Plot time line - emily of emerald hill - act 2


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Plot time line - emily of emerald hill - act 2

  1. 1. PLOT/TIME LINE – EMILY OF EMERALD HILL A PLAY BY STELLA KON ACT TWO Pages 28 - 5412/2/2010 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 1
  2. 2. PLOT/TIME LINE – Developing Reading, Remembering and Info-gathering Skills A PLAY BY STELLA KON12/2/2010 ACT TWO prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 2
  3. 3. ACT TWO Emily, the Emily goes on Emily continues a buying trip to direct affairs “Nonya to the market in running her family affairs as Besar” as she plans she competently announces for manages to the preparations business of feasting and negotiations with whole celebrations to suppliers and dictating to her world that usher in the servants and she wants new year with hovers over her her family and loved ones and to visit the house guests. relatives to make sure they are market. being looked after by her. P.2812/2/2010 P.29 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.30 3
  4. 4. ACT TWO Emily continues to direct affairs in running her Emily rattles Emily recalls her first Chinese New Year family affairs as she competently manages on and on as experience as a married woman (Remember: she business negotiations she continues was probably only 14 – 15 then) She reveals that with suppliers and dictating to her servants to make her English-educated father-in-law, Mr. Gan and hovers over her loved ones and relatives herself busy Eng Swee, was quite modern in thinking and to make sure they are being looked after by and useful to tried to do away with traditional customs of her. She tries her best others until the young kneeling down in front of their elders to to make sure that anybody who means she finally pay their respects on the first day of the CNY. anything to her and the Gan family is properly declares that Emily describes him as “very modern” but taken care of as she everybody is informs us that she cultivates ties and relationships with them “ready now for is “old-fashioned” and insists on kneeling down with timely attention or festive gifts. New Year”. to pay her respects. P.3112/2/2010 P.32 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.33 4
  5. 5. ACT TWO Because of her Emily discloses to us Emily, like most insistence and her about how she spends typical mothers, her time with her finds out from “leadership by husband and sisters-in- law during their leisure Richard, how well example”, everybody Susie’s son, else in the Gan family hours. She also claims that once, the Singapore Freddy, who was is forced to do the Free Press has published studying in the same as they take an article in which she same class at ACS turns to pay respects was voted “Belle of the has achieved in to their elders. Emily Ball”. Emily shows us examinations and that she has a mind of figures out that claims that her her own as she picks and insistence to follow chooses activities she Richard has done the traditional wants to do in her time. comparatively custom pleases her She also consciously better than finds opportunities to Freddy. She is father-in-law. improve herself and has therefore happy shown she has a lot of about Richard’s capacity to learn and performance at develop intellectually and socially. school. P.3412/2/2010 P.35 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.36 5
  6. 6. ACT TWO Rivalry between Emily and Susie thickens. Emily The men in Emily’s Emily tolerates consciously fans competition life pass away one and accepts the between Richard and Freddy after another. fact that Kheong and draws her father-in-law’s “Emily’s father-in- has left Emerald attention to the fact that law passed away Hill mansion to Richard is a better student at school. Emily also thinks that just before WW2 live with his Richard deserves to inherit and he left thouse mistress, Diana the “biggest share” of her and the big share Lee at Amber father-in-law’s property after of the property to Road. She he dies because Richard is Richard. When continues to “the eldest son of the eldest son” in th family. She makes Richard died, all fuss over Richard take horse-riding the property went Kheong because lessons and makes sure her back to Emily and “no matter what father-in-law is aware of what Kheong. When he does, she is Richard is capable of doing Kheong died, Emily still his wife, and achieving. became the owner and so she must of Emerald Hill.” continue to look after him”. P.3712/2/2010 P.38 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.39 6
  7. 7. ACT TWO Emily does not really Emily adjusts Emily wonders know what to do with her to life without what Diana can husband for keeping a give to Kheong mistress outside and living Kheong at which makes together with her: “If she grumbles and complains, he home by him desert her is not going to change his managing the and the rest of ways. He would still household the family to go continue just as he likes. If she keeps quiet, he feels affairs as best live with her. very free. If she makes a as she can Kheong is scene, he would have an because there forced to return excuse to get angry.” She is is nobody who to Emerald Hill at a losing end in any case. She decides that Kheong can really help Mansion two has to choose between her with her days before the living in Emerald Hill or at marital annual 5 Amber Road. He cannot be September free to move between two problems. dinner which he places. is hosting. P.4012/2/2010 P.41 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.42 7
  8. 8. ACT TWO Kheong does Emily becomes a The most moving not see Diana widow. She revelation in the play is found here. Emily anymore but he thinks that many defends herself by of the people who claiming that she has starts to spend attend the funeral been a good mother to time away from do not know that Richard and a good home playing wife to Kheong. She when Kheong was claims she has done mahjong and dying, he had nothing wrong and losing a lot of refused to see cannot understand why they hated her so. money. He died of Emily. Emily claims that as a heart attack at the Emily also recalls woman, living in a how she is man’s world, she can hospital, denying only justify how much Emily all access to deserted by her she is worth by being him with the mother when her the “very devil of a wife father passes and mother” by doing reason that “he is “everything for them” away. She was and make them too sick to see only ten years old “dependent” on her. anyone”. then. P.4312/2/2010 P.44 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.45 8
  9. 9. ACT TWO Time has Emily receives a Emily persuades telephone call from Doris not to be too arrived at the hasty to rush into Doris, her youngest seventies as daughter that she marrying the American. She Emily’s children is staying put in the allows Doris to have grown up. USA and not “live her own life, planning to return make her own Time is changing to Singapore. She decisions”. She and Emily, even also informs Emily tells her not to if she holds on she is going to “rush into marry an American marriage just to traditional man called Steve because she wants values and to escape from Jackson. Emily Emily”. She also thinking, is does not tick off drops the idea of learning to cope Doris immediately. arranging Doris’ with these She tells Doris to marriage to the “let her think” Lings in changes. about her matter. Singapore. P.4612/2/2010 P.47 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.48 9
  10. 10. ACT TWO Emily’s sons, Charles Emily uses her wits Back within and Edward get married in a positive way to the walls of arrange for Bee Emerald Hill and move out of Choo to go live in Emerald Hill Mansion her house in Mansion,time respectively to Clementi Sennett Estate by seems to have Road and Ang Mo Kio. accepting a nominal stood still for rental. She tells a Emily. She is Emily tries hard to white lie but she understand why small manages to save as usual, doing families are becoming face for her good what she more popular now. She friend. knows best – also learns that her old Doris writes to running her inform Emily that household as a friend, Bee Choo is she is with another going to lose her house man called capable and starts to help her Benjamin and plans matriarch. to settle down with out in her usual him in the USA. protective way. P.4912/2/2010 P.50 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.51 10
  11. 11. ACT TWO The glory of Emily is Emily’s era and Emerald Hill already a reign of grandmother influence has mansion is long come to an end. and her gone and Emily activities and She is tired and sells off most of has done her energy have part in serving the land, except greatly wound herself and the the house itself. down. She people around Orchard Road is does not go out her. She talks fast developing very much incoherently in “nowadays” a dream like into a business and just “rest state because and tourist quiety” at the she still has lots district. Emerald Hill of things to worry about in mansion. her mind. P.5212/2/2010 P.53 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 P.54 11
  12. 12. 12/2/2010 prepared by Yeo Yam Hwee 2011 12