Lathesis: Digital Marketing and Web Analytic


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We can help you to spread your name and analyse your reach also.

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Lathesis: Digital Marketing and Web Analytic

  1. 1. How Can We Help?
  2. 2. AgendaOur agenda for this presentation is very simple and straight-forward yet it is ofutmost importance considering the Strength of foundation we aspire to lay Depth of knowledge we wish to share Length of journey we envisaged for the future Quality of partnership we hope to define Height of success we aim to achieve “To Believe”
  3. 3. Benefits for Your Business To Know & Be Known – Improved brand awareness – Better reach across geographies – Valuable lead generation & management – Quality traffic at your door steps Build Strong Relationships – Know your customers better – Cost effective & targeted marketing – Long lasting relationship with customers Focused & Constant Growth – Continuous monitoring & improvisation – Customized services as per your needs – One stop shop for every element of online marketing“Raise your revenue witheffective internet marketing”
  4. 4. Brand AwarenessWe believe….“Only successful way to reach your customers is to show up -All the time.”How do we do it? Find or be found. Brand Analytics & Awareness OptimizationThis can be achieved through various means and methods. Using efficient Search Engine Optimization and Marketing techniques would increase the probability of your brand appearing in the search results Customer Promoting your brand by displaying eye-catching Engagement banners through Affiliate and Partner Marketing Showcasing your brand in Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter in the form of videos, posts etc. will help spread awareness among users of varied age groupsAnd many more….
  5. 5. Consumer EngagementWe believe…“There is a difference between knowing your customer and„knowing‟ your customer”Who your customer is? Well, this is an easy question toanswer. But what your customer wants? Now that’s where Analytics & Brandwe bring in our expertise. Optimization AwarenessAwareness and advertising would lead the customers toyour door step. What next? Behavioral targeting to present exactly what the Customer users want to see Engagement Understanding the path being taken and transforming it to the path to be taken Website designed and optimized for enhanced customer journey experienceAnd much more…
  6. 6. Analytics & OptimizationWe believe…“8 seconds is the time you have to grab your customer‟sattention”To achieve the best awareness and reach for your brandand to ensure a healthy engagement with your Analytics & Brandcustomers, it is important to constantly analyze and Optimization Awarenessoptimize your website.We just love doing this part. Customer Make use of key performance indicators to prepare a Engagement scorecard of the marketing efforts Executive dashboard and interactive reports to constantly monitor the consumer activity and need Actionable insights and recommendations to optimize marketing efforts. Hence, increase in return on investmentAnd more and more…
  7. 7. What Next?We believe...“Whatever good things we help build, we end up buildingsomething good for us”We are here for bigger and better. We are here to buildsomething that is not just good but great. We are here tobegin a journey which is both promising and long lasting.And the journey has begun. All you need to do next is Call us – +91-8527205934 Email us –; info@lathesis.comTo explore what we have in stock to help your businessgrow through effective and efficient online marketing
  8. 8. Thank you