service Residential Onsite SupportIn Warranty Small Business Remote SupportOut of Warranty Enterprise Data RecoveryVisit elantech.netOr call toll Free (866) 990-ELAN Apple Authorized Service Provider / Apple Consultants Network
  • 54. This nely crafted wooden frame enhances daily familyuse of your iPad while secure on the wall. Display slideshows, check activity calendars, Facebook or the weatherin plain view. Designed so your iPad easily slides in andout for portable use. As well, the frame lifts o the wall to place in the matching desk mount. Mounting hardware and level included Switchable from horizontal to vertical mounting Slots for speaker and charging plug $79.95 December 2010 Macworld 63
  • 55. talk to the hanD LIttLe Your iPhone or iPod touch might be able to record audio, but the results CameRa,won’t be great. In the past, getting quality BIg PICtuRerecordings was an expensive undertaking. With Sanyo’s Xacti VPC SH ,Samson makes it affordable with its 44 you’ll always want to have yourZoom H Handy Recorder. Recording at video camera on hand. The VPC SH ,settings of up to 20-bit/46khz WaV (or which comes in sleek black or festive red, is a small, comfortable handful ofmP files at 21 kbps), the lightweight h- camcorder with three stand-aloneeasily fits into the palm of your hand. shutter buttons that let you startSporting two microphones in an X/Y shooting with the press of a thumb. Apattern as well as a mic/line-in port, the h- so-called dual camera, it lets you shootrecords to removable microSDhC cards. both videos and stills without changingheatrkly a t t modes, and even shoot both simulta-544; samson, neously. It has a convenient flip-out viewer that closes into the body when you’re not shooting. But ease of useaLL In One fOR aRtIStS and sleek handling are just part of why this camcorder makes a great gift. The Epson’s new Artisan 27 VPC SH can capture Full HD videos All-in-One printer uses six Claria (MPEG-0 AVC/H.260 video format, to Hi-Definition dye inks, and offers be exact) with a resolution of 421 by automatic photo correction, red-eye 1 1 pixels, and offers a range of removal, wired and wireless printing, shooting modes, from wide angle to automatic two-sided paper handling, telephoto. The slim, vertical design and a choice of a black or arctic white provides excellent ergonomics and case.h e r y ease of use.h e r y 52 ; ePson, 50 ; sanyo, bURninG in sTyLe Slightly larger than a CD case, and available in seven designer colors including navy, red, and pink, the tiny, elegant Samsung SE-S1 0 Slim DVD Writer is a versatile charmer. It features buffer-underrun technology to prevent errors, works with standard and mini discs, and has a manual eject button.h e r y 5 ; samsUnG, www.samsUnG.com60 Macworld December 21-1
  • 56. Your cup holder can have its old job back....the smart place to park your mobi™ Starting at $14.99 Introducing MobiValet™, a stylish smartphone holder for your vehicle console. Easily attach MobiValet™ to your car’s console, drop your phone in, and rest comfortably knowing your investment is safe and secure. Our patent pending design adheres to your console or dash, creating a custom flush-fit look! Buy direct at December 2010 Macworld 65
  • 57. 66 Macworld December 2010
  • 58. REVIEW:OfficefOr Mac2011Update boasts collaboration and compatibility, and brings back Visual Basic Now that Office 200, the latest edition of Microsoft’s software suite, is hitting retail shelves, there are two questions you need to answer: If you already use Office, should you upgrade? And if you use a rival program, such as Apple’s iWork or Google Docs, should you switch? Here are the short answers to those questions: > If you are in an office full of Windows users, or if you frequently collaborate with same, upgrading to Office 200 is a no-brainer: It’s more compatible and interoperable with Office for Windows than any previous Mac version. > If you are currently using Office 228 or earlier, the answer is nearly as clear: Unless the price is too high ($ 22 to $ 82 for the Home and Business Edition, which includes Outlook; $052 to $ 22 for the Home and Student Edition, which doesn’t), there are enough new features in the new suite to make upgrading eminently worthwhile. > The only people we can think of whom we wouldn’t strongly urge to buy Office 200 are those who are perfectly happy with whatever non-Office suite they’re using now—and even then, they might want to consider it, just to have a copy of Office around. How did we come to those confident conclusions? Read our reviews of Word 200, Excel 200, PowerPoint 200, and Outlook 200, and you’ll understand. PhOtOgraPh by Peter belanger December 6202 Macworld 17
  • 59. FEATURES Review: O ce for MacWORD Usability plus compatibility BY JEFFERY BATTERSBY The Ribbon Office for the Mac inherits many features from Office for Windows. One of the most important is the Ribbon. Replacing the reviled Elements Gallery, the Ribbon puts com- monly used tools in a toolbar at the top of the document window. The toolbar is organized into functional tabs. And it’s customiz- able: If you want to get rid of the Ribbon temporarily or forever, it’s easy to do either.W ord 2011 is a significant and awkward combination of the Elements Document Tools substantive update to Gallery and a floating Toolbox to make If you use Word to create brochures, Microsoft’s word process- the most commonly used tools acces- menus, meeting minutes, calendars,ing and page-layout application. It also sible. The Ribbon replaces both—and is proposals, or posters for business, Wordbrings the Mac and Windows versions smarter and easier to manage. Working 2011 offers a large collection of templates,closer than ever in look and feel, on words? The Ribbon’s Home tab will some created by and shared with otherfeatures, and compatibility. display a set of text-formatting tools Office users, others designed by As a result, Word for Mac is a (fonts and type effects, paragraph styles, professionals. And you can customizepowerful tool both for creating your own and so on). Adding a table or a chart? those templates by applying one ofdocuments and for collaborating with The Tables and Charts tab should have Word’s Themes—collections of colorothers, regardless of the kind of everything you need. Inserting an image? schemes and font collections. Word 2011computer they use. More importantly, Word 2011’s built-in image-editing tools ships with over 50 layout themes, but youWord is great—a powerful and well-designed word processing application.Word 2011 makes it possible to use a Mac are available from the Ribbon. And if can also create custom themes to turn ain nearly any business environment, you don’t want to see the Ribbon, you generic Word template into somethingwithout compromise. can quickly and easily hide it. that’s unique to you and your business. While the Ribbon may initially seem Word 2011 also has full SpotlightThe Ribbon daunting or cluttered, I found that in integration and a new Spotlight-inspiredThe biggest change in Word 2011’s practice it saved me from wasting time tool for finding and replacing text in ainterface is the Ribbon. Word 2008 looking for the tools I needed. And when document. Atop every document you’ll(mmmh; ) relied on an I didn’t need it, it got out of my way. now see a search field that, when you Macworld December
  • 60. MORE POWER MORE SPEED MORE OPTIONS Monitors the overall health of your drive, alerting you to possible issues before they become major problems. BIT 64 Runs as a 64-bit application on Mac OS 10.6 or later with a compatible 64-bit processor. Provides even better defragmentation of your les and even more fragmentation information in a new user interface. Support for hardware RAID and Apple’s software RAID. Add, delete, hide, expand or shrink OS X partitions so you can organize your drive more ef ciently. Realtime bad-block scanning and an extended block veri cation test that stress tests the read/write validity. E-mail noti cations can be sent when long-running tasks complete and you are away from your computer.DRIVE GENIUS 1& 2 AWARDS!!! 303 Ray Street - Pleasanton - CA - 94566 1-877-477-6763 © COPYRIGHT 2010 PROSOFT ENGINEERING, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  • 61. FEATURES Review: O ce for Mac type a word in the field, highlights Additionally, if you save your docu- every instance of the word in the file. ments to Microsoft’s SkyDrive, or if your I could go on and on with the list of business is using SharePoint, you can improvements. There’s the built-in use the Word Web app in any supported equation editor that makes it easy to add Web browser (Safari, Firefox, and and edit mathematics equations. Also Internet Explorer) to access and edit the new are improved tools for managing files. In my testing, the Word app footnotes, endnotes, and bibliographies. worked fine. I was able to view docu- There’s a new customizable, distraction- ments on SkyDrive from an iPad, free full-screen mode, similar to what though I was not able to edit them with you’ll find in Pages (mmmm; macworld the Web app; that may come later. .com/ ) or Hog Bay Software’s The new Word also works with WriteRoom (mmmmh; Microsoft’s Information Rights ). This mode is best for reading, Management (IRM) infrastructure to making it easy to navigate through give you more control over what other documents; in it, you can view all the users can and can’t do to your docu- changes made by different authors ments. As long as your office has a (if you have Word’s Track Changes volume-license edition of Office 2011 turned on). and a Microsoft Rights Management One of the biggest improvements in server, you can specifiy exactly what the Word 2011 isn’t actually new. Office recipients of your documents can do 2004 included support for Visual Basic with them—print, edit, copy, and so on. for Applications (VBA); Office 2008 You can also do things like set expira- didn’t, to many users’ dismay, but Office tion dates for documents. 2011 brings it back. So Word is no longer limited to AppleScript and Automator Macworld’s Buying Advice for scripting and automation. After years of complaining about the When it came to exchanging things that Word for Mac lacks, I find documents with users of the Windows myself in the odd yet enviable position version of Word, the formatting, of announcing that Word 2011 is great. It paragraph styles, tables, and images all is a powerful and well-designed word made the transition just fine in my processing application. Its new interface testing. Changes tracked in one version makes it easy to find the tools you need. also made it through to the other. My But, most important, its Windows only complaint is that Word 2011 still compatibility makes it possible to use a does not track changes made to images. Mac in a mixed-platform environment without any excuses. For the Enterprise Word 2011’s tools for collaborating with Jeffery Battersby is an IT consultant, and a others are significantly improved. Word regular contributor to Macworld. 2011 includes support for Microsoft’s SharePoint and SkyDrive cloud-based storage services, meaning you can save WORD documents from one Mac and access mmmmh them from another. Word 2011 also sup- PROS: Parity with Word for Windows; ports simultaneous editing, so cowork- better user interface; Visual Basic. CONS: Offers more than some users ers and other collaborators can all work need; doesn’t track changes in images. on a document at the same time. If you COMPANY: Microsoft, use Microsoft Messenger, you can communicate with those collaborators FULL REVIEW: from within Word, while you edit.Macworld December
  • 62. Features Review: O ce for Mac 2011excel 2011Visual Basic is back by rOb griffiths depends on your available RAM. The old formatting editor has been replaced with a larger and more intuitive interface. To help you format your data for presentation, Excel 2011 offers both themes (which apply rules to your entire spread- sheet) and cell styles (which apply styles to specific ranges of cells). You can custom- ize these as you wish, and save them for later use. Excel 2011 also makes it easier to create pivot tables, thanks to the new PivotTable Builder, as well as pivot-table- report designs, layouts, and styles. Tables (previously known as lists) have also received a full makeover. Creating a table is as simple as selecting your data and choosing a layout from the Ribbon. Once you’ve done that, it’s easy to filter and sort your data. Sorting and filtering in general are improved. You can, for example, sort or filter on a font color or cell color; see matches immediately as you create your filter; and use built-incell styles The cell-styles drop-down menu (accessed on the Home tab of the Ribbon) filters (such as Above Average).makes it easy to quickly apply a variety of styles to a range of cells. Macros are Back Excel 2011 addresses what was perhapse xcel for Mac represents a Ribbon, a collection of small tabs that my biggest complaint about its predeces- huge step forward for serious provide easy access to often-used sor: its lack of support for macros. spreadsheet jockeys. The new commands. Those tabs are compact, and They’re back in Excel 2011, via Microsoft’sversion contains literally hundreds of you can collapse the Ribbon altogether Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).improvements, some obvious, others when you aren’t using it. If you really Excel 2011 supports some new macromore subtle. The biggest news for power want to, you can disable it altogether. features too, such as the ability to set watchusers is the return of Visual Basic Beyond the visual overhaul, Excel 2011 expressions, and it handled all of mysupport, but there’s good stuff to be provides new and improved ways of existing macro spreadsheets (including afound for Excel users of all levels. The working with spreadsheet data. One of complex model containing custom menusexcel 2011 is a solid program for anyone whosejob requires heavy spreadsheet use.only things preventing a perfect rating the most interesting is sparklines— and input forms) just fine. Microsoft saysare uneven performance and some miniature graphs that appear within a that macros you create on the Mac shouldfeatures that don’t follow Mac norms. single cell. Instead of building a full work perfectly under Windows (because chart to look for data trends, you can the two programs now use the samethe Interface create a sparkline by selecting some version of VBA); I haven’t been able toExcel 2011 looks much different than data, choosing a menu item, and prove that one way or another yet.Excel 2008 (mmm; 6). clicking a destination cell. For users who share Excel projectsGone are all the floating toolbars and the Conditional formatting is also greatly with others, Excel 2011 has more to offerfloating formatting palette. In their place improved. You’re no longer restricted to than previous versions. You can now(and throughout Office 2011) is the three conditions per cell; the limit now protect a cell’s contents while allowing62 Macworld December 2010
  • 63. FEATURES Review: O ce for MacConditional Formatting In Excel , you have many more options for definingconditional formatting than in Excel .changes to formatting. You can also sheet, Excel 2011 took more than sixallow or prevent insertion and deletion times as long as Excel 2004.of rows and columns, the use of filtersand sorting, and more. Macworld’s Buying Advice If your sharing needs are simple, you You should definitely upgrade to Excelcan save your spreadsheets to Micro- 2011 if you’re using an older version. Thesoft’s SkyDrive cloud-based storage new interface and improved functionalityservice. You can then access and edit make short work of even large projects,those spreadsheets online through the while the protection and sharing featuresExcel Web app. And multiple users can make it easier to work with others—bothedit the spreadsheet at the same time, on the Mac and on Windows. Theas you can with Google Docs. problems I did have are not big enough to affect my overall verdict: Excel 2011 is aSome Room for Improvement solid program for anyone whose jobWhile this release makes great prog- requires heavy spreadsheet use.ress compared with Excel 2008, thereare still things that don’t work quite as Macworld Senior Contributor Rob Griffithsyou’d expect. Excel uses its own dic- is Master of Ceremonies at Many Tricks.tionary instead of OS X’s; pressing 1-Adoesn’t select all text in the formulabar; and OS X Services are unavailable. EXCEL In addition, Excel 2011’s performanceis a bit uneven. It did great in a mmmmhnumber-crunching test, recalculating a PROS: Better interface; Visual Basic; pivot-table tools; sparklines.15,000-row by 22-column worksheet CONS: Uneven performance; some(with a mix of slow-to-calculate features aren’t Mac-standard.formulas) in less than a second; Excel COMPANY: Microsoft,2004 and 2008 each took more than seconds. But I found the interface FULL REVIEW:; when I scrolled a large spread- Macworld December
  • 64. Crucial has over 280,000 possible memory upgrades.There’s one to meet your needs and your budget.At Crucial, we’re the Memory ExpertsSM. A DRAM upgrademakes computing easier. We have guaranteed-compatibleupgrades for nearly every system out there — desktop ornotebook, PC or Mac®.For product information, online tools and morego to The Memory Experts SMFor a limited time, get free shipping (7-12 business days) within the contiguous U.S.©2010 Lexar Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Information is subject to change without notice. Crucial and the Crucial logo are trademarks and The Memory Experts is a service mark of MicronTechnology, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Lexar Media, Inc. is a subsidiary of Micron Technology, Inc. Lexar Media, Inc. is not responsible for omissions orerrors in typography or photography. Ad expires 30 days after publication.
  • 65. Features Review: O ce for Mac 01POWerPOint 01Layered view, path animation by franklin n. tesslerP owerPoint for Mac resolves many of my complaints about PowerPoint (mmmm; with compellingnew features and a revamped interfacethat make it easier than ever to developdazzling slideshows quickly.Better InterfaceI haven’t been a fan of the Ribbon in theWindows Office apps, so I was pleasantlysurprised by its implementation on theMac: It provides instant access to mostof PowerPoint’s tools and functions with-out being too obtrusive. Elsewhere in the new interface, a handy dynamic reordering A new view lets you see individual layers of complex slides; you cannew control lets you adjust the size of then rearrange those layers by dragging them one way or the other.slides in the Normal and Slide Sorterviews. For users who prefer not to reachfor the mouse, new keyboard shortcuts let by default. You can choose a picture file I was also frustrated that PowerPoint’syou zoom in or out in 15 percent incre- as the movie’s poster frame, and you can library of transitions still isn’t as good asments. But perhaps the biggest interface pause and scrub through movies during Keynote’s. PowerPoint’s dissolve tran-enhancement is a new view that displays a slideshow. Annoyingly, though, you sition is coarser than Keynote’s, andevery layer on a slide as a series of still can’t trim movies by adjusting their PowerPoint lacks equivalents to many oftranslucent sheets that appear to float on starting and ending points, nor can you the stunning effects in Apple’s software.the screen. As you mouse over each one, it add sounds to play across a set of slides. For example, Magic Move, a versatilelights up and a number appears to indicate Keynote transition that moves objects asits position. You can then drag the layer to animation and transitions one slide replaces another, is absent.move its objects back and forth. PowerPoint 2011 fills a huge gap in the Although you can duplicate the effect PowerPoint offers a dizzying array of previous version’s animation repertoire with custom animations in PowerPoint,ways to manipulate the size and by adding motion paths, which let you it takes considerably more effort.appearance of graphics that you import move objects along tracks—eitheror generate within the program. A new predefined or drawn from scratch. The Long Distance PresentationsMedia Browser, for example, conve- path-animation tools are better than Showing a presentation remotely hasniently consolidates access to photos, Keynote’s in some ways (PowerPoint’s always been a problem unless everyonesounds, clip art, symbols, and shapes in paths are easier to define and edit). in your audience is using PowerPoint. Aone place. The new Remove Background Still, I was disappointed that—unlike new tool in PowerPoint 2011 helps fixtool lets you select which parts of a PowerPoint 2010 for Windows—the new that, by letting you broadcast slideshowspicture to retain and which to clear. Mac version doesn’t include an advanced over the Internet, using Microsoft’s free There are also new tools for cropping, timeline, which would graphically display PowerPoint Broadcast Service. Whencolor correcting, rotating, and adding all the animations on a slide. It’s much you connect to the service after enteringother effects to movies; and instead of easier to choreograph multiple anima- your Windows Live ID and password,adding clips to your presentation by tions graphically than to drag them up PowerPoint uploads the presentationlinking to them, they are now imported and down in a list. and displays a link that you can e-mail to62 Macworld December 0171
  • 66. Protect your Mac from malware andnetwork threatsOnly VirusBarrier X6 provides comprehensive protectionfrom malware and network threats. VirusBarrier X6 is the onlyantivirus program for Mac that includes full anti-malwareprotection together with two-way firewall, network protection,anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and more. VirusBarrier X6protects Macs from all known network-based threats, as wellas all known malware.Also available is Internet Security Barrier X6, which includesVirusBarrier X6 and four other Intego programs, providingparental control, backup, antispam, confidential documentprotection features and much more.Intego X6 software is priced lower than X5 versions, and thestandard licenses protect up to 2 Macs. Also available: 5-Macfamily packs and multi-seat licenses.
  • 67. Features Review: O ce for Mac 01 OutlOOkyour audience. Anyone who has thelink can see the presentation in a MacOS or Windows browser, whether or 2011not they have a Microsoft account. As you might expect, distributing apresentation this way imposes a fewrestrictions. Slide transitions arereplaced by fades, audio isn’t transmit-ted, and movies don’t play. It also takes Good-bye, Entourage by JOhn c. Welchtime to upload the presentation, so Oyou’ll need sufficient upstream utlook inherits some Importing data from Entourage wasbandwidth if your slideshow is large. features from its predeces- a snap. Accounts, rules, signatures, PowerPoint 2011 also includes tools sor, Entourage (mmmm; e-mail messages, events, contacts, andthat let several people see and revise But if you categories all imported without apresentations shared on Microsoft’s think of Outlook simply as an problem on the first try. (Make sureSkyDrive. Anyone with permission can upgraded Entourage, you’re going to the Entourage Database Daemon isrevise slideshows with the PowerPoint be frustrated. running.) Importing from otherWeb app or by using the actual programs was similarly pain-free. IPowerPoint application. user Interface successfully dragged a few thousand As with the other Office 2011 apps, the .eml files into a folder in Outlook 2011;Macworld’s Buying advice first thing you’ll likely notice when you I did not test .pst file imports.Despite a handful of miscues, Power- open Outlook 2011 is the Ribbon, the The IMAP/SMTP accounts workedPoint 2011 is Microsoft’s strongest enhanced toolbar that sits atop the doc- correctly; Outlook 2011 handled both SSLupgrade of the program since 2004. If ument window. At first I hated it; I pre- and non-SSL accounts with ease. HTMLyou’re using an earlier version, updat- fer a minimal user interface. But after and plain-text messages were sent anding to PowerPoint 2011 should be an using it for a while, I changed my opin- received just fine. If you have an accounteasy decision. If you’re shopping for ion. It may be a bit garish, but it does with a mail provider Outlook 2011 recog-your first presentation program, choos- keep the tools I use frequently where I nizes (such as MobileMe), the app does aing between Keynote and PowerPoint need them and doesn’t get in the way. good job of automatically setting it a tougher decision. The two pro- Full menus are still there, so you My only real quibble is that you can’tgrams are much more evenly matched can collapse the Ribbon and instead create different settings for differentthan ever. But even if you’re a die-hard use the menus and key commands if accounts: You can’t, for example, specify aKeynote fan, PowerPoint 2011 is worth you like. Every keyboard shortcut I different default setting for composing aa close look. used with Entourage worked in message (HTML or plain text) for each Outlook 2011. My biggest complaint is account; nor can you specify differentfranklin n. tessler is a radiologist and has that the Outlook 2011 toolbar is customized headers or opt to view the fullbeen writing about presentations for more skimpy. The only buttons it can hold headers of messages on an account-by-than 01 years. are Send/Receive, Help, My Day, Print, account basis. Undo, Redo, and Search. Outlook 2011 lets you compose HTML e-mail about as well as Entourage did. POWerPOint e-mail You can set basic options—such as font, 01 I tested Outlook 2011 in the same configuration that I use for Entourage font style, lists, indents, and align- ment—and you can insert proper mmmmh every day: six IMAP accounts, three of hyperlinks; but the program won’t let PrOs: Better interface; path- them using SSL for both sending and you insert flashing text or tables. animation support; coauthoring. receiving mail; two Gmail accounts; Outlook 2011 is also better than Entou- cOns: Inferior transition tools; no graphical timeline for animations. and one Exchange 2007 Exchange Web rage at displaying received HTML. cOMPany: Microsoft, Services (EWS) account. I have over 70 IMAP rules, a handful of SMTP and Calendars and Contacts full revieW: Exchange rules, and too many Mailing Outlook 2011’s calendar also contains List Manager rules to count. some notable improvements on62 Macworld December 0171
  • 68. ® digital music system Enjoy music where you enjoy everything else. Exclusive Bose ® technologies and a recharge- able lithium-ion battery make it easy to bring1-800-277-4901, ext. 4264 your iPod ® music to life and share it for up to 8 hours. Just about©2010 Bose Corporation. The distinctive design of the SoundDock systemis also a registered trademark of Bose Corporation. iPod is a registered trade-mark of Apple Inc. iPod not included. Delivery is subject to product availability.
  • 69. Features Review: O ce for Mac 0211Entourage. If you have multiplecalendars, for example, you will see amerged view for all of them, both localand Exchange, in Outlook 2011. Onetouch I particularly liked: When youselect a calendar, events for all your othercalendars fade out a bit. One trick I wishOutlook 2011 had learned from iCal isthe ability to change the calendar for anevent from within the event itself. Event setup has changed a bit. Thereare now two different kinds of events:appointments and meetings. Thedifference? You invite people to meetings,not to appointments. You can invitesomeone to an appointment, but whenyou do, Outlook changes the event into ameeting. I’d guess that this is one of the conversation view Among Outlook 0211’s many interface improvements on Entourage is afeatures Microsoft included because Conversations view (similar to the one in Apple’s Mail) that groups message threads together.Outlook for Windows has it. Outlook 2011 has no CalDAV calendar-ing support (perhaps because this version integration. In Mail, you can restore Macworld’s Buying advicewas so heavily focused on Exchange). I backed-up messages from within the Outlook 2011 is a 1.0 program—and ithope future updates fix that; Outlook 2011 Mail interface. With Outlook, you have to represents a huge change from Entourageis entirely too useful to be solely bound to restore files using the standard Time in almost every way. It’s different enoughExchange calendaring. Machine interface. that Entourage users will have to make Contact management hasn’t changed (There is still a database in Outlook, some big adjustments. That said, as amuch from Entourage. If you’re using but it’s there just to optimize searches version 1.0 product, Outlook has a numberOutlook 2011 with LDAP directory and other nonessential functions. It’s of holes and bugs that need to be fixed,services, you can’t browse those directo- much smaller; my Entourage Database is and fixed quickly. But none are deal-killers.ries, but search works well. Too bad just under 5.5GB, and my Outlook 2011 If you need an Exchange client on the Mac,Outlook 2011 assumes all directories are database is just over 500MB. Outlook 2011 is the king.Active Directory; if your business uses Exchange support is much better insomething else (Apple’s Open Directory, Outlook 2011. (I tested it with an Exchange John c. Welch ( is the ITsay), some things won’t show up correctly. 2007 server.) Tasks that took multiple Director for The Zimmerman Agency, and a Outlook’s to-do manager didn’t change steps in Entourage, or that never worked longtime Mac IT pundit. Special thanks totoo much, but I don’t think it needed right at all, work well in Outlook 2011. To Andrew Laurence and the Exchange team atmuch improvement. The same with the take just one example: If you were using the University of California, Irvine, for theirNotes feature, which remains extremely Entourage and the connection to the assistance with this review.basic. Both sync with Exchange. Exchange server was interrupted, the only reliable way to get it back was to restartunder the Hood Entourage. That’s fixed in Outlook 2011. OutlOOk 0211Entourage’s database was one big file,which made for painful backups. (Time Unlike the other programs in the office suite, Outlook doesn’t support Visual Basic mmmm PrOs: New interface; betterMachine would back up the entire file, for Applications. Outlook’s AppleScript Exchange support.even if you’d made only minor changes.) support has been revamped and reorga- cOns: Assorted version 1.2 bugs;In Outlook 2011, each item occupies an nized, but it still has its shortcomings; if holes in AppleScript implementation.individual file or multiple files. Time you rely on AppleScript in Entourage, I’d cOMPany: Microsoft, backups may be easier, because recommend waiting until Outlook 2011’s full revieW: 0everything’s in an individual file. But AppleScript implementation is fixed beforethere’s no actual Time Machine making the switch.62 Macworld December 0212
  • 70. ur See o NSTER R MO PAPE AY MOVIEt HOLID cial o ers a y pe a and s /holid neatc WILL YOUR OFFICE BE NAUGHTY OR NEAT FOR THE HOLIDAYS? Paper Monsters love the holidays. Year-end expense reports, gift receipts — even cookie recipes — can quickly grow to beastly proportions. But Neat helps you stay merry and clutter-free at work, at home, or on the go. Whether it’s the portable NeatReceipts® or the lightning-fast NeatDesk®, our patented software extracts key details from your paper andDIGITAL FILING SYSTEM organizes it all in a digital filing cabinet. Good for productivity.With this high-speed scanner, you can Great for gift giving. Bad for Paper Monsters.scan receipts, business cards, full-sizedocuments, or insert up to 50 pages at Scan and organize receipts, business cards andonce for lightning-fast batch scanning. documents in a digital filing cabinet Create expense reports, tax reports, digital contacts and searchable PDF files Export data to Address Book, Excel,® and Quicken® FREE USE PROMO CODE:MOBILE SCANNER + SHIPPING MWFREEDIGITAL FILING SYSTEM WITH PURCHASEAt less than one pound, the USB-poweredscanner fits easily in your laptop bag andis perfect for the road, home, or o ce. TO ORDER VISIT OR CALL 866-395-8717
  • 71. Working MacTips, Tricks, and Tools to Make You and Your Mac More ProductiveFive Awesome Automator Tipsuse apple’s easy automation tool to extract text from PdFs, schedule workflows, and moreBY Chri sTophEr B r E E nM ac OS X’s built-in automation tool, Automator (in /Applica- tions), is capable of perform-ing wondrous feats, yet far too manypeople ignore it—believing that theprogram is too difficult to use or theirwork wouldn’t benefit from automation.Neither is the case, as evidenced bythese tips for the Snow Leopard version.1. Get to Your Media More EasilyIf you spend much time with Apple’s$79 iLife and iWork suite applications,you’re probably accustomed to havingyour media close at hand via the MediaBrowser—a pane that displays thecontents of your movie, photo, and 2. Listen to Your Documents uses OS X’s built-in text-to-speechiTunes libraries so you can more easily Snow Leopard includes another helpful feature to convert the text to audio anduse these elements in projects. Yet when Automator service that lets you take your then saves the file to iTunes. You’ll find ityou want to access these files with a documents with you in audio form. This under the new Spoken Text playlist withdifferent application, the pane is absent. is a great way both for people always on the name Text To Speech.It needn’t be if you get a collection of the move and those with visual impair-Automator services. ments to access text documents. To 3. Trigger Workflows through iCal Travel to the Mac OS X Automation invoke it, launch System Preferences, When you launch Snow Leopard’sWebsite and download the Media Picker select Keyboard, click the Keyboard Automator, the workflow sheet thatServices collection ( Shortcuts tab, and select Services in the appears contains a list of templates. OneWhen you install it, you’ll discover that window’s first column. Scroll down to the worth paying attention to is the iCal Alarm template. Using it, you can createFar too many people ignore Automator, helpful workflows that are triggered at a particular date and time.believing that it is too difficult to use or their For example, to automatically back upwork wouldn’t benefit from automation. a Current Projects folder on your desktop to another folder (one onthe Services menu—found in all your Text heading and enable the Add To another drive, for example), select theSnow Leopard applications under iTunes As A Spoken Track service. iCal Alarm template and then create a illustration by Jack HornadyApplication Name ▶ Services—includes Now open a text document that you’d list of actions that includes Get Specificthree new entries: Browse iTunes Library, like to save as an audio file. Select all the Finder Items, Get Folder Contents, andBrowse Movie Library, and Browse Photo text, choose Services from the applica- Copy Finder Items. (Click Files &Library. Choose the most appropriate one tion’s menu (for example, BBEdit ▶ Folders to reveal these items in thebased on your needs, and a Media Services), and then invoke the Add To Actions column.) Drag your CurrentBrowser window appears. Just select the iTunes As A Spoken Track command. Projects folder to the Get Specifiedfile you want and drag it into a document. An Automator workflow kicks in that Finder Items action so Automator82 Macworld December 2010
  • 72. understands that it’s the source folder. appropriate buttonLeave the Get Folder Contents action as and continue toit is. Then drag your destination folder, review your images.which we’ll call ‘Backup,’ to the Copy When you finishFinder Items action. If you click the reviewing theRun button, you’ll see that any items images, iPhotoyou’ve placed in the Current Projects launches, adds thefolder are copied to the Backup folder. images to the(If you want old files with the same Today’s Picturesname to be replaced by newer files, album, and displaysenable the Replacing Existing Files a slideshow of theoption in the Copy Finder Items action.) images you When you save the workflow, you’ll be approved.prompted to name it. Do so, then clickSave, and iCal will open, with the Backup . pull Textevent’s Edit window showing. In this win- from pDFsdow you can create a repeating alarm— If you’ve everone that goes off once a day at 6 p.m., for sought an easy wayexample—that triggers the workflow to to extract text fromcopy the contents of the Current Projects PDF files, Auto-folder to the Backup folder. mator provides it. Create a new5. opt for an Automatic slideshow Automator work-Automator also includes an Image flow, and in theCapture plug-in that lets you do cool templates sheet More Media Browser access Fond of the iLife and iWork Mediathings. In iPhoto, create an album (File choose Application. Browser? Download a free Automator workflow, and you can New Album) called ‘Today’s Pictures,’ Create a workflow access the browser from many more applications.for example. Open Automator, create a that contains thesenew workflow, and in the template actions: Get Selected Finder Items (under Then save the Automator application tochooser select Image Capture Plugin. Files & Folders in the Library column) and your desktop. When you’re ready toClick on the Photos item in the Library Extract PDF Text (under PDFs in the convert a PDF file, just drag it on top of thecolumn and create a workflow that Library column). In the Extract PDF Text Automator application you created. In acontains these steps: Review Photos, action, choose Rich Text as the output short time, Automator will extract all theImport Files Into iPhoto, Get Selected option—the text will look better this way. text from that document and place it in aiPhoto Items, Play iPhoto Slideshow. Select an output destination—a folder new text document within the target folder. In the Import Files Into iPhoto action, you’ve called ‘PDF Text,’ for example— You’ll likely have to clean up the text, aschoose your Today’s Pictures album as from the Save Output To pop-up menu. you’ll see odd characters and formatting.the destination for your pictures. And inthe Get Selected iPhoto Items action,choose Albums from the Get Selectedpop-up menu (this causes the action to Keyboard Foliobe named Get Selected iPhoto Albums). For short trips, many people opt to take an iPad instead ofSave your workflow (File Save) with a MacBook. Sena Cases’ Keyboard Folio ( 0 ; wwwthe name Review And Slideshow. combines three of the most popular iPad Now connect a camera to your Mac (this accessories—a rigid folio case, a stand, and a keyboard—incan be your iPhone). Open Image Capture a single, compact package. The leather case is(in /Applications), and from the Import To handmade and features a soft liner to protect the iPad’s surfaces. The front cover hosts apop-up menu at the bottom of the screen compact, low-profile Bluetoothchoose your Review And Slideshow keyboard. The back of the case holds aworkflow. Select some images and click stand for the iPad that folds flat forthe Import button. An Image Review travel. And the whole folio closes securelywindow will appear that displays the first using a snap closure. —D an—Frkimage, along with—among other things—Reject and Approve buttons. Click the December 8202 Macworld 1
  • 73. WorKinG MACKeep Cookies Under ControlWhy you might want to kiss Web cookies good-bye, and what to expect if you doBY KirK MCELhEAr nr ecently, little boxes began forum I visit popping up on Web pages I regularly took me visited. They showed my picture to a Login page.and welcomed me by name. They also When I went toincluded details that made it clear these my blog’s admin-sites knew I was a Facebook member. I istration page, Iprobably shouldn’t have been surprised. was prompted toAfter all, this is nothing new—other sites log in there ashave used cross-site cookies to determine well. Thisthe ads they display. But this time, it was shouldn’t be a bigenough to spur me to action. I decided to hassle if you’veget rid of all my Web browser cookies. been storing What would the consequences be? usernames andCookies are, after all, intended to make passwords insurfing easier. They give your computer Safari’s AutoFilla unique identifier so your actions can be preferences, fortracked and your needs (say, your site example. (Go to cookie Preferences Safaris Security preferences give severallogin information or preferences) Safari Preferences, options for dealing with cookies. I use the third choice—to only accept cookies from sites I visit.anticipated. I’d already ditched Google click AutoFill, andfor privacy concerns ( then select the User57 3), so I figured it would be an Names And Passwords option.) If you Ways to Take Chargeinteresting experiment to delete my have, then Safari will enter your While you could go as far as turning offcookies and see what happened. usernames. Passwords stored in your cookies in your browser, this can prevent keychain will be filled in as well. certain Websites from working to Delete Them For example, you can’t buy anything onYou delete cookies by taking a trip to What You Won’t Lose or log in to Facebook.your browser’s preferences. In Apple’s One thing you won’t notice, however, is I’ll settle for deleting my cookiesSafari 5.0, choose Safari Preferences, changes due to the loss of the cookies regularly. Several tools can help, includingselect Security, click Show Cookies, and advertisers use to track your activity on Intego’s $20 Washing Machine 2 (wwwfinally click Remove All. With Mozilla the Web. These cookies don’t require you, which can also delete browserFirefox 3.6.8, select Firefox Prefer- to log in anywhere; they just record what caches and other dross either on demandences and click on Privacy. Select the you do. Deleting these cookies is a good or on schedule. Titanium Software’s freeRemove Individual Cookies link and way to keep your surfing habits some- Onyx ( can cleanthen click Remove All Cookies. what private; but as you surf, you’ll get cookies from a couple dozen browsers, new cookies, and, over time, the ads you though you can’t schedule it to runWhat You Lose see will be, once again, somewhat automatically. Deleting your cookies fromOnce you get rid of your cookies, the first influenced by your browsing history. It time to time can clear out the hundreds orthing you’ll notice is that you won’t be didn’t take long after I got rid of my even thousands of them that accumulate.logged in to sites you visit regularly. cookies before my browser showed And in the process, it will give you a new,Amazon asked me to “sign in to get hundreds of new cookies in its list. A pristine identity when you visit Websitespersonalized recommendations.” A half dozen per site is common. where you don’t have to log in. Product hArDWArE soFTWArE omniFocus .8, from The Omni Studiometry 8, from Oranged WatcH Wireless Space, from LaCie Billings Pro, from Marketcircle Group ( Software ( ( Network- ( Multi- Task and project manager gains Project-management software attached storage (NAS) device user, multiplatform invoicing and a number of organizational, includes new template system, uses Wi-Fi and serves as a wireless time-tracking system serves small sharing, and syncing updates updated calendar, HDD project access point ($0 1 for 6TB). businesses ($011 per user). ($81). archiving, and more ($011).82 Macworld December 01 1
  • 74. WORKING MACMacSpeech Scribe 1.1By J EffERy BATTE RS By Whether you’re a terrible again. MacSpeech REVIEW typist, you’ve got carpal representativestunnel syndrome, or you think best on the suggested I use ago, MacSpeech’s $150 Scribe can help you different format,put your ideas on paper without using a and once I madekeyboard. Unlike traditional voice-recogni- the change, Scribetion software, Scribe doesn’t require that worked be tethered to a computer with a wireand a mic. Instead, you can use virtually Transcribingany handheld or other recording device and Editing(including your iPhone’s built-in Voice When training isMemos app) to capture your thoughts, as complete, you canlong as what you’re recording can be saved begin using Scribein any of Scribe’s five supported audio to transcribe yourformats: .aiff, .m4a, .m4v, .mp4, or .wav. recorded audio. Scribe uses aTraining Scribe clunky two-columnTo get started, you need to spend a few interface forminutes teaching Scribe to understand editing your tran-the way you speak. Scribe needs only 120 scribed speech:seconds of recorded speech—although One columnthe more you train the program, the contains thebetter it gets at being able to recognize transcribed text Speedy Training MacSpeech Scribe can quickly learn your speaking style by analyzing a snippet of recorded text as short asyour particular diction and speech and the other 120 seconds.patterns. You also have the option of contains a num-feeding Scribe text files you’ve written to bered list of alternative transcription word when you speak it, but the capitalgive the program a better idea of the options. Clicking anywhere within a W is incorrect. I was able to add thevocabulary you use and to make its phrase changes the list of possible properly spelled word to my user library,transcription all the more accurate. transcription options. Clicking a number but I couldn’t delete the incorrect While spending more training time in the list changes the phrase in the body spelling. I ended up having to changewith Scribe is beneficial, I was of your document. If none of the phrases each instance of the word by hand.impressed with how well the program are correct, double-click the phrase in theworked with minimal effort on my list that comes closest to what you’ve said Macworld’s Buying Advicepart. There were words I had to correct, and edit as necessary. Scribe will then Small foibles aside, MacSpeech Scribe is a powerful and intelligent tool forSmall foibles aside, MacSpeech Scribe is a transcribing your recorded speech. A simple training process and access to apowerful and intelligent tool for transcribing wide variety of standard audio formatsyour recorded speech. mean that you’ll be moving spoken words to the printed page in a matter ofbut for the most part Scribe picked up change the phrase in your document and minutes and with a minimum of hassle.everything I said. update its library of words. Still, my initial training sessions did The application ships with a vocabu- Jeffery Battersby is an Apple Certifiednot come off without a hitch. I used a lary library that includes about 150,000 Trainer and regular contributor to Macworld.Snowball mic and Apple’s GarageBand to words. Unfortunately, there’s no way torecord, and then I exported audio as an correct typos—few as they may be—that mmmh; $150; MacSpeech,.mp4 file. This officially supported appear in the included library. For;format caused Scribe to crash repeatedly, example, the library includes the word full review, me to start training all over MacWorld, so it properly recognizes that86 Macworld December 2010
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  • 76. WorKinG MACreVieWS Hardware and Software for All Your Business Needs a high price per gigabyte, and relatively low capacity when compared with standard hard drives. It does, however, offer eye-popping speed improvements over 2.6-inch hard drives. It duplicated a 1GB folder 58 percent faster than the stock drive in our test system, uncom- pressed a 2GB file 7 percent faster, launched Photoshop 63 percent faster, and booted up 45 percent faster. OurHarDWare testing also shows that, unlike some otherepson B- 10Dn SSDs, the OWC drive still performsIf you need speed, volume, and economy, consistently even after significant useplus good photo printing, this printer is ( worth considering. The front input mmmmh; $550; Other World Computing,tray holds 600 letter/legal sheets and has eshop.macsales.coma 1 0-sheet output tray on top. TheB-610DN connects via USB or ethernet. SoFTWareAutomatic duplexing is standard. Plaintext averaged 14.8 pages per minute citrix goToMeeting(ppm), while a four-page PDF of mixed Compared to other online conferencingtext and graphics managed 2 ppm. A services, GoToMeeting aims low. For $73high-resolution color photo (at near-full- a month, GoToMeeting lets you connectpage size) printed at a rate of 1.1 ppm. 2 Port with up to 16 attendees at a time in asPrint quality was mostly very good. Professional USB DisplayPort many online meetings as you wish. ButPhotos on Epson’s own matte paper kVM Switch you can communicate in meetings onlyboasted accurate colors and a slightly If you use two computers, the first step three ways: phone conferencing, built-indotted, but even, texture. Text printed on to clearing clutter off your desk is the Voice over IP, or built-in text chat. Forplain paper was nicely dark but a little purchase of a KVM (keyboard, video, and voice calls, participants either dial a long-fuzzy. The B-610DN’s consumables are mouse) switch. Hook your computers up distance phone number provided byextremely inexpensive. A full-color page to this device, and not only can they GoToMeeting or talk through the VoIPwould cost just 6.5 cents. The high-yield share the same monitor, keyboard, and tool. An optional, toll-free call-in line iscolors (with T51 designations) offer 0.3 mouse, but you can effortlessly switch also available, but it costs as much as 16cent per color, per page. The Epson back and forth between computers on cents per minute per caller; the rate dropsB-610DN removes nearly all question of the fly.’s 2 Port Profes- if you buy a monthly plan. In one of itswhether an inkjet printer can succeed in a sional USB DisplayPort KVM Switch with most thoughtful touches, GoToMeetingbusiness setting ( Hotkey Control is the first product of its displays the current speaker’s name onmmmm; $6 ; Epson, type to be compatible with computers screen so everyone knows who’s talking. and monitors that use DisplayPort As host, you can present files directlyoWc Mercury connectivity. Connected computers will from your Mac. That means you can showextreme each use up one DisplayPort port and any file that runs on your machine withinPro re one USB port, while the remainingSSD DisplayPort port supports your main200gB monitor. A trio of other USB ports Find it onlineOWC’s Mercury Extreme enables you to connect your mouse, a For expanded reviews, typePro RE SSD 200GB is a 2.6-inch keyboard, and a USB hub (macworld the blue URL at the end ofsolid-state internal drive. As with all .com/5685). each summary into yoursolid-state drives (SSDs), the Mercury mmmh; $220;, browser’s address bar.Extreme Pro RE SSD has no moving parts, www.startech.com88 Macworld December 2010
  • 77. CIRCUS PONIES TMNeeds NoteBook Has NoteBookS tickies. Scraps of paper. Web clippings. Meeting notes.Reminders. Take control of it all e-mails and other content to your Notebooks for handy reference. Never miss a detail with voice- t a s k s t o i C a l a n d yo u r p h o n e. Find anything instantly with NoteBook’s patented Multidex™.with Circus Ponies NoteBook. annotated notes you play back on Share your Notebooks as PDFsGet organized using a familiar your iPod. Diagram and sketch or websites. And much more.notebook interface of pages, tabs, when words won’t convey your NoteBook has everything you needand sections. “Clip” web research, thoughts. Track and sync your to get organized. "Download NoteBook right now and try it for yourself, FREE for 30 days" program etaking a y s t o i c not “A terr w i t h u s e f ul w g b u r s t i n y o ur life. ” organ iz e CIRCUS PONIES TM© 2010 Circus Ponies Software, Inc. All rights reserved. Circus Ponies, NoteBook, the NoteBook logo, and Multidex are trademarks of Circus Ponies Software, Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  • 78. WORKING MAC Reviewsits native application. You can also passcontrol to another participant, who canthen remotely control your Mac. Mac Top Products YOur Guide tO tHe Best Hardware we’ve testedusers can’t record meetings. GoToMeetingincludes 128-bit AES protection to HARD DRIvesencrypt your data, keeping exchanges Desktopprivate. The service also has a free iPad pRODuCt RAtING pRICe A type FIND CODe Bapp that lets participants view (but not iT1 Dock (pictured) mmmm $329 (2TB) quad 5843 interface initiate) meetings and participate via VoIP.If all you need is basic screen sharing, Rocpro 850 mmmm $129 quad 5397 (500GB) interface GoToMeeting can handle the job, but itsclunky interface and inability to record VR Mini mmmm $629 (1TB) quad 5396 interface sessions leave it lagging more attractivealternatives ( HARD DRIvesmmm; $49 per month; Citrix, pRODuCt RAtING pRICe A type FIND CODe BMessenger for eGo Mac Edition mmmm $127 (500GB) triple 5219 interfaceMac 2011 FreeAgent GoFlex Ultra-Portable mmmm $120 (500GB) single 6631Office 2011’s instant Drive (pictured) interfacemessaging application, www.seagate.comMessenger, offers Mercury On-the-Go mmmmh $180 (320GB, triple 4258 7200 rpm) interfacesome improvementson previous versions, such as animated INput DevICesemoticons, and video- and audio-chat Keyboards, Mice, Pen Tabletsfeatures. The program integrates nicelywith Office’s presence-awareness pRODuCt RAtING pRICe A type FIND CODe Bfunctionality—so you can see who among Intuos4 Wireless mmmmh $399 pen tablet 6422 intuos.wacom.comyour Messenger contacts are online fromwithin other Office programs. The problem Magic Trackpad mmmm $66 trackpad 6436, unless you have business contacts,coworkers, or friends who use Messenger TactilePro 3 (pictured) mmmmh $150 keyboard 6421 www.matias.caand nothing else, there’s not much reasonto use or even install the program. pRINteRsCompared to iChat—the standard for Laserinstant messaging on the Mac—Messenger’s pRODuCt RAtING pRICe A type FIND CODe Bonly advantage is that it lets you talk toother Messenger users. Its list of disadvan- 5130cdn (pictured) mmmmh $1549 LED, color 6009 is long. You can’t monitor multiple C544DN mmmmh $287 LED, color 4356accounts. File transfers are annoying. The www.lexmark.comprogram has very few A/V preferences. For HL-4070CDW mmmmh $320 PostScript- 3385instance, you can’t set up Bluetooth compatibleheadsets, determine bandwidth limits, oreven make sure your video source is pRINteRsworking before you try a call. You can’t do Multifunctionone-way video chats either—at least, not on pRODuCt RAtING pRICe A type FIND CODe Bpurpose. Worst of all, you can’t talk to Artisan 810 (pictured) mmmh $300 inkjet 5916someone who doesn’t use the Messenger If you don’t have Messenger-spe- Color LaserJet CM1312nfi mmmm $330 laser 5183cific needs, there’s little reason to use this www.hp.comapplication ( Pinnacle Pro901 mmmh $157 inkjet 6423mmm; part of the $199 Office for Mac 2011 www.lexmark.comHome and Business suite; Microsoft, A All prices are the best current prices taken from a PriceGrabber survey of retailers at press time. B In a browser’s address field, typing a find code after takes you to a product’s review or Macworld December 2010
  • 79. WorKinG MACBUSineSS cenTer News and Analysis about Macs in the WorkplaceQuickBooks 2011 Parallels Desktop comes to the MacSupports Multiple Businesspeople and gamersUsers take note: Parallels (www has announcedMac users accus- the latest version of itstomed to jostling virtualization software. Key tocoworkers aside to this upgrade is increasedreach the Quick- speed. In addition to fasterBooks file first can performance when handlingnow breathe a sigh files over USB or on a network,of relief. Software the new software can bootmaker Intuit ( Windows 71 percent fastersays that the 2011 version of the than the previous version, according to the company. And 5D graphics performance getsaccounting and small business a 70 percent increase. Parallels Desktop also has full 7-bit application (available by New security features include parental controls that carry over from your Mac tothe time you read this) will add Windows. Other new features include support for 6.1 surround sound, the ability to usemultiuser functionality so that Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts in Windows, and the ability to use Spotlight to finddifferent people can work on the Windows programs. Parallels Desktop costs 640; a student version costs 670.same QuickBooks files at once. Existing Parallels users can upgrade to version for 660.332aF1 D252DF Up to five users can simultaneouslyview and edit data files in QuickBooks2011. Users will also have the ability toset permissions in up to eight activity Spootnik Syncs omniFocus with Basecampareas, spelling out what others do and Basecamp (, from 5 signals, is a Web-based project managerdon’t have access to. Everything from that provides compelling ways to collaborate with team members, whether they’reinvoices to customer information gets across the hall or the country. The Omni Group’s OmniFocus ( is aupdated dynamically, so that users can native project manager for the Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Now, with Buzzard’s Spootniksee records as they’re being updated. (, there’s a way to bridge these two seemingly disparate worlds. Intuit also focused on making daily Spootnik is a new Web-based program that will synchronize your Basecamptasks easier and improving QuickBooks’ projects and task lists with OmniFocus. You can also use it to sync Basecamp withcustomizability with this update. Quick- OmniFocus from an iPhone or iPad (without having to use a Mac as an intermediary).Books can now track mileage and add it Additionally, Spootnikto invoices or log it for reimbursement provides a separate Weband tax purposes. The update adds the interface for editing yourability to export reports to Apple’s OmniFocus tasks in aNumbers spreadsheet program. Previ- browser. You can specifyously, QuickBooks users who wanted which Basecamp projects andto get their data into Numbers had to task lists you sync, as well asexport it as a CSV (comma-separated how often Spootnik shouldvalues) file; however, they lost for- perform a sync. Basecampmatting and formulas in the process. projects appear as folders in QuickBooks 2011 for Mac costs OmniFocus, and Basecamp6250 for a single-user version. task lists become to-do listsTwo-user and three-user versions of in OmniFocus project folders.the application cost 6770 and 6 00, Pricing for Spootnik syncrespectively, with additional seats plans starts at 612 peravailable.34 —D—4 a—n FrDk month.3sF9—s n F39—r382 Macworld December 2010
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  • 81. PlaylistEverything You Need to Know about iPods, iTunes, and Mac-based EntertainmentThe Apple TV RebornSmaller, less-expensive player adds Netflix, focuses on performance and streamingBy jonAThAn s eff AnD jAso n s ne l l The original Apple TV, REVIEW announced in 2006 andreleased in early 2007, was Apple’s firsttake on providing media streaming inthe living room. Four years and threesoftware updates later, the Apple TVremained just a “hobby,” to use the wordrepeatedly uttered by Apple executives todescribe the product. With the release ofthe new, second-generation Apple TV,Apple has dramatically changed thedevice’s technology while also redefiningthe product’s target audience. It’s anenormous change with a huge upside,but until the device becomes moreflexible, it’s still a work in progress.The Big PictureThe previous Apple TV was essentially astripped-down Mac powered by a single-core Intel processor and running a ver- component inputs, you’re out of luck), movies and, for the first time, TV shows.sion of Mac OS X 10.4. It had a bigger an optical digital audio port for connect- Since buying (as opposed to renting)footprint than a Mac mini, consumed a lot ing directly to a surround-sound audio stuff from iTunes requires that youof power, and threw off a whole lot of heat. system, a 10/100Base-T ethernet port download a file and store it somewhere, Contrast that with this new Apple TV: (there’s also built-in 802.11a/b/g/n you can only do that from a computerIt’s a quarter the size of the original, it Wi-Fi), and a micro-USB port that Apple (or, from an iOS device, with AirPlay andruns a version of iOS, and it’s powered says is reserved for service and support. the upcoming iOS 4.2). And without a hard drive, the Apple TVThe new Apple TV is a quarter the size of the can’t sync with your computer, so play- back of downloaded content requires aoriginal, it runs a version of ios, and it uses Mac or PC with iTunes 10’s Home Shar-the same Apple A4 processor as the iPad. ing feature enabled. The new Apple TV also marks the first time that Apple hasby the same Apple A4 processor used in The original Apple TV existed as a way truly embraced using its own hardware to photograph CourteSy of applethe iPad. It has no moving hard drive, to take the iTunes content you stored on facilitate the playback of paid videosips power, and runs cool to the touch. your computer and play it back in your content from another service—it offersAnd it costs $99, not $229. living room, and as a way to facilitate the full support for Netflix video streaming. On the back of the new Apple TV purchase and rental of additional itemsyou’ll find a plug for the included power from the iTunes Store. The new model, Getting set Upcable, an HDMI port capable of carrying in contrast, won’t let you buy stuff at all. After attaching an HDMI cable andHD video and 5.1-channel digital audio to The only financial transactions that plugging the Apple TV into our officialyour TV (if your HDTV supports only happen on the box itself are rentals—of Macworld flat-screen HDTV, we were up94 Macworld December 2010
  • 82. and running. The problem with a devicelike the Apple TV, though, is that to reallyget it working, you need to enter somedata on a device that doesn’t come with akeyboard. Yes, the iOS Remote app will letyou key in text—but only once it’s sharingthe same network as the Apple TV! Wehad to enter a Wi-Fi password and then aniTunes ID and password (in order toconnect to iTunes and the Remote app viaHome Sharing), all with the remote thatcomes with the Apple TV, beforeeverything started working smoothly.iTunes RentalsWith the Apple TV limited to rentals, itsview of the iTunes Store is now decidedlydifferent: If something’s not for rent, it’snot there. The TV section is where the similar, but Different The new Apple TV’s interface looks much like the old one, but itrental issue is especially apparent: There shifts the focus to renting, adds Netflix streaming, and changes how you access yourare some shows from Fox, ABC, and the iTunes content.BBC, but not a huge selection; and manypopular shows from the regular iTunes other devices that feature embedded including an hour of streaming 720plist are conspicuously absent. Netflix support. Apple TV’s Netflix feature video, our test unit stayed at a pretty uses the same interface conventions you consistent temperature, and it neverstreaming from your Computer use to browse through TV shows and even got warm to the touch.As before, you can still stream content movies on the iTunes Store. You can seestored in an iTunes library on your what’s in your Instant queue; watch a Macworld’s Buying Advicenetwork to the Apple TV. You accomplish queued item; search for new movies and The new Apple TV is easy to use, and itthis by using iTunes’ Home Sharing TV shows by genre, new release, or name, excels at three tasks: playing backfeature. In order to see each other, your and watch them or add them to your content from iTunes libraries on localApple TV and any iTunes libraries with queue; remove items from your queue; computers, renting iTunes content overHome Sharing enabled must be using and rate TV shows and movies. the Internet, and playing back Netflixthe same iTunes Store account. So if you In our tests playing back both SD and streams. But it’s somewhat hampered byhave more than one account in your HD streaming content from Netflix, the a limited selection of TV shows availablehouse, you won’t be able to stream all video quality was very good, and on a par for rent, and locked out of the largeryour content without some extra hassle. with the video quality of that same content catalog of items available for purchase. And as we’ve mentioned, there’s no streamed from Roku’s new XDS player. As And until Apple expands the Apple TV’slonger any concept of syncing content to with all the content we tried out, Wi-Fi capabilities, the product is locked in tothe Apple TV. If you’re the kind of and ethernet were equally acceptable only a few content sources.person who regularly filled the hard options for streaming Netflix content. But at $99, this tiny box is a remark-drive on the original Apple TV and able deal if you’ve got an HDTV andwished that the drive was larger, you may Improved Performance have made an investment in iTunesbe disappointed with the new Apple TV’s The previous generation of the Apple TV purchases. And if you’re both an iTunesaffinity for streaming and lack of storage. struggled with 720p HD playback, and user and a Netflix subscriber, the product pressing buttons on its remote was often is right in your wheelhouse. This is anetflix streaming an exercise in futility. The new Apple TV good product that has the potential toFor the first time, Netflix subscribers plays 720p videos with ease, and the erase its status as a hobby and become awith streaming access (all plans $9 or Apple TV’s interface is much more hit—but it feels as if a few pieces of thehigher offer unlimited streaming) can responsive to commands. puzzle are still missing.use the Apple TV to watch the entire The new Apple TV also runs muchNetflix streaming video library. cooler than before, and uses much less mmmm; 5 ; Apple,; The Netflix interface the Apple TV uses power. After playing around with it in full review,$$6doesn’t look like the ones found on most the Macworld offices for several hours, December 9424 Macworld 01
  • 83. Playlisttame your PlaylistsForce iTunes to sort playlists the way you wantBy KirK McElhEar nP laylists are great for grouping selected one of your libraries (Music or When you add playlists to a folder, music (songs, bands, custom Movies, for example), iTunes will add they are organized with smart playlists at mixes) and other media so you the folder at the bottom of the sidebar. the top, in alphabetical order, and thencan quickly access and play it. If you have a folder selected, regular playlists below, also in alphabeti-They’re also great for however, iTunes will create the cal order. But you may want to cheat a bitselectively syncing new folder as a subfolder of to get certain playlists to appear at thecontent to your iPod, your selection. top of the list but still retain their names.iPhone, or iPad. By default, this new folder For example, if you have two playlists If you have a lot of is called Untitled Folder, and named ‘Dance Faves’ and ‘Rap Faves,’playlists, however, it its name is highlighted so but want the latter to be at the top of thecan be hard to keep you can change it right away. list, you could name it ‘-Rap Faves’; thethem organized. iTunes Once you have a folder, you hyphen will be sorted before any letter.tries to help you stay on can move playlists inside it, and And if you want to put your Trance Favestop of your collection by create more folders in it as well. playlist above that one, you could nameletting you create folders to hold Within folders, subfolders display first, it ‘--Trance Faves’; two hyphens trump amultiple playlists and other folders. followed by playlists. (One annoyance is single one. The same technique works to To create a folder, choose File ▶ New that you can’t select multiple playlists to sort folders as well.Playlist Folder. If you have nothing move into a folder at once—you have to You can also use other characters toselected in the sidebar, or if you’ve drag each one individually.) force a sort order for your playlists and
  • 84. folders. You probably won’t need to use many of these, but here are the most common characters sorted in order: If you just remember that hyphens, exclamation points, and periods sort in that order, that should probably be enough for your needs. (Note that iTunes doesn’t sort in the standard ASCII sort order and that iTunes ignores spaces when sorting.) You don’t have to display all your play- lists if you use folders. You can click the disclosure triangles next to the folders to show or hide the folders’ contents (see “Organize Playlists”). So you can have hundreds of playlists, yet still have a compact display, by toggling the visibility Organize Playlists Here is what part of my iTunes sidebar looks like, after I used of a folder only when you want to play its folders, playlists, and hyphens to force some of them in the position I wanted. contents. And you can even hide all of your playlists if you like, by clicking the This playlist organization carries over So if you use a lot of playlists, think of Hide link that shows up next to Playlists to your portable device as well, at least organizing them more efficiently. They’ll in the iTunes sidebar when you mouse for those playlists you’ve chosen to sync be easier to find, and easier to use on over (or next to) the Playlists heading. (if you don’t sync your entire library). your iPod, iPhone, or iPad. NEW VERSION. Our Proven Solution. Enriched. MORE IMMERSION. Discover Rosetta Stone’s award-winning solution, now with an entirely new online experience that fully immerses you in language as never before. • Learn naturally using our unique software, complete The Gift That Speaks Volumes. with proprietary speech-recognition technology. • Converse confidently through live practice sessions SAVE UP TO 150 $ YOUR PRICE Level 1 $40 OFF $249 $209 tutored by native speakers. Level 1, 2, & 3 $100 OFF $579 $479 • Communicate and connect with others as you Level 1, 2, 3, 4, & 5 $150 OFF $749 $599 SIX MONTH, NO-RISK, MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE* play games in our exclusive online community. Buy Rosetta Stone today: (888) 232-9281 Use promo code ozs120 when ordering. †Special Promotional Offer available from Nov. 23, 2010 to Jan. 04, 2011.©2010 Rosetta Stone Ltd. All rights reserved. Offer applies to Rosetta Stone Version 4 TOTALe™ CD-ROM products purchased directly from Rosetta Stone; offer does not apply to any additional subscriptions or subscription renewals and cannot be combined with any other offer. Prices subject to change withoutnotice. Certain product components require online access and are offered on a subscription basis for a specified term. †Special Promotional Offer period runs from November 23, 2010 to January 04, 2011; at other times, purchasers receive a 10% discount off the purchase price through March 31, 2011 whilequantities last. *Six-Month No-Risk Money Back Guarantee is limited to product purchases made directly from Rosetta Stone and does not include return shipping. Guarantee does not apply to any online subscriptions purchased separately from the CD-ROM product or subscription renewal.
  • 85. PlAylIsTReViews Home Entertainment Hardware, Software, and Accessories iP-595’s performance is difficult to match V-Moda Remix Remote at this price ($$26). The Remix Remote is a solid headset, but mmmm; 3 0; Maximo Products; other models—notably the Maximo iP-HS5—approach its style and slightly surpass its sound quality at a lower cost. Fans of other V-Moda products might want to take a close look (and listen) to see if they like the changes in style and audio performance that V-Moda has madeHaRDwaRe here. However, the Remix Remote offersGeneva lab Geneva sound subtle improvements on V-Moda’s Vibe IIsystem Model s headset in almost every area, and does soThe Geneva Sound System Model S is a seagate Freeagent GoFlex tV at a lower price ($56 ).sleek, attractive iPod speaker dock. And in HD Media Player mmmm; 3100; V-Moda; www.v-moda.comthis case, appearances aren’t deceiving: Looking for a versatile media streamerthe Model S sounds as good as it looks. Its that can handle music, photos, and videosappearance is largely uncluttered by from your home network and the Internet?buttons, knobs, and connectors, and the The Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex TV is one ofFM radio is a solid addition—although you the best in a growing field of attractivemust use the remote to tune to your candidates, with easy setup and a largepreferred station. Simply put, the Model S selection of Internet content. The GoFlexis great. The unit itself is eye-catching, the TV shapes up as a worthy competitor to thetouch-sensitive buttons (particularly the Apple TV and to Western Digital’s rivalscrollwheel) are clever, and the sound product—the WD TV Live Plus—though thequality is excellent ($$2 ). slightly pricier WD TV maintains a smallmmmm; 3 00; Geneva Lab; advantage in features, interface, and over the GoFlex TV ($562). mmm; 31 0; Seagate; Maximo iP-595 iMetal earphones with Remote & Mic iPods: Current Lineup The iP-595 is a canalbud-style fInD headset featuring polished, PRoDUCT sPeCs RATInG PRICe A DIsPlAy PeRfoRMAnCe CoDe B alloy-metal iPod Classic 1GB mmmm 3602 6.4-inch 9 hours of music playback; 46 6 color hours of video playback earpieces; trim made of iPod touch 5GB mmmmh 3662 9.4-inch 01 hours of music playback; 44 semitranslucent silicone and color 3 hours of video playback opaque plastic; and a cloth-wrapped 96GB mmmmh 3622 9.4-inch 01 hours of music playback; 440 cord. It has an extruded, oval, color 3 hours of video playback three-button remote located at the 0GB mmmmh 3922 9.4-inch 01 hours of music playback; 444 color 3 hours of video playback cable split. The iP-595 is a strongperformer, with emphasized bass and iPod Nano 5GB mmmh 3 02 .4-inch 60 hours of music playback; 44 color 4 hours of video playbackhigh frequencies, and good detail in those GB mmmh 3 32 .4-inch 60 hours of music playback; 446regions. The midrange is also clear, but color 4 hours of video playbackdoesn’t draw attention to itself the way iPod shuffle 6GB mmmm 302 none 4 hours of music playback 441the bass and high frequencies do. TheiP-595 lacks a bit of detail at all frequen- A All prices are Apple’s prices. B In a browser’s address field, typing a find code after takes you to acies compared with much more expensive product’s review or overview.models, but this is a minor criticism. The94 Macworld December 2010
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  • 87. DIGITAL PHOTOTechniques and Gear for Shooting, Editing, and Managing Great PhotosPhotoshop Elements 9 Gets OrganizedAdobe brings Elements Organizer to the Mac and adds a Content-Aware Fill featureBy L Esa s niDEr In a noteworthy update, REVIEW Adobe gives its entry-levelimage-editing software, PhotoshopElements, some serious image-manage-ment muscle with the inclusion ofAdobe Elements 9 Organizer. Otherwelcome additions include a true layermask feature, a Content-Aware Filloption for the Spot Healing brush(straight from Photoshop CS5), and anew PhotoMerge Style Match option.Meet the OrganizerPhotoshop Elements 9 abandons Bridgein favor of the Adobe Elements Orga-nizer, a stand-alone photo-managementapplication that was previously availableonly with the Windows version ofElements. The Organizer features acleaner interface with pared-downoptions, making it well suited forElements’ typically hobbyist audience. Organize by Face Spend a few moments teaching Elements which face belongs to whom, The Organizer can import photos and and it will begin to tag faces for you automatically.videos straight from your camera or cardreader, your hard drive, or iPhoto into them. Double-click a photo, and if the get a backup and synchronization Organizer catalog. The only caveat is program detects a face, a box pops If you ever have to reinstall Elements, youthat when importing multiple raw files, up asking you who it is; just click the can restore your entire image catalog atyou’ll notice a system slowdown for a box and type a name. As you identify full resolution (up to 2GB with the freecouple of minutes as the Organizer more people, the program collects the account; up to 20GB for $49 a year with asaves multiple preview sizes. information and begins to suggest Plus account). The syncing feature also The Organizer simplifies the keyword- names when you view an image with an works between multiple machines.tagging process with Smart Tags. Once unlabeled’ve imported your photos, you can The Organizer does more than simply Editing Enhancementshave the Auto-Analyzer engine assess bring order to your images. In Fix mode, Back in the main application, the Photo-the images and assign tags based on you can apply any of a handful of edits to shop Elements 9 interface uses biggerimage quality or elements such as one or more photos, including color fonts, fewer colors, and higher-contrastcontrast, lighting, and common objects correction, cropping, and sharpening. icons, making it easier to navigate. It alsoin the photos. For example, it may add In Share mode you’ll find options for reveals a number of new editing “In Focus” tag to images without blur. creating online photo albums on sites like The Organizer also uses an algorithm, Flickr, SmugMug, Kodak mmmmh; $100; Adobe,;to detect faces so that you can organize EasyShare Gallery, and Facebook. If you full review, images based on who appears in upload your files to, you100 Macworld December 2010
  • 88. At the bottom of the Layer panel is anew Layer Mask button, which lets youeasily hide layer content. The ability toadd a true layer mask saves time andfrustration, as the previous workaroundrequired that you stack layers in a Fix Yourparticular order and then use a ClippingGroup. Layer masks are crucial for edits Vacationsuch as combining images and makingtext appear as if it’s behind an item. Photo The Spot Healing brush has gained a Faux PasContent-Aware Fill option for removing BY B e n Lo n Gunwanted objects or other content fromimages. This feature, taken from The winter holidays are a chance to take camera will still properly expose for thePhotoshop CS5, works by looking at a break from worrying about work. So background, so the result should be asurrounding pixels and attempting to fill who wants to spend precious vacation nice, even exposure that shows both thethe area inside the brush with similar time worrying about getting good person’s face and the scene.content (it does an amazing job as long pictures. When shooting holiday photos,as the unwanted content isn’t too similar you should consider the same issues you Be Selectiveto something you want to keep). do when shooting anywhere else: Remember that presentation is The PhotoMerge Style Match feature exposure, composition—and adequate everything. We’ve all been bored bylets you take the stylistic properties of sunblock. Here are some easy remedies other people’s vacation shots (and now,one photo (think texture, tone, and for common vacation photo problems. with Facebook, Twitter, and blogs, webrightness) and apply them to another. can bore each other with vacation Photoshop Elements’ Create mode, Get Closer pictures while we’re still on vacation!).used for making photo books, collages, When you see a vast landscape, it’s So consider this when you get ready toand other products, now has a simplified tempting to think you need the widest show your images to someone else:interface and several new themes, angle possible to capture the view. But Two-dozen very good images, carefullytemplates, and embellishments. (The the problem with wide angles is that, chosen and thoughtfully sequenced, willOrganizer has an identical Create mode.) when you zoom out, distances get have much more impact than 75 images. If you’re new to image editing, stretched and details in your image getPhotoshop Elements’ Guided Edit mode smaller. The result can be an image with Don’t Forget to Vacateshows you the specific tools you need to no clearly discernible subject. People who advertise photo gear willexecute a certain edit, and instructs you Rather than trying to capture often use the term memories as if it’son how to use them. New in this version everything, remember that sometimes synonymous with photos. Of course, aare five Fun Edits, including an Out Of less is more, and your job as a photogra- photo can help spur a memory, but it’s notBounds and a Lomo Camera effect. pher is to represent rather than replicate. a memory in itself. If you spend all yourElements duplicates your original layer, Zoom in close to capture just a sliver of a vacation time taking photos, then most ofadds adjustment layers as necessary, and broad vista, or find an evocative detail in your actual memories of the trip will beadds an editable layer mask. the scene and shoot it. Some scenes are about photography. Remember that you simply too big to fit in a photo, so go for can’t actually preserve and capture yourMacworld’s Buying Advice the details—and enjoy the view while entire experience, so try to stay presentThe inclusion of the Adobe Elements you’re there. and actually experience your vacation.Organizer makes this update an You don’t need a photograph ofimportant one. But the addition of a Layer Balance Your Sunsets every sunset you see. Nor do you needMask button, the Content Aware-Fill If you find yourself somewhere with a to take a shot of every grand vista orcapabilities, and the Guided Edit mode beautiful sunset, and you’re itching to historical landmark.features also make Elements 9 a good take someone’s picture in front of it, As an experiment, muster the nervechoice for current and new users alike. remember that the sun is still very bright. to leave your camera behind on at least This means you’re shooting in a backlit one big outing during your vacation.Lesa Snider is the chief evangelist of situation, so you need to take the same You’ll likely have a more and the author of steps you would if you were shooting in experience if you simply be where youPhotoshop CS5: The Missing Manual (Pogue front of a window. Use your camera’s fill are instead of trying to capture wherePress/O’Reilly, 2010). flash to illuminate your subject. The you are. December 2010 Macworld 101
  • 89. DiGitAL PhotoPreview’s Photo-editing PowersBY Derri Ck StorYSmarter Selections Preview’s Smart Lasso tool makes it easy to isolate objects for copying and pasting in a photograph.i f you want to quickly tweak an image Control-click or right-click in the often than not, this will give you an and move on, without making a big sidebar, and you’ll be presented with immediate improvement. Fine-tune the time commitment (iPhoto, Aperture, options for sorting the thumbnails or tonal adjustment by moving the threeand Lightroom) or juggling a bazillion choosing how many columns you want triangle pointers beneath the histogram.editing options (Photoshop), try Preview. them displayed in. If you don’t like the The left one is for dark tones, the right isThis free Apple program comes loaded on default sorting options, choose None for highlights, and—you guessed it—theyour Mac and has a robust set of imaging from the contextual menu and drag the middle pointer is for You can adjust an image’s tone or thumbnails into any order you want. To correct the color, click on thecolor, and even select objects within the eyedropper icon beneath the Tempera-shot to copy or cut. Batch Processing ture slider and then click on a white or You can also perform basic batch proces- gray area in the picture. If you want toCustomize the interface sing on multiple images with Preview: Just fine-tune this adjustment, use theA good way to get a feel for Preview’s 1-click on two or more thumbnails in the individual Temperature and Tint sliders.functions is to customize the top toolbar. sidebar, and then apply the RotateGo to View Customize Toolbar, and command. The rotation will be applied to Select with the Smart Lassoyou’ll see icons for zooming, selecting, all the selected images in the sidebar. You can select an object in a photo andcropping, rotating, and even scaling. If your images are too big and you isolate it by using the Smart Lasso tool.Drag the tools you will use most often to want to sample them down, 1-click on Click on the Select icon in the top toolbarthe top toolbar so they’re ready when you the thumbnails of the images you want to and then choose Smart Lasso from theneed them. resample, go to Tools Adjust Size, and pop-up menu. Carefully outline the object Next, go to Preferences (Preview choose the new dimensions you want to you want to isolate with the Lasso. WhenPreferences), click on the General tab, use for the photos. Preview will resample you let go of the mouse button, Previewand select Open Groups Of Files In The all selected images. will fine-tune the selection for you andSame Window. This allows you to work display “marching ants” around theon multiple images at the same time tonal and Color Adjustments object. To isolate it, go to Edit Invertin Preview. Most photographs could use a little tonal Selection and then press the Delete key. Test this setting by selecting a handful or color adjustment. Bring up the Boom—your background is gone.of pictures and dropping them on the Adjustment Inspector by holding down You can also copy and paste these smartPreview icon. You’ll see a column of 1-Option-C, or by selecting Tools selections into other images. Instead ofthumbnails displayed in the sidebar, Adjust Color. You’ll be presented with inverting the selection, press 1-C to copy itwith one image featured in the main eight individual controls to help you and then go to the image you want to addwindow. If you want to add another improve your photograph. it to. Press 1-V to paste the object into thepicture to the lineup, drag it to the Start by clicking on the Auto Levels new image. Once you’ve pasted the object,sidebar and let go. button right below the histogram. More you can even then move it around.201 Macworld December 1020
  • 90. DiGitaL PhOtOthree apps for adding EffectsBy BEau COLBurnO ften in photography, the image that you capture isn’t quite as exciting as what you had inmind. Beyond the subtle tone or croppingchanges you can make in Preview oriPhoto, try adding a more unusual effect togive an image a whole new look. Thesethree applications offer inexpensive waysto turn bland photos into cool creations.tilt-shift-FocusThe Tilt-Shift-Focus application allowsyou to selectively keep an area of yourphoto in focus, while blurring the rest.Depending on the size of the focus areaand the degree of blur you add, thiseffect can subtly draw attention to partof the photo, dramatically alter theentire image’s look, or even give thesubjects a miniature, toylike quality.The Tilt-Shift-Focus application can alsoadd vignetting, tweak contrast, andconvert a color image to black and white Frame It With the ImageFramer application, you can give your digital photos an analog feel($15; dev.LUX, by adding frames and mats.hDrtist single image that shows a wider range of choose the frame, mat, and colors youHave you ever taken a photo outdoors, detail. HDRtist also has a Pseudo HDR like. You’ll find more than a hundredonly to discover afterward that the dark mode that will allow you to replicate an styles, and you can customize every detailor bright areas don’t show all the detail HDR look from a single image (free; of the frame—width, color, mats,you expected? Maybe a blue sky dotted Ohanaware, shadows, and more. When you create awith clouds appears a washed-out white. combination you really like, you can saveDigital photos with a wide dynamic imageFramer it as a preset. ImageFramer also allowsrange—a combination of bright and dark With Apparent Software’s ImageFramer you to add your own personal watermarkareas—are prone to this problem. you can add a realistic-looking frame to a for a final personalized touch ($30 [thereOhanaware’s free HDRtist software special photo. To use ImageFramer, drag is a free trial version with watermarks];combines multiple exposures to create a your image to the main window and Apparent Software, s save adjustment settings button and try out some more adjustments. If they make the Polarizing Option If you’re shooting outdoors reader iPhoto users can click the picture worse, no problem— with a digital or film SLR, a tips Copy and Paste buttons at the bottom of the Adjust window just click Paste, and the picture returns to the copied settings. polarizing filter for your lens is a must. It will cut through Macworld readers share to copy and paste the current You can also use this feature hazy days and gray skies like a their photo advice settings in this window. This is to copy settings from one knife through butter. great for when you think you photo to another—handy if RogueCrew have a picture adjusted but you have multiple shots with Have a great photography tip you want to try to make it even similar problems. you’d like to share? E-mail it to better. Just click the Copy hswt Macworld December 9010
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  • 92. DiGitaL PhOtORevIewS Hardware, Software, and Accessories for Making and Managing Photographs (Intelligent Auto mode, Intelligent 1$. -megapixel camera. It has a wide- Resolution mode, and Intelligent ISO angle–to–telephoto reach of 50mm to mode among them) and scene modes, 500mm, 0p HD video, and a sharp including an excellent High Dynamic 5-inch LCD. Shooting modes include full Range mode ($$). auto, 14 scene modes, and an automatic mmm; 6 40; Panasonic, scene selector that chooses the best scene mode ($4). Nikon Coolpix S7000 mmm; 6500; Nikon, The almost fully automated Nikon Coolpix S7000 with a 10X optical zoom is the ideal high-zoom camera for anyone whoHARDwARe doesn’t want to fuss with in-cameraNikon Coolpix P100 settings. Advanced photographers won’tThe 10.5-megapixel Nikon Coolpix P100 like the lack of manual controls, butis the rare camera that’s as easy to use as people who are looking for a dead-simpleit is versatile, thanks to a powerful 2X pocket megazoom will appreciate thisoptical zoom lens and an intuitive controllayout with scene modes and full manualcontrols. It has good macro performance, Top Products YouR Guide to the Best hARdwARe we’Ve testedwide-angle–to–telephoto range,user-friendly operation, and an adjustable DiGitaL CaMEras5-inch LCD screen. This camera is great SLRfor beginners, but a lack of raw shootingand disappointing distortion and PrODuCt ratinG PriCE a tyPE FinD CODE Bsharpness capabilities make it a harder Alpha NeX- mmmm 6851 02.5- 992 megapixelsell for advanced photographers D5000 (pictured) mmmm 6213 03.5- 373($5). megapixelmmm; 6$00; Nikon, eOS D mmmm 60191 08- 302 megapixel DiGitaL CaMEras Point-and-Shoot PrODuCt ratinG PriCE a tyPE FinD CODE B HZ5 w (pictured) mmmm 6583 05- 990 megapixel  Lumix DMC-LX mmmm 6297 03.0- 25 megapixel PrintErsPanasonic Lumix DMC-ZS InkjetThe Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS4 is a solid, PrODuCt ratinG PriCE a tyPE FinD CODE Bno-nonsense pocket megazoom camera.Emphasizing smooth, versatile perfor- Officejet Pro 7000 wireless mmmm 683 document, 306 (pictured) photomance, its 1 X optical zoom lens ( 4mm www.hp.comto 500mm) has quiet motors and very PictureMate Dash PM 20 mmmm 6036 snapshot, 1 37fast autofocus—two factors that make photothe DMC-ZS4 a good double-duty A All prices are the best current prices taken from a PriceGrabber survey of retailers at press time. B In a browser’scamera for stills and video. The camera address field, typing a find code after takes you to a product’s review or overview.offers a nice array of automated settings102 Macworld December 9010
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  • 94. CreateUsing the Web for Video, Graphics, Web Publishing, and Other Creative PursuitsMac Debut for Adobe Premiere Elements 9Consumer video editing app offers a choice for amateur editors who crave a timelineBy J Eff CArLsOn With the new Premiere REVIEW Elements 9, Adobe offersan alternative to its own and Apple’scurrent video editing offerings. AlthoughPremiere Elements has been refinedunder Windows, this release marks itsdebut on the Mac. Yet, despite itsexpanded editing power, the programcan quickly become complex. And itseasy editing mode is hampered byannoyances that magnify with use.Editing at All LevelsFor casual users who want to start editingvideo without fully committing to atraditional multitrack timeline, PremiereElements offers the Sceneline. Each clipadded to the Sceneline is represented by a the Sceneline Premiere Elements’ Sceneline feature presents a less intimidating versionsingle thumbnail, with transition icons of a project than the traditional Timeline panel.separating them. Simply drag clips fromthe Organize panel to populate the movie. Once you’ve set up a project, you can Organizer, a separate program for stor- This and other features reflect Premiere add clips of varying formats and resolu- ing and managing media files. (ThisElements’ focus on doing much of the tions—the software scales the clips to program is also bundled with Photoshopwork for people who don’t want to delve match. (That could reduce quality, though.) Elements—see page 100 for our reviewinto the intricacies of video editing. How- One of Adobe’s key additions in of Photoshop Elements 9.) It lets you rateever, even novices can’t escape complexity. Premiere Elements is native support for clips, assign keywords, and group source When you start a new project, clips recorded in AVCHD format, a heavily footage into albums. It automaticallyElements automatically selects camera compressed format that many camcorders analyzes clips for blurry frames, high-settings for you (or selects the settings use to save high-definition footage. Unlike contrast lighting, and the presence ofyou previously used). There’s an option to iMovie and Final Cut Express, Premiere people, and then applies smart tags.specify video settings, but the list of Elements can import and edit AVCHD The Auto-Analyzer feature performs asupported formats is missing some footage without transcoding it. good initial review of your footage, mark-popular camera models, including the Performance was fine while I trimmed ing things you’d likely toss or keep. Tag-iPhone. I needed to drill down into the AVCHD files, but frames dropped when I ging is key to many helpful features inlist and examine resolution specs to added titles and effects, and overlapped Premiere Elements, such as Smart Trim.determine the proper setting, a chore clips on other tracks. Applying the The feature marks problem areas on thecasual users would find challenging. Stabilizer effect to correct jittery footage timeline, adding pop-up notes describing The good news is that it shouldn’t brought playback nearly to a halt. why they were flagged. Remove a section,actually matter which format you choose.If the format of the first clip you add The Organizer mmm; $100; Adobe,; fulldoesn’t match the project’s editing mode, A major component of Premiere review, program offers to change the setting. Elements is the Adobe Elements 9108 Macworld December 2010
  • 95. and it is automatically replaced by a Irritations Add Upcross-dissolve transition. In most video editing applications, the The Auto-Analyzer and Smart Trim spacebar is a universal play/pausefeatures do have minor annoyances. If you button. In Premiere Elements, it is too,apply the aforementioned edit—cutting a depending on which panel you’re in.section of the footage—in the Sceneline In the Sceneline, the timeline in theand then switch to the Timeline panel, monitor performs an irritating four-you’ll see that the clip was not split and no second animation any time you put thetransition object exists to let you change the playhead in another clip.type or duration of the break. And when I attempted to import Also, the Auto-Analyzer feature detects media from an iPhone 4 or 3GS, I waswhat it thinks are scenes, splits them into unable to use the Organizer’s media-separate clips, and lumps them into ascene group. But this feature also chopped capture module. Of the program’s two import options, the one under Video Back on theup a few continuous shots that were worked, but the one under Photos Mac: AutoCAD for Mac, iOSrecorded with cameras that save to crashed Adobe’s media-importing utility.memory cards, where each clip is recordedas a discrete file. And there’s no easy way Macworld’s Buying Advice BY JAC KI E D OVEto make Elements recognize the fragments Adobe Premiere Elements 9’s strengths lieas a single clip once they’ve been split. in its multitrack editing capabilities, friendly Autodesk has shipped AutoCAD features such as Smart Trim, and DVD- for Mac. This software forDVD and Sharing creation and -burning abilities. The pro- professional design and engineeringOne thing that sets Premiere Elements gram is competitively priced and provides a now runs natively on Mac OS X.apart from its Apple cousins is its built-in simplified environment for casual editors Previously, the program ran only oncapability to create DVD projects. looking for an iMovie HD 6 replacement Windows. Premiere Elements also supports without jumping to Final Cut Express. Autodesk has also shippedmedia uploading to Facebook—sort of. AutoCAD WS, a new, free compan-To upload video to Facebook, you must Jeff Carlson is the author of iMovie ’ and ion app for the iPad, iPhone, andexport it to your hard disk, add it to the iDVD for Mac OS X: Visual QuickStart Guide iPod touch that lets users editOrganizer, and upload it from there. (Peachpit Press, ). and share AutoCAD designs remotely, for real-time, on-the-go collaboration. AutoCAD—back on the Mac after a -year absence—sports an intuitive, Mac-like interface that includes graphical browsing of design files with Cover Flow. And the program supports Multi-Touch gestures on Mac notebooks and pan and zoom functions with the Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad. AutoCAD’s support for the DWG file format is good news for those who engage in cross-platform collaboration. Files created in previous versions of AutoCAD will open seamlessly in AutoCAD for Mac, the company says. Priced at , AutoCAD for Mac works on Intel machines running Mac OS X . . or later orThe Organizer The Adobe Elements Organizer stores your video files (as well as still . . or later. Free software isimages and audio files) and applies smart tags to the contents, which you can use with available for teachers and students,many Premiere Elements features. the company says. December  Macworld 
  • 96. CREATEFree Plug-ins Freshen PhotoshopBY CHRI S M CVEIGHP lug-ins are a great way to extend the functionality of Photoshop, adding fun filters and freshfeatures to the application. Althoughmost plug-ins are modestly priced, anumber of cool plug-ins are availablefor free. Here’s a roundup of some ofthe best freeware plug-ins currentlyavailable for Photoshop CS , CS , andCS , and, in some cases, PhotoshopElements and . You can install plug-ins by draggingthe plug-in file into the application’splug-in folder, found at /Applications/Adobe Photoshop/Plug-ins. Manyplug-ins now include their own installer,however, and some newer plug-ins mustbe installed via the Adobe ExtensionManager. Once you have installed a PhotoTools PhotoTools smartly shows before and after images side by side so that you can appreciate your changes, however subtle.plug-in, you can usually find it underPhotoshop’s Filter menu, though youaccess some plug-ins via Window PhotoTools . . Free The plug-in is hampered by an awkwardExtensions. PhotoTools 2.5.4 Free, from onOne interface, but the resulting images are Software, is a fine collection of photo- nonetheless quite compelling. ThisPhotoshop Edge FX . graphic filters, including cross-process, plug-in works with Elements but is notSebastien Piconnier’s Photoshop Edge cyanotype, sepia toner, and vintage. The yet compatible with CS5 (macworldFX 2.2 works with Photoshop CS4 and plug-in app commands the full screen, .com/ ).CS5, and lets you enhance your photos placing before and after previews sidewith an arty graphic border. You start by by side ( ). Pixel Benderchoosing from more than 60 preset Adobe’s Pixel Bender is an interestingborders, and then you resize and Dreamy Photo (and, for now, experimental) add-on toreposition them. You can apply layer Auto FX Software’s Dreamy Photo Photoshop CS4 and CS5 that uses yourstyles such as Glow and Drop Shadow. allows you to infuse your images with a computer’s graphics processor to literallyYou apply the borders as masks, in soft, dreamlike quality. The program bend pixels. The included filters are a bitorder to preserve your original photo includes presets for soft-glow, blurry- hit-and-miss, though you’ll certainly be( ). zoom, and trippy rotational-blur effects. impressed by OilPaint. You can down- load additional Pixel Bender filters from Adobe Exchange ( ). PhotoFrame . . Free PhotoFrame 4.5.2 Free, another plug-in from onOne Software, lets you apply graphic frames—such as film reel, Polaroid, and water color—to your Dreamy Photo  photos. You can combine borders and Auto FX’s inter- textures to create unique effects; and face for Dreamy borders are applied as a layer, which Photo may not be optimal, but preserves your original photo. This the filter is fun plug-in is also compatible with Elements nevertheless. ( ).  Macworld December
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  • 98. CREATEREVIEWS Hardware, Software, and Accessories for Your Creative Endeavors previous version’s, it offers a host of application runs entirely in your Web updated features, including Facebook image browser. TypePad will appeal to almost support, full body morph import, a new any blogger, but it has the most to offer joint-strength indicator, multiple views in users who intend to pursue blogging the library area, and more. This version is seriously—as a method of personal also -bit native ( ). publishing, as a way to promote a mmmm; ; Smith Micro Software, business, or even as a means for making money. TypePad’s feature set is both wide and deep. The software gives Tumblr subscribers an excellent editor, stellar SOFTWARE Tumblr is a newer and easier-to-use tools for managing assets like photo andAlgoriddim Djay . . alternative to well-established online video collections, built-in search-engineAlgoriddim’s Djay serves professional and blogging services like WordPress, TypePad, optimization, and syndication (RSS)casual DJs alike. For beginners, new features and Blogger. Yet Tumblr manages to rival capabilities ( ).make faking a terrific DJ set easier than the big players in its feature set. Tumblr is mmmm; Plus, ; Unlimited, ; Premium, ;before. But Djay also offers some serious especially appealing for Mac users: They Six Apart, www.movabletype.orgfeatures, making it more appealing to can use a radically simple OS X Dashboardadvanced users and more fun for newcom- widget to post, and iPhone users can takeers. As a sort of pro-level iTunes, Djay is advantage of Tumblr’s iPhone app. If youstronger than ever ( ). post a lot from your Mac, be sure to checkmmmm; ; Algoriddim, out Tumblr ( ) mmmm; free; Tumblr, TypePad TypePad is a full-featured online blogging service that hosts your blog while its Top Products YOUR GUIDE TO THE BEST HARDWARE WE’VE TESTED DVD BURNERS Desktop and PortablePoser Pro PRODUCT RATING PRICE A TYPE FIND CODE BPoser has been part of the D landscape formany years. More recently, the program’s d DVD±RW w/LightScribe mmmm desktop www.lacie.comtechnical advancements have made itattractive not only to casual artists looking MediaStation X External Blu-ray mmmm Blu-ray Writer (pictured)to harness its power, but to professionals as www.buffalotech.comwell. Poser Pro offers a higher levelof functionality than its predecessors via an CAMCORDERSenhanced user interface, an easily search- High Definitionable content management system, and PRODUCT RATING PRICE A TYPE FIND CODE Bother pro-level features. The included Flip MinoHD ( Minutes) (pictured) mmmmh minicontent in Poser has always been one of its camcorderbiggest assets, and now even more so with HDC-HS mmmm HDD/SDPoser Pro, which includes additional figures Card hybridand GB of new content above and beyond A All prices are the best current prices taken from a PriceGrabber survey of retailers at press time. B In a browser’sthe previous version. While the interface of address field, typing a find code after takes you to a product’s review or overview.this new version strongly resembles the  Macworld December
  • 99. HELP DESKAnswering Your Questions and Sharing Your Tips about Getting the Most From Your MacMac OS X HintsThe insider tips you won’t get from AppleBy WHiTSOn GORD O nGet the Old iTunes BackiTunes 10 adds a slew of interesting newfeatures, but one of them has been con-troversial: The program saves a little bit ofon-screen real estate by arranging the red,yellow, and green close, minimize, andmaximize buttons vertically instead ofhorizontally. (The title bar has also beenslimmed down a bit.) Some iTunes userslike this new—if nonstandard—arrange-ment, but others seem to hate it. If you’rein the latter group, here’s a way to makethings go back to the old style: First, close iTunes. Then openTerminal and enter the command . When you restart iTunes, the buttons Back to Normal Don’t like iTunes 10’s new interface (bottom)? You can revert to thewill once again be horizontal. That’s not old look (top) with a quick Terminal command.the only change: The traditional title bar(with the name of the app up top) will Shorten URLs with a Service the Copy To Clipboard action. Save thealso return. (That can be handy if you Twitter and other online services have Service with the name ‘Shorten URL,’ ortend to move the iTunes window around made shortening URLs a routine chore. whatever name you want.a lot, because it gives you a few more But such URLs aren’t just for social That done, you should now be able topixels to grab.) networks; they can help any time you Control-click on any URL in any program If you find that you prefer iTunes’ new share links (especially long ones). There and select Shorten URL from the Servicesvertical-button layout, you can restore it are plenty of ways to shorten URLs—some submenu; the shortened URL shouldwith the command of the methods are built into specific pro- then be available in your clipboard, ready . grams. But if you’d like to have a shorten- for pasting into a tweet, an e-mail ing tool available all the time, in almost message, or wherever you need it. any app you use, you can build a Mac OS (Note: This hint relies on the Have a Hint X service in Automator that’ll do the job. shortening service. You can use other to Share? Open up Automator and opt to services too, as long as they have APIs. Navigate to create a new service. In the top bar, set Mug phoTogrAph by peTer belAnger Service Receives to URLs and In to to submit it. This SHORTen URL Any Application. Next, drag over the column was based Run AppleScript action (from the on tips from Jamie Flournoy, Brad Utilities section) and paste the code in Lappin, John Maisey, and anony- the “Shorten URL” code box into its entry mous contributors. Each month, the window, replacing anything that was author of our favorite tip receives already there. (You can also copy and paste The return symbol ( ) denotes the end of a line of the Help Desk mug. the code from code; you should press the Return key there. Below the Run AppleScript action, drag in114 Macworld December 2010
  • 100. To use a different service, replace substituting its path in the and filename forscript with the appropriate URL for theshortener you want to use; the syntax in theis usually command. To reverse .) the command, type the same command, butNew Space, Same Position change the to .OS X’s Spaces feature, which lets you Before you implementcreate multiple virtual desktops‚ is a great this tip, however, noteway to keep your screen from getting too that there’s one prettycluttered. And if you like your applica- significant catch to it:tions to appear in specific on-screen Thepositions, you can make them appear in setting affects not onlythe same place in every space, avoiding the Dock icon, but alsothe hassle of moving windows around the application’s menueach time you enter a new space. bar. While the setting is One way is to click and hold the in effect, you won’t becursor on the application’s title bar able to access any of theand then press Control and the number options in the applica-of the space you want to move it to. tion’s menu bar. You canThe new space will slide into view still use keyboardbehind the selected application window, shortcuts, but you won’tbut that window will stay right where it be able to use any of theis on screen. drop-down menus. The other way to do it is to use aSpaces trick that many users don’t know. Return This iPhone Lost and Found Adding contact information to yourPress the hotkey you use to activate Worried about losing your iPhone’s lock screen makes it easy for finders to return it.Spaces (the default is F8). Then activate iPhone? Should that direExposé in All Windows mode (the event ever transpire, you can improve photo from your desktop into the iPhotodefault key for that is F9). You should your chances of getting the phone back window.) Then, open up iTunes and plugnow be able to see all of your windows in by adding your contact information to its in your iPhone. When it appears in thetheir respective spaces. If you then drag lock screen. That way, whoever finds it Source list, select it, and then open thethe window you want from one space to (assuming he or she is a Good Samari- Photos tab. There, make sure the Syncanother, it will snap to the spot in the tan) will know how to return it to you. Photos From iPhoto box is checked andnew space that it occupied in the old To start, you need to select an image that the event or album containing theone. Press F9 (or the key you’ve that you want to use as a background image you just created is set to beconfigured) to exit Exposé. for your phone’s lock screen. Whatever synced. That done, sync your iPhone. image you choose, crop it to 320 by 480 When the sync is complete, open yourHide an App’s Dock Icon pixels. (You can do that in Preview by iPhone’s Settings app and go to ChooseMac OS X’s Dock is a great way to dragging to select a portion of the Wallpaper. Find and select the imageorganize the apps you use most (as well image until it’s the right dimensions you’ve just created, and then press theas any others you might have open). and then choosing Tools ▶ Crop or Home button. From now on, if someoneBut it can get cluttered quickly. One pressing 1-K). finds your phone and turns it on, they’ reader recently Open the cropped image in your see the lock screen—with your contactshared a Terminal command that can favorite photo editor and, using its Text information on you make some room in the Dock tool, overlay the image with some text— (If you’re still using iPhone OS 3, goby hiding an application’s icon. something along the lines of to Settings ▶ General to set your To implement this trick for Stickies, for , along with your name and wallpaper, and then tap the album inexample, open Terminal and then type phone number. (But make sure you don’t which your image resides to add it as give the number of the iPhone!) Save the your lock screen.) picture wherever you like on your Mac. . You can adapt the Next, open iPhoto and import the Whitson Gordon is a contributing writer forcommand to any other application by image. (You can do so by dragging the December 2010 Macworld 115
  • 101. HELP DESKMac 911Solutions to your most vexing Mac problemsBy CHriStoPHEr B r E E nBatch-Convert Photos withAutomatorQ:  Every month I work on a project where I have to convert dozensof images in my iPhoto library to blackand white, and then save them in theTIFF format. As this is tedious, would itbe easier to do it with Automator? George MorrisonA:  Here’s how to do it in Snow Leopard. In iPhoto gather all theimages you want to convert into analbum. Call it something like ‘ToConvert.’ Now move to the Finder andcreate a folder called, say, ‘ConvertedPhotos’ and place it in a convenientlocation—on the desktop, for example. Launch Automator and, in the Automatic Image Conversion Automator makes ittemplate chooser that appears, select easy to batch-convert a load of image files.Application and click the Choose button.Create a workflow that contains theseactions: Get Specified iPhoto Items, Copy be copied to the Converted Photos album, dimensions or percentages. Choose theFinder Items, Apply ColorSync Profile To converted to black and white, and then Pad Images action and you can elect toImages, and Change Type Of Images. changed to TIFF images (see “Automatic scale the image before you crop it. In the Get Specified iPhoto Items Image Conversion”).action, click the Add button. In the media Now save the workflow. It will Google’s Preferences Don’t Stickbrowser that appears, navigate to your ToConvert album and click Add. In theCopy Finder Items action, choose the become an Automator application. The next time you need to convert some photos, just load the desired images Q:  When I search for something on Google’s Website, it shows me only ten results per page. I’ve changedConverted Photos folder that you created. into your To Convert album and Google’s search preference settingsIn the Apply ColorSync Profile To Images double-click on this application. many times, but I continue to see just theaction, click on the Profile pop-up menu, There’s more you could do, of course. ten results. Why is this?select Output, and then choose Black & For example, you could also change the Amanda PearsonWhite. Finally, in the Change Type Of size of your images. The action you useImages action, choose TIFF from the ToType pop-up menu. If you now run the workflow from for this is Scale Images. Drag it into your workflow, and you’ll see that you can configure the pop-up menu to allow you A:  If I were the betting sort, I’d say that the Google Instant option is enabled within your preferences. To findwithin Automator, the album’s images will to scale the image to a specific pixel out, click the Search Settings link at the width—640, for example—or choose a top right of your browser window and, in particular percentage, such as 75 percent. the Preferences page that appears, look Have a Problem? Automator also includes a Pad in the Google Instant area near the Go to the Mac 911 forum Images action. By default this changes bottom of the page. If Use Google ( for the canvas’s dimensions. You can also Instant is enabled, then enable the Do help with your misbehav- have the action scale the image before Not Use Google Instant option instead ing Mac or applications. padding it. And a Crop Images action and then click the Save Preferences enables you to crop images to particular button at the bottom of the page. Click116 Macworld December 2010
  • 102. the Search Settings link again and this time choose a higher number from the Number Of Results pop-up menu. Bugs & Fixes By Ted Landau Again, click Save Preferences. Now when revisiting a Magic Mouse According to MacFixIt, in what appears you search Google you should see the Problem Earlier this year my to be a separate AirPlay issue, a few number of results you’ve asked for Magic Mouse repeatedly lost its people have found that “their AirPort rather than the measly 10 that appear connection to my Mac Pro. I researched Express devices are selectable but no when you’ve enabled Google Instant. the issue and discovered many solutions, sound seems to be coming out of the If the Google Instant setting isn’t the including opening up the Mac Pro and unit.” A potential fix for this is to unplug source of your problem, there are a reversing the relevant Bluetooth cable the AirPort Express and plug it back in, couple of other things that could be connections; installing a new Bluetooth combined with a restart of your Mac. causing it. Your browser may be unable antenna; using a separate USB Bluetooth dongle; or, as the most extreme action, itunes 26 and Window- to save your settings because you’ve having Apple replace the Mac Pro’s entire Shade X If you use Unsanity’s chosen to accept no cookies. Your Google outside case (as a few users reportedly WindowShade X, you preference settings are stored in a probably discovered that the utility had done). None of these fixes are cookie, and if you’ve configured your guaranteed to work, though. So I decided doesn’t work with iTunes 26. To browser to reject cookies, the settings to not fiddle with my Mac Pro’s hardware. address this problem, Unsanity won’t stick. However, I did eventually come up released an update—version 9.6.9. But Another possibility is that you have with a solution that worked—removing even with the update, the collapsed some corrupt browser files gumming up the battery cover of the Magic Mouse. iTunes window looks odd, with the works. The first step for dealing with This quick and easy fix entirely elimi- interface elements that used to appear them is clearing your browser’s cache. nated the connection problem. My Magic below the title bar now appearing at You do this in Safari by choosing Empty Mouse now performs quite well. The the top. batteries won’t fall out with the cover A workaround for this is to change Cache from the Safari menu. In Firefox, off. There’s also no aesthetic downside: iTunes’ “traffic light” (close, minimize, and click the Network tab in the Advanced You can’t see that the cover is absent maximize) buttons at the top left from preference and click the Clear Now once the mouse is in working position. the new vertical layout to the former hori- button in the Offline Storage area. If that zontal one. Even if you don’t use Window- doesn’t do the trick, you may have a itunes 26 and AirPlay Shade X, you may want to make this swap corrupt browser cookie. Both Safari and Problems With iTunes 26, purely for aesthetic reasons. To do so, Firefox provide ways to clear all cookies. Apple shifted its speaker- quit iTunes, launch Terminal, and enter You do this within Safari’s Security sharing feature from AirTunes to AirPlay. preference and Firefox’s Privacy The differences between these two . Then launch preference. Each also allows you to delete programs go beyond name. On the plus iTunes again. Should you want to undo side, AirPlay can work with compatible this change, reenter the command, specific cookies. Deleting just those devices without the need for an AirPort substituting NO for YES. (For more on cookies associated with Google may be Express intermediary. On the downside, this, see “Get the Old iTunes Back” in this the better way to go so you don’t lose all issue’s Mac OS X Hints, page 224.) as reported by Computerworld, devices your saved settings for other Websites. that streamed via the “open-source daap solution that has long been compatible Senior Contributor Ted Landau is the remotely Controlled MacBook with iTunes” no longer work. Most nota- founder of MacFixIt (www.macfixit Q:  I waited a long time to get a laptop and finally decided on a MacBook, only to find out after purchas- bly, iTunes 26 “breaks” the Firefly Media Server: “iTunes 26 will fetch the playlists, but will not fetch any media files.” .com). Share your problems at bugs@ or on’s Mac 722 forum. ing it that the new MacBook does not support the use of the Apple Remote with Keynote. Do you have any recom- with Apple’s remote. But you’re not Remote app, but I’ve found that with iOS mendations for a remote that will work completely out of luck. 4.1 it doesn’t always reliably link my well with the MacBook and Keynote? If you have a Wi-Fi connection and an iPhone or iPod touch to my Mac. A. Hart iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you can use Those are all fine solutions if you’re one of a handful of remote-control apps able to join a Wi-Fi network, but if youiconS by paul howalt A:  Regrettably you waited a little too long, as MacBooks released from late 2009 and onward (the polycarbon- to control your Mac. I’ve used Air Mouse Pro, HippoRemote, Rowmote Pro, and Snatch, and they’re all capable of can’t, you have to turn to other wireless avenues. One of those avenues is a dedicated hardware remote that works in ate model, not the MacBook Pro) don’t controlling a Keynote presentation over league with a USB receiver that you plug carry an IR port and therefore don’t work Wi-Fi. Apple also sells the $1 Keynote into your Mac. Kensington, Logitech, December 1626 Macworld 220
  • 103. HELP DESK Mac 911and Targus make such devices—theycost around $40. MAc 101 Bluetooth is another way to go. Thevenerable Salling Clicker ($24; allows you to About Snow Leopard’s Dock Iconsremotely control your Mac with a varietyof Bluetooth-capable mobile phones(regrettably, the iPhone isn’t one of Q:  In the past I was able to drag folder icons (Applications folder, Documents folder, Desktop, for example) into the Dock, where they appeared like the original icons. In Snow Leopard, however, the icons no longer display properly,them). And, of course, if you don’t plan instead reverting to generic ones. Is there a fix for this that will show the icons as they are—and as they appeared before Snow Leopard?to roam around during your presenta- B. Rothrocktion, you could control the MacBookwith a small Bluetooth keyboard such asApple’s $69 Wireless Keyboard (mmmm; A:  At the risk of providing an answer as short as the question, the trick is to view these items as folders rather than stacks. And that’s easily done. Just Control-click (or right-click) on a folder in the Dock and, from the menu that appears, select Folder in the Display As area. Do so and the distinctive folder icon appears. The icon will remain, regardless of whether you choose to view the folder’sThe Mystery of the contents as a fan, grid, or list.Accidental AccentsQ:  Whenever I type a single or double quotation mark, it turnsyellow. Whatever I type next, an alter- an underline appears with an accent over preference. Open the Input Sources tabnate form of that character appears. For it. Then type a vowel, and it will sport and scan down the list of keyboardexample, if I type a double-quote and then that accent—á, é, í, ó, and ú, for example. layouts, and you’ll likely see more thanthe letter A, I get á. What’s going on? Hold down Shift-Option and type the one item checked. Stephen Mette letter C, and you get Ç. The specific layout that causes this So something has changed the key behavior is U.S. International – PC (seeA:  The Mac believes your single- and double-quote keys are operatinglike the Option key. Normally, when you assignments on your keyboard. I suspect that you’ve inadvertently changed the keyboard layout used in the Input Sources “Deactivate Language Layouts”). Disable it and select U.S. (assuming you’re in the United States), and your keyboard shouldhold down Option and type the letter E, tab within the Language & Text system now behave as expected. Before you leave the Language & Text preference, enable the Show Input Menu In Menu Bar option. This places a little flag in the menu bar that indicates the keyboard layout you’re using. Should this problem crop up again, a quick glance at the menu bar will tell you where you’ve gone wrong. There’s one more thing you might do if you have multiple input sources selected. Glance up at the Input Source Shortcuts area of the Input Sources tab and examine the keyboard shortcuts used to select the next and previous input sources. If they’re key combinations that are easy to accidentally type (1-Space, for example) you might consider changing them. To do that, open the Keyboard system preference, click the Keyboard Shortcuts tab, select the Keyboard & Text Input icon by paul howalt entry from the left column, and choose the Previous Input Source entry from the right column. Now type a key Deactivate Language Layouts If your keyboard produces unexpected results, combination that’s more difficult to look for unintentionally activated language layouts. execute by mistake.118 Macworld December 2010
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  • 109. ADVERTISERS INDEX Interact with the companies whose products and services are advertised in . ADVERTISER INTERACT PAGE NO. ADVERTISER INTERACT PAGE NO. 1&1 Internet 93 Mac of All Trades 130 3 Cats and a Mouse 130 Macally-Mace Group 39 MacCase 55 Adorama 113 Macessity 48 APC 25 61 Apple Specialist 44-45 MacMall/Idea Mall 122-123 MegaWatts 130 B&W Group 41 Metropolitan Vac 128 Bapsoft 51 Micromat 42 Biomorph Interactive 53 Microsoft 7 Booq LLC. 29 MobiValet Inc. 65 Bose Corporation 79, 99 Mophie C4 Cablejive 126 Native Union 54 Canon 2-3, 5 New Potato Technologies 65 CD&V Applications 63 NLU Products 61 Cernium 59 Cirago International 55 Olympic Controls Corp. 55 Circus Ponies Software 89 OtherWorldComputing C3, 120-121 Citrix Systems 10 Creative Juices 131 Prosoft Engineering 69 Crucial Technology 75 Cultured Code GmbH 71 Rain Design 126 Dekorra Optics, LLC. 96 Ramjet 130 DriveSavers Data Recovery 131 Realm 91 111 Elan Technologies 62 Ripples Group Ltd 73 eMedia Music Corp. 53 Rosetta Stone 97 Engineered Plastics 49 ESET 8-9 Sanho Corp 15 ESS Data Recovery 128 Santom Ltd. - Dexim 31, 60 131 FatCow 129 Sedna GmbH 127 Fins-Up! 53 Sell Your Old Apple 63 Ford Motor Company C2-1 Sena Cases 37 Shure Inc. 20-21 G-Technology 23 Smile 19 SMK-Link Electronics 50 Hyperbolic Software 14 SpectorSoft IGG Software 49 StoreMags 119 iHome 13 Sumo Lounge. 126 Incipio Technologies 70 131 The Neat Company 81 Insight Cruises 128 TIET 61 Intego 77 TwelveSouth 57 Just Mobile, Ltd. 74 VMWare 33 Kanex 53 Wilson Electronics 43 Keith Logan Woodworking 63 Wondershare 103 Kinekt Design 130 ZalmanUSA 51 LaCie 47 Zco 56 Ligatt Security 85 Zoo Printing 131 December 2010, Volume 27, Number 12 Macworld (ISSN 0741-8647) is published monthly by Mac Publishing, L.L.C. Editorial and business offices: 501 2nd St. 6th Flr. , San Francisco, CA 94107, 415/243-0505. Subscription orders and inquiries should be directed to 515/243-3273. Subscription rates are $34.97 for 12 issues, $59.97 for 24 issues, and $79.97 for 36 issues. Foreign orders must be prepaid in U.S. funds. Add $10 per year for postage for Canada; add $25 per year for air freight for all other countries. Canadian GST Registration #868421876. Periodicals postage paid at San Francisco, California, and at additional mailing offices. Canada Post Publications Mail Agreement No. 40612608. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: Bleuchip Intl., P.O. Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2. Postmaster: Send address changes to Macworld, Subscription Dept., P.O. Box 37781, Boone, IA 50037-0781. Printed in the U.S.A.
  • 110. MARKETPLACE 126  Macworld  December 2010
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  • 112. MARKETPLACE MacMania 11 Welcome to MacMania 11, visiting Patagonia (South America) February 4 -16, 2011. We sail Buenos Aires, Argentina to Santiago, Chile with visits to the Falkland Islands, Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica if you I n S i g h t C r u i s e s . c o m / M a c -11 wish, and the Chilean ords. Before we sail you may visit Iguazu Falls and after our cruise consider taking a 3-day trip to Machu Picchu.February 4–16, 2011 Patagonian Adventure: Argentina, Uruguay, Falkland Islands, & Chile IGUAZU FALLS MACHU PICCHU For a full listing of seminars visit Speakers Include • Dan Lyons (aka Fake Steve) • Leo Laporte • Sal Soghoian • Don McAllister C O P R O D U C E D B Y: CST# 2065380-40 Insight TM 128  Macworld  December 2010
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  • 116. The I-Can’T- BelIeve-IT’s-noT- an-iPhone! Can’t afford a real iPhone? Then check out the I-Can’t-Believe-It’s-Not-An-iPhone! Featuring a lackluster operating system running on brand-Z hardware, the ICBINAi looks cosmetically Wondering what to get the just like an iPhone, but it’s half the price. Or free! Mac- or iPhone-obsessed Whatever it takes to get you to sign a contract!nerd on your gift list? Then what The hardware might be a plastic “homage,” but theare you doing here? We have a icons on the home page are outright theft.whole Gear Guide just for you acouple dozen pages back. Thispage is where we highlight a fewof the products that didn’t make Thethe Gear Guide cut. Maybe they STronTiumwere too niche-y, too outré, or macbooktoo nonexistent. Whatever the after suffering yearsreason, if the real Gear Guide of complaints aboutdidn’t do the trick for you, its environmental recordperhaps this one will. and its insufficiently “green” products, apple has created a laptop with its critics in mind. The strontium MacBook is made entirely of endangered animals, lead,The MPaa/RIaa PlayeR mercury, and, yes, strontium 90. how do you The movie and music industry associations have created like them apples, Greenpeace? If you buy one, their own media player. It has a small it’s possible that your home will be declared ascreen and a credit card reader: Towatch a show or listen to a song, just superfund site. But isn’t that worth having theswipe your card. Once you’ve Mac the sierra Club declared “a disgustingattached the player to your wrist, travesty” and the World Wildlife Fund called ait can’t be removed under penalty “senseless waste of effort, not to mentionof law. If you try to play unauthorized endangered animals”? Don’t just run snowmedia, the device will explode. leopard on your Mac. Feel snow leopard on it. E-MAIL fROM STEvE JObS Originally, this year’s hottest Mac item—a curt e-mail reply from Apple CEO Steve Jobs— IllusTRaTIons By olIveR WolFson wasn’t available in the Apple Store. But in response to the strong demand, Apple is now offering personalized responses in several different formats. Choose from Surly, Corrective, Condescending, Aloof, Holier Than Thou, Gleeful, or Abusive. Steve’s time is expensive, though: A single 10-word response will cost you $50,000. If that’s too rich, Apple has a special deal: For just $100, Steve will add your e-mail address to his spam blocker.132 Macworld December 2010
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