美麗的心靈Beautiful hearts


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美麗的心靈Beautiful hearts

  1. 1. Take some time out and readthese beautiful words carefully.Later, reflect on what you havejust read.Surely you will understand a lotof things…花些時間仔細讀讀下面優美的文字,思考一下,您會發現明白了不少道理…
  2. 2. FirstLesson第一課 ... after some months at the faculty of medicine, the professor gave us a test. 在醫學院學習了幾個月後,教授讓我 們做一個測驗。 Being a good student, I quickly answered all the questions… all, but the last: “What is the baptism name of the maid of our institute? 身為一個好學生,除了最後一道,我 很快就答完所有的試題。那題目是“學 校裡做雜活的阿姨的洗禮名叫什麼?”
  3. 3. FirstLesson I handed over my test paper, leaving第一課 the last question unanswered. Just before the lesson ended, another student inquired if the last question would be marked. 我沒回答最後一道試題就交了試卷。 快下課時,另外一個學生問教授最後 一題是否計分。 “Certainly!", the professor replied. “You will meet many people in your life. All of them will have some degree of importance. “ 當然﹗”教授回答到︰“在一生中,你會 遇到許多人。他們或多或少對你都是 有影響的。
  4. 4. FirstLesson第一課 They will deserve your attention, even if it is a simple smile or a simple hello". 他們也值得你留意,即使是一個簡單 的微笑或一聲招呼。” I never forgot this lesson… and went on to learn that the baptism name of our maid was Marianna. 我永遠也忘不了教授說的這一番話。 後來,我了解到我們做雜活的阿姨的 洗禮名是瑪麗安娜。
  5. 5. Second Lesson第二課 On a rainy, tempestuous night a “coloured” woman was standing on the roadside. Her car had broken down and she desperately needed help. Wet to her core, she signalled to the passers by. 一個暴風雨的晚上,一個“有色”婦女 站在路邊,渾身濕透。她的車壞了, 急需幫忙,正在焦急地向過路人求援。
  6. 6. Second Lesson第二課 A white young man, as if unaware of the racial conflicts that tore apart America in the 60s, stopped to help her. 一個白人青年男子罔顧那時蔓延全美 的種族矛盾,停下車來幫她。 He conducted her to a safe place, called a mechanic and hailed a taxi for her. The woman seemed too much in a hurry, but did not forget to thank him and take down his address on a piece of paper. 他將她送到一個安全的地方,打電話 叫了汽車修理工人,還為她召了輛計 程車。那位婦女看起來很趕時間,但
  7. 7. Second Lesson第二課 Seven days had already passed when someone knocked at the door of the young man. To his enormous surprise, it was a courier with a huge packet to deliver a big colour TV along with a note: “Many thanks for helping me on the road that night. 七天後,有人來找該年輕男子。出乎 他的意料,是來給他送包裹的 一台 大彩色電視﹗隨附的卡片上寫道︰“非常 感謝您那天晚上的幫忙﹗
  8. 8. Second Lesson第二課 The rain had completely drenched me and my soul when you appeared. Thanks to you I was able to reach my dying husband just in time. God bless you for having helped me. Sincerely, Mrs. King Cole" 在您出現之前,我渾身濕透,幾乎要 絕望了。因為您的幫忙,我才及時趕 去見了我丈夫最後一面。謝謝並願上 帝保佑您﹗金‧柯爾太太。”
  9. 9. Third Lesson 第三課Sometime ago, when the ice-creams were not so expensive, aten-year old boy went to an ice-cream parlour. While sitting at thetable, he asked the waitress, “Howmuch does a Sundae cost?” “50cents,” she replied.很久以前,雪糕還不是這么貴的時候,一個 10 歲的男孩到一個雪糕店。他坐下,問雪糕店的服務生︰“一份聖代多少錢?” “ 50 美分。”服務生告訴他。The boy took out his money fromthe pocket and began counting it.那男孩從口袋裡掏出錢來,開始數。
  10. 10. Third Lesson 第三課 “Well, how much does a simple ice-cream cost?".There were other people waiting tobe served, so the waitress began toget a little impatient.“35 cents!” she replied abruptly. Theboy counted his money again andsaid: “Please get me a simple ice-cream!”“ 唔,那一份普通雪糕多少錢?”因為那個服務生還需要招呼其他客人,她有點兒不耐煩,大聲地回答“ 35美分﹗”那男孩又開始數錢,並說道“那請給我一份普通雪糕。”
  11. 11. Third Lesson 第三課The waitress served him the ice-cream and his bill. The boy ate hisice-cream, paid his bill at the cashcounter and left.When the waitress went to clean thetable she began to cry… for there, inthe corner of the plate, were 15cents… her tip.那服務生給他上了一份普通雪糕。那男孩吃完雪糕後,在柜台付了錢離開。剛才那服務生來清理男孩坐過的桌子時,她忍不住哭了,因為在雪糕碟的旁邊有 15 美分 那是男孩留給她的
  12. 12. Third Lesson 第三課The boy took a simple ice-creaminstead of a Sundae so he couldleave a tip for her.那男孩不吃聖代,只吃一份普通的雪糕,僅僅是為了給她小費。
  13. 13. If you have never experienced thedanger of war or the solitude ofimprisonment, the agony of tortureand hunger, you are much aheadof the 500 million people who livein this world.如果您沒有經歷過戰爭的威脅、牢獄之災或飢餓折磨之苦,那您比這世界上 5 億人幸運。
  14. 14. If you have food in yourrefrigerator, clothes to wear, a roofon your head and a place tosleep, you are richer than the 75%of the people who live on thisEarth.如果您雪櫃裡有食物、有衣服可穿、有床可睡、有房子住,那您比這世界上 75 %的人富有。
  15. 15. If you can go to your place ofworship without being threatened,arrested, tortured or killed, you areluckier than the 3000,000,000persons of this world.如果您可以去做禮拜,而不必擔心受到威脅、被捕或被謀害,那您比這世界上 30 億人幸運。
  16. 16. If you have money in your bankaccount and your wallet and someloose change in some little box,you are one of the world’s 8%well-to-do population.如果您銀行裡有存款、錢包裡有現金、還有零錢,那您是這世界上占總人口 8 %的比較富裕的人之一。
  17. 17. If you are able to read thismessage, you have just receiveda double blessing…one, someone is thinking aboutyou…two, you are not one of those2000,000,000 people who areilliterate!如果您能讀這些文字,您是雙重的幸運︰一,有人想著您二,您不是文盲(世界上現下有 20億人仍目不識丁)
  18. 18. Somebody said at some time: 曾有人這樣說 :Work as if you have no need ofthe money.忘我地工作,就像你不需要錢一樣。Love as if nobody ever madeyou suffer.盡情地去愛,就像你不會受到傷害一樣Dance as if nobody is watchingyou.歡快地起舞,就像沒人旁觀一樣Sing as if nobody is hearingyou.
  19. 19. If you like this email send it to all you consider your FRIENDS 您可以把這份檔案發給每個您認為是朋友的人。 Brighten up someone’s day! 轉發吧,為別人平常的日子添上一點光彩。