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Products of swastik synergy

  1. 1. CONTENTa. Introductionb. Our teamc. Productsd. Fire extinguisherse. Fire fighting systemsf. Test equipment for fire extinguishersg. Production equipment for fire extinguishersh. Accessoriesi. Contact details
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONWe, "Swastik Synergy Engineering Private Limited", arecounted amongst the prominent Manufacturer and Exporterof Fire fighting and safety appliances and its systems.We offer complete range of Fire Extinguisher and itsAccessories, Fire Suppression and its Accessories, Valves andTest Equipments etc. to our clients.To accomplish the needs of our clients, we use premiumquality of raw materials which are in accordance with thenational and international standards.
  3. 3. OUR TEAMOur organization is backed by a team of highly skilled andexperienced professionals, which aids us in meeting our setobjectives successfully.Our team comprises following professionals:EngineersQuality controllersResearchersWarehousing & packaging expertsMarketing executivesSkilled and semi-skilled workforce
  4. 4. PRODUCTSFire ExtinguishersFire Fighting SystemsTest Equipment for Fire ExtinguishersProduction Equipment for Fire ExtinguishersAccessories
  5. 5. FIRE EXTINGUISHERSA fire extinguisher, is an active fire protection device used toextinguish or control small fires, often in emergency situations.A fire extinguisher consists of a hand-held cylindrical pressurevessel containing an agent which can be discharged toextinguish a fire.
  6. 6. Contd.Fire Extinguishers :Dry powderWaterFoamClean AgentKitchen (class K)Metal (Class D)Higher Capacity Dry PowderAutomatic Modular
  7. 7. CLASSIFICATIONFire extinguishers classDry powder A, B & CWater AFoam A&BClean agent A, B & CKitchen KMetal DHigher capacity dry A, B & Cpowder
  8. 8. DRY POWDERContent MAPCapacity 1, 2, 4, 6 & 9 kgs.Class A, B & CApprovals ISI & CE
  9. 9. WATERContent WaterCapacity 09 Lt.Class AApprovals ISI & CE
  10. 10. FOAMContent Mechanical FoamCapacity 09 lt.Class A&BApprovals ISI & CE
  11. 11. CLEAN AGENTMOC Mild Steel Or Stainless SteelContent HFC 236 (Clean Agent Gas)Capacity 1, 2, 4, 6 & 9 Kgs. Etc.Class A, B & CApprovals ISI & CE
  12. 12. KITCHENCapacity 6 & 9 Lt.Class KApprovals CE
  13. 13. METAL We offer a wide range of Metal (Class D) Fire Extinguisher to our clients. These products are highly accepted by our clients. We offer these products at market leading prices to our clients. This is a Dry Chemical Powder Based Fire Extinguisher suitable for fighting Metal Fires I.e. D Class of Fire. It contains TEC powder.
  14. 14. HIGHER CAPACITY DRY POWDER Capacity 25, 50 & 75 Kgs. Etc. Content Dry Powder, PBC or MAP Class A, B & C Approvals ISI & CE
  15. 15. AUTOMATIC MODULARAutomatic modular Fire Extinguisher operates automaticallyat 68 degree. This is because it consists of a temperaturesensitive Quartzite bulb of 68 degree centigradetemperature rating.Specification :It is available in powder and gas options. It also consists of a ceiling mounting bracket.
  16. 16. FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEMSCarbon Dioxide SystemClean AgentHydrant SystemDry Powder SystemFoam SystemFire Detection & Sprinkler System
  17. 17. CARBON DIOXIDE SYSTEMCO2 at atmospheric pressure is a colourless, odourless andelectrically Non Conductive inert gas.Made from premium quality components, this systemsimportance lies in the fact that it has high efficiency toextinguish fire by reducing the oxygen content of theprotected area below the point where it can supportcombustion.
  18. 18. CLEAN AGENTOur company is a well known manufacturer ofClean Agent Fire Extinguishers.Our fire extinguisher has a safety seal that can easily bebroken in the nick of time. Superior quality easy flexiblerubber is used for ease of use.The portable clean agent fire extinguisher can easily becarried anywhere and anytime.
  19. 19. HYDRANT SYSTEMWe provides the best of Hydrant System to our clients.High tensile strength, compact design, ease of usage andlow maintenance are some of the features of this system.Widely used as a most reliable fire extinguishing instrument.
  20. 20. DRY POWDER SYSTEMWe offer our clients a wide range of Dry Powder System thatfinds application in various commercial as well as residentialareas. These fire extinguishers apply an extinguishing agent thatwill either cool burning fuel, displace or remove oxygen, orstop the chemical reaction so that fire cannot continue toburn.
  21. 21. FOAM SYSTEM We offer efficient fire fighting system known as foam system. These are extensively used in various industries, offices and malls. They suppress fire by separating fuel from the oxygen or air.
  22. 22. FIRE DETECTION & SPRINKLER SYSTEMWe offer our client an excellent quality range of SmokeDetector, which are manufactured from high grade qualityraw materials.These can be customized as per our precious customersspecifications. These are widely known for its durabilityand quality.
  23. 23. TEST EQUIPMENTS Crush test Pressure Cycling TestSalt Spray Test Vibration Test
  24. 24. CONTD… Tapping Test Safety lock pin test Internal Impact Resistance Corrosion Tester Tester
  25. 25. PRODUCTION EQUIPMENT FOR FIRE EXTINGUISHERS Powder Filling Pneumatic Test Machine Equipment Powder Hydro Test Coating Plant Equipment
  26. 26. ACCESSORIESFIRE EXTINGUISHERS Valve Pressure Gauge Hose
  27. 27. CONTD..FIRE FIGHTING SYSTEM ACCESORIESNon Return Valve Safety Valve Manifold Pressure Switch Pneumatic Valve
  28. 28. Contact DetailsOFFICE ADDRESS:Swastik Synergy Engineering Private Limited302, Business Suite 9,S. V. Road, Santacruz (West)Mumbai - 400 054, Maharashtra, India: +(91)-(22)-67550111FACTORY ADDRESS:53/2 & 53/3, ajivali,Khapoli – pen road,Taluka: khalapur, post: donvat,Dist.: Raighad- 410203, India. +91 (2192) 278101