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Plot time line – emily of emerald hill - act 1







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Plot time line – emily of emerald hill - act 1 Presentation Transcript

  • 2. PLOT/TIME LINE – Developing Reading, Remembering and Info-gathering SkillsA PLAY BY STELLA KON ACT TWO
  • 3. ACT ONEThis Act begins To the public, Emily clearly doteswith Emily at Emily wants to be on “big strong sonny”home telephoning known as Mrs. twenty-year-oldSusie, her sister- Gan Joo Kheong. Richard and seesin-law. Emily tells herself as a part ofus how busy and Richard, her her son as she seemscapable she is eldest son, will be rather pleased with twenty years old her comment,when she tells soon. He is “strong son, beautifulSuzie she has “a leaving for further mother.Richard loveslot to do” for her studies to England to ride horses andimmediate family- play polo. Emily(Richard’s going to in the following reminds Richard sheEngland soon and month. Emily also “wants him to be ahis 20th birthday invites her close good boy and make friend, Bee Choo her proud of him”.dinner to Richard’s Thus he must notcelebrations) and birthday dinner invite undesirableher relatives. the next day. “samseng” friends, like Chong Soo Boey. P.3 P.4 P.5
  • 4. ACT ONEEmily introduces us to her Emily plays a leading role Emily directshouse and home – in restoring Emerald Hill mansion to its former glory her servants toEmerald Hill, “an old from its wartorn state of WW2. The family mansion work accordingmansion in a big is fully restored in 1950 to the variouscompound”, just with Emily as the one in charge of running the place. activities of her“off Orchard Road” built in1902 by her father-in-law, She is extremely proud of her refurbished home. It familyMr. Gan Eng Swee. has a “big glass chandelier”, members. SheEmily has been living there “polished shining marble floors”, “balustrades on the gives clear andsince she was fourteen wide staircase”, “tall windows”, “hinged wooden firmyears old when she was louvres”, “long curtains of instructions tomarried to Kheong in printed English cotton”, “big, airy bedrooms”, “high her servants1929. Emily has four ceiling”, “white mosquito whenchildren – Richard, net”, “a modern electricCharles, Edward and fan”, “two new bathrooms”, delegatingDoris. Emily has servants and new bathrooms and toilet facilities. Emily housework toand baby amahs to help “keeps herself busy, running the household, them.her manage her household. looking after all the family”. P.6 P.7 P.8
  • 5. ACT ONEEmily proudly proclaims Emily recalls her Emily recounts theto us that she is “the unhappy childhood: initial difficulties sheMistress of Emerald Hill”. Her father, Gan Boon faced with her older Swee, broke off with sisters-in-law whenShe used to be “frightened” her mother and she did not havewhen she first arrived at married a “sing-song anybody to help herEmily Hill mansion. She girl”. Her mother around Emerald Hillused to be “scared” of her became “a bit crazy” Mansion. Her old and threw Emily school friend, Beemother-in-law and sisters- away while her father Choo’s mother foundin-law. Emily was “an subsequently “went her a servant to helporphan from a poor bankrupt”. Emily her out. Emilyfamily” and Joo Kheong is has fond memories of confesses to Bee her father and Choo that shetwice her age. Her father- reveals to us that “doesn’t care for herin-law has arranged for a when her father died, sisters-in-law. Thepoor girl like her to marry her mother “could only one she wants tointo the family as Kheong’s not be bothered with worry about is her her”. Emily moved to mother-in-law”. Shesecond wife after his first live with one relative is keen to win overwife passed away childless. after another. her mother-in-law. P.9 P.10 P.11
  • 6. ACT ONEEmily gradually Emily tells us Emily becomesgets to wait on her about her business increasingly of giving birth to capable inmother-in-law four children andwhen she plays hints of Kheong’s managing hercards with her detachment from children’sfriends at home child-rearing affairs and responsibilities. also using herand eventually Richard was theinches out Susie to first son of the time tobe the bona fide eldest son in the “direct” thesenior daugher-in- Gan family. His household.law. She becomes birth makes the She likes to grandparents “keep herher mother-in- “very happy”.law’s favourite. hands busy with something”. P.12 P.13 P.14
  • 7. ACT ONEAs a capable matriarch, Emily does Emiy never sits still.Emily’s thriftiness is “everthing” for She influences Richard in hisreflected in her growing-up years Kheong to becometransforming her late because she does not interested to getmother-in-law’s old want Richard to involved in politicscheong sams into “worry about any of pre-independent problems” and Singapore by“patchwork quilts” for because “she loves joining the newlyall the family members him”and wants him “to be happy”. She formed Legislativefor “many years”. Over Council. She makesthe years, she has also does not fail to remind Richard that the decision forbecome influential with he also “want to Richard to furtherher ideas of how best to make her happy too”. his studies in “abring up her children Emily makes all famous college inand use them to her kinds of decisions, London”. She never big and small for the stops remindingadvantage to influence rest of her familyother people in the members: him to “dohouse. influencing Kheong’s everything that she investment decisions wants him to do” for and so on. otherwise she would be “sad”. P.15 P.16 P.17
  • 8. ACT ONEEmily tells us that Emily proves Emily manages theshe takes a lot of herself to be different guests the perfect adeptly. Shepride in hosting shows us here indinners and hostess and her interactionparties to quite an adept with Mr. Chan,“entertain” at socialite who that she even knows how to plans Richard’sEmerald Hill. She future career pathfits into the role of manage the for him bythe matriarch of well-heeled highlighting to thethe Gan family and important potential employer guests who that Richard isneatly because she going to graduateenjoys organising flock to her with a law degreeparties and parties and from England andplaying host to her dinners. she is going to send him to workguests. for Mr. Chan. P.18 P.19 P.20
  • 9. ACT ONEEmily is the Two years pass by. Richard writes Richard has been suddenly tolivewire of the in England for inform Emilyparty and the nearly two years that he has and Emily is dropped out ofdinner. She complaining to Bee Choo on the university andmanages to telephone that has become ahold Richard may be horse-riding “playing too much instructor ineverybody and neglecting his Salisbury. He istogether, keep studies”. We also aware of Emily’s know that Richard objection to hisherself busy is not writing regularly enough decision but heand enjoy informs her that to satisfy Emily’sherself as the wish. he has made uphostess. his mind and is quite happy with his present situation. P.21 P.22 P.23
  • 10. ACT ONEEmily rushes off to Emily mocks Emily claims to beSalisbury and Richard for proud of Richardreprimands making a bad for obeying her decision and orders. SheRichard for being changes her mindungrateful to her demands that about himand having Richard give up pursuing hisforgotten “all the his job and university lawsacrifices” she has return to degree and wantsmade and complete his him to return to get“dragging down all education at the married and start aher hopes into the University. family in Singapore. Thenmud”. She scolds She also wants she receives a badher son for Richard to admit news: Richard hasbreaking her that he has made committed suicideheart. a terrible by hanging himself. mistake. P.24 P.25 P.26
  • 11. ACT ONEEmily mournsthe loss of her“big strongson”, Richard.The familytells otherpeople thatRichard has HANG IN THERE. WE STILL HAVE ACT 2.died in a horseridingaccident. P.27