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Indic Languages Wikipedia

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This presentation was delivered by Kundan Amitabh on the occasion of 10th Anniversary of Wikipedia at VJTI, Mumbai on 15th Jan, 2011.

This presentation was delivered by Kundan Amitabh on the occasion of 10th Anniversary of Wikipedia at VJTI, Mumbai on 15th Jan, 2011.

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  • 1. What is Indic Languages Wikipedia ?What is Indic Languages Wikimedia Incubator ?How to Contribute in Indic Languages Wikipedia ?How to Start a Wikipedia in Indic Languages ?
  • 2. Like English Wikipedia, Indic or IndianLanguages Wikipedias are acollaboratively edited encyclopedias towhich you can contribute.There are 20 different Indic LanguagesWikipedias where you can contribute ifyou know the particular language.
  • 3. Assamese Gujarati Marathi SanskritWikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia WikipediaBengali Hindi Nepali SindhiWikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia WikipediaBhojpuri Kannada Oriya TamilWikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia WikipediaBishnupriya Kashmiri Pali TeluguManipuri Wikipedia Wikipedia WikipediaWikipediaDivehi Malayalam Punjabi UrduWikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia Wikipedia
  • 4. Wikimedia Incubator is a wiki-based website hosted by the WikimediaFoundation, Inc., which alsohosts Wikipedia and other projects. It wasfounded on 2 June 2006 to host testprojects and to test whether they mayget their own subdomain hosted by theWikimedia Foundation. It only hosts them;the decision is made by the Languagecommittee.
  • 5. Angika Chhattisgarhi Kumaoni RajasthaniAwadhi Dogri Kutchi SantaliBadaga Kanikkaran Maithili SaurashtraBhili Kokborok Manipuri Tamang (Meitei)Bodo Konkani Mizo Tulu
  • 6. Basic understanding and knowing a bitof the working of WikipediaTyping Tools
  • 7. Do you know a language, and does itnot yet have a Wikipedia? Do you wantto start Wikipedia in this language? Then Wikimedia Incubator is the rightplace for you.
  • 8. Language must have a valid ISO-639 1-3code . If there is no valid ISO-639 code,you must obtain one.The proposal has a sufficient number ofliving native speakers to form a viablecommunity and audience . It isrecommend that you start a project ifyou have enough people willing tocontribute consistently over a longperiod.
  • 9. Log in or create an account onWikimedia IncubatorMake your account globalLog in on MetaWiki (normally you havenow an account here too -otherwise create an account
  • 10. Required information e.g. fr (it needs to be a valid code, here you  Language code: can check it) Language name (English): e.g. French Language name (native): e.g. français Wikimedia project: Script directionality: e.g. Arabic and Hebrew are RTL Word Main Page in the language: e.g. Accueil External links about the language: e.g. a Wikipedia article or an organisation  (used on the request page at MetaWiki) for the language (use wiki markup) Opening argument in favour of the project: (used on the request page at MetaWiki) Log in or create an account on Wikimedia Incubator Make your account global Log in on MetaWiki (normally you have now an account here too - otherwise create an account
  • 11. So now you should do three things:› Contribute to the test project you created, and find as much contributors as possible to help› Translate MediaWiki software at› Watch the request at Requests for new languages….And you may get a Wikimedia Wiki.
  • 12. It can sometimes take a long time before yourwiki is approved. Dont be discouraged.Most proposals have a status page (automaticlist) which easily says what needs to be donebefore it is approvedA member of the Language Committee maypropose the approval of your test wiki. If not,and you think your test wiki is ready, you canpropose its approval on their talk pageIf approved, the language committee willsubmit a bug request at Bugzilla. Then it is onlywaiting on the developers to create the site.
  • 13. Stop! Maybe you want to copy all thepage from Incubator to the new wiki, butplease dont do this.Someone will import all the pages withtheir history, and without their prefixes.