Medical Laboratory Professionals, Who are they ..?
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Medical Laboratory Professionals, Who are they ..?



I don't know Why ?

I don't know Why ?
එහෙම වෙන්නේ ඇයි ???



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Medical Laboratory Professionals, Who are they ..? Medical Laboratory Professionals, Who are they ..? Presentation Transcript

  • A Perfect Blend of Science, Medicine and Biotechnology Medical Laboratory Science Profession Ravi Kumudesh Bsc(Mgt)/Dip(MLT)/PG.Dip(Ex.Mgt)RK/SLSMLS
  • Career consideration in Sri LankaRK/SLSMLS
  • Who Are They ?Medical Laboratory ProfessionalsMedical Laboratory Professionalsanalyze blood, body fluids, tissues andcells to determine the presence orabsence of disease They are highly skilled in the use of the latest in biomedical techniques and instrumentationRK/SLSMLS
  • Important Work! Medical Laboratory Professionals are vital members of the health care team Up to 70% of physician decisions regarding patient diagnosis and therapy are based on lab test results Modern medicine could not function without clinical laboratory professionalsRK/SLSMLS
  • Job Ratings !  Medical Laboratory Scientists and Medical Laboratory Technologists 16 and 18 in a list of 250 jobs according to Jobs Related Almanac  They also ranked 3rd and 4th in the healthcare and medicine occupational category based on factors such as salary, stress levels, work environment, outlook, securityRK/SLSMLS and physical demands.
  • Where do you meetMedical Laboratory Professionals ?  Although most Medical Laboratory Professionals work in: Hospital clinical labs Physician’s Centers Commercial or reference labs Public Health labs  There are many other exciting working places for Medical Laboratory Professionals, but stillRK/SLSMLS not in Sri Lanka
  • Places we should Reach…  Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries  Biotechnology Companies  Forensic and Law Enforcement Laboratories  Veterinary Clinics Research and Teaching Institutions Transplant and Blood Donor Centers Fertility Clinics Cosmetic and Food IndustryRK/SLSMLS
  • A Degree in aMedical Laboratory Scienceis an also Excellent Starting Point forCareer Advancement in:  Medicine  Dentistry  Public Health  Biomedical Technology  Health Care Management andRK/SLSMLS Administration
  • And more….  Medical Informatics  Basic Science and Cancer Research  Sales, Marketing, Product Development Law and Public Advocacy Education Many othersRK/SLSMLS
  • The Clinical Lab is aBiomedical Environment Requires excellent technical skills as well as problem solving, data analysis, computer skills, and good oral and written communicationRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists Analyze body fluids for many diverse proteins, sugars, enzymes, lipids, hormones and drugs Provide information to physicians to help diagnose: • Cancer • Diabetes and kidney disease • Drug overdoses • And many other conditionsRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists Detect and identify disease-causing bacteria and parasites Determine the best antibiotics to use for bacterial infectionsRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Technologists Examine and count blood cells to detect abnormalities found in anemias, leukemias and infections so appropriate therapy can be startedRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory TechnologistsAnalyze bloodto find causesfor abnormalbleeding orclotting Test plasma to monitor therapy with anticoagulantRK/SLSMLS drugs
  • Medical Laboratory TechnologistsPrepare red bloodcells, platelets,plasma for safetransfusion Use techniques to detect antibodies to Strep Infections, Lyme Disease, Infectious Mono, and many other diseasesRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists ?Perform testing on DNA,RNA or chromosomes tohelp identify geneticcauses of disease or toidentify pathogens andtheir drug resistancemutationsRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists ? Examine cell samples on slides to determine the presence of cancerous or benign diseases Analyze microscopic cellular changes that can directly affect a patient’s course of treatment Assist in early detection ofRK/SLSMLS cancer
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists ? Examine cells from all body sources taken by swab or fine needle biopsy A Pap Smear is a commonly performed testRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists ? Section, stain and analyze tissues from surgery for examination by a Pathologist Allow pathologists to determine if disease is present in that tissueRK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Scientists ? Collect blood specimens from patients Are careful and accurate in processing samples Are excellent communicators with patientsRK/SLSMLS
  • Graduated MLT At Masters, Doctoral and MD Level • Pathologists (MD) • Administrative Directors • Managers • Technical Supervisors • Laboratory Information Specialists • Quality Assurance Coordinators • Point of Care Testing Coordinators • Marketing and Outreach Coordinators • And more…RK/SLSMLS
  • Medical Laboratory Professionals.. Enjoy the challenge of science theory, lab discovery, technology and medicine Have a high level of responsibility and commitment to help others Have the capacity for calm and reasoned judgment Are organized, efficient and are good problem solvers, communicators and team players Have high standards and demand quality performance and accuracy RK/SLSMLS
  • For Medical Lab Professionals, Safety Always Comes First !  Protective clothing: gloves, lab coats, goggles  Safety needles, sharps containers  Biological and chemical safety hoods  Automatic loading instrumentsRK/SLSMLS
  • Labor Statistics • 12,200 new laboratorians needed in hospitals per year • Only 4000 graduates from educational programs per year • Projected need of 8,200 new laboratorians per year! This is how in America.?RK/SLSMLS
  • But in Sri Lanka…? ♦Doctors Against ! ♦Health Ministry slept ! ♦Higher Education Banded ! ♦Clinical Training Prohibited ! I don’t Know why ? එහඑහඑහඑහRK/SLSMLS එහඑහඑහඑහ එහඑහඑහ
  • Thank You !RK/SLSMLS