The True Cost of Inbound Marketing: It's Not Just Dollars and Cents


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Join Bryan Cox, Stephanie Kapera and Dan Romanski from Kuno Creative for our webinar entitled "The True Cost of Inbound Marketing: It's Not Just Dollars and Cents." This webinar discusses the process of inbound marketing, how much it should cost, and what else is involved in terms of making an investment.

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The True Cost of Inbound Marketing: It's Not Just Dollars and Cents

  1. 1. Meet Your Hosts Bryan Cox Senior Consultant Specialties: Inbound marketing strategy .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................................. Stephanie Kapera Content Strategist Specialties: Buyer persona development, content marketing strategy .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .................................. Dan Romanski Technologist Specialties: HubSpot technology, lead generation & management Questions or Comments? Tweet it to #KunoWebinar Say Hi on Twitter: @bryancox21 @stephkapera @roamingromanski
  2. 2. About Kuno Creative • One of the original HubSpot partner agencies • Won “Happiest Clients” award at Inbound 2012 & 2013 We’re especially good at… • Creating successful strategies for brand awareness and lead generation • Content development (key differentiator: we use trained brand journalists) • Producing real, measurable results: helping you create demand, capture more qualified leads, and convert MQLs to SQLs
  3. 3. What We’ll Discuss Today… • Kuno’s 7 step inbound marketing process • How agencies and clients work together throughout the process •The cost of investing in inbound marketing (financial costs & resources)
  4. 4. Our 7 Step Inbound Marketing Process 1. Collaborative Review 5. Lead Management 2. Strategy 6. Customer Relationship Management 3. Content Marketing 4. Demand Generation 7. Revenue Performance Management
  5. 5. Getting Started with a Collaborative Review • What’s happening now? • Strategy People - Process - Product • Immediate goals (3-6 months) • Longer-term goals (6-12 months)
  6. 6. Developing a Strategy • Mapping a path to success • Deciding what to do first • Timelines and Expectations
  7. 7. Creating Meaningful Buyer Personas Our Job = Buyer Experts What do buyer experts do? • Understand your buyers • Understand how they buy • Buyer persona interviews • Journalistic approach • Open-ended interviews
  8. 8. The Cost of Getting Started • Consultant • Developer • Content Specialist • Creative $5k – $10k per month avg. cost • Leadership Team • Marketing • Product • Sales • Customer Service $5k – $10k per month avg. cost
  9. 9. Content Marketing Gold standard for content = valuable enough for people to pay for it Buyer persona interviews → Content Strategy Blog posts, premium content downloads (eBooks, whitepapers, case studies) • Benefits • “How are you going to write about my industry?” The Kuno difference • Content development process: agency/client role breakdown
  10. 10. Deploying Your Content How do you make sure your ideal buyers see your content? • Mapping content • Editorial calendars • Social media channels
  11. 11. The Cost of Content Marketing • Consultant • Project Manager • Brand Journalist • Product Manager • Social Media Strategist • Bloggers • Marketing Technologist • Approval Team $3k – $10k per month avg. cost $5k – $10k per month avg. cost
  12. 12. Generating Demand • Search Engine Optimization • Mobile - Text Message • Paid Search (Google, Facebook) Offers, Apps, Games • Outbound Marketing • Email Marketing • Website Offers (Call To Action)
  13. 13. Managing Your Leads If creating demand is Managing leads is like… like… ...being HOT Lead Management This is how you Includes… • Lead nurturing • Marketing automation (dinner and a movie) (asking the right questions) turn website visits into revenue!
  14. 14. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) • Determine Sales and Marketing team roles • Define and refine lifecycle stages • Implement specific lead scoring criteria to separating the MQLs from SQLs This is how you get sales and marketing to work together!
  15. 15. Revenue Performance Management (RPM) How does each part of the marketing process impact revenue generation? RPM is how you find out. • Customer acquisition costs • Customer lifetime value • Contribution to pipeline • Sales and marketing ROI • Churn rate
  16. 16. The Cost – On Both Sides • Consultant • Technologist • Marketing Manager • Sales Team • Designer • Content Specialist • Product Manager • Legal $7k – $12k per month avg. cost $5k – $8k per month avg. cost *depends on company size
  17. 17. Financial Cost Budget Implications for Various Company Sizes Small Businesses @ $2-10 Million in Sales Large Companies @ $100-500 million in sales should plan to budget $100-150K per year, more if possible. This amounts to 2-5 percent of gross revenues, which is well within the ranges of companies building their growth around digital marketing. should budget $1-5M per year, which is a lower percentage of revenue than required by smaller companies, but still provides plenty of budget for aggressive marketing, both inbound and outbound. .......................................................... Small-to-Mid-Size Companies @ $10-50 million in sales should budget $200-300K per year, which lines up well with the guidelines above for inbound marketing components. .......................................................... Mid-Size Companies @ $50-100 million in sales should budget $300-500K per year, which gives them the scale of marketing personnel and initiatives to match larger product lines and to gain market share. .......................................................... Enterprises @ $500+ million in sales should budget $5-20M per year, which is a still lower percentage of revenue than required by smaller companies and may vary considerably based on industry and markets. B2C companies will typically have much higher advertising and marketing budgets due to competitive factors.
  18. 18. Thank You! Want to talk more about working with Kuno? Questions or comments? Stephanie has cleared the rest of afternoon to give introductory consultations. Give her a call at (440) 261-5029 to tell her your problems and get some free marketing therapy. Ask us on Twitter… @bryancox21 @stephkapera @roamingromanski or by email…
  19. 19. A Free Guide Need Help Proving the Value of Inbound? With Inbound Marketing: Budgets, Buy-In and Best Practices, we'll help you set realistic budgets and prove the value of inbound marketing to other company stakeholders. DOWNLOAD TODAY! Simply visit