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TheAppLabb Profile

  1. 1. COMPANY PROFILEFostering the Power of Technology
  2. 2. At TheAppLabb, we are fostering the transformative power of technologythrough Strategy, Design & Development of Mobile & Web Apps. CMS | ECommerce | MCommerce | Mobile & E-Learning | SaaS | Intranet | Social Apps | Web 2.0 | CRM
  3. 3. We are at the cross-section of technology innovation,human experience and business value.
  4. 4. OUR PROCESS Technical User Architecture Experience Design Brand User Development Interface Design Discover Create Multi-Platform App Marketing App Development Strategy Brainstorm Research Quality Deployment, Assurance App Submission & Support
  5. 5. OUR PRODUCTS TheEventsApp is a multi-event TheRetailApp is a platform that TheUniversityApp is a platform thatplatform on Iphone and Android mobilizes Retail companies to enables students with library engage with their consumers better searches, class schedules, check grades & new courses TheContestApp is an Event TheLearningApp is a mobile learningActivation platform for brands to platform that helps deliver productenable data collection, social media knowledge courses and exams integration
  6. 6. for is a Multi-event mobile platform for organizations to inform, update & engage the participants of their event, conference or seminar. BENEFITS Unlimited Events Engage your participants Access Anywhere, Anytime Take the drivers seat Analyze Event Performance  Flexible Competitive Pricing Tailored to your needs TheEventsApp the most powerful source to providing your participants with updated information before, during and after your event.
  7. 7. WHY US? Here are the reasons why our clients have preferred us since 2007* EXPERIENCE - We’ve developed and CLIENT SUCCESS - We are passionate successfully delivered 100s of successful to ensure our clients’ success in mobile and web projects since 2007* leveraging technology solutions. INNOVATION - Stay ahead of the COST - We are capable of providing curve with the latest innovations in cost-effective yet powerful business mobile and web. solutions. CREATIVITY - We deliver brilliant user experiences that are intuitive, effective and memorable. *Previously operating as Joshi Inc.
  9. 9. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Mobile Learning App The iPad app was created to deliver specific product knowledge courses exams in store to sales reps staff. Features • Courses • Exams • Registration • IPAD Admin • Syncing • CMS to create manage courses • French version Technologies XCODE IOS Development, IOS 4.2
  10. 10. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Mobile App The Auto Show’s aim was to engage with the audience at the event and provide them with a rich experience. An intuitive feature-rich mobile application was developed by TheAppLabb, which was available across all mobile platforms.
  11. 11. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Mobile App The Auto Show’s aim was to engage with the audience at the event and provide them with a rich experience. The mobile application was crucial to raise the level of convenience, ease interactive experience for the users.
  12. 12. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Event Contest App The iPad app allowed people to enter contests collect data at the Canadian International AutoShow. Features •  Social Media Integration Technologies XCODE IOS Development, IOS 4.2
  13. 13. Mobile Apps W Mobile AppMOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT GERARD KENNEDY Campaign Mobile App The developed solution helped engage the audience before and during the Ilaya Raja Concert that took place at the Rogers Centre – Toronto.
  14. 14. Mobile Apps W Mobile AppMOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT GERARD KENNEDY Campaign Mobile App The developed solution helped engage Gerard Kennedys campaign followers before and during the Ontario Liberal Party 2013 - Leadership Convention, that took place on January 26th.
  15. 15. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT App NewzSocial is a free social news reader app that allows you to follow, create and share broad and niche news streamson your topics of interest. The app has unique social curation features using which you can tap into your network of ‘topic expert’ friends andget the news you want selected by the experts you know.
  16. 16. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Mandy Time Assistant App The developed solution helped the users manage their time better and gain a realistic perspective on how their time is being spent. The app enables its user to track the time spent on all the user activities during a day.
  17. 17. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT CruxFix App The solution was developed as a climbing users App, where they can login and share their climbs/fixes using GPS and photo upload. The app allowed users to mark the route of their climb communicat with weather API. Technology Titanium- Appcelerator Framework
  18. 18. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Roy Jewett Av App The iPhone applicationdeveloped for aElectronic store toshare its productcatalogue applicationwhich enables users tobrowse through variousproduct categoricallyand view images andspecifications. It also hassearch functionality.
  19. 19. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Care Assistant App This iPhone application was developed for individuals to keep a record of their personal Healthcare Data. You can take photos or videos of injuries and upload it and share it with your doctor or store the medical instances for your personal records.
  20. 20. MMOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Coupon Cocktail App An app for iPhone/Android where users can access the latest deals, select and activate multiple coupons and use the coupons for any location in the United States. Alphabetical Indexing as well as Search feature makes the App more user – friendly.
  21. 21. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT iConsult OMS App A mobile application was required to access their patient registration software and educate the patient on their referral procedure. The solution helps patients have realistic expectations about their surgical outcome. Technologies iOS - Objective C, xCode
  22. 22. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Solve App Our client is pharmaceutical manufacturer and world leader in diabetes treatment and cure-focused research. It was required for the client to provide to the attendees of a conference the outcomes of a drug study, as an electronic display of high impact graphical charts. Technologies Objective C, Cocos 2D, xCode, IOS SDK
  23. 23. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT E-Schedule App iPhone Applicationdeveloped for a fortune 500client to handle its HRM andTime sheet managementActivities. It provides access to variousfunctionalities on their webapplication to help accessand feed in importantinformation while on themove.
  24. 24. MOBILE PAGE DEVELOPMENT BMI Calculator – Windows Mobile App App developed for the users for tracking the Body Mass Index (BMI) based on their height and weight. App provides options for setting the targets for gaining or losing the body weight. Technology Silver light, C#, .NET, WINDOWS Phone 7.5 Mango SDK
  25. 25. MOBILE PAGE DEVELOPMENT Server Tracker– Windows Mobile App Developed to help system administrators to quickly and conveniently check the availability of ports, and services on several servers at a time. The application allows to add servers and assign ports. Technology Silver light, C#, .NET, WINDOWS Phone 7.5 Mango SDK
  26. 26. MMOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Fusion App Fusion for Android was developed for a Market Research company. Helping the field sales people to conduct field survey and enter respondents information on the go supporting both online and offline mode. You can also design the surveys forms on the go.
  27. 27. M MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Card Filler App Business Card Reader is abusiness card manager appdeveloped for iPhone andAndroid using cross platformtechnology- Titanium.Business Card Reader takes apicture of a business card, readsit using services from AmazonMechanical turk and automaticallyfills in appropriate contactinformation fields in the iPhoneaddress book, which can be easilychecked and corrected.
  28. 28. M MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT University App University iPhone/ iPadapp enables universitystudents to search libraryarchives, confirm classtimes, check marks fortheir work, check newcourses, search for fellowstudents lectures contactinformation. It also allows students toget latest campus newsand access GPS-enabledmaps to locate lectures.
  29. 29. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Sales Manager App Enterprise Mobile CRM is a fully functional Sales CRM and Reporting iPhone app. This app was developed to improve sales productivity by delivering benefits to the individual salesmen as they go about the daily tasks, plus delivering a full set of daily, weekly and monthly emailed sales reports sent to their sales managers.
  30. 30. MMOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT DentalSpots App iPhone/Android App was developed for Healthcare professionals medical offices to provide a Job Board for both doctors healthcare professionals to post, find and apply to various jobs. This application works in conjunction to their existing Web based Job portal also developed by Joshi Inc.
  31. 31. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Photo Fight App Photo Fight iPhone application is a game that allows you to take a photo of any one and paste it on your opponent fighter and play the game. The user can configure the faces and positions for a game of fight. The application shows scoring of the fight and chooses a winner.
  32. 32. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Myurveda App Our client wanted to develop an App that has its basis in Ayurveda, the native system of traditional medicine in India to enable anyone to access useful information with ease. Technologies Objective C, Cocos 2D, xCode, IOS SDK, PHP 5.0, Yii, My SQL
  33. 33. MMOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Product Checker App Application was created to promote products on social media websites like Facebook Twitter, using the UPC code of the product. There is an option to maintain gallery of all tagged items for future access. The next time a tagged item is scanned; Checker app recognizes it and displays the details saved earlier. Technologies iOS - Objective C
  34. 34. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Multicultural Cable TV Channel Mobile site supporting multi-languages Features Mobile Site Design / Development Technologies HTML5, CSS
  35. 35. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Event Mobile App The mobile site allowed people to find out information about the event venues, the nominees actors including all the awards categories, stars, performers profiles as well as sponsors list. Technologies HTML5, CSS
  36. 36. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Event Mobile App •  Created an iPad app that allowed people to enter contests collect data for BDE. •  Social Media Integration Technologies XCODE IOS Development, IOS 4.2
  37. 37. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Event Mobile App The mobile site allowed people to find out information about the event venues, the designers including all the schedules, stars, profiles as well as sponsors list. Technologies HTML5, CSS
  38. 38. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT e-learning Portal Electrolux Learning Management System (LMS) developed to implement company’s learning development • To help measure report on training delivery •  Ensure regulatory compliance •  Automate reporting tracking •  Deliver assessment and testing. Features •  Online Training (Courses Exams) •  Glossary •  News blog •  Internal Contests Promotions •  Feedback submission • Video Library •  Reporting Statistics Technologies PHP, MYSQL
  39. 39. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT CRM Portal CRM is an online collaboration platform •  Agents can input data based on monthly objectives and training information •  System features: • User forums • Inventory management • Store database • Reporting • User management • Manage schedules • Reminders • to do lists Technologies • PHP, MYSQL
  40. 40. APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Resource Management Portal To create a web based resource center platform accessible by both internal external users of company brands. Increase efficiency of employee communication by reducing time spent on: • Tracking down product images • Working files of advertising materials • Visual Resources • Promotional support materials Features • Browse media by brand category • Compile download cart download zip file of selected files or email download link • Quick download option of individual files. • Advanced site search • User permission on internal/external/brand level • CMS • Simple site usage reports • Email links notifications o Address book with grouping capabilities o Link Download tracking • Auto generated emails with links to download with password • Email check for security purposes • Auto expiry Technologies - PHP, MYSQL
  41. 41. WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Simply Cast Provider of Marketing Automation Solutions. Customers can sign up for a free account to try out the solutions or buy one from the different types of plans. Help guides/tutorials, the official blog, and 24*7 customer support feature assist the customers in using the site. Technologies Programming Layer: Drupal7 Database: My SQL
  42. 42. WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Zenvoy There was a gap in the market for simple electronic exchange and storage of business cards. People in business attend several events, deal with different other businesses and contacts. There was no real electronic tool to store information and details of all these events and contacts in an organized format. Our client wanted a system that would bridge this gap Technologies Mobile App - iOS Android platforms Web App – PHP
  43. 43. WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT Interview Rocket Interview Rocket has been designed as a customized web based application product based on the specific needs of companies and recruitment agencies. The companies/recruitment agencies that use the product can create a job, create questions and post the link in social networking websites or job portals. Technologies Mobile App - iOS Android platforms Web App – PHP Drupal7 / My SQL
  44. 44. WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT City Blocks For a property owner or a broker, this site proved to be a perfect stage to showcase their property to full advantage. For the property buyers, the intuitive lay out, the efficient organization of content, the range of choices to search from and the level of details available for each listing were found to be of immense benefits and therefore lend the site its credibility. Technologies - Programming layer: ASP.NET, HTML, Umbraco CMS / Database: MS SQL
  45. 45. WEB APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT • Website Design / Development • Content Management System • Ecommerce System • Accounting Integration • Inventory Management • Shipping Payment Integration • Shipping Tracking Status Integration Technologies HTML, CSS, .NET Framework based Apps
  46. 46. WEB DEVELOPMENT Verification Program – Environment Canada • Web Development • Content Management System • Testimonials Module • Online Screening Application • Application Workflows • Document Management System • Event Management Module • RSS feed module Technologies HTML, CSS, FLASH, .NET Framework based Apps
  47. 47. FACEBOOK APP DEVELOPMENT Facebook App (Client: Blueband Media) Social App created to encourage users to use share recipes via Lactania Facebook App.
  48. 48. FACEBOOK APP DEVELOPMENT Facebook App (Client: Blueband Media)
  49. 49. SOCIAL APP DEVELOPMENT Campaign The Facebook page was designed developed for the Holiday Season
  50. 50. WEBSITE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Website •  Designed and Developed website community sites • Custom Content Management System • Job Listing Module • Registration forms • Google Site Search • Appointment Requests • Development updates • Property Listing • Home Floor Plans • Press Release Listing • Promotions Listing Technologies PHP, MYSQL, FLASH
  51. 51. WEBSITE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Multicultural Cable TV Channel •  Microsite supporting 8 Different languages •  Website Design / Development • Content Management System • Technologies HTML5, CSS, NET Framework based Apps
  52. 52. WEBSITE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Multicultural Cable TV Channel •  Microsite supporting 8 Different languages Technologies•  Website Design / Development HTML5, CSS, NET Framework based Apps • Content Management System
  53. 53. WEBSITE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Website Design / Development Technologies HTML, CSS, .NET Framework based Apps
  54. 54. WEBSITE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Holiday Inn, Brampton • Website Design / Development • Content Management System Technologies HTML, CSS, .NET Framework based Apps
  55. 55. WEBSITE DESIGN DEVELOPMENT Sunday, Funday! Designed Developed Flash Game Microsite for this charity campaign. Technologies FLASH, HTML
  56. 56. TheLearningApp TheLearningApp is a mobile learning platform that helps deliver product knowledge courses and exams to sales representatives. Allows content syncing with e-learning platform, global user registration, multilingual capabilities etc.
  57. 57. TheRetailApp TheRetailApp is a platform that mobilizes Retail companies to engage with their consumers better, through features such as m-commerce, location, loyalty, social integration, deals promos, among others for QSRs, Multi- Location Retailers etc.
  58. 58. TheContestApp TheContestApp is an Event Activation platform for brands to enable data collection, social media integration, email list integration etc. through contests, email gift cards
  59. 59. TheUniversityApp TheUniversityApp is a platform that enables students with library searches, class schedules, check grades new courses, search fellow students lectures, campus locator.
  60. 60. We are creating amazing apps for our clients everyday, through flawless engineering coupled with ourability to create rich user experiences. We lookforward to create an amazing app for you!
  61. 61. Thank you for your interest Let’s talk! T 416 745 3164 E W OUR LAB 127 Westmore Dr, Unit 122, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M9V 3Y6 T 416.745.3164 | E | W