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My mother puts peanut butter in the freezer and forgets to change her clothes
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My mother puts peanut butter in the freezer and forgets to change her clothes


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Changes in a loved one that reveal a need for extra assistance and the choices you have. Assisted Living is one of them.

Changes in a loved one that reveal a need for extra assistance and the choices you have. Assisted Living is one of them.

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  • 1. “ My sister puts the peanut butter in the freezer and forgets to change her clothes”
      • Changes in a loved one that reveal a need for extra assistance and the choices you have
      • Assisted Living is one of them
  • 2. Things you once took for granted about family members may have changed
    • Change in mood/behavior
    • An acute health episode
    • Loss of a spouse
    • Sudden weight loss
    • General forgetfulness
    • Late bill payments
    • Repeated accidents in kitchen or bathroom
    • Missed medications or medications taken incorrectly
  • 3. It’s may no longer be safe for a family member to live alone
    • Cannot cook safely or prepare nutritious meals
    • Cannot “keep up” the house — inside or out
    • Cannot handle finances
    • Unable to maintain personal hygiene or dress appropriately
    • You’re concerned for safety when she's alone
  • 4. It may be time to think about alternatives to keep her safe
    • She moves in with you or another family member
    • Home health aides and other health professionals come into the home
    • Skilled Nursing Facility
    • Adult Day Program
    • Assisted Living Residence
  • 5. She moves in with family
    • Still needs assistance with activities of daily living
    • Concern for her safety while you are at work or out of the home
    • Socially isolated from peers
    • Impacts entire family
    • Fill in the blank
  • 6. Having someone come into the home
    • While you’re at work ($20/hr. x 8 hrs.= $160/day or $640/work week or $33,280/yr)‏
    • Family takes on evening/weekend responsibility
    • Some people prefer not to have a stranger come into their home
    • She is still socially isolated
  • 7. Is a Skilled Nursing Facility or Nursing Home appropriate?
    • Maybe not if:
    • She doesn't require 24-hour skilled nursing care and really just needs a little help with her “activities of daily living”
      • Bathing – Dressing
      • Eating – Transferring
      • Toileting – Ambulating
    • She would benefit from socializing with others for activities, entertainment, outings, and dining
  • 8. An Adult Day Program may meet your needs
    • Check program hours — will drop-off and pick-up work for you?
    • Is transportation available?
    • Does the program space have a home-like environment?
    • Are recreational activities and games posted, and are there a wide variety from which she can choose?
    • Are nutritional meals and snacks included?
    • Is there an exercise program?
    • Can medications be dispensed?
    • Is a “trial day” available to try the program?
    • Many families are faced with a difficult issue: how to take time off to address personal needs, while at the same time ensuring their family member is safe.
    • Blaire House's Assisted Living Family Respite Program offers a brief relief, or "respite," from caring for an older family member.
    • The program also benefits individuals recovering from a hospitalization prior to their return home.
    • The Blaire House Family Respite Program Works!
      • “ Respite is designed to give family members time away from their constant care giving.
      • Yet it also helps people with Alzheimer’s and related illnesses by involving them in programs that stimulate them in ways that slow their progression of the disease.
      • This can make the caregiver's task less burdensome and delay institutionalization.” — Alzheimer’s Association News
  • 10. The best of all worlds — Assisted Living What to look for:
    • Assistance with needed ADLs:
      • Bathing, Grooming
      • Dressing, Transferring
      • Toileting, Ambulating
    • Medication Management
    • Nutritious meals served restaurant-style
    • Apartment cleaned regularly
    • 24-hour security system for immediate response from 24- hour staff
    • Low staff turnover
    • Planned activities seven days/week
    • Secured memory loss/Alzheimer's program if needed
    • Visitors any time of the day
  • 11. What else should I look for?
    • Employees who love their work
    • Alzheimer’s or dementia-trained staff, as well as regular monthly staff education
    • Regular Resident Council meetings
    • All staff trained in Medication Management
    • Outings, activities, events,and entertainment seven days/week
    • Regular communication with family
    • Ability to contact Administrator or Residence Care Director at any time with concerns
  • 12. Is Assisted Living really less expensive than my loved one living at home?
    • Your Cost Assisted Living
    • Monthly mortgage/rent……………………….. Included
    • Property tax…………………………………….. Included
    • Property insurance…………………………..... Included
    • Condo maintenance fee…………………….... Included
    • 24-hour security services…………………..... Included
    • Three meals/day……………………………….. Included
    • Monthly utilities Electricity, gas, oil, water)………………… Included
    • Housekeeping services……………………… Included
    • Health monitoring……………………………… Included
    • Personal care…………………………………... Included
    • 24-hour emergency call system…………….. Included
    • Lawn care/landscaping……………………….. Included
    • Snow removal/lawn maintenance…………... Included
    • Trash removal………………………………….. Included
    • Exterior building maintenance……………… Included
    • Plumbing/appliance repairs…………………. Included
    • Social, cultural events………………………... Included
    • Other miscellaneous expenses…………….. Included
  • 13. Assisted Living Resident Profile 2006
    • Average age of residents: 85
    • More than ¾ of residents are female; 24% male
    • Typical resident is an 86-year-old woman who is mobile, but needs assistance with two “activities of daily living”
    • Nearly 1million people across the country reside in an assisted living setting
  • 14. Why Consider Blaire House of Tewksbury Assisted Living? Our beautiful grounds are professionally landscaped, including patios, koi ponds, court-yards and gazebos, creating a home-like atmosphere for our residents to enjoy. We invite you to visit us to see for yourself that Blaire House is where your loved one will receive the best care in an environment that will maintain his/her dignity and independence.
    • Voted #1 Retirement Residence for seniors who want independence, yet may require a helping hand with personal care and other needs.
    • Our household offers quiet lounges, a library, a roof terrace, and a sunny dining solarium.
    • We offer a schedule of outings and activities for many interests.
    • Blaire House provides the same kind of feeling of comfort and security you experience in your own home.
  • 15. Be sure you know what services are included in your monthly fee BLAIRE HOUSE ASSISTED LVING “INCLUSIVE” SERVICES
    • Medication Management provides resident with reminders and assistance in taking their medications
    • Personal Care ( help with showers, grooming.)
    • Flat Linen Laundry Service
    • Housekeeping Service
    • Scheduled Transportation for activities
    • Wellness Program and Individual Service Plan
    • Entertainment and activities (Happy hour, floral design, exercise, etc.)‏
    • Respite Care available
    • Studio & 1-Bedroom Apartments
    • All Utilities, including Cable, except Telephone/Internet
    • 24-Hour Staff and Security and Emergency Call System
    • Lifeline beepers so that staff offer immediate response
    • Fine restaurant-style dining: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner
    • Maintenance of the Property (beautiful gardens)
    • Social & Recreational Programs
    • Senior Care Campus, including skilled nursing, assisted living, adult day health, and transportation
  • 16. Meals Are Important
    • Assisted living residences provide up to three meals daily for residents. In addition to regular meals, snack foods are usually offered.
    • Assisted living residences offer basic dietary menus (low sodium, diabetic, low fat) and a variety of food choices for each meal.
    • Dietitians regularly review diets and menus.
  • 17. Assisted Living Activities
    • Activities director should meet with new residents to determine hobbies, interests, activities they like or have participated in
    • Programs, crafts, entertainment, and outings should meet the needs of all residents.
    • Residents with memory loss should have a different activities program to meet their special needs.
    • Is residence connected with community with intergenerational activities and activities outside the Residence?
  • 18. What to look for in a specialized program for someone with dementia?
    • A structured routine for residents.
    • Caring, compassionate staff who have time to interact with residents in a positive and relaxed manner.
    • Alzheimer-trained staff with the ability to deal with difficult behaviors and situations.
    • Clean, comfortable, safe and secure surroundings
    • Activities that reflect the preferences and routines that each individual resident has established over a lifetime.
    • Policies providing clear guidance re: medication management and safety concerns (wandering, behavior management).
  • 19. What you can do next
    • Know for which reasons you are looking at AL and how each facility can meet those needs
    • Check for Assisted Livings near you. MASS ALFA is the state organization that oversees Assisted Living residences in MA
    • Check our Website,
    • Call to arrange a tour
    • Ensure what is “included” in monthly fee.
    • How does the residence “feel?”
  • 20. For more information Blaire House of Tewksbury Assisted Living
    • Visit our Website, .
    • Call Annette Kurman, Administrator, of Blaire House Assisted Living at (978) 851-3121 to arrange a tour or to discuss your situation.
    • We Are Your Guide to Senior Care!
  • 21. QUESTIONS?