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Extending classroom learning with projects and videos

Extending classroom learning with projects and videos






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    Extending classroom learning with projects and videos Extending classroom learning with projects and videos Presentation Transcript

    • Extending Classroom Learningwith Projects and VideosA case on Project Based LearningM&S Symposium12/12/2012
    • Elements of Project Based Learning
    • Driving Question: How can weincrease car safety for infants?
    • A need to know Newton’s Kinematics Laws of Motion Conservation Energy of Momentum Impulse
    • Major Deliverables Group research Presentation Video report Reflective Journal
    • Feedback and Revision First draftsubmission on physics principles Report Videoand designs submission submission Feedback Presentation and revision
    • Worksheet to inquire
    • Research literacy
    • Video competition
    • Videos submission from students
    • What needs to be done by thelecturer?• Provide useful resources
    • Students’ reflections• After the PBL had been completed, the most important thing that I learned is that I am able to apply the physic concepts that we had learned in class and linking it together.[…] Also, this project allowed me to show my understanding towards the chapters and things we had learned during lesson, this is as important as applying the physic principle. Showing my understanding gave me more confidence in this module and gave me more interest in this module. ▫ --Bey Wee Peng (DMLS/02)—• The most enjoyable part is making video. ▫ --Xuan Min (DMLS/01)—• The most important thing is we learned the experience of creativity with links to physics, to come up with ideas to increase car safety for children. ▫ --Fiona (DMLS/02)—• Researching about car technologies was an enjoyable part of this project. I love cars and found out that these cars have developed current technology to minimise injuries. The making of the video was also fun even though it was tiring. ▫ --Cheng Yin (DMLS/01)—
    • Students’ reflections• PBL was a very enriching experience for me as I learnt many important things. 1 of them is the concepts involved in physics and also team work :) […] I learnt that time management is very important in our studies and also in everything else we do :) we can use this knowledge that we gained from this PBL in our future working lives and in our further educations :) […] Thank you so much dr oka for the very wonderful and enriching PBL experience and physics lessons ▫ --Derek Lim (DMLS/02)—• I personally think that this physics project has taught me a lot, teaching me how to work in a group with other people that i just met a few months ago. ▫ --Sadiq (DMLS/02)—• The most enjoyable part of this project was being innovative and creative when creating the designs as a group. It really makes me happy to see the different ideas everyone had. I found the PBL project very interesting and it was a great experience for me. Signing off.... ▫ --Nasrul (DMLS/02)—• The most enjoyable part is to do the video taking as there were lots of laughter and fun doing it together ▫ --Nolvin (DMLS/02)—
    • Students’ reflections• this PBL helps me learn better by letting me use the knowledge I acquire from the lecture. e.g. how the car loses its momentum after crashing and by using the perfectly inelastic collision theory. besides from the PBL, I also learnt that using the principle of physics, we could come up wif products to help people with their everyday life e.g. the safety seat that we design to product a child during a car crash. ▫ --Shannon (DMLS/02)—• We have finally completed our project. This project has further enhance my knowledge of the concept of physics which I personally feel that it is the most important thing that I have learned in this project. It let me have a clearer understanding of the laws and motivate me to do further research on the laws and the concept. For example I now understand the fully meaning of newton third law and is able to convey out what it mean. ▫ --Dionis (DMLS/01)—
    • References• www.bie.org
    • Tools to help you along the way
    • PBL Do-it-yourself
    • Summary